• Zeb Atlas Fucks Billie Ramos in the Kitchen

    Zeb Atlas Fucks Billie Ramos in the Kitchen

    Zeb Atlas is showing Billie Ramos his biceps in the kitchen. Billie wants to get big and Zeb Atlas shares some tips, but there's a catch. Billie is asked to suck Zeb's cock in return for some advice on bulking up. The bodybuilder's big thick cock swells as Billie services him. Things heat up further and Zeb bends Billie over the kitchen counter to fuck his ass. They move to the couch where Zeb pounds smaller stud Billie's ass.

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  • Scouts Roasting their Weenies by the Campfire

    Scouts Roasting their Weenies by the Campfire

    When I heard troop leader Zeb Atlas was taking four scouts into the woods for a weekend of camping, I was hoping he'd end up fucking them all. I knew it would happen, I just wasn't sure if it'd be one at a time or in a gang bang. I had visions of four bums lined up side by side with Atlas making his way down the line. I had no idea that MEN.com was going to give us a tower of ass. But I'm getting ahead of myself, that's towards the end of the movie.

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  • If You Go Down to the Woods Today ...

    If You Go Down to the Woods Today ...

    Boy scout Jack Radley sneaks down to the creek for an early morning bath. He's caught up playing with his soapy cock and didn't see the troop leader meandering through the woods. Zeb Atlas hides between a tree and pulls on his cock while watching the naked scout. In MEN.com "Scouts," Zeb is the leader of this 4-man scout troop and they're off in the Georgia woods for some camping, and as it turns out, fucking.

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  • Zeb Atlas Pounds Landon Conrad

    Zeb Atlas Pounds Landon Conrad

    Landon Conrad is one lucky bastard in this new scene from Raging Stallion Studios called Built Tough. He's on a construction site with handsome muscle hunk Zeb Atlas. The hung bodybuilder is horny and he wants his dick serviced, and he doesn't have to ask Landon twice to kneel and swallow his huge cock. I don't think Zeb would have to ask anyone of us twice.

    Landon gulps deeply and downs every inch of Zeb's thick cock. Staring up at this hunk's massively powerful body only gets the blond cocksucker more revved up. Zeb pulls Landon to his feet and they kiss passionately before Atlas does some dick sucking of his own.

    Atlas bends Conrad over the scaffolding and drives his big hard-on into the blond's big, beautiful ass. Landon endures a hard fucking. He thinks Zeb's meat might be easier to take if he lies on his back, but judging by the look on Landon's face, it's not easier at all. He jacks his own meat while the bodybuilder pounds his aching butt hole, then showers his abs with his cum load. Atlas keeps pounding and drilling until his balls are finally ready to unload and he showers his own jizz all over Landon's cum-soaked body.

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  • Adonis Lounge Makes Big Move In NYC

    Adonis Lounge

    Adonis Lounge has gotten our attention before. The sexy NYC strip club has showcased some of gay porn's biggest names, including Zeb Atlas, Jason Adonis, Cameron Foster, Trenton Ducati, Christopher Daniels and Blu Kennedy. Now, the steamy nightspot is on the move, getting its very own space in Midtown. And to celebrate, the club is importing some major talent. At press time, porn stars Jake Genesis, Pierre Fitch, Rocco Reed, Andrew Justice, Kirk Cummings and Donny Wright (fresh from his firehouse arrest!) were among the guests expected for the big kick-off event this Saturday, March 9.

    Adonis Lounge has been operating for more than two years, starting in Brooklyn. It quickly became known for featuring the finest porn stars, models, dancers, bodybuilders and go-go dancers from all over the country and the world. The new space at 22 West 39th Street (between Fifth and Sixth avenues) offers improved facilities, including more seating and plenty of space to spend quality time with your favorite dancer. And it's just steps from Times Square and all those tacky tourists! The festivities begin every Wednesday and Saturday at 9 pm. And what happens in the backroom...well, we'll never tell. That's because it has to be experienced to be believed! For more info, visit TheAdonisLounge.com.

  • Micah Brandt Takes Zeb Atlas' Big Cock

    Micah Brandt Takes Zeb Atlas' Big Cock

    You'd think gay porn stars would learn by now: don't announce your retirement from gay porn until you haven't made a video for two years. After some final scenes with Jocks Studios last year, Micah Brandt announced on Twitter that he was retiring from gay porn: "I'm not dead, nor do I have an STD," he said. "I've left the industry for an extended amnt of time so I can gain back the confidence I lost whilst in it." Fair enough; I guess maybe he didn't retire so much as wanted to take a break.

    Well, it seems he got his confidence back, because he's appearing in a new scene for Falcon Studios, and he's bravely submitting his ass for a deep fucking at the hands of Zeb Atlas. And it takes some courage for any bottom to do an anal scene with Zeb. First, the bodybuilder is massive and has a lot of ramming power built up in those muscles and mammoth thighs. Second, Zeb Atlas is pretty well hung, so letting him shove his big, thick cock up your ass is going to be challenge, especially if you haven't done a scene for a while.

    But Micah Brandt does perfectly fine, lying back in the bed of a pick-up truck and getting his hole stuffed with this over-sized bodybuilder's meaty hard-on. Welcome back, Micah, we've missed you! And Zeb, we always love watching you drill horny bottoms!

