• Porn Is Where You Find It: Strip Down

    Male strippers are fucking ridiculous. Tremendously so. Now let me get out my dollars and shove them in their g-strings. Tipping the ridiculous is a radical cultural act. It's a statement that I want more bouncing bulges. I want more shiny chests and razor sharp abs and flexing, humping asses. I want to feel like I have my own own wind-up muscle doll.

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  • Porn Is Where You Find It: Underwear Fashion Studs

    Through a rather liberal interpretation of what constitutes fashion, men's underwear and the men who fill them out get their own time on the runway. Underwear fetishists rejoice! And male model fetishists ejaculate!

    First up is where super gay underwear meets super gay bar, in, of course, West Hollywood. Yes, it's N2N Bodywear at Micky's WEHO. Since Vogue Hommes International magazine did not publish even one of the photos the lustful audience of supposed "press" snapped, I figure they all ended up as jack off material. Which is kinda of the purpose of the line. Now that's synchronicity.

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  • Andrew Christian: New Video "Forgive Me, Father"

    Steven Andrade is the newest model at Andrew Christian. He debuts in this video, the latest promo directed by Jeff White, which shows big-dicked Steven in a homoerotic confessional scene along with fellow models Rocky Santos, Murray Swanby, Cheddy Oakafor, Cory Zwierzynski and Pablo Hernandez.

    Steven is straight, despite being brought up by two gay dads. He's making out with Pablo in the video, but doesn't get hard once, so we can take it that he's telling the truth. Oh well!

  • Treasure Island Media Launches TIMGear

    Treasure Island Media Launches TIMGear

    Treasure Island Media has just made it a whole lot easier to pick up some of their gear. Last week TIMGlobal (the parent company of Treasure Island Media) launched a full line of clothing and gear on their brand new site called TIMGear. The line features a full compliment rugged street, skate and urban clothing including underwear, tshirts, hats, shorts, hoodies, and more, and it's available exclusively on TIMGear.

    The clothing features Treasure Island Media logos and movie titles along with other fun designs. One artistic shirt features legendary Dawson, the power bottom who put TIM on the map, and it's already sold out. But you won't just find clothing at TIMGear. How about a set of shot glasses, a TIM cock ring, an overnight bag to carry all your hook-up gear, or sunglasses. There's lots more and some great opening special discounts.

    TIMGear is the first step in expanding the Treasure Island Media brand and opening brick-and-mortar stores offering a variety of lifestyle products for gay men. "We're very excited about this foray into gay male apparel and look forward to working with a range of partners to ensure that we're bringing you the hottest new gear around," says TIM general manager Matt Mason.

    The TIMGear store features simple and sporty apparel, but also brings fans a collection of kink gear, sex toys, lube and more. And there's more coming. Yuppie Boy & Company hits TIMGear on October 15 and the web store is also looking for creative partners to showcase their artistic apparel.

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  • Unairable Gregg Homme Underwear Commercials

    This isn't an endorsement of Gregg Homme underwear. They're probably overpriced tiny pieces of spandex into hugging cock and ass just right. Wait, I like hugging cock and ass just right, too. Guess I better change my name to Gregg Homme.

    These are mini-movies which basically look like UK Naked Men videos minus the ejaculations but plus some cleverness. And they are unairable except on late night TV in Amsterdam.

    Why can't CBS air a Gregg Homme Fashion Show in prime time like they do the Victoria's Secret Fashion Show? I mean doesn't society objectify men just as much as it does women? Aren't male underthings marketed to men just as much as women underthings? And what the hell is an underthing?

    Well, nah, I guess to even out the objectification, either people will have to objectify women less or men more. Since the former is impossible, I'm going to go with objectifying men more. I suggest you do your part.

    And that extends to ogling dudes in the locker room to the point they notice. I totally get that their are all these apps that supposedly do the work for us. Tap "woof" or "oink" or swipe right or whatever the app calls it and you've flirted, right? Well hell no you haven't. Flirting is about being vulnerable, obvious and direct. You have to break through all that clutter, and nowadays have to get the attention of people who are just not as into real time flirting as they used to be.

