• A Star is Born


    For those of you who love latin studs, we bring you Marcelo. Marcelo is an exclusive model from Just Us Boys Club. He's an architect with a gorgeous smile and a very hard cock and if there is one thing this amateur latino is not, it's camera shy. His first photoshoot was with another model who Marcelo topped by pounding Pablo's ass and shooting a huge load.

    Marcelo liked doing his first photoshoot so much, he decided to do this one. And he figured this time he wanted all the attention on him as he got that piece of meat hard for the camera. This is my favorite pic from the shoot because his cock is so "in your face" - it's almost like he's close enough to touch or to taste!

    Marcelo is so comfortable while shooting a video and he's just so fucking hot that maybe he should consider a career change... Being an architect isn't as much fun as being a pornstar! Maybe he should give it a shot ;)

  • Amateurs, Models or Pornstars?


    Seems like there's a lot of flavors of sites around these days. There are amateur sites like New York Straight Men, Jake Cruise and Naked Straight Guys. These are sites that have a budget and find a lot of different models - mostly first timers. But the sites aren't one man operations or hobby sites although they're probably not the work of large crews. This kind of site delivers regular guys the kind you can find at the store or the street - fucking and sucking or jacking off for the camera. The lighting isn't perfect nor is the photography but this honestly does add a gritty real feeling - and it should, because these sites are for real.

    Then there's amateur sites like With Marcello and Carlos Cruise. These sites work with gorgeous hunky models but the photography and the site layout are amateur, probably done by the models themselves. The guys in these sites have modeled for professionals and we may have seem them around other sites, but it's more fun in a way to see them stroking their cocks in a site that doesn't have a perfect look and isn't made by a large company.

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  • Can't believe he takes the whole thing!


    When I saw that Voyeur was teamed up with another stud in a hardcore fucking gallery at Ebony D, I couldn't believe it. I first saw Voyeur a couple of weeks back when he and his monster cock made his debut on the site. There's one picture where he's sitting on the edge of the bed and his cock is flopping over the side, he's got his hand wrapped around the base, and there's still enough room to grab a couple more fists full of cock. It's massive. When I visited Ebony D today and saw the hardcore gallery, I just thought, "Poor guy, he's going to be walking funny for a week." Voyeur shows up presumably to fix this guy's kitchen plumbing. As this stud is cleaning out some cupboards so Voyeur can get access to the pipes, he spies that monstrous bulge in Voyeur's pants. Then later he's sneaking a peek while Voyeur's pissing, but Voyeur catches him and gives him more than a closer look. Voyeur bends him over and feeds him some pipe alright, and unbelievably, this stud takes it all. For the rest of the afternoon these two fuck in every position imaginable and end up jacking off together. It's a pretty hot fucking scene.

  • Flying Cumshot


    What a nice cumshot. Judging by those gobs of cum all over the bedspread, Samuel here must have shot a really nice load. I've seen his video clip and I can tell you it was an amazing shot. But we've got a lot to discuss before we get there. As he strips out of his surfer shorts, he's wearing skin-tight grey and white boxer briefs. A dark grey patch hugs his crotch. As he reaches inside his shorts and plays with his cock, the camera focuses in on his face. He's got beautiful blue eyes that stare right into the camera and his lips are full, gorgeous, and kissable. His dick is obviously starting to feel pretty good because he bites down on his lip and closes his eyes. It's so sexy. The camera pans out for a full body shot and Samuel's pumping his meat with his hand inside his boxers, his toes are curled into the carpet. He's got a hot set of hairy legs. Eventually those shorts come off and he's beautifully equipped. Nice big, thick cock and a healthy set of balls. Samuel takes a shower break to cool down, but after a nice long shower, he's back at it. As Samual jacks off and heads towards that stupendous cumshot, he holds his balls and the base of this cock with one hand and jacks with the other. And when he blow, he shoots gobs of cum all over his stomach, but every second or third pulse of cock sends a wad arching through the air and splatting all over the bedspread. Ah well, it'll come out in the laundry.

