• Men Kissing

    Men kissing passionately

    Maybe it's just me, but I think there's something especially sexy about watching 2 guys kissing like they really mean it. You don't have to be in love to kiss someone, but kissing seems so personal, so intimate. Holding each other close, feeling their two bodies pressed together as their cocks get hard... And of course, if the kissing takes place in a porn shoot, we know that some action is guaranteed soon, so we can sit back and enjoy as the two models get comfortable, feeling each others' bodies.

    While you can see a lot of kissing, fondling and making out in straight mainstream movies, seeing 2 men kiss seems to be more shocking to the

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  • Sexy Older Man


    I'm not normally into blondes, but when they're covered in beard scruff and tattoos, I make an exception. Tyler's a 42-year-old, ex-semi-professional baseball player. He's a whopping 6'3", weighs in at 225 pounds, and sports a 7" cut cock. Can you imagine all of that packed into a pair of those tight baseball pants? Man alive, I'll bet he rarely struck out when up at base; what pitcher could concentrate on their throw when they had Tyler standing in front of them? The first thing you notice about Tyler when he takes off his shirt is his well-developed barrel chest - a little hairy with erect nipples and a tribal tattoo swirling across his left shoulder and down across his hard pec. His belly's furry, too, and he's got another tattoo twirling around his navel. A solid set of legs round out this hot package. Totally naked, Tyler settles in for a long, slow jack off session. He's a finger jacker: two fingers on the underside of his shaft, thumb across the top. And when he cums he lets out three or four really loud grunts. You're going to want to check out this sexy older man.

  • Uncut English Lad


    Patrick is a 20 year old amateur lad from the UK with a sexy english accent and a 7 1/2 inch uncut cock! He's the kind of amateur I love to see on sites - he's fresh, slender and toned, and not self-conscious and he's also very easy on the eyes.

    I couldn't believe my luck when I saw this sweet innocent-looking boy jacking his rock-hard dick. All the focus he brings to his bodybuilding he also brings to his photoshoots and his masturbation. Patrick was turned on by getting naked in front of the camera - as with most bodybuilders, they just love showing off their bodies. Patrick is no exception. I couldn't wait to share him, and thanks to English Lads for the pics.

    Happy viewing - hope you enjoy Patrick as much as I do!

  • Brokeback UK


    Great Britain is one of the most unlikely places to find a cowboy, but UK Naked Men is showing us that England has a lot more to offer than the Royal Family and Big Ben. UK Naked Men is a brand new site and cowboy TJ is one of their newest models. He's 26, 6', weighs in a 150 pounds, and sports a 8.5" uncut cock. Okay, I'll resist the Big Ben joke, but he really does have a lovely, big cock. Wrapped up in a cock ring, his cock flops from side to side in picture after picture. And he's got a tight set of shaved nuts. Rising from his pubes is a nice treasure trail that stops at his belly button. His chest is lean and smooth. In this gallery, TJ's sporting cowboy gear and sitting on a couple of bales of hay. He's got a really hot snake tattoo that curls across his butt cheek, wraps around his side, and hisses across his torso. And what a hot fucking ass! If TJ had been around when they were casting Brokeback Mountain, it would have definitely been a more interesting movie.

  • Blond Fratboy Seth


    As you can see, Seth is gorgeous! His natural blond hair and blue eyes are almost as sexy as his boyish smile - and his 8 1/2 inch uncut cock. His slender athletic body shows the hours he spends playing outdoor sports and working out at the gym. He's also flexible - in fact, he can lick his own cock!

    I found Seth at Perfect Guyz and they were nice enough to let me have this pic. This cute fratboy certainly has me all heated up today!

  • Francois Sagat


    Francois Sagat (from Rear Stable and Raging Stallion Studios) is one of my all time favorites, why? Well guess... check out his picture! Firm, hard and muscled body, with just the right amount of body hair, rough and hard looks and a really fat cock!

  • Sexy Hairy Bear


    Ah, I think I'm in love. First of all, Bear Films is one of my favourite sites, they continually serve up a wide variety of hot, hairy men and sexy bears. So it stands to reason that I check the site out several times a week. When I cruised past Bear Films today I found this sexy hairy bear. And he's everything I look for in a man: balding, unique facial hair and a bushy moustache, hairy chest, a big hairy butt, pierced cock, and a little cushion around the middle. This is Thom Slater. At times he's got this "don't fuck with me" look on his face -- and I love that -- at other times he's sporting a silly grin and his whole face lights up. And those overalls ... man, they just have me thinking about dropping to my knees and asking, "Please Sir, can I unzip your overalls?" And what a nice cock he has, too, not so big that you're going to choke on it, but big enough to know you've got a dick down your throat. Oh shit, I just remembered, Bear Films has a feature where you can e-mail the models -- BYE!

  • Why Amateur Guys Do Porn


    Ever wonder why all the guys in amateur sites decided to go for it and do a porn movie? Sure, most of us have had a fantasy about jacking off in front of another person - or a camera. Lots of guys also fantasize about fucking another guy on video. But most of us don't go for it. So what makes some guys - the guys we see in amateur sites - decide to show their stuff on camera?

