• Something for the Weekend: Obscenely Gay Undies

    Something for the Weekend: Obscenely Gay Undies

    Millionaires have a tendency to change outfits multiple times a day. One for breakfast, another for lunch at the country club. Yet another for the symphony. And a final one for a clandestine meeting in a sleazy 4 star hotel bar (sleazy because it's not 5 star hotel) with a potential mistress. Because it takes alcohol to turn one's psychiatrist into one's mistress.

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  • Andrew Christian's Bubble Porn

    Underwear designer Andrew Christian releases a fun video featuring porn studs Murray Swanby, Ryan Rose, Jacob Ford called 'Bubble Porn'. Play the video to reveal what is hiding. There's also only 3 days left until the Spring Grab Bags deal ends!

  • Top #Selfies of the Week: Bearded Miracle

    Top #Selfies of the Week: Bearded Miracle

    This selfie dude is a bearded miracle with a huge (what do you call it?) underwear budget. He's like if that guy you've seen at the gym who's in great shape starts going to the gym. Then takes a secret door and goes to the gym within the gym. The one that you use to turn you body into a ten.

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  • Andrew Christian: "Glitter"

    Andrew Christian's Trophy Boys Topher DiMaggio, Pablo Hernandez, Murray Swanby, Cory Zwierzynski, Peter Le, Rocky Santos, Brian Prince Roman, Jonny Manzanares are back in the latest video, Glitter. The boys don Andrew Christian's Trophy Boy light blue underwear in trunks, briefs and jockstrap.

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  • Valentines Day With Topher DiMaggio

    Ever wanted to spend Valentines Day with an scorching hot pornstar? Andrew Christian is making that dream come true...

    This year for Valentine's Day, Topher Dimaggio has an extra special treat for: a full day with him! Take a sexy journey through the day with Topher as you both eat, drink, shave, and shop on the best day of your life. After this incredible time you'll never want to let this sexy Trophy Boy go. So hang tight and watch the best Valentine's Day ever with Topher Dimaggio.
  • Twerk 101

    Instructor Pablo Hernandez teaches students Cheddy O, Rocky Santos, Jonny Manzanares, and Steven Andrade the Twerk moves that are synonymous with pop culture today. He demonstrates Basic Bitch, Wall, Floor, and Table TWERK in this latest Andrew Christian video.

  • Ab-stract: Andrew Christian's Latest NSFW Vid

    Andrew Christian's trophy boys are back. They're body painting this time in a new NSFW video that demonstrates the purpose of AC underwear is serious pulling gear, NOT a practical undergarment for the office! The cast includes Andrew Christian, Topher DiMaggio, Pablo Hernandez, Murray Swanby, Cory Zwierzynski, Peter Le, Rocky Santos, Brian Prince Roman, Jonny Manzanares. Enjoy!

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  • Porn Is Where You Find It: Asian Softcore

    What do these clips have in common? Hot Asian guys and terrible background music. Which is fine because jacking off to YouTube videos of hot Asian guys is all the better with terrible background music. So many things are.

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  • Porn Is Where You Find It: Strip Down

    Male strippers are fucking ridiculous. Tremendously so. Now let me get out my dollars and shove them in their g-strings. Tipping the ridiculous is a radical cultural act. It's a statement that I want more bouncing bulges. I want more shiny chests and razor sharp abs and flexing, humping asses. I want to feel like I have my own own wind-up muscle doll.

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  • Porn Is Where You Find It: Underwear Fashion Studs

    Through a rather liberal interpretation of what constitutes fashion, men's underwear and the men who fill them out get their own time on the runway. Underwear fetishists rejoice! And male model fetishists ejaculate!

    First up is where super gay underwear meets super gay bar, in, of course, West Hollywood. Yes, it's N2N Bodywear at Micky's WEHO. Since Vogue Hommes International magazine did not publish even one of the photos the lustful audience of supposed "press" snapped, I figure they all ended up as jack off material. Which is kinda of the purpose of the line. Now that's synchronicity.

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