• Good looking


    How good looking isnt this boy? Marcos does construction and his life is pretty much entirely different from a normal model or porn star. Marcos is a fireball of sexual energy. With every look he makes you want to melt and he seems to be totally into others watching him. You look at this guy and you can tell he loves sex. You can always tell the ones that are comfortable with their own body.. just look at him! Here Marcos work his dick up and then turns around and shows you that hot virgin ass of his and I am sure after ward you will be begging for more! Enjoy!

  • International Studs


    The sun is setting in California wine country. All-American super stud JD Kollin is making-out with the tres-hot Francois Sagat on the edge of a beautiful fountain. As the water falls the heat rises between these two phenomenally sexy men. You can see by the look on JD's face that he is aching to slide into Francois gorgeous ass - which he does...over and over again.

  • Pumping Muscle


    Three hot men, working their bodies with heavy weights.. A bench press... Dumbbells.... Sweat.... Men.... Arousal!!! The scene opens with the sounds of the workout, guys with perfect bodies keeping them in top form. Eyes dart back and forth, encouraging each other in more ways than one.

    Things take a turn when FranƧois removes his shirt--Huessein and Jay Black can't stand it any more! Weights get dropped and the workout becomes one of the finest three-ways ever filmed by anyone! Could this be the perfect porn scene? It's a real mix-up with everyone doing everyone in ways you never thought possible!

  • Something Much Bigger

    smbfront.jpg - The BRAND NEW long-awaited sequel to the original Twink Classic- "Something Very Big" with Five ALL NEW scenes featuring ELEVEN Fresh Faces as Only Kevin could produce.

    Real life boyfriends at the time of the shooting of this scene. Called by Clarke 'The Best Sex I have ever shot'¯ this scene starts off the film with a bang.

    Destined to be al all time classic scene as well as an award contender the sexual performance goes well beyond what one would expect from 19 and 20 year old guys.

    This scene illustrates, passion, technique, and affection all rolled into a fuck that defies description. Shot by Clarke in his now famous 'You Are There Vision'¯ style. This scene fully realizes his vision..

  • Beautiful bubble ass


    What an ass! No, I don't mean his personality, I mean that beautiful bubble ass on the backside of this hot guy. Braden loves to touch his body and like most guys that work that hard on his physique he loves to watch himself. I'll admit to getting turned on myself while watching him look at his reflection. Braden has been working out for years and his body is hard as a rock including that magnificent ass of his. Braden strips down and works that ripped body of his which culminates into him humping the pillows like crazy! Check out his first adult video and exclusive photos at Randy Blue! Enjoy!

  • Bedroom smile


    With his bedroom smile and smooth muscular body, Tyler is enough to get anyone's attention. Add a hot ass and hard cock and you've got one hell of a package. And watching him take off his jeans, slowly unzipping them till his cock is revealed, already at attention and jutting through his fly - wow!

    At only 21, Tyler is one frat boy who loves physical activity of all sorts. He especially loves weightlifting and can often be found in the gym where he goes to college, sweating as he does a few more heavy reps. He's also heavily into swimming and just being outdoors and is very popular at school with fellow-students as well as teachers because of his easy-going personality.

    I don't know where Frat Men found Tyler but I sure hope they can find some more like him!

  • Spike Daddy


    This is Spike Daddy. He's a hot masculine silver daddy with a solid build and a big fat cock that is hard most of the time. At 57, he prefers men - not twinks or boys - and he's a top who can be versatile for the right guy.

    As you can see, Spike Daddy has a mustache and a tattoo and is definitely the kind of man that older guy lovers prefer. He is into masculine and furry guys - hairy bodies turn him on. You can see more of Spike Daddy at Hot Older Male.

  • About a big cock


    There's something about a big cock that fires the imagination. A hot guy is even hotter when he sports a huge veiny shaft, thrusting aggressively upward. Being well-hung makes a man respected among straight men and both men and women gossip about a guy with a massive endowmen. So - what's our fascination for big dicks?

    For one thing, a guy is simply imposing sporting huge wood. After all, our culture loves anything big - big breasts and big muscles are always appreciated so why not big dicks? Superheros always have larger than life biceps, larger than life thighs so there's something almost legendary about a guy with a really legendary-sized cock.

