• Hairy Daddy Fleshjacking

    Hairy Daddy Fleshjacking

    There are times when you've just got to cum; your balls need a release, so you run into the bathroom, stroke for a couple of minutes, and blow your load in the bathroom sink. It's not big deal, it's the way we're wired. But I love nothing more than watching a hot, hairy daddy working over his hard cock in a long, slow and determined jerk-off session. I love it when a man really gets into his cock. Tim Kelly is the latest hairy hunk to hit Men Over 30, and I have to say that this daddy would not have to jerk off if I were around. Thankfully, he doesn't have to do the deed all by himself; he's paired up with a Fleshjack. Have you ever used one of these things? I don't mean to ghurl out on you, but: Merrrrceeee! They sure do feel good on your cock! Tim Kelly has a nice chunk of meat, and after stroking it for a couple of minutes and getting it nice and hard, he slides his stiff rod into his Fleshjack and starts pumping. (God, I know the feeling -- it almost feels better than a real asshole wrapped around you cock.) Tim stands up so he can really get a good rhythm going. But don't worry, boys, Tim doesn't squirt his juice inside the Fleshjack; when he's ready to cum, this hairy daddy pulls the toy off his cock and cums the old fashioned way, leaving you to admire the sticky mess all over his hairy abs. Woof!

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    Whether you're into hairy men or not, you have to admit that Tim Kelly is one hot hunk of man. Ruggedly handsome with just enough grey to give that daddy appeal. And who wouldn't want to wake up in the arms of this sexy daddy? Oh yes, those big strapping arms! On a recent trip to London, Tim Kelly hooked up with Butch Dixon, the photographer behind the masculine man site. And while Kelly was only in town for a couple of days, Butch Dixon took advantage of every minute he had. They shot a couple of videos and several photo sets over two days, so there's lots of this hairy daddy to go around. You'll definitely want to head over to Butch Dixon and get a closer look at Kelly's cock. But don't forget to check out those strong pecs, bulging biceps, and strong abs; and if you look closely, under all that fur, you'll see a scar running from mid-torso to just above Kelly's crotch. Nature's tattoo ... hot!

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    I got all hot and bothered last week when I showed up at Hot Older Male and found handsome, hairy hunk Tim Kelly strutting his naked self in front of the camera. This week he's back again and this hairy older man is fucking a mighty nice piece of muscle ass. I haven't seen Matthew Rush doing anything in a while, so watching him play in the shower with this hairy hunk was a real treat. These two studs first catch sight of one another in the gym's locker room. Tim is watching Matthew as the muscle stud pulls his briefs up over his ample and muscular ass. A quick smile from Matthew and Tim is all over this piece of beefcake. The two men work their way to the showers and get into some hot oral action under the spray of water. It all comes to a high climax as this hairy hunk fills Matthew's bubble butt with some stiff daddy cock. This scene is so hot that you'll definitely want to pick up the DVD and add it to your private stash of jack off videos. This fuck scene will do it for you every time!