• Nathan Green Plays With Cock

    Nathan Green Plays With Cock

    I absolutely love ass. Tight little assholes are my favourite, they're just begging for some TLC, desperate to get. opened up. Nathan Green's hole is one such fine example at You Love Jack. But allow me to back up a little. Before we get a glimpse of Nathan's ass, he exposes his adequately sized 6.5 inch uncut dick.

    Nathan's pretty proud of his cock, and he deserves to be. Whilst it isn't the biggest cock on You Love Jack (by far), it is a nice shape. He holds it up for the camera, whilst sat wearing his t-shirt and white ankle socks, so all we can see is his boner, hairy legs and the occasional sultry look down the camera lens. After polishing the head of his cock with precum, Nathan pulls one out.

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  • Max - Straight But Cute

    Max -  Straight But Cute

    Max is a cute straight guy with big brown eyes and boyish looks that would have made him the toast of the gay bars if only he'd stop fucking girls and try batting for the other team. He's also a very alt dude, with some interesting tattoos, and he had no trouble getting wood for the You Love Jack camera. Not only does Max stroke his cock on video, but he shows off that tight, virgin hole before shooting his load.

  • Working His Uncut Cock

    Working His Uncut Cock

    Robin Ford's got a big cock, and he's showing it off for You Love Jack. You can see just how horny Jack is as he works that engorged piece of uncut manmeat, fingering his hole before spilling a load of hot, sticky cum all over his chest and pubes for the camera.

  • Bad Boy's FAT Cock!

    Bad Boy's FAT Cock!

    Holy shit - You Love Jack found a winner this week. Charlie Carter is a straight boy with a smooth, slender body, tons of attitude and a really REALLY fat cock! And unlike some str8 guys, Charlie isn't afraid of playing with his ass - once his rod is hard, he stretches his virgin hole and slides in a finger. Then he strokes that thick piece of meat for the camera till he shoots his load. All I can say is "Wow!"

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  • Jackson Jerks It!

    Jackson Jerks It!

    Jackson Price has an 8 inch mushroom head cock that he's shown off before at You Love Jack. This time, Jackson is in the best shape yet (must have been spending some time working out!), and it's obvious he's horny as he pulls out his dick and gives it a serious workout, taking time to spread his ass for the camera before he shoots his load!

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  • Danny Milk: Cock Stroking and Assplay

    Danny Milk: Cock Stroking and Assplay

    Danny Milk is the latest find over at You Love Jack, and he's a cutie. His cock is hard as hell by the time he pulls it out to show it off and start stroking it. Then he spreads his ass and fingers it, getting his dick even harder as it oozes pre-cum!

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  • Cute Quebecois Guy Strokes Uncut Cock

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    I love watching a guy pleasuring his butt hole. This cute Quebecois guy is doing his first video for You Love Jack. Aside from being cute and sporting a fat uncut cock, this stud loves his butt hole. With his dick rock hard, he lubes up a dildo, hoists his legs on the chair, and gives us a hot ass play session. He fucks his hole until his cock can't stand anymore and needs a release.

  • Big-Dicked Bottom & His Butt Plug

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    Andrew Elliot is a cute guy with a big cock. He's a bit of a good news / bad news kind of situation because while many of you will be fantasizing about stuffing Andrew's meaty dick up your ass, Andrew will be competing for the bottom -- he loves having his ass played with. In this jack-off video from You Love Jack, Andrew hoists his legs up on the chair, feeds a butt plug into his hungry hole and shows us how much his ass can take.

  • Straight Guy Shows Off His Asshole

    Straight Guy Shows Off His Asshole

    Straight boy Vinnie has a hard uncut cock and a hint of bad-boy attitude that makes him all the sexier. He works his manmeat, and once he's horny as hell, he shows off his hairy asshole for the You Love Jack camera before finishing off his jackoff session.

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  • Cock-Hungry Twinks Swapping BJs

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    There's nothing hotter than watching a couple of well-hung twinks swapping head. And the stud in the bright blue t-shirt in this video from You Love Jack has a very thick and meaty cock. His buddy really loves chowing down on this thing. I'm a little jealous watching this cocksucker working this fat penis. And it's even a little more frustrating because I've seen this cute hung guy in my neighborhood and every time I see him walking down the street I think of this horny blowjob scene.