• Twink In Tight White Briefs

    Twink playing with his cock inside his white briefs

    Hot young stud Chris Porter from Undie Twinks gets his cock hard in his tight white briefs outdoors and plays with it underneath his sexy underwear.

  • Jerking in His Briefs

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    Levi from Undie Twinks grabs his thick cock through his stretchy white briefs and strokes it, the fabric outlining it as he jerks it. He pulls out his dick and plays with it, then shoves it back into his underwear, pushes the head against his undies and shoots a load of hot cum!

  • Twink In Camoflage Undies

    Twink In Camoflage Undies

    There is something hot about a bad boy twink fumbling around in his underwear that gets me hard as a rock. Undie Twinks proudly presents horny Cain. He showed up for this underwear shoot wearing camoflage briefs. As lean and cute looking as he is, I must say that Cain looks damn inviting in them. Even with not a lot of experience in front of the camera, Cain still knows enough to tease the hell out of us all. In this photo shoot we only get a slight peek at what's underneath those camo undies. A slight pull of the underwear shows off the majority of one buttock, then Cain drives us crazy with just the head of of his cock making an appearance above the waistband. Man, I love the way his dick fills out his briefs!

  • Twink Cock in Tight White Briefs

    Hard twink cock in underwear

    Kayden from Undie Twinks is the perfect clean-cut boy next door. This 19 year old has a smooth, slender body and he's so horny that he just can't wait to take off most of his clothes for the camera. Of course, this is an underwear fetish shoot, Kayden has no problem with that as he loves the way his cock looks when it's encased in tight, stretchy white cotton briefs. In fact, I like the way his cock looks packed tightly in his underwear, too - it shows off just how big and hard his rod is!

  • Levi in Underwear

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    Levi from Undie Twinks is wet from his shower, so he towels himself off and pulls on a pair of white briefs. Then he heads off to bed to masturbate, and strokes his big cock through his underwear before finally pulling it out to show us how hard he is...

  • Outdoors in Undies

    Ryan Outdoors at Undie Twinks

    Cute twink Ryan Conners decides he wants to do this shoot for Undie Twinks outdoors so he heads out the back door of the studio. Once he's where he wants to be, Ryan - who's a bit of an exhibitionist - can't wait to show off his smooth, slender body for the camera. That boyish face and pouty pierced lower lip make a very sexy contrast as Ryan pulls off his pants to expose his green mesh briefs. In seconds, Ryan's cock is hard and the head pops out of his underwear. He pushes his dick back into his shorts, stretching the mesh so they squeeze his hard shaft, then strokes his hard twink meat through the fabric.

  • Twinks In Wet Undies

    Three Kinky Twinks In Wet Undies

    Undie Twinks brought together three of their hottest and horniest twinks - Aiden, Kayden and Shane - for a sensational wet underwear fuck in and around the pool. As you can see, it was a super hot day and the boys needed to cool off. What better than a swim for that? Of course, when such adorable guys are lazing around in just their underwear, things tend to get a bit hardcore. Rife with some great cocksucking, rimming, and deep ass pounding, things sizzle even hotter as the guys leave their underwear on for the entire shoot. One of them even sucks some cum right through another's briefs!

  • White Mesh Briefs


    Mike Roberts used to be a twink pornstar but as you can see, he's not really a twink any longer. He's filled out, developed a muscular chest and arms and he's looking pretty hunky. He did this shoot for Undie Twinks to show off his new white mesh briefs, and I must say he looks hot in them! I especially love the way they mold to the shape of his uncut cock, caressing the foreskin as the mesh reveals as it conceals the shape of his mouth-watering dick. Mike sure does fill out his underwear!

  • Cute Twink Cums In His Underwear

    Cute Twink Cums In His Underwear

    Undie Twinks grabbed up yet another gorgeous twink who gets off on showing off his tight and taut body in underwear. Unico's are his favorite of course, and watching him grow thick and large in them is one fuck of a sight for us undie lovers. A nice back piece tattoo and some tan lines make Mark a real treat. Of course, the real desert is when he strokes his big cock to orgasm, thus making a yummy cum mess right inside his red briefs. Mmmmmm.

  • Big Cock Twink in Underwear

    Brendan wears briefs and plays with his cock at Undie Twinks

    Brendan has a smooth slender body and a mop of dark hair that sometimes flops over and covers his eyes. He's a twink with some rough edges - a bit of a bad boy, and that's a good thing! Brendan wore these red briefs to his shoot for Undie Twinks, and once his cock gets hard they can barely contain his bulging package. And what a package - once Brendan pulls out his rod, it's easy to see it's jumbo-sized, and definitely more than a mouthful. There's nothing as hot as a skinny guy with a massive dick!