  • GayDemon Wants to Hear from YOU!

    We here at GayDemon love porn - especially gay porn - and we created this site for surfers who feel the same way we do. Everything here is done by an actual person. We choose the sites to list and we choose the pics we think are the sexiest in each niche from twinks to bears to college guys to ethnic guys. Whether you prefer your men horny and hairy, smooth and 18 years old or whether you prefer guys who look just like the guys next door, we try to list the sites and show off pics of all kinds of men in the GayDemon Blog.

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  • Straight Beefcake


    Meet Jake. He is only 21 years old, but he's definitely beefcake. With a body like that, it's no surprise that Jake competes as a bodybuilder - a few months before a contest, he just diets down and revs up the workouts! This hottie has a muscular body but also a boyish face, and the combination really revs my hormones up.

    Jake is straight - but a guy can dream, can't he? Jake wants to get into modeling, which is why he said yes when he was approached to model for

    Shane Sixty. This hunk really looks good in nothing but his briefs, and they definitely cling tightly enough to do more than just hint at what's inside them.

  • Sucking Daddy's Cock


    There's nothing hotter than watching two masculine and hairy men devour one another's bodies. These two beefy men are Christian Volt and Matt Philips and they're getting it on in the latest Bear Films hardcore action gallery. Christian Volt is the hairy daddy down on his knees. He's a muscular and hairy man in his forties. He's Greek and he's sporting a big, uncut cock with some of the thickest foreskin you'll see this side of a Goodyear tire. Matt Philips is the hairy daddy getting his dick sucked. He's a good looking man with an awesome moustache and a big, honking nipple ring. He's the kind of daddy you'd see walking around a Wal*mart with his wife and three kids. Volt slurps himself some daddy cock, and after some kissing, Volt finds himself pushed up against some fencing for a little hole inspection. Philips wants to see what's in store for his cock. And once he gets Volt's butt hole lubed up, he porks him right there on the floor with Volt down on all fours. Eventually they take things to a sling. I do love watching a masculine hairy man getting fucked.

  • Hot Medical Exam


    I sure never have had a medical exam like this before, otherwise I might not be so remiss on scheduling my annual exam -- or should I say anal exam? This hot video clip is 30 minutes long and it's the latest update at UK Naked Men. And it's featuring three hot studs -- two doctors and one patient. Nicholas is the patient, he's a lean, lanky, twenty-something-year-old, with a shaved head, smooth low-hanging balls, and a fairly reasonably sized uncut cock. His two doctors are both tops. Marc and Nicholas are both buff, muscle guys -- just the kind of doctors you'd love having examining you. Adam's a dark-haired stud, with a little chest hair, a hard body, and a big cock. He's cute. Marc is more of a dirty-blonde -- and I mean "dirty" in both senses of the word. He's got a amazingly hard-muscled butt, a mostly smooth torso except for some belly hair, and he's also sporting a nice piece of uncut meat. Where Adam is cute, Marc is a little more rugged looking, like a rocker. Marc and Adam get Nicholas on his knees so they can examine his shaved butt hole a little further. They take turns shoving their cocks down his throat and into his puckered tight ass. Nicholas gets the full service exam, and in the end, he's drenched in cum.

  • Suit-able Hunk


    Johnny B. is a 22 year old straight man with a great body who looks really incredible in a suit. He's got a thick 9" cock that he knows how to use, and he shows us just how he likes to use it at Men at Play, where he's done several shoots. Johnny is athletic and he loves working out and outdoor sports. In fact, he's an ex rugby player who now spends more time in the gym. His buff physique, hard cock and the way he wears his business attire make him very tempting. Lucky thing this hunky straight guy doesn't mind showing off for the camera!

  • Bound Bear


    This hairy and helpless gentleman is Alan from Bear Bound. With his body restrained in a rope harness, his nipples sore and tingling from the nipple clips and that hard cock swollen from being tied so tight, he certainly is one hot bound bear.

