• Jed Athens & Logan Stone Wrestling

    Jed Athens & Logan Stone Wrestling

    Military hunk Jed Athