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GayDemon Cartoon by Patrick Fillion

Ever wonder about this site? This is not a huge corporation - GayDemon started out as my personal link list in 1999. I wanted to share the sites I found while surfing porn on the net from my student dig in Sweden. The design wasn't very good as I didn't know much about making web pages, but I had fun looking for more and more sites to add. The idea was to have a way to organize all the sites I found out there into one place. Back then it was more difficult to find sites but gradually my link collection grew.

In fact, my collection grew so large that I had to organize them somehow - I felt that without a way to search the links, no one would be able to find what they were looking for, and some very good sites were buried. I tested several types of software till I found one that worked for me, and that's when GayDemon and the web site directory really started to take shape.

As I mentioned, I didn't know very much about websites and design, so as the site grew and the longer I spend on it, the more I learned about design. GayDemon changed looks, functions and layout as I got better at design. So GayDemon and I, we grew together really. As I got better so did GayDemon.

Starting out, GayDemon was only really a hobby, but as it grew in popularity the more it took of my time. Not only is GayDemon still is my one passion and biggest hobby - it's also become a full time job, but one that I really enjoy! GayDemon is very much a labour of love. And it's still 100% swedish and gay!

GayDemon has gone through a lot of different stages as I gained knowledge and it got more popular. It has changed logos and mascots (the cartoon) several times, until a couple of years back I finally found the cartoon that really matched my idea of who GayDemon was - the cartoon created by Patrick Fillion.

The porn site reviews on GayDemon were a early extra feature, and started very small. As I was passionate about gay porn, a bit of an addict really, I did subscribe to a lot of different sites. Most of them were really crap, but since I paid for the membership I thought why not share what I think with others. So the review section started. Early on it was only very short reviews, written by myself. Unfortunately my writing skill were never very good so I soon found other people to help me out who could put it down in words much better than I could. Today there are now several different people helping me out with reviews - but I read and check every one!

Today, I still go out on the web looking for new gay sites to add to GayDemon. Some we review, some I list in the directory. I'd like to list as many gay sites as possible, and hopefully feature the sites I think are best so more people can enjoy them as much as I do.

The GayDemon concept nowadays is to still bring porn in every way and format - links to it or products - while making it easier for people to find exactly what they are looking for, helping them learn more about the sites in reviews on an easy-to-use site that works, is easy on the eye, user friendly for anyone (old, young, internet beginners, people with disabilities etc).

In case you're wondering, the Fetish section has always been my favorite, and I'm always trying to find more sites for it. And even though GayDemon is now a large site filled with links and reviews, I still go out personally, looking for good sites to add to the GayDemon directory. Like I said, Gaydemon is still my hobby and I love making it better and better and finding new porn every chance I get!

I would love to hear what you think about GayDemon - bad or good! So send me a message (or email me at [email protected]). You can also follow me on Twitter, Tumblr or Facebook.

Enjoy GayDemon!

Owner & Porn Fanatic

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