• Mickey Taylor Jackhammers Riley Tess

    Mickey Taylor Jackhammers Riley Tess

    I've have only seen Mickey Taylor in action once. I blogged about a threeway he did for Staxus, which also happened to be their 1500th scene. So when this Blake Mason scene with Riley Tess fell in my assignment queue, I was looking forward to seeing more of the inked stud. Holy shit! He's a hard fucker, I'd be surprised if Riley didn't leave this bedroom with a dislocated hip.

    The guys are making out on a bed. They're still wearing their clothes, but that doesn't last for long. It also doesn't take Riley long to get his mouth on Mickey's cock. And if this video is any indication, Mickey likes it fast and rough. He grabs Riley's head and jackhammers his hard-on into Riley's mouth.

    And Mickey is no gentler when it comes to fucking. Cowboy or missionary, Tess gets a brutally hard and fast fuck. But this bottom isn't complaining. Mickey drills Tess until he shoots right up his torso, then Mickey unloads all over Tess' still-hard dick.

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  • Yes, I'm Straight. See My Big Gun.

    Yes, I'm Straight. See My Big Gun.

    Six years ago, Lane did some videos for Straight Fraternity; it's been a long time and he's back. But judging by the size of that gun, I think he's over compensating for something. He's kind of funny because when he strips off his clothes his dick isn't hard at all and he says, "Sorry, it's been a while, I'm a little nervous." Relax. We don't expect you to be raging hard the minute your underwear hits the floor.

    I love heavily inked guys, so Lane's body gets me revved up. Plus, the fact that he's a redneck and hyper straight is also a little ball tingling. I was never too turned on by the whole straight guy or gay-for-pay thing -- didn't really get it to be honest -- but I'd get on my knees and blow Lane. His cock isn't huge, but it's meaty. I'd even let him hold his gun while I gulped on his dick.

    Lane wasn't joking about being nervous because he was having some trouble getting the boner maker in gear, so Franco offered to give Lane a hand. The inked stud just closed his eyes and before you know it, Lane's cock is hard and Franco's hand is covered in jizz.

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  • Boomer Banks Renews RSS Exclusive Contract

    Boomer Banks Renews RSS Exclusive Contract

    Raging Stallion knows a good thing when its got one. Who wouldn't want to hang on to Boomer Banks and his many, many inches!? The San Francisco-based studio has just announced the renewal of its exclusive contract with superstar Banks, who made his debut only one year ago. The deal is for another year of big-dicked fun for the busy Boomer, who has appeared in 15 films, including Timberwolves, Open Road and the current Under My Skin, which celebrates tattooed men. The New York City-based stud, who won the title of Mr. International Escort of the Year and Best Cock (duhhhh!) at the Hookie Awards last March, is also making a name for himself as a fashion designer and a live performer.

    "I'm looking forward to another year with my beautiful porn family at Raging Stallion," Banks says in a statement. "I'm blessed to have launched my adult erotica career with this amazing studio. When you choose right the first time, there is no reason to look anywhere else. It's been an amazing year. I'm home, and I'm staying here, so watch out for another magic year of Boomer with Raging Stallion."

    Oh, we'll be watching! For more information, visit Raging Stallion.

  • Jimmy Clay Gets Tatted Up for Comeback Solo

    Jimmy Clay Gets Tatted Up for Comeback Solo

    You may remember him from his fine work with Dylan Lucas, Cocky Boys and Next Door Buddies. You may also recall when he looked like this as a contestant on Season 2 of Dominic Ford's So You Think You Can Fuck reality show. Well, after more than a year away, Jimmy Clay is back and he's undergone a change. No, not a sex change! He just got a bunch of nasty tattoos all over his otherwise perfect body. In a new solo for Randy Blue, the beefy muscle stud strips out of his orange trunks and shoves a vibrator up his also perfect ass. Now, Jimmy was previously kinda renowned in the industry for his amazing pop shots. Well, the splattery one in this scene joins the pantheon of classic cum from Clay. Enjoy! For more information, visit Randy Blue.

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  • Two Newcomers Debut for Lucas Kazan

    Two Newcomers Debut for Lucas Kazan

    Lucas Kazan has discovered two fresh-faced models, and it's hard to decide which promising newcomer is hotter! Both guys actually offer something special and unique. Fabio (left) is dubbed a "reluctant exhibitionist" by Ettore Tosi. But Fabio doesn't exactly seem shy once we get a glimpse of him sucking off the big-dicked director (and former gay porn star). "An oxymoron, perhaps," Ettore says, "but one that best encapsulates 24-year-old Fabio: eager to show off on camera, but not quite ready to check all his inhibitions at the door." The studio says that the bearded former hockey player from Turin, who is now a store clerk, is its most tattooed applicant ever. Smooth stud Gabriele (right) also has a tattoo (it's on his hip and says "Sexy," but we're not going to hold that against him). This 22-year-old Brazilian says in his interview that he likes doing "everything" in bed. Okay, but what's with the shaved armpits!? We just might hold that against him. For more information on both models, visit Lucas Kazan.