    The man who did the bondage on Alan really knows the ropes ;) He's tied too tight to squirm and being gagged with duct tape makes it impossible for him to communicate - except with groans. And there's nothing like a hairy nearly-naken man roped into submission!

  • Gay Sex UK Style


    Kallum and Lee are 2 cute English Lads who can't get enough of each other. Kallum is energetic but more important, he's experienced and is happy to show the ropes to the inexperienced Lee. After both lads are pretty turned on, Kallum just shoves his cock into Lee's mouth but Lee is up to the challenge. In fact, he likes sucking Kallum's hard dick a lot!

    Soon Kallum is ready for more. He slides his cock deep into Lee's tight ass and begins to fuck him from behind, really pounding him once he gets into it. It must feel great to both the boyz because right after this pic, they both blew their loads only seconds apart!

  • Cute Euro Beach Boy


    People always think of California or Hawaii when you talk about beach boys, so I thought we could check out a very cute euro twink at a european beach. Meet Raul from East Boys. He's 18, he loves to boogie board and swim and so the photographer thought taking him to the beach would make a great shoot. It did. The cool water and warm sun kissing Raul's skin makes him a summertime wet dream. And I must say that euro beach boys are as hot and sexy as their California counterparts!

  • Cocks are like finger prints


    I love penis and I love how every one is unique in it's own way. I like looking at close-up cock pictures and studying the characteristics of a guy's dick. This big cock belongs to Phoenix and he's in the latest update at Next Door Buddies. He's appearing in a duo jack off scene with Fox, one of Next Door Buddies regulars. Now Phoenix has quite a beautiful dick, it's fairly thick and veiny. His dick a has slight curve to it as it arcs up toward his perfectly formed cock head. It's plump. And when he's not holding his cock, it lies across his six pack, extending past his belly button with his cock head resting on his second "pack" and curving towards his left side. His balls hang loosely beneath his long shaft. Fox and Phoenix are hanging out in this video clip gallery and it doesn't look like either one of them is going to get laid. So, they decide to jack off together. After getting thoroughly excited, these two muscle studs stand up and cum (almost simultaneously) all over the camera lens. It's quite hot and I'm sure you'll enjoy it.

  • Hey, Sailor!


    This is Tom. He's a sailor who found himself in sunny Southern California horny and broke and really wanting something to do. He's 5' 9", weighs 153 pounds and has a 7 inch cut cock. Oh, yeah - Tom is engaged and says he's completely straight but he has lots of friends who are gay men. Hmmm...

    Tom was perfectly happy to get naked and stroke his cock for photographer Buzz West. When Buzz asked Tom, he said even when the ship was at sea for months at a time, he didn't have even a single sexual experience with another man. That's a shame but we can still fantasize.

  • Sizzling Fucking Positions


    I love Raging Stallion, they come up with some of the most unique fucking positions. I recently watched Tough As Nails that pitted Francois Sagat with monster cock Latino Rick Gonzales. One of their fuck scenes involved Gonzales lying back on a wooden box with his huge cock sticking straight up in the air, Francois Sagat turned facing away from Gonzales, and then, backed onto his big dick. It was sizzling hot to watch and it gave us a really unqiue perspective to watch Gonzales's fat Latino dick sliding in and out of Francois Sagat's butt hole.

    The above picture pits Rafael Alencar's big dick against Tag Adams's butt. And this scene is just as hot. I've seen Alencar fuck a couple of times now, and he's an amazingly skilled top. (If I had three wishes ...) This picture is taken from the latest Hairy Boyz update and it's an all-fucking gallery in which Alencar fucks Tag Adams in every position imaginable, and a few I didn't know were possible. Alencar bends Adams over a big metal box and porks his hole, after a while Adams lifts his leg to take deeper thrusts, and then, Adams does a sort of hand-stand off the box, with his legs still on the container, and we end up with this unique fucking position shown here. Hot hot!