• 'Dick Cassidy' at You Love Jack

    'Dick Cassidy' at You Love Jack

    Dick Cassidy, or Dick Casey as he's known at Staxus, sits back on the leather couch at You Love Jack and teases the camera with his cock in his underpants before he strips off completely and slowly strokes his 7 inch manhood. Dick is uncut (excuse me while I snigger). He gives us a nice view of his "virgin man cunt" as well. I'm not so sure he's a virgin, but I do know he's top-only.

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  • Lukas Jensen Dildos His Hole

    Lukas Jensen Dildos His Hole

    Lukas Jensen has a sultry air about him as he sits seductively looking into the camera and massaging his bulge at You Love Jack. He unzips his jeans and pulls out his perfect uncut cock. Once he's stripped naked, wearing nothing but his white trainer socks, he strokes his cock and pulls his leg back to show his edible ass hole. He takes the transparent dildo and slides it into his hungry boy hole. Now he stands up and wags his cock at the camera. He pulls his foreskin up and spits down onto his cock to lube it for a nice jerk off session which ends with a creamy white load on his beautifully toned body.

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  • Ian And His Enormous 9 Inches

    Ian And His Enormous 9 Inches

    As Ian unzips his jeans in You Love Jack's latest scene, his enormous 9 inch dick pops out, demonstrating itself enthusiastically to the zoomed-in camera. Ian slowly works his hand along his thick shaft and works a lubed finger in about of his tight, smooth hole at the same time. After a while of seductively stroking his huge cock, Ian blows his load with the thick wad of cum dripping down his fingers.

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  • Hung Uncut Ariel Varga

    Hung Uncut Ariel Varga

    Hot little stud Ariel Varga is stroking his long, uncut cock at You Love Jack. The smooth-chested twink has long legs which he stretches out to get comfortable on the couch. He edges his dick closer and closer, losing more and more clothes as he goes along. When he's ready to blow, he unleashes a thick, white load all over his smooth tight belly. He looks at the camera with his beautiful blue eyes as he sits satisfied with his performance.

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  • Robin's Butt Plug Fun for You Love Jack

    Robin's Butt Plug Fun for You Love Jack

    You Love Jack is famous for its hung guys stroking their cocks and toying their holes, and Robin is no exception to the rule with his 8 inch uncut meat. He spreads his ass cheeks to show off his tight little hole. Robin is straight. Well, actually he describes himself as more curious than straight these days. He lubes his fingers up with spit and slides them slowly up his asshole. Next he takes a transparent butt plug and works that up his hole to stretch it wider. He begins to work it in and out - getting fucked by the plug, which then gets crammed back inside as he strokes a big, thick wad of cum onto his stomach.

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  • One Big Tease Deserves Another

    One Big Tease Deserves Another

    If I were the stalker type, I might steal Ben Taylor's underwear out of his gym bag in the locker room. I'd scurry home to press his sweaty briefs against my nose, breathing in his musk while dreaming of the cock that made that bulging impression. If I were the stalker type, I might leave a note in Ben's gym bag: Come and ram your dick down my throat and you can have your underwear back. But I'm not the stalker type. Well, not any more.

    Ben Taylor gets me firing hard. I like furry legs and bare feet, uncut cocks, sexy lips, and guys who aren't afraid to play with their butt holes on camera. And this You Love Jack jack-off session has 'em all. I can't imagine anything hotter than kneeling in front of that sofa, rubbing Ben's hairy thighs while he thumbs his stick dick towards my open mouth.

    Ben lies on his side and shoves that butt plug in his ass. After he's had some bum fun, he kneels and hangs off the back of the couch and aims his stuffed hole at the camera. He pulls the plug out of his ass and the cocky little bastard pulls his furry butt cheeks until his hole gapes. Then he squeezes and loosens his muscles winking his hole at us. Tease! If you don't blow your wad when you see that, you're a better man than me.

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  • A Cutie to Dream About

    A Cutie to Dream About

    I just got home from an emergency appointment at the dentist, so I need my bed more than I need to be looking at cute guys jacking their cocks. Although my editor needs a post and Charles Durand is too damned cute to pass up. But this is going to be a short one. Maybe I shouldn't use the word short when I'm about to talk about a guy's cock, and I guess I'm still punching from the anesthetic because I'm getting corny.

    Charles just made his first jack-off video for You Love Jack and he's a good tease, playing with hie bone in his underwear before finally pulling it out. He dick's on the fat side, curves hard like a banana when it's rock hard. And I always enjoy watching hood sliding up and down a dude's shaft.

    But all that aside, Charles is a nice-looking lad with a pair of long legs and biggish feet. I love bare-footed guys in jeans. And just like most of the other guys on the site, he plays with his hole before unloading his nuts.

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  • Gary Thomas Jacks His Banana Shaped Cock

    Gary Thomas Jacks His Banana Shaped Cock

    Gary Thomas is a good-looking, blue-eyed hottie from You Love Jack. He's not done anything like this before, but as you will soon see, the guy has serious potential!

    The second he unzips the fly on his jeans, his already rock-hard cock is out and on show immediately ... and it's a real beauty! Seven thick and solid inches, with an amazing banana-shaped bend off to his left ... just perfect for getting to those hard-to-reach places! Gary says he's mainly straight ... sure, he's fucked a couple of guys in the past, but nothing's ever been up his arsehole ... except his girlfriend's finger ... once! But today, nothing is out-of-bounds, and he pulls up his legs and gently spreads his arse cheeks and shows off his virgin hole ... then, amazingly, he reaches for the lube inserts a finger and audibly grunts with the unexpected intrusion! But his cock reveals his true feelings ... as we can see that it's standing up harder than ever, pulsating to the rhythm of his heartbeat. Gary takes it in hand and before long it's spurting forth his pent-up man juices which shoot all over his belly and dibble down his thick cock shaft! For a first-timer ... very nicely done Gary!

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  • Jackson Price Works Out An Enormous Load

    Jackson Price Works Out An Enormous Load

    Undoubtedly, a huge mess was anticipated by You Love Jack when Jackson Price came to do a jerk-off vid. As you'll see, the towel is spread on the couch before he's even taken his pants off.

    Jackson has been working out and that really pays off for watchers of his masturbation and Fleshjack pumping video. He starts by taking out his boner and presenting it to the camera. Once his pants are off and he's made himself more comfortable to sport his erection, he lubes up the Fleshjack with a couple of fingers. Price then inserts his rock hard cock. His 8 incher completely fills the barrel of the transparent toy. After some pumping and jerking, Jackson shoots his enormous load over his rock hard abs.

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  • Nathan Green Plays With Cock

    Nathan Green Plays With Cock

    I absolutely love ass. Tight little assholes are my favourite, they're just begging for some TLC, desperate to get. opened up. Nathan Green's hole is one such fine example at You Love Jack. But allow me to back up a little. Before we get a glimpse of Nathan's ass, he exposes his adequately sized 6.5 inch uncut dick.

    Nathan's pretty proud of his cock, and he deserves to be. Whilst it isn't the biggest cock on You Love Jack (by far), it is a nice shape. He holds it up for the camera, whilst sat wearing his t-shirt and white ankle socks, so all we can see is his boner, hairy legs and the occasional sultry look down the camera lens. After polishing the head of his cock with precum, Nathan pulls one out.

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