• Tan Line in Danger

    nude rock guy

    This lanky fellow best not step into the sunlight or he could lose that tan line. It's already a bit uneven at the edges. It's just something I'm super concerned about. Without his tan line, he'll never get hired at Pizza Hut. Because it really helps to be naked to get an interview at Pizza Hut but that's not enough. You have to have a tan line. It's in their help wanted ads, next to the Equal Opportunity statement.

    The depth of my concern is unparalleled. It's so deep it's like very deep because his tan line is important. I'm going to write him a letter. And leave him a voicemail. I might also text. See I'm doing color tests of my ejaculate and need to compare how it looks against the reddish semi-sunburned tan parts of his body and his untanned zones. It's for science.

  • Stroking That Southern Dick

    Stroking That Southern Dick

    Southern Strokes' latest amateur guy is Billy, a 21 year old from Tennessee with a nice body and a sexy tan. Billy's a cutie, with a lightly furry chest and unshaved pubes, and once he gets over his shyness in front of the camera, he gives us an old-fashioned jerkoff session that includes plenty of lube on his long, southern cock!

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  • Two Opposite Nudist Guys

    It's nudists in their natural habitats. Yet they are opposites. How?

    • Squat vs. Slender
    • Cut vs. Uncut
    • Working vs. Lazing
    • 100% Smooth vs. Not 100% Smooth
    • Purple Circle Boots vs. Barefoot
    • Shovel vs. Palm Tree
    • Top vs. Bottom (just guessing)
    • Exhibitionist vs. Exhibitionist

    Okay, for that last one, they are not precisely opposites, thankfully.

    nudist guys

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  • Tall British Guy Jerks Uncut Cock

    Tall British lad with uncut cock jerks off

    Ben Collins from Hard Brit Lads is a tall guy at 6 foot 1, with a big uncut cock and lean tight abs. He gets his growing dick out of his nylon shorts and works it. He shows how he jerks his cock in different positions whilst fingering his ass.

  • Horny First Timer

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    One of the guys at Straight Fraternity has been trying to get his friend Bull to do a shoot there, but it took two months for them to call him. Bull is a winner - tall, sexy voice, close cropped hair and a nice straight cock that he starts stroking through his black briefs before the interview is even over. Bull is hard before he's naked, and he really gets into jerking on camera!

  • Tall with a LONG Cock

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    Trent Evans is a skinny kind of slacker guy, and while I don't usually like these hybrid interview/jackoff clips, this guy that Squirtz caught on video you've just got to see. I love that slender body, that treasure trail, and that great big dick. Yes, Trent's cock is long. I mean, it's REALLY long. And considering how tall he is, it's probably even bigger than it seems. And even better, that massive meat pole is uncut!

  • Lanky Guy Jacking Off

    lanky guy jacking off

    Tommy does whatever he needs to make a living. And today, that's turning on a camera in his livingroom and jerking his fat cock for You Love Jack. This is easy money! Tommy is a street-wise skate punk and he's sporting a little chin scruff and a pierced eyebrow. When Tommy strips naked for the camera, we can see that he's a tall, lanky guy with no body hair, except for a trimmed patch of pubic hair.

    Tommy is packing an impressive 7-inch cock. The skater grabs a bottle of lube and drizzles a generous flow all over his cock. He starts sliding his fist up and down his fat cock and it looks hot. He pauses and brings the camera in close so we can get a good look at his tool. Then he starts rubbing those slippery fingers into his puckered fuck hole. All the while, Tommy is jerking his cock. In the finale, Tommy shoves his fingers deep inside his butt hole and this puts him over the edge, he creams a thick load. He evens gives us a little licking action as he chows down on his own cum.

  • Tattooed Guy Jerking Off

    tattooed guy jerking off

    I'm a lucky guy, gay porn falls into my e-mail inbox every day, so you can imagine my morning coffee is quite creamy. (Oh I didn't just say that, did I? Sorry, I guess I couldn't resist.) This morning's haul finds this hot, tattooed guy, Anthony Blaize, staring back at me. He's from San Francisco, and Aussie gay porn site Bentley Race caught up with him on a recent vacation stateside. Bentley Race met Anthony along Castro Street and headed back to the hotel room to get out of the rain. Changing out of his wet gear, Anthony says that he loves getting naked and showing off his body.

    The cool thing about Anthony is that he actually drew all his own tattoos - even that design around his cock. Man, that must have hurt! So this lanky American tattooed stud lies back on the bed and he's still wearing his knee-high sports socks. (Fuck I love that!) and he shows off his tall muscular body. Anthony brought along his favourite gay porn video and Bentley Race filmed while this tattooed guy jerked his cock, which is quite nice actually, and sporting a deliciously plump cock head, too. There's nothing hotter than seeing a guy lying back on a bed - long legs akimbo - and thumping his cock in a furious jack-off session. I sure hope Bentley Race gets this tattooed stud over to Australia to do some hardcore suck and fuck sessions. In the menatime, this horny jerk-off session will keep your cock happy.

  • Straight, Cute and Tall


    Brandon isn't your average Buzz West model - he's not a military or ex-military guy and he didn't have a fantasy about being a porn model. He was introduced to Buzz by a friend, but once he got to thinking about it, this sexy straight guy thought it would be hot to get naked on camera. Brandon is cute with a nice body, and y ou can't really tell from the pics, but he's also tall - he's 6' 5" - and he's proportionate all over. Not only that, but he's very curious about men and gay sex, so we can hope he'll come back and do a shoot with another guy some time. Until then, we can dream...

  • Incredible Perfect Guy Chad

    Incredible Perfect Guy Chad

    Check out those sexy green eyes! That's Perfect Guyz new sensation Chad checking you out with his pretty peepers. He's 23 years old and stands a lanky 6'2". I'm sure you also noticed the luscious 7" piece of meat standing at full attention as well. Although he considers himself totally straight, Chad had no problems with getting adventurous at all. He has let his girlfriends do some things to him that most guys would freak out about. He keeps himself in shape at the gym, but also works full time as a construction worker. Like we couldn't tell with that sensational build eh? What a perfect guy indeed.