• UK Naked Men Goes To Spain

    UK Naked Men Goes To Spain

    UK Naked Men are in the Spanish hills in 100 degree heat in the shade. Macanao isn't new to the site, he filmed a few years ago and UK Naked Men really wanted the handsome, hairy Spaniard back for more. The sleazy stud is with piggy bottom Fabian, who buries his face in Macanao's smelly armpits for a sniff and a lick. After shoving Macanao's uncut cock in his mouth and giving him a blowjob, with bushy pubes all in his face, Fabian bends over a tree and shows his hairy butt to Macanao. He rims his hole and shoves his fat cock deep inside for a sizzling hot fuck in public!

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  • Stag Homme Shoots In Streets Of Madrid At Night!

    Stag Homme Shoots In Streets Of Madrid At Night!

    Callejeros (meaning street thugs) is shot on the night streets of Madrid. For the first time, Robin Sanchez, one of Stag Homme's bodybuilding hunks, stars in their second epside. He lurks behind cars and on street corners, in full public gaze, where some action kicks off between him and an unnamed stud.

    The action moves swiftly to a roof top terrace for some rimming and fucking in multiple positions. The cumshot is captured with a night vision camera that shows just how twisted director Damien Crosse is when it comes to making sure everything about public sex is caught on tape!

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  • Flip Flopping with the Handyman

    Flip Flopping with the Handyman

    I watch a lot of porn, but it wasn't until watching these two Spanish hunks fucking that I realized gay men around the world make different noises during sex. I'm not talking about the dirty talk, obviously a Swedish guy isn't going to say, "Suck my dick," he's going to say "Sug min kuk." No, I'm talking about those moans and grunts.

    In this video from Stag Homme, I noticed that while Wagner Victoria was sitting on Damien Crosse's cock that he was moaning "wu-ah ... wu-ah" instead of "oh ... oh" or "ah ... ah." Both these hunks live in Spain, and while I believe Crosse is Cuban and Victoria is Brazilian, maybe "wu-ah" is the universal way Latin men express themselves when a big cock feels good inside of them.

    Anyway, enough of my linguistic curiosities. Wagner is working on getting a room ready for painting when his boss walks in to inspect the progress. Crosse could be the home owner, they're speaking Spanish, so I don't really know. But with Wagner standing on a ladder, his crotch is at Damien's eye level, and I don't need a translator to understand that Damien likes what he sees and presumably asks if he can have a taste.

    After swapping blowjobs back and forth, Wagner sits on Damien's 9-inch cock and does the "wu-ah" symphony. And when his ass can't take one more inch, he puts Damien on the floor and drills him. Not sure which top I preferred in this flip flop scene because they're bot hung and hot, but seeing Wagner fucking has the added bonus of getting to watch his very hot butt pumping back and forth. And he's got a sexy one.

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  • Tim Kruger's Sexy Christmas Tale


    There's nothing sexier than fucking under the Christmas tree. Well, actually there is, but work with us here. The Tim Tales site has a new holiday scene, and just because there's a precious Xmas tree in the background doesn't mean you can't get off to this hot duo all year round. The scenario finds bearded redhead (and site owner) Tim Kruger inviting sexy Spaniard Donato Reyes down from Madrid for an afternoon of seasonal fun. Donato is no fool, and he jumps on the next train. And who wouldn't for the chance to suck on Tim's meaty cock and then get fucked by him in multiple positions!? We're pretty sure we heard some angels singing on high when Reyes receives a yummy facial! For more information, visit Tim Tales.

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  • Aitor Crash & Butch Grand Fuck in the Barn

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    Muscle hunk Aitor Crash is out for a jog in this video from Bulldog Pit. When he runs out of water he stops at Butch Grand's farm and asks for some water. Butch fills his water bottle, Aitor drinks some of it, then pours the rest all over his sweaty body. When Butch sees Aitor's stiffening cock in his wet shorts, he helps himself, then invites the stud into his barn for some flip-flop fucking.

  • Hairy Chub Power Fucks Daddy

    View full video at M2M club

    Woof! The bearded daddy in this video from M2M Club is fucking hot! He's wearing a sexy salt 'n pepper beard and loves sucking dick. Then his chubby and hairy top turns his dick on this daddy's ass and screws him doggy style. I'm not so stuck on the top, but I could watch this bottom daddy getting fucked all day.

  • Aybars Fucking Martin Mazza in Sexo en Barcelona

    Aybars Fucking Martin Mazza in Sexo en Barcelona

    I remember sexy bearded hunk Aybars from Raging Stallion's Arabian series of DVDs and I'm so glad to see him back in their new DVD called Sexo In Barcelona. And he's paired up with furry power bottom Martin Mazza.

    Mazza plays a tourist who is out photographing some of Barcelona's famous sites and Aybars approaches him. Mazza can't take his eyes off thus stud's muscular shoulders bulging out of his sleeveless shirt. After a bit of chatting, they head off to Aybars' place, which is conveniently around the corner. They jump into the shower to wash off the day's dirt and grime and get into passionate kissing and face fucking under the spray of water. They towel off and fall into a long fuck session on Aybars' bed.

    Aybars takes charge sucking Mazza's stiff cock and slapping his meaty ass. He slides his big hard-on up and down Mazza's furry ass crack and fingers his hole, teasing the bottom before finally shoving his erection inside. Aybars plunge fucks Mazza, pulling his dick all the way out and then driving it back in balls deep. On his knees, on this belly, and on his back with his legs in the air, Mazza gets his hole serviced by this sexy and skilled top. They fuck, sometimes slowly and other times frenzied like a couple of animals, and when they can't fuck for another minute, they squirt great gobs of cum all over Mazza's furry chest.

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  • Hot Muscled Spanish Men Fuck Outdoors

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    I love listening to men dirty talking in Spanish. I haven't a clue what these two are saying, but in the international language of sex, you don't really need a translator to understand that these Spanish hunks are having a good time. From the moment the bottom in this scene from Jalif Studio leans down to lick his buddy's underwear bulge, the top is eyeing his ass. You know this bottom is going to be sitting on a big uncut cock -- and he does!

  • Big-cocked Top Pounds Horny Bottom

    Big-cocked Top Pounds Horny Bottom

    Lucio Saints from Tim Tales is a Spanish top with a huge uncut cock who really knows how to fuck, and today he's fucking Alejandro, a bottom who knows how to appreciate a massive dick in his ass. And man, these guys just can't get enough of each other!

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  • Urs Milano & Steven Phoenix

    View full video at Bear Films

    Hands down, this is one of my favorite bear videos in a long time. Urs Milano is a big, beefy Italian bear and he's getting hot and sweaty in bed with Spanish hunk Steven Phoenix. After swapping blowjobs, Milano is down on all fours with his big hairy ass in the air and he's pleading, "Please play with my hole". I do love seeing and hearing a masculine man begging for dick. And does he get it? You bet he does ,and you're not going to want to miss this steamy scene from Bear Films.