• Get Over It! Just Fuck Already!

    Get Over It! Just Fuck Already!

    John Anthony and Tony are best buddies who showed up at The Guy Site to do a video together. They've played around a little before, but it sounds like that was mostly kissing. They definitely haven't gone all the way yet. In fact, the producer had to pay them an extra $50 to oil each other's bodies. But these best buds definitely have a connection that's deeper than friendship.

    OMG! Get over it! Just fuck already! I guess it's not that easy, one of them is married. They don't seem to mind jacking off side by side in a hotel room together. They don't even mind shooting their loads together. And it seems that they're open to trying other things, they just don't want anyone to know about it. So why do it on a website? Rent a hotel room and fuck each other's brains out.

    Putting aside all the gay angst, these pent-up emotions and desires come together to make a very titillating masturbation scene. I was dying for either of these two to plant a kiss on the other or drop to his knees and starting gulping dick. The thought of it was making me very horny. Man, I'd love to be around for the moment these two hunks finally decide to consummate their unrequited love, it's going to be a scorcher. But in the meantime, we can watch them pounding it out side by side.

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  • Love That Amateur Ass

    First time amateur guy shows off his ass and cock

    Diego isn't the kind of man I'm used to seeing on The Guy Site. That's because most of the models there are a bit beefier and hairier, but like them, Diego is an amateur who enjoyed getting naked on camera. He's a regular dude, the kind you might run into anywhere. I love that ta-da! moment in the first pic! His uncut cock is definitely a grower, as you will notice if you compare the first and last pics, and he really had a blast. Then you can see that Diego's inner exhibitionist is in force as he shows off his amateur ass on camera for the first time before jerking his manmeat for us!

  • Muscle Guy Michael

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    Very hot amateur muscle man from The Guy Site strips and shows off his awesome bulging physique. Then he grabs his cock and jerks it for the camera before jumping in the shower.

  • Tattooed Amateur Redhead

    Redhead Cain jacks off

    If you like redheads, wait'll you meet Cain from The Guy Site! He's red from the top of his head to his unshaved pubes, and his body hair and underarm hair are a nice shade of orange, too. As you can see, Cain is a mellow happy guy who sports a couple large tats, one on each side. Cain is a regular amateur dude, the kind you find on the street, and like a lot of guys, he had a fantasy about getting naked and jerking off for the camera. This was his chance to make that fantasy come to life, and once he started playing with his cock, Cain was so horny that he couldn't stop stroking till he shot his hot, creamy load!

  • There's Something About Butts...


    Who doesn't love a guy with a great ass? Every man and most women I know take note of a guy with an outstanding rump. There are so many kinds of butts, and so many that look just great. There's slender twink buttocks, a nice round bottom, firm and muscular glutes - there are so many kinds of butts, and every one has something to offer :)

    Butts are something people talk about and even obsess about. I was searching on Amazon and found a list called Latino Men's Butts in Film and another about asian men's butts. And go to any men's underwear store and you'll find padded briefs for men who want to appear to have fuller, rounder cheeks.

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  • Soft Cocks, Anyone?


    Every gay site on the internet features rock-hard cocks, fully erect and ready for action. This is the stuff that porn is all about - erection and penetration. Mouths, asses, hands filled with hard cock.

    But sometimes a soft cock feels good when you touch it or hold it, and you can get the entire thing in your mouth, balls and all. I bet there is even a soft cock fetish. But you really don't see a lot of flacid penises on the internet. In fact, I have only seen one site that always includes pics of the guys while they are still soft. That site is The Guy Site.

    Don't get me wrong - I like the sight of a huge rigid cock, standing at attention. But sometimes I like the soft ones, too.

  • Straight Muscle


    Meet Rocky from The Guy Site. Rocky is big, beefy and straight with boyish good looks and a tough demeanor. Even though he is big and bad, he's also friendly, talkative and horny - a great combination, I'm sure you'll agree. Rocky talks a lot, and he especially loves talking about sex and women. When Rocky talks about sex, his hormones kick in. He flexes his muscles without even thinking about it and his cock starts to get hard - which made him a perfect amateur model.

    With his bulging pecs and his pierced nipples, Rocky is a bodybuilder fantasy come true - especially if you prefer straight amateur beefcake!

  • Look At Who I Found in the Shower!


    Hot damn - look who I found in the shower! This is Jon from The Guy Site and he's quite a piece of amateur muscle. He's got that "guy next door" face on that body that could only have been built in the gym. He's also a man of few words. When asked to introduce himself, he simply says "I'm a big guy".

    Not only was he very comfortable getting naked in front of a guy with a camera, Jon was perfectly happy to take a shower and get that magnificent body wet and slippery. And beside the fact he doesn't mind showing off his hard physique and cock, he's friendly. Yes, indeed - Jon's my kind of guy ;)

  • Thomas - An Average Guy

    Thomas from The Guy Site

    I see a lot of sites that promise amateur models. Some even deliver guys who really do look amateur but for those of us who crave the cock of the guy who works at the hardware store or who manages the supermarket, well, this kind of over-30 normal men are hard to find. That's why I was excited about Thomas!

    Thomas has appeared twice at The Guy Site. He's obviously over 30, with a little bit of a hairy belly, a nice smile and beautiful blue eyes. The first time he posed nude, his body was shaved but this time he grew his body hair back and the natural look suits him. In fact, I think Thomas is what real men are all about - neither prettied up nor plucked. I think Thomas is fucking HOT and I hope you do, too!