• Huge Southern Cock

    Huge Southern Cock

    Bobby's a sexy southerner with a really big dick - I like that in a man. He's got a ripped body, unshaved pubes and hairy pits, and as already mentioned, a huge cock. And he isn't shy, either. This was his first shoot in front of the Southern Strokes cameras, but he had no problem getting his rod hard as hell and stroking it; he even fingered his asshole before shooting his load.

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  • Latin Hunk With Attitude (And A Hard-On)

    Latin Hunk With Attitude (And A Hard-On)

    Does Latin Jocks know how to pick 'em or what? Leo's a Latin bad boy with an attitude, an athletic muscular body (LOVE those sixpack abs!) and a big fat cock that just won't quit. There's an air of danger about him as he shows off his naked body and gets ready to stroke that massive Latin piece of manmeat...

  • Hairy Ex-Marine

    Hairy Ex-Marine

    Island Studs brings back Alex, a horny ex-marine with a great bod (LOVE that sixpack!), a hairy chest, unshaved pubes and a round, meaty ass anyone would love to fuck. Oh, and a cock that stands at attention and stays hard! Alec has a great time showing off his tattooed, naked physique.

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  • Showing Off His Stuff

    Showing Off His Stuff

    Enrique has got typical twink looks - check out his cute boyish face - but once the shirt comes off, the guys from Squirtz discover he's got a smooth, athletic body and sixpack abs. He can't wait to show off what he's got, from a highly fuckable ass to a cock that's surprisingly thick once it's fully hard!

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  • Rough Muscle Hunk

    Rough Muscle Hunk

    Jake has one of those rough and rugged personas that might cause you to think twice before approaching him. But since we here at Man Avenue tend to live on the edge, we say "go ahead", make your move on him. Let him gag you with his fat cock. Let him push you down and rip your clothes off. Let him spit in your hole before slamming his hard dick up your ass...(cough). Wake up - you're dreaming! Beat your meat to Jake today!

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  • French Muscle Boy In Jock Strap

    French muscle boy shows hot jock-framed butt

    French gym stud Cristopher Garcia hooked up with Bentley Race in Paris for a shoot. Cristopher wears a hot white jockstrap, showing his six pack and pecs through his unzipped jacket. He bends over the worktop and shows his hot jock-framed butt!

  • Hot Stud Does His Laundry

    Muscular stud strips and shows cock

    Michael Fritz from Cocky Boys strips off to do his laundry and finds his cock swelling. The hot muscle stud with an awesome 6 pack shows off his great body and his cock after he's completely naked!

  • Hardbodied Latin Hunk

    Hardbodied hunk with sixpack abs

    Tyler Torro is an athletic hunk with a dramatic look, plenty of lean muscle and an ass hard enough to bounce a quarter off of. Talk about ripped! And that's just the beginning. Those six pack abs, those tattoos and that incredible eye contact - too bad he's straight. But luckily like so many straight guys these days, Tyler has no problem stripping down in front of the gay director and camera man from Straight Guys For Gay Eyes and showing off his stuff. And does he ever have stuff worth seeing. That tan, those thighs, and his intense gaze - not to mention the way he strokes that rock hard cock and loose low-hanging balls!

  • Big, Buff and Masculine

    Bodybuilder Mike Buffalari from Manifest Men

    Mike Buffalari from Manifest Men is gorgeous. His body is smooth and tan, very muscular and bulges in all the right places. I particularly like his sixpack abs, massive upper back and classically handsome face. In fact, there's nothing I don't like about Mike. He's an Easterner, hailing from the Big Apple, but he doesn't have the attitude - he's friendly, outgoing and just plain sexy. Not only does Mike like showing off his awesome physique, but looks like it turns him on, too. By the time his shorts come off, his cock is nice and hard, standing at attention between his powerful thighs. This one is ALL man!

  • Hot Italian Stripper

    View full video at Lucas Kazan

    Tano is a hunky Italian stripper, and with his athletic body and six pack abds, it's no wonder he was recruited by Lucas Kazan to do this video and photo session. Tano has taken his clothes off to get guys horny before, and he knows just how to show off his stuff. We get a great view as he gets naked outdoors, displays his yummy physique and his hard cock, then grabs his rod and gives it a vigorous stroke session!