• Will Helm And Dario Beck Reunite For Finale

    Will Helm And Dario Beck Reunite For Finale

    It's hard to keep two hairy studs apart. Thankfully, Lucas Kazan didn't try too hard, and we get the sequel to this scene we told you about last month. Yes, Will Helm, from Paris, and Dario Beck, from Barcelona, are bringing the international flavor once again. Their explosive reunion (and Part 2 of 2) finds Dario riding Will's sweet cock. And then Helm pops "a load for the ages," according to the studio's press release. They also add, "If only the relationships between Spain and France were this good!" Politics and gay porn, we love it! For more information, visit Lucas Kazan.

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  • Cocky Boys Hit The Road For Book Tour

    Cocky Boys Book Tour

    Yes, porn stars read books. And sometimes they appear in them too! The cute Cocky Boys crew is the subject of a new book from German publisher Bruno Gmünder titled A Thing of Beauty. (That was also the name of this film from last year.) Now superstars Max Ryder, Levi Karter and Jake Bass (above from left), along with Cocky Boys creative team and happy "throuple" Jake Jaxson, RJ Sebastian and Benny Morecock, are launching an international tour to promote the arty photography tome. Over the next six weeks, there will be book signings and "fan appreciation" events in New York City, Chicago, London, Paris and Berlin. The exclusive stars will also be plugging the DVD release of their film RoadStrip, and fans will get a free copy of the movie poster when they buy the book. That's what we call smart cross-promotion! For more information, visit Cocky Boys.

  • 19 Year Old Tattooed Amateur

    19 Year Old Tattooed Amateur

    Lynwood is a 19 year old cutie with a super smile and some sexy tats. He decided to masturbate on video to make some money to pay the bills, and he's very open-minded, showing off his low hangers and big cock. What he didn't expect was that he'd end up getting his dick sucked for Straight Fraternity, and he's so horny by then that a warm mouth on his rod makes him to shoot his load!

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  • Tattooed Studs, Hard Fuck

    Tattooed Studs, Hard Fuck

    Aaron Steel is a hairy, tattooed hunk from UK Naked Men who really wanted to get fucked by very tattooed and SOOO hot Frank Valencia. Frank's a very aggressive top who couldn't wait to give Aaron's hole a serious pounding - and I do mean SERIOUS. He slams that tight, hairy ass hard, deep and relentlessly, fucking him till he shoots his load of hot cum all over Aaron's furry butt and ass.

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  • Conrad And Evans In Episode 6 Of SYTYCF

    Conrad And Evans In Episode 6 Of SYTYCF

    The latest episode of Season 4 of Dominic Ford's So You Think You Can Fuck finds the two teams battling it out on the water. The best thing about the canoe relay challenge is seeing Trenton Ducati's bulging muscles as he rows in slow motion. Well, at least that's better than watching the other contestants attempt not to drown! Once a winning team is named, then it's down to the dock for some serious sexy time with Landon Conrad and Bryce Evans.

    This excellent scene starts with hot kissing then moves on to even hotter oral. The judges can't get over the sucking, and we have to agree. Bryce drools and gags on Landon's thick piece. And who wouldn't!? As moderator Scotty B notes, Landon "brings the sex." Who cares if he's a Mormon? He "knows how to sell it." And this certainly helps when the studs move on to the flip-flop fucking. The majority of the anal focuses on Conrad on top, with him skewering Evans in numerous positions. (Same blanket as last week's episode. Hope they washed it!) Bryce tops briefly, just long enough to pound a load out of Landon. He adds his own jizz, and you can tell that a great time was had by all!

    The judges are split at first, but they do reach a decision. With four weeks to go in this 10-week series, we've seen each porn star compete twice. There are a couple of front-runners in our book, but that will be decided in the next month--and partly by the fans. Remember, the teams gain points for winning the group challenges, but viewers have a say in who takes the title by voting online. The winner will be named in a live finale at Revolver in West Hollywood on April 30. Vote at SYTFCF.

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  • Marc MacNamara Releases "Captive"


    Gay porn fans have been waiting with bated breath for the return of award-winning director Marc MacNamara. Well, we have been anyway! Now comes the first scene from MacNamara since he left Lucas Entertainment, where as creative director he was responsible for Kings of New York, Awake and The Last Day, among other hit films. This time, MacNamara has his own company, Nasty Boy Productions, and is shooting a new series titled Captive for Men.com.

    "I'm a big fan of the Men site, and I'm happy to be writing and directing a series for them," MacNamara tells GayDemon. "Captive is a fun and twisted start for my Nasty Boy production company."

    Filmed on location in New York City, Captive Part 1 stars sexy Dale Cooper as Jason, a bearded stud who finds out that his boyfriend (played by Justin Beal) is involved with some shady characters. When Justin is taken hostage by the thugs, Jason has to come up with a bunch of cash--or else! He also has to get rid of the built trick (Joey Carter) who's been fucking him in his lover's absence.

    Captive takes us for a walk on the gritty side of NYC, and we wouldn't expect anything less than a first-rate homoerotic suspense thriller from a major talent like MacNamara. And the next two episodes of the online series, featuring Aaron Bruiser, Jake Henrikson and Braden Charron, look equally hot and dirty! For more information, visit Men.com.