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  • Black Thug Boy


    This is Mellow. He's a rough and black with a lean, toned body and plenty of attitude. He's also 23 years old, and being a gemini, he's bisexual as well as a top. Mellow is 6'2" for those who like 'em tall. Thanks to Thug Boy for the pic. Hope you enjoy him!

  • Hot Foursome


    Now this is team work! Cory Koons, JD Kollin, Manuel Torres, and Rick Storm are getting nasty and hot in the latest update at Rear Stable. Taken from a video called "Lube Job," this scene shows off the service-minded talents of dark-haired Cory Koons. This tattooed stud is sucking Rick Storm's cock while JD Kollin fucks his ass. Then Latino muscle man Manuel Torres arrives on the scene and jumps in the driver's seat. With JD Kollin and Rick Storm holding bottom man Koons up in the air, Torres drives home is his big fat cock. Holding onto his buddies, Koons has nothing else to do except lie back and enjoy a good ass fucking. It's a really hot scene and it sure never has occurred to me to take a foursome in this direction, but in the absence of a sling or a bench, what else are a bunch of horny men to do. Improvise, of course. You'll enjoy checking out these four tattooed muscle men. And who knows, maybe it'll inspire you to take your next foursome to new heights.

  • What is a Hunk?

    Carter from FratmenSeems like books, TV, magazines and websites call almost any man a hunk. But what is a hunk?

    A hunk is a well-built sexually attractive man. You'll find similar descriptions in dictionaries and various sites. Well-built as in muscular - not necessarily a bodybuilder, definitely muscled and lean with an cute, handsome or rugged but attractive face. In other words, hot and good looking.

    Sites like Frat Men and Randy Blue often include some hot hunks in their shoots, either solo or sucking another hard hunk's cock.

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  • One Hot Muscle Man!


    When it comes to bodybuilders, I can't get enough of 'em. This new model on Man of Muscle came to Hollywood to do some modeling between fitness contests. And is he hot? Hell, yeah!

  • Big Uncut Cock


    Okay, I admit it. I have penis envy. Who wouldn't want to have a cock like this? Cris here is the latest addition at Men Over 30, and at 31 years of age, he just squeaks through. He's 5'11", 175 pounds, and sports a whopping 9" cock. And before we talk about the obvious, let me get a few details out of the way. Cris is blonde with beautiful blue eyes and a scrumptuous set of lips. He's lean and fit and mostly smooth. And check out his Egyptian tattoo on his right shoulder. When he's soft he's a respectable size with a healthy set of low hanging balls. His cock is sheathed in foreskin. And on the odd time when we see it, his ass is cute and smooth, and his butt hole is shaved. But hands down, Cris's best feature is that monster uncut cock of his. As he gets more excited it lengthens and curls over his nuts. At it's most erect, his cock head swells plump and full, a beautiful pink. And the sweat and precum glisten in the light. He pounds his meat, loose foreskin sliding up and down his thick shaft. He gets down on the floor beside the bed and gets into a full-on jack off session. He's getting close and he's aiming to shoot a big load. He finally shoots all over his stomach and thigh. You're going to want to see more of this sweetheart, believe me.

  • Gorgeous Hunk in a Suit


    Who can resist a man in a suit? Almost any man cleans up nicely with a suit and tie. But the men at Men at Play are extra hot. They're always so good looking, hunky, and their suits aren't off the rack. These men have style. Marcel here is a gorgeous hunk. I love the contradiction of his slightly unkept beard and the suit and tie. And his brown eyes ... fuck, they're hot. They're so soulful and sexy. And his kissable lips drive me wild. I love a man with a nice set of lips. Can you imagine trying to have a business meeting with this suited hunk sitting across from you? Could you control yourself? Or would you just crawl across his desk, grab him by the tie, and pull those lips towards you, and plant a passionate kiss on them? You might have some self control until you see that cock he's got tucked away in those dress slacks -- healthy set of shaved balls, 7.5 to 8" cut cock with a fat cockhead, and he's a little on the thick side. Once you got a look at that, you'd be crawling under his desk for sure. And once you see his slightly furry chest, his pierced nipple, and his six pack of abs, well, let's just say you'll be taking dictation anyway Marcel wants you to.

  • Hairy Men Fucking


    Hairy Boyz latest video clip update features two of the hottest hairy men in their stable. Bearded and hairy Daddy Danny Mann is playing whipping boy to tattooed muscle daddy Ken Braun. Mann is such a goodlooking bugger with a beautiful full beard. With Danny Mann holding onto the whipping post, Braun lashes his back with a red and black flogger. Mann's hairy ass looks fucking hot in a red jockstrap and as he strains under the lashes, he pushes it out, making it look even hotter. But then Mann turns the tables on Braun and makes him his butt boy, fucking his face with his long cock, eating out his hairy hole, fucking him with a dildo, and finally, crawling on top of him and fucking him within an inch of his life. These two put on an amazing performance -- it's alway hot to watch two mature and hairy men devour one another. You'll want to get a towel before you check out this video clip.