• Really Fat Cock


    Sometimes I get a hankering for some really nasty, raunchy, bad boy sex. You know the kind I'm talking about. When you do things that you'd never discuss with anyone. Antonio is the type of guy I'd looking for when I'm having one of these moments. He looks like a bad-boy type. The type of guy who would tell you to get down on your knees and suck his fat cock. And he'd probably talk dirty to you, call you a nasty cock sucker. Maybe even spit on you and slap your face with his big cock. And that's hot. Shaved head, piercing eyes, black wifebeater, and baggy hip-hop jeans, Antonio is the proverbial straight gansta-wanna-be and he's the perfect type for this kind of scenario. And he's got a really nasty piece of meat, not a pretty cock at all. It's really thick and fat at the base and the shaft narrows towards his cock head. But when you're in the mood for nastiness, you're not thinking pretty. I can just imagine him holding the back of my head and ramming that fat monster right to the back of my throat, then holding my head and grinding his fat cock down my throat. "Yeah, suck that fat dick, cock sucker, suck it." And then when he lets me up for air, he grabs my face in his hand, looks into my eyes and says, "You like that fat Latino dick, don't you cock pig?" And he spanks my tongue and lips with his slab of meat. Oh yes, Antonio would do just fine for a hot session of piggy cock sucking.

  • Soccer Player's Cock


    Ezequiel is hot! This 22 year old football player plays for Ascenso, but used to play for Chascomus as a right midfielder. His skills with a soccer ball are beyond reproach and he's very proud of his skills as a ladies' man. Unfortunately he and his girlfriend just broke up and Ezequiel is feeling it badly. He's horny - really horny - and he can't wait to get off.

    Luckily this is when the photographer from Authentic Footballers met him and offered him some money to jack off for the site. Sometimes timing is everything, and this time we got lucky because this gorgeous latin guy got his cock as hard as iron.

    There's nothing like a south american guy with a rigid, thick, veiny dick!

  • Hunky Male Stripper


    At 24 years old with a body to die for, Danny Valentino works as a stripper and does occasional photoshoots. His muscular body and perfect 7 inch uncut dick make him a very popular model at English Lads as well as at the strip club he works in. Danny is straight and says he's very popular with women. With that hot body and gorgeous face, it's very easy to see why.

    Recently Danny did his strip show for the cameras at English Lads while wearing a fireman uniform and this is a pic from that shoot. This is one incredibly sexy hunk and I hope the pic gives you some down and dirty fantasies starring Danny Valentino!

  • Sexy Hairy Man


    Sometimes when I see a hot man I get all giddy like a school girl. When I first loaded up Men Over 30 today and saw Todd here in the update section, I felt all tingly and giggling inside. I think I even said, "Oh my, " out loud. And at 6'1" and 205 pounds and a 7.5 inch cock, there's a lot of sexy hairy man to "oh my" about. There are some pictures of him kneeling shirtless at the foot of his bed, his baggy shorts are riding down, giving us a peek at his hairy ass crack. It's just so fucking hot. Now that's some plumber's butt I don't mind checking out. He's got a beautiful hairy chest with hair whisping across his shoulders, and his nipples are hard. Todd's a scorcher of a hunk of man. I don't even mind that his big cock has one of those deadly curves to the right. You know the kind that when you're sucking it feels like you coming around a corner. :) In this video, hairy man Darren lies back on the bed and strokes his cock with his right hand and plays with his nipple with the other. And then he blasts a huge, fucking load all over his massive thigh. Oh my, here comes that giddy feeling again. I have to go and play a certain video clip over and over again.

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    You know, people go on and on about black guys and their big cocks, but inch for inch and pound for pound, I'm betting my money on the Latino guys. Black guys may have big, long cocks, but I think Latino guys have much fatter cocks - and they usually have foreskin! And I don't know about you, but I'll take a fat cock any day. A fat cock just feels so much better. The feeling lingers for a couple of days and you know you've been boned. Anthony Vela here is making an appearance over at Hot Desert Knights and when I saw that thick, uncut monster cock of his, I just knew I had to parade it over here. I mean, it's just one of those dicks that you're not sure you're going to be able to handle. But come hell or high water, you're going to die trying to stuff that thing up your butt. Anthony's got a lot of pictures in his gallery, so you get to see that big, fat Latino cock from every angle conceivable. He's also available in three different videos. Which reminds me, I have a date with my DVD player.