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  • Kody and Mathew


    Kody and Mathew are both complete hunks and they had both done shoots for Randy Blue but somehow these two hot guys never got together for a video till now. I don't know why not because these two men had incredible chemistry once they got together.

    Almost right after they met it was obvious that Mathew and Kody were pretty impatient to get started. They couldn't keep their hands off each other and soon they had their clothes off and were licking and touching each others' cocks and asses. This was my favorite pic from their set, and you can see just how hot these two horny guys were together!

  • Joe Rockwell


    Joe Rockwell is a natural hairy man from Pasadena, California. He's into hairy guys, and sports a pretty thick pelt on his chest as well as some facial hair. If you prefer your men unshaved as nature intended, Joe is sure to drive you wild.

    Beside being active in the bear community, Joe stars in a couple of Bear Films most popular videos: Midnight Growlers and Bear Instincts. He loves getting his cock hard in front of the camera - and we're happy to be able to share this sexy pic of this incredibly hot and hairy man!

  • Why we love amateurs


    There's something about seeing real amateur guys in porn videos. Pornstars and models like Mark Wolff are fun, sexy and exciting but give me a real guy any day - someone I might see at the store or driving his car or at a bar. Amateur guys don't have perfect bodies, flawless hair or giant pornstar dicks, but they have something else. Amateur sites mean that any guy you see might be accessible - the checkout guy or the guy who fixes your car could actually be naked on a website. How cool is that?

    Of course there are two different basic types of amateur websites - solo sites like Next Door Male and Circle Jerk Boys and amateur sites with hardcore sex like Amateur Canadian Guys and Pat and Sam. Which you like better depends on your personal tastes - I like watching regular guys next door masturbating but seeing a guy give his first blowjob on video is pretty hot.

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  • Why Didn't Brokeback Mountain Win the Oscar?

    If you haven't heard of Brokeback Mountain, you must be living in a cave somewhere. Everyone has been talking about this film. I suspect there are probably even 3-year olds who have had philosophical discussions about the meaning and implications of the story. It's been receiving a high volume of praise and awards over the past several months, and it was no surprise that it received a plethora of Oscar nominations at this year's Academy Awards. Everyone expected it to win Best Picture. It seemed the logical thing to happen in light of all its other awards in addition to the adoration the public has given the film. But it didn't win Best Picture, and this created a severe shock to both the film community and fans across the globe. Why didn't it win?

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  • Black thug - Cream


    I think Cream is my favorite on Thug Boys. He's got confidence, attitude and gives off a feeling of danger which is very fucking sexy. At 5'10" and 130 pounds he's slender and hard-bodied. Besides his brown hair and eyes, there's something else I noticed right away about Cream - his thick 9 1/2 inch black dick!

    Cream says he's a bisexual top who likes to be in control and he certainly has a dominant vibe. He's quiet and authoritative and that big ebony cock is more than a mouthful for anyone! Hope you enjoy Cream's pic - I just can't get enough of him.

  • Black men more hung?


    We've all heard the legend that black men have bigger dicks and we've certainly all seen some ebony pornstars are hung like a phone pole. But I somehow doubt that pornstar cocks are ever really average sized so I'm wondering - do black guys have bigger dicks?

    I decided to do a little reading and surf some amateur black sites. The reading was interesting but most of it sounded like bullshit to me. Some sites had absolute proof that black men had bigger dicks and some had 100% sure proof that they didn't. I also ran into penis enlargement pill ads that claimed that if I took their pills I could be hung like a whale. Doubting their claims, I decided it was time to check out those black amateur guy sites.

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  • Jr. Hardy Fucks Gary


    Jr. Hardy loves serious ass, with a dick that's 71/2 inches long and 5 inches round. Whether he's spreading pussy or ass, he's a real fuck machine. He's so 'cool,'¯ he lit a cigarette and took a few drags while Gary was giving him head. But it didn't take Jr. Hardy long to heat up as he fucked Gary's bubble butt deep and hard. Being able to appreciate the sensation, Jr. Hardy knows just the right moves to send Gary into orbit. Gary's moans of pure ecstasy sent me over the edge too!