  • Jerking Off Big 3-Day Load

    Jerking Off Big 3-Day Load

    Quite simply this guy is a hottie. At 5'6 and 158 lbs, he is a hot pocket of cuteness. Observing his toned naked physique, you'd think he was a wrestler. But he was more of a baseball player back in the day. Preferring team sports, than individual sports. Speaking of teams, sad to say he is not on our team. As he is unabashedly straight. But that doesn't mean he can't perform for a gay audience. Which is how he ended up here. On video to jerk off his 6" x 5" cut cock.

    Baird doesn't have a specific place where he likes to jerk off. But he does like to give his cock a regular workout. Jacking off about once a day, sometimes every other day. For this video shoot he saved up a three day load. Good thing Baird prepared this way, as this was his first time on-camera. So a touch of the nerves was present. But soon Baird relaxed and got into it. Knowing that tons of gay guys would be getting off, by seeing him get off.

    Baird isn't as vocal as other guys when they cum. But that is due to his shyness, as he is a pretty quite dude. But he more than made up for it, with a huge amount of cum that splattered all over his nice furry body. Yum!

  • Rizzo And Crawford In Episode 5 Of SYTYCF

    Rizzo And Crawford In Episode 5 Of SYTYCF

    We're lost in the jungle for Episode 5 of Dominic Ford's So You Think You Can Fuck. Luckily, we have Armond Rizzo and Vance Crawford to entertain us--and swat away the occasional bug. This week's challenge is sponsored by SpunkLube, and we could hardly tell as the contestants are asked to wrestle in an inflatable pool filled with (you guessed it) lube! Both teams strip down to their undies (always a welcome sight) for three rounds of greasy roughhousing. Following much slipping and sliding, there's a winning team.

    During Round 3, Armond and Vance lose their shorts altogether, which is a perfect lead-in to their scene. It starts with some heaving making out in the deep forest. Armond is still our favorite pocket gay porn star, looking tiny regardless of who he's paired with. At least the little guy delivers some great head to Vance, displaying major deep-throat skills. Crawford returns the favor, and there's some nice 69 action on a blanket. Then it's on to the anal, where Vance proves himself a diligent top. He does most of the work here, though Rizzo does moan and makes his usual "Damn, I'm getting fucked!" face. After a relentless (and overly drawn-out) rutting, Vance pounds the man juice out of Armond then spews on his smooth body.

    The judges are split this week, with Pierson Hayes applauding Armond for being "amazing at taking cock," while Ryan Russell thinks that Vance is a "sensual and sensitive" performer. We're halfway through this 10-week competition but no closer to a true front-runner. Only time (and more sucking and fucking) will tell! Remember, the teams gain points for winning the group challenges, but fans have a say in who takes the title by voting online. The winner will be named in a live finale at Revolver in West Hollywood on April 30. Vote for your favorite at SYTFCF.

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  • Jason Phoenix To Debut In 4 Scenes


    What does "omnisexual" mean to you? And is it a good thing? In the case of new Channel 1 Releasing exclusive Jason Phoenix, we'd say it's a very good thing. "Omnisexual" is how the studio is selling its latest hunky model. If you pay attention to Twitter, you've already seen numerous naked pictures of this handsome and hairy stud. But now Jason is making it official with several debut scenes.

    C1R says that the 6-foot-3 (former?) Marine was discovered by industry icon Dirk Yates and will be appearing in his Frontal Assault 2 and Present Arms. Director Chi Chi LaRue is also in on the act, featuring this rising Phoenix in the next installment of her jail-themed Punished and Sucked Off in Weird Places. (Love the title! Who hasn't been!?) Yates says, "In the tradition of some of my finest discoveries, Glen Swan, Axel Garret and Dean Phoenix, Jason ranks among the best!" And this veteran knows talent!

    So, what else can we expect from the tattooed all-American Phoenix? Again, if you're devoted to Twitter (follow him @MrJasonPhoenix), you recently saw some shots of Jason on set with another legend of the biz, Johnny Hazzard. So look for even more sex on film from this superstar-in-the-making! For more information, visit C1R.com.

  • Johnny Hazzard Returns For Graffiti

    Johnny Hazzard Returns For Graffiti

    Any time handsome Johnny Hazzard does a new scene...well, that's a good reason to write about him! British studio Men at Play has brought the American gay porn superstar back in a hot duo titled "Graffiti." In it, a formally dressed Johnny returns home to find a sexy street tough (Patrik) spray-painting the walls in his apartment building. Kids today! It only gets worse as the bearded tagger also paints Johnny's gorgeous suit and tie. Johnny winds up pinned against the wall as the vandal tells him that he did it all for the "attention." Once Hazzard hears that, he's happy to kiss and offer his cock to Patrik. He also eats his ass right there in the hallway. This leads to the kind of topping that only an industry veteran like Hazzard can deliver. It's always fun to watch Johnny work, especially in a role that goes against type. Remember, when he debuted eight years ago in Chi Chi LaRue's Wrong Side of the Tracks, he was the one playing the tattooed bad boy. Now he's all grown-up and looking better than ever. For more information, visit Men at Play.

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