• Sweaty Jocks In Jocks: Andrew Christian's Latest Vid

    Sweaty Jocks In Jocks: Andrew Christian's Latest Vid

    2013 Model Contest Winner Jake Houser, Rocky Santos, Noah Wright, Murray Swanby, Cheddy Oakafor, Cory Zwierzynski, Pablo Hernandez all model in this latest Andrew Christian video, which shows the amazingly gym-fit guys stripping down and working out in nothing but their jockstraps.

    The video also features 2014 Twerk Contest Winner Jose Gael Maltos Along With Robbie Carroll, Kevin Benoit, Timmy Thok And Evan Michaels.

  • A Perve Over Underwear Model, Gianmarco Dortenzio

    A Perve Over Underwear Model, Gianmarco Dortenzio

    Bulge alert!

    I'd like to thank underwear and swimwear designer Joe Snyder for giving me the most incredible piece of eye candy today in the form of model Gianmarco Dortenzio. I'm good enough to share! Here's the beautiful Italian model with his impressive bulge on a photoshoot for the latest of Joe Synder's swimwear, the Dazzling Collection. Pretty sexy!

    Photo credit: The Underwear Expert

  • Room With A View

    Room With A View

    NYC-based broadway performer Mark MacKillop toured across Europe staying in hotel rooms and documented his stays with pictures of himself in underwear. With such a unique collection of erotic art, MacKillop created a book called Room XIV. 25% of the proceeds will be donated to Broadway Cares: Equity Fights AIDS, a charity which, once a year indulges us with broadway hunks stripped down!

  • Fittest Man Alive: Christiano Ronaldo

    Professional footballer Christiano Ronaldo strips down to his underwear for Men's Health magazine. Take a look!

    He's arguably the world's most gorgeous man but Men's Health magazine are happy to go one step further and title him 'Fittest Man Alive'. I'm not going to argue with that statement.

    Ronaldo talks to the magazine about his physique and how fitness for the game is his motivation for a great body. The feature contains a 28-day fast-muscle plan claiming you can "banish belly fat and build abs", put together by the 29 year old soccer player. Let us know if that works out.

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  • The Speedo Hashtag On Instagram

    With summer well and truly bedded in, lets take a look at what the guys are posting on Instagram and see if we can spot a decent bulge or two.

    Aronik swimwear models are the perfect beach body inspiration.

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  • With This Cock Ring I Thee Wed

    cock rings

    There's still a wider variety of cocks than cock rings, but crafty cock ring manufacturers are catching up! And they're experimenting with various shapes and functions (like the combo cock sheath cock ring).

    Cock rings (and whatever you call all those other shapes) are also available in a wide array of materials, including silicone, leather, pleather, rubber, metal, and, of course, kryptonite. Okay maybe not kryptonite. I mean who would want that? Superman is already hard as steel whenever he wants plus the kryptonite would kill him. Oh wait, Lex Luthor would wear a kryptonite cock ring! So he could keep Superman at bay and masturbate in peace while hatching evil plans to take over Earth (you know, exactly like we all do when we masturbate).

    The basic function is to keep the blood flow in the dick (or in the head in the case of a head ring). And ball straps can keep a nice wrapping pressure there too, intensifying ejaculation. You don't have to go chokingly tight for it to feel good. In fact numbness is not really a good thing for any part of your body. Think how you wrap your own hand around the base of your cock or stretch your own balls out. You like to vary the pressure. So as with any accessory, fit is key.

    All of these are about function and some are also about form. If you're playing solo, the overall look may be less important than how it feels. While if you're showing off at a naked pool party or in the Costco men's room, you'll want something that really screams style, as in "Suck my big stylish dick now!"

    You know what also can make a good cock ring? Rope!

  • Fratmen's Nico: Trending This Week

    View full video at Fratmen

    There's little wonder if you ask me, why Nico is the most viewed gallery this week on GayDemon. His abs and his underpants, holy shit.

    See more Fratmen galleries here.

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  • Naked Strangers on a Train

    nude metro

    Hey, look up from your crossword puzzle, it's a naked or near-naked guy headed somewhere on public transportation. In fact, since you're sitting near him, you're going the same direction, maybe even the same place. Make sure to check if he's wearing some kind of footwear. Naked but footwear equals maybe sane and feel free to give the guy your business card (or tape it to him). But naked with no footwear equals straight up fucking nuts. Keep doing that puzzle.

    If there had been a full-on gay porn industry in 1951, surely some enterprising person would've named a flick Naked Strangers on a Train, after Hitchcock's Strangers on Train (itself full of gay undertones). Sticking with the most popular titles of 1951, we also could have been treated to these obscene flicks (in a plain brown wrapper):

    • Ace in the Hole becomes In Ace's Hole
    • A Streetcar Named Desire becomes A Streaker Named Dennis
    • The African Queen becomes The African-American Queen
    • Flying Leathernecks becomes Crying Leathermen
    • M becomes Mmmmmm and
    • Captain Horatio Hornblower becomes Captain Horatio Hornblower

    Alas, there was no value in Athletic Model Guild and other vintage beefcake producers to play off pop culture in the same ways as now. Though I just bet the first naked guy in a train happened within minutes of the first train in the world. There just weren't cameras at the time, but technically exhibitionism doesn't need a camera. Remember that the next time you're taking off your clothes in public.

  • David Beckham's New Underwear Campaign

    David Beckham's New Underwear Campaign

    We've gone off about David Beckham before. But with each photo shoot, the retired soccer stud just seems to get better and better. In his latest campaign for H&M, the 39-year-old Brit (and daddy of four with wife Victoria) poses as provocatively as ever. The pics here showcase Becks and his autumn/winter 2014 Bodywear collection, which includes undies, loungewear and his signature beanies. "These new pieces for my Bodywear range at H&M have a real energy about them," Beckham says in a press release. "I genuinely enjoy the creative process with H&M, and we have had fun this time playing with color and texture. I hope people like them as much as I do." Personally, we love the kneecap patches (above). They could come in handy for the gays! Look for the new items in H&M stores on August 21.

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  • Has Everyone Seen Big Brother 16's Cody Calafiore?

    Cody Calafiore Big Brother 16

    Here's a look at him. For anyone not in the US (like me), it's unlikely you've already had the pleasure. Cody is one of Big Brother (US) 16's contestants and is a C-IN2 underwear model, understandably.

    Flesh N Boners blog kindly brought our attention to Cody Calfiore sticking his fingers in a sleeping buddy's ass on a Tumblr blog.

    Check out Cody in his Athletic Grip advert for C-IN2 on YouTube below.