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  • Paddy O'Brian Tops Goran In Suite 33 Part 4

    Paddy O'Brian Tops Goran In Suite 33 Part 4

    Gods of Men catch Paddy O'Brian and Goran at their absolute sexiest best! The two muscle hunks are ripped, their sixpack abs and powerful thighs highlighted as they experience each others' cocks, mouths and bodies in this incredibly sensuous fuck session.

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  • Get Over It! Just Fuck Already!

    Get Over It! Just Fuck Already!

    John Anthony and Tony are best buddies who showed up at The Guy Site to do a video together. They've played around a little before, but it sounds like that was mostly kissing. They definitely haven't gone all the way yet. In fact, the producer had to pay them an extra $50 to oil each other's bodies. But these best buds definitely have a connection that's deeper than friendship.

    OMG! Get over it! Just fuck already! I guess it's not that easy, one of them is married. They don't seem to mind jacking off side by side in a hotel room together. They don't even mind shooting their loads together. And it seems that they're open to trying other things, they just don't want anyone to know about it. So why do it on a website? Rent a hotel room and fuck each other's brains out.

    Putting aside all the gay angst, these pent-up emotions and desires come together to make a very titillating masturbation scene. I was dying for either of these two to plant a kiss on the other or drop to his knees and starting gulping dick. The thought of it was making me very horny. Man, I'd love to be around for the moment these two hunks finally decide to consummate their unrequited love, it's going to be a scorcher. But in the meantime, we can watch them pounding it out side by side.

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  • Exclusive! Jon Galt's Comeback Interview

    Exclusive! Jon Galt's Comeback Interview

    When Jon Galt walked away from gay porn seven years ago, he was at the top of his game. Starting in 2000, the screen stud made more than 20 films as a Titan Men exclusive and later as a model for Falcon, Hot House and other major studios. So where did this gay porn superstar disappear to? GayDemon recently had the pleasure of talking to Galt to find out. And he just happens to be resuming his career, filming two new scenes with his boyfriend and fellow porn star Vic Rocco.

    In his first interview in seven years, Galt told GayDemon that his decision to leave the industry was a conscious one. "I definitely didn't want to be one of those guys in porn who people were thinking, Sweet baby Jesus, is he still making movies?" Galt says with a laugh. He adds that he made a promise to himself that when he was no longer enjoying it, he would get out of the business. "When I left it was still fun for me," he says, "but I felt I had done all that I could do. My fans always tell me that when watching me they never felt it was acting or mechanical, and I wanted to stop before it became that way for me."

    Even though he wasn't making movies, Galt says that he kept "a toe in the water" by posing for nudes in erotic art books for top photographers such as Tom Bianchi, Michael Alago and Charles Thomas Rogers. But he adds that he always missed the industry while away. "There was not a day that went by that I didn't miss it," he says. "I would get especially 'home sick' when fans would come up to me, seven years later, saying how much they love my work." At age 47, Galt is still tanned, toned and muscled (as you can see in these exclusive pics from his new shoot). He's also added a few new tattoos. He says that part of his return to movies is to prove that "you don't have to be a twentysomething to have an amazing body and physique." He says that fans should get ready for "a lot of new stuff to come from the 'daddy' version of Jon Galt."

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  • Turnabout is Fair Play

    Turnabout is Fair Play

    This isn't Dayton and Paul's first shoot for Dirty Tony. Last time, Dayton topped Paul, so this time Paul's going to take control of Dayton's ass. After removing some clothes, the guys take turns going down on each other, and it's obvious they both love sucking cock. Then Paul drives his rock-hard dick deep inside Dayton's ass and fucks him as Dayton strokes his own cock. As a grand finale, Paul unloads a stream of hot, thick cum down Dayton's throat!

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  • Will Helm And Dario Beck Reunite For Finale

    Will Helm And Dario Beck Reunite For Finale

    It's hard to keep two hairy studs apart. Thankfully, Lucas Kazan didn't try too hard, and we get the sequel to this scene we told you about last month. Yes, Will Helm, from Paris, and Dario Beck, from Barcelona, are bringing the international flavor once again. Their explosive reunion (and Part 2 of 2) finds Dario riding Will's sweet cock. And then Helm pops "a load for the ages," according to the studio's press release. They also add, "If only the relationships between Spain and France were this good!" Politics and gay porn, we love it! For more information, visit Lucas Kazan.

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