  • Cop Jacking Off


    We do like our uniforms, don't we? Muscular cop Darren has just finished a hard day on the beat. On the walk home to Soho he's has plenty of time to think about his fellow officers changing out of their uniforms and showering up in the station's locker room. Darren can't shower up after a shift, his cock gets hard looking at all those hot cops washing the day's grime off their muscular bodies. And a cop doesn't want to get a woody in the showers with his buddies. So Darren waits until he gets home, and then, he strips out of his cop uniform and starts getting his uncut dick hard. With his pants off and still wearing his hat and jacket, Darren starts sliding his billy club between his tight butt cheeks. He gets completely naked and his 8-inch, uncut cock is very hard, then Darren sits back on his couch and starts fucking his butt hole with his night stick. Darren's cock is exceedingly thick at the base and his balls are shaved. Darren continues to jack off until he spews a warm stream of jism across his six pack of abs. And wait until you see the cum shot. The photographer of this shoot did an amazing job of capturing the cum shot streaming out of his cock. Photographer dream of these shots. Well done. It's fucking hot.

  • One Tough Hunk!

    Dutch from New York Straight Men

    This is Dutch. He's tall, hunky and tough which works great for his job because Dutch is a bouncer at a female strip club. He's the guy who keeps the audience in line and away from the girls, and after a look at Dutch you can see he's very good at his job.

    Dutch has always had a fantasy about stripping and masturbating in front of others, and - thanks to a friend who hooked him up - New York Straight Men made his dream come true. Dutch's fantasies may have been about getting naked in front of the ladies but he didn't hesitate to get naked for the cameraman and crew.

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  • Black Navy Meat


    Meet J-Nix, a straight navy stud stationed in California. He's 20 years old and considers himself quite a ladies' man. He's also often in need of some cash so his buddy brought him over to meet photographer Buzz West so J-Nix could make a few dollars.

    J-Nix said he had never jacked off in front of another guy, but after a little nervousness he got involved in the job... er... at hand. Soon he was beating that black 8 inch piece of rock hard man-meat and didn't lose his erection even after he found photographer Buzz down between his thighs.

    You just have to love a navy man - they really know how to get the job done!

  • Chris Steele - Hot Daddy


    I love Chris Steele. I can't tell you how many times I've jacked off watching this hairy daddy bossing everyone around in the gay porn video Steele's Rangers. Steele plays a park ranger and he's having run ins with the rangers charged under his supervision and even a few rowdy guys messing up his park. And Steele isn't having any of it. In one hot scene he's handling three studs all at the same time. While one guy sucks his cock, Steele is barking at the other two to suck and fuck one another. But he sure wouldn't have to bark too hard at me. Just one stern look from those daddy eyes and I'd be on my knees servicing that hard cock of his. Of course I would have to be a little bad to make sure he had to spank my ass with those massive hands of his. I was delighted when I stopped by Hairy Boyz today and saw a Chris Steele photo set that I have never seen before. In this set he's wearing a leather and silver metal jockstrap that is out-of-this-world hot and a leather harness. Hmmm ... I do wish Chris Steele would step out from behind the camera and make another video.

  • Fucking Huge Cock


    Oh my God! What else is there to say when you're faced staring at something like this. You know, I really do have the sweetest job -- every day I open up my e-mail and get stuff like this shows up, and then, I get to write about it. I love my work. The only thing I'd love even more is if Perfect Guyz would hire me to be their photo shoot fluffer. And Perfect Guyz for my first assignment, I'll help you out with Jude here. Frankly though, it doesn't look like Jude needs a hand -- or a mouth -- to get him hard. This beautiful guy hails from southern California and he's part Sicilian and Croatian - no wonder he's got a fucking huge cock. He's a surfer and snowboarder and currently attends college, where no doubt he turns a lot of heads in the showers. He's boyishly good looking and his slender and smooth build just makes his cock look all the bigger. And his blue eyes are just going to kill you, well, if you can take your eyes off the big cock of his. Anyway, enough. I've got to go watch this first-timer jack off in his video clip.