• Tattooed Fucker Fucks Smooth Slut

    Tattooed Fucker Fucks Smooth Slut

    Scene 2 of Ted TN and Picwick fucking at French Dudes continues with Ted's face buried in Picwick's smooth slutty ass. Thankfully for ass lovers there's a great closeup by the cameraman of Picwick's beautiful tasty hole. Rock solid, Ted plunges his cock into Pickwick's hole. As he fucks, we get to see how great his tattoo looks on his body as he thrusts.

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  • Mr Man's Top 10 Celebs With Tattoos


    Some (or a lot) of ink on a guy can be mesmerizing. It's the trademark of a bad boy and we all love bad boys. This is Mr Man's Top 10 celebs with tattoos - and some of the actors are 100% naked! Jason Mewes, for instance in Zack and Miri Make a Porno (2008). A tattooed cock is a rare treat for ink lovers, too. Nick Hawk in Gigolos (Episode 8) has an intriguing tattoo reaching down onto his shaft.

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    To see all 26 celebrities with tattoos scenes visit Mr Man!

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  • 27 Year Old Construction Worker Chris

    27 Year Old Construction Worker Chris

    Construction worker Chris explains to Spunkworthy, "I'm just not very shy in general". The 27 year old tattooed hunk is actually new to doing porn, which he decided to do to boost his income. He's a hung fella too. When he peels off his boxer shorts and see it flaccid you know he's going to be big when hard. Chris puts on a good show stroking his dick.

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  • Kylian Dall Pleases The Audience

    Kylian Dall Pleases The Audience

    Men of Montreal serves up a great treat with bartender Kylian Dall. He is into giving a bit of a show so its really horny to watch him show off for the camera. He showers, dries off, and then kicks back on a sofa to jerk off his dick.

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  • Blake Mason: Bi British Lad Tyler Jenkins

    Blake Mason: Bi British Lad Tyler Jenkins

    Tyler Jenkins only lost his virginity two years ago and has only ever had five partners. Inexperienced bi guys are quite the turn on and Blake Mason definitely thinks he'll be popular. With a big 8 inch uncut cock and a toned, tattooed body, Tyler is pretty damn hot. He strips off, lies back and plays with his meat until he explodes a load of cum onto his stomach.

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  • gossip

    Jake Bass Makes Surprise Return to Cocky Boys

    Jake Bass Makes Surprise Return to Cocky Boys

    You never know where Jake Bass is going to turn up these days. It was only last year that the tattooed superstar made the shocking announcement that he was leaving his Cocky Boys home studio. But now, after filming several scenes for MEN.com, including the Men of Anarchy parody, Bass has returned to Cocky Boys for a scorching scene with blond twink Lukas Grande. It's true that bay boy Bass was seen at the recent Cybersocket and XBIZ Awards in Los Angeles with mentor Jake Jaxson, so this reunion isn't totally from left field. Although, who knows when this flip-flop fuck was filmed? And who cares!? Bass has rarely been hotter as he shares a bath with Grande before sucking and trading hot fucks. But the real news here is the soaking cum shots that both studs deliver all over Grande's perfect torso. It doesn't get much wetter than this! For more information, visit Cocky Boys.

  • Zale Goes from Soft to Hard in 15 Seconds

    Zale Goes from Soft to Hard in 15 Seconds

    Zale is 20 years old and Chaos Men just uploaded his first jack-off video to the site. And what a sexy hunk! He's got beautiful kissable lips, chin scruff, a nice smile, and a masculine voice. He says that he jacks off about six or seven times a week and adds that he shoots a wicked cumshot. He usually cums in a towel because he doesn't want to have to hunt around the room for it to clean up. Wowza! He also could be an erection record holder, he goes from soft to rock hard in about 15 seconds.

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  • Top #Selfies of the Week: Long Dick Studs

    Top #Selfies of the Week: Long Dick Studs

    A tattooed guy sure stand out, doesn't he? Even in a sea of dicks. Which reminds me, I want to go swimming in a sea of dicks.

    Long, hard dick. Thick, hard dicks. Long, thick hard dicks. Yeah, those are pretty much the combinations I can agree to. I want dick. Don't you?

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  • Sexy, Masculine, Handsome Pierre

    Sexy, Masculine, Handsome Pierre

    Pierre is the latest good-looking, masculine guy to grace the Next Door Male site. He's actually from Canada, hence the French-sounding name, but now living happily in California, and he's well worth checking out.

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  • Jessy Ares Returns to Porn with his Lover Ricky Ares

    Jessy Ares Returns to Porn with his Lover Ricky Ares

    It's getting hard to take porn stars seriously when they announce their retirement and comeback all within the same year. Jessy Ares is the latest in a long long of performers jumping on and off the porn see saw. But it's difficult to fault Ares because he did meet and fall in love with Ricky Ares, a dark-haired and sexy brute. But after filming a scene for Cazzo Club together, Jessy popped the question, and then announced back in October that he was done with porn.

    I get it, new love is grand. But it also makes you do crazy things like walk away from a successful porn career. Why not just say, "I want to take a break for a few months to get to know my new hubby. And fuck like bunnies." It leaves the door open. But for Jessy Ares the door was always pretty much open. He's a sexy man and a well-established performer -- both top and bottom -- so it was a no brainer that Men at Play would gladly have him back in the studio anytime he wanted to return. And totting his handsome and wannabe-pornstar hunk of a lover along with him ... well, they weren't going to say no to that either.

    Jessy is playing an executive who stopped into Ricky's bar to have a drink. The two men lock eyes and the cruise is on. The bar is empty and Jessy could have pretty much jumped on the bar and shoved his ass in Ricky's ass, but he lures the bartender down the hallway leading to the toilets. And this is where Ricky pushes Jessy against the wall and throws a hard fuck into him. Hmmm ... looks like these two hunks are still on their honeymoon, this is one fantastically energetic and sensual fuck.

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