    So dress (and undress) to see and be seen. Apps are a good addition to connecting with guys but not a replacement for eye contact, not a replacement for a well-timed hungry gaze. Now that I think about it sexy underwear will never go out of style, especially the wonderfully super gay kind. But if you don't dig these kind of undies, just pull the waistband below your balls and slip your jeans or shorts or sweat on over. It's pretty much an instant cock and balls lift. Your crotch will do the flirting for you, especially if you forget to zip up.

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  • Underwear Model Takes Second Place on Big Brother 16

    Underwear Model Takes Second Place on Big Brother 16

    It's been a looooong season of Big Brother this year. Maybe it was the unnecessary addition of the Battle of the Block, the lame antics of Team America or just the lack of anyone to really root for in a house full of Fruit Loop dinguses. But the 16th edition of the American version of the hit CBS show finally came to a close last night. And while openly gay contestant Frankie Grande (brother of budding pop diva Ariana) was sent packing last week, someone even cuter (and with way more homo appeal) came in second place.

    That's right, underwear model Cody Calafiore, who we introduced you to here last June, managed to make it to the final two. Following a duel to the death with fellow "hitman" Derrick (or "Pig Face" as he is lovingly known to us), Cody walked away with $50,000 for a summer of hard labor spent hanging out in a house. It's doubtful that his previous career modeling banana hammocks for C-IN2 paid better, but now that Calafiore's had three months of massive TV exposure looking adorable while lolling around shirtless, who knows what lies ahead for the Italian stud from New Jersey. Andrew Christian, are you listening!?

  • Getting 'Hot N' Bothered'

    Underwear designer Andrew Christian releases another sensationally erotic video comprised of 2013 Model Contest Winner Jake Houser, Topher DiMaggio, Murray Swanby, Cheddy Oakafor, Cory Zwierzynski, and three unnamed studs. The 8 ripped hunks turn up at Andrew Christian's place declaring it a construction site and working up a sweat before gathering around the award-winning designer poolside, who is reading DNA Magazine, and launch him into the pool.

    Andrew Christian's 20% off sale is still running until 5th October, so now is the chance to fill up your underwear drawer!

  • Andrew Christian: Wet Underwear

    Andrew Christian's latest video is one hell of a sexy tribute to wet underwear. The video, aptly named 'Rain' stars Rocky Santos completely naked with a body-painted suit, which gets washed off in the showers.

    To get 20% off everything at Andrew Christian enter promo code 20SALE until 5 October.

  • Visit Todd Sanfield's "Virgin Island"

    Visit Todd Sanfield's "Virgin Island"

    When he's not busy being a pharmacist in real life, Todd Sanfield moonlights as an underwear model! Yes, it's true. The thirtysomething Detroit native is built, gorgeous...and smart, too! In the past seven years, Todd has shown off his stunning physique on numerous magazine covers, including Australia's DNA and France's TĂȘtu. For his latest project, the former IMG model and NYC waiter (that's when we first met him in 2007) who now designs and markets his own underwear brand has retreated to the Caribbean island of St. John with photographer Kevin McDermott. The two famously collaborated for the photo book Motel/Hotel, which was a best seller. Now, with Virgin Island from Ten Avenues Press, Todd and Kevin spend an idyllic day in paradise, and Todd conveniently forgets to pack many clothes! The results are as provocative, steamy and enticing as you would expect. Just like Todd himself. For more information, visit VirginIslandBook.com.

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  • Sweaty Jocks In Jocks: Andrew Christian's Latest Vid

    Sweaty Jocks In Jocks: Andrew Christian's Latest Vid

    2013 Model Contest Winner Jake Houser, Rocky Santos, Noah Wright, Murray Swanby, Cheddy Oakafor, Cory Zwierzynski, Pablo Hernandez all model in this latest Andrew Christian video, which shows the amazingly gym-fit guys stripping down and working out in nothing but their jockstraps.

    The video also features 2014 Twerk Contest Winner Jose Gael Maltos Along With Robbie Carroll, Kevin Benoit, Timmy Thok And Evan Michaels.