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  • Zeb Atlas & Kirk Cummings in Turn Down the Music

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    Zeb Atlas and Kirk Cummings meet in the hallway of their apartment building, Kirk has just moved in and introduces himself as Zeb's new neighbor. It's clear that Kirk has the hots for Zeb, and who wouldn't want this massive bodybuilder crawling all over them? Kirk decides to see if he can see Zeb naked, so in the middle of the night Kirk cranks the music. You don't want to make a 250 pound, massive bodybuilder angry, but this is MEN.com, and making Zeb Atlas pissed enough so he fucks really hard is exactly what Kirk wants -- and gets!

  • Fan Has Sex with his Fave Stripper

    Fan Has Sex with his Fave Stripper

    Marcus Ruhl is so good-looking - he could have just about any man that he wanted. And while he's versatile, Marcus is a skilled bottom who knows his way around a man's cock. I've never seen a dick Ruhl couldn't handle. Want to see whose dick Ruhl is stuffing down his throat? Click the read more link and see.

    In this scene from Raging Stallion, Marcus Ruhl is hanging out at his local strip club and he's watching his favorite erotic dancer. Zeb Atlas is a massive bodybuilder with muscles stacked on muscles. He's handsome and hung and it's no wonder he's caught Marcus Ruhl's eye. Marcus coaxes this stripper off the stage for a one-on-one performance. But when Ruhl gets down on his knees and opens his mouth, it's clear who is doing the performing.

    After slobbering all over Zeb Atlas' meat, Marcus bends over a bar stool so Atlas can slide his big dick inside his hungry butt hole. After Marcus' hole is good and accommodating, he gets the stripper to lie back so he can impale himself on this huge bodybuilder cock. After a sweaty round of fucking, these two horny men shoot their cum loads together.

    The Raging Stallion site has been completely revamped and has merged five hot sites into one huge megasite. Gay Demon recently took a peek inside and wrote a review - want to read all about the hot new men and features? Check out the Raging Stallion gay porn site review.

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  • Interview Exclusive: Jimmy Fanz In The Woods

    Hairy gay porn star Jimmy Fanz

    Every year around this time, Raging Stallion delivers its splashy holiday blockbuster to the world. Whatever big-budget release it is, it usually ends up winning accolades and a slew of awards. This year is no different (although, there aren't really any legit awards left to win, are there?). The Woods, from director Tony Dimarco, has received a lot of attention from fans and from within the industry, especially for its cryptic marketing campaign, which focuses on the mysterious and possibly alien-infested trees referred to in the title.

    Besides the usual hot gay sex, the film boasts an A-list cast, some of whom are exclusives for the San Francisco-based studio. Rising star Jimmy Fanz is one of the box cover models of the two-part smash, and he recently phoned up GayDemon to share his hairy tale. For his scene, Fanz got to go fishing (and more!) with superstar Zeb Atlas (below), and he still remembers the day of the shoot. "It was chilly!" says the 21-year-old from his home in Florida. "Of course I was nervous to work with a porn legend. Zeb is a huge guy, and he made me look small. But that type of big muscular guy is just my type."

    Headlining a major release is just the latest accomplishment for Miami native Fanz, who says he has long been interested in the industry. "I always wanted to do porn," he says. "But I had no idea how to do it. Then some friends from high school started doing it. They told me I should give it a try too."

    More questioning reveals that the "friends" were female, and that Fanz debated whether to go into the straight side of the business. "Sure, you could say I'm bi," he adds. "I'm gay, I'm straight. Some days I wake up and I want to get fucked. Other days I wake up and I want to fuck. It just depends how I feel in that moment."

    Fanz says that he decided to go the gay route because "I wanted the fans, the limelight. Gay porn stars get a lot more attention, and who doesn't like that?"

    Part of the spotlight has focused on Fanz for his alluring (though still rare in the industry) furry chest. "I love my body hair," he says with pride. "I've been hairy since I was 13. One online studio wanted me to shave it off, but I refused. I don't see it as a big deal."

    But it all worked out for Fanz, who is Jewish and French. He ended up signing an exclusive deal with RSS and has no regrets. "They are a blast to work with," he says. "The studio does great quality movies, and they treat me well." And they have even matched him with the perfect co-star: Donny Wright. "I think that is my favorite scene so far. Plus, I enjoy bottoming more. I think I give more energy as a bottom." Well, casting two hairy guys together, how can you lose!?

    In light of his tender age, Fanz doesn't have a clear vision of his future. "I like what I'm doing, but who knows?" he says. "Maybe I'll sell real estate or do something else. I would like to work with Jake Genesis, though."

    Follow him on Twitter @JimmyFanz. And for more on The Woods, which also stars Paddy O'Brian, Landon Conrad, D.O., Jesse Santana, Tom Wolfe and Trenton Ducati, visit RagingStallion.com.

    Jimmy Fanz fucked by Zeb Atlas in The_ Woods

  • Zeb Atlas Fucks Andrew Stark

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    Zeb Atlas is showering up at the Men.com gym. He's so lovely to look at -- a massive hunk, handsome and tall with muscles bulging on muscles, and a big juicy cock. Andrew Stark sneaks in and takes a couple of pictures with his cell phone. When Zeb catches him he forces Andrew to his knees -- is this supposed to be punishment?! Before this bodybuilder is done, he'll bend Andrew over a workout bench and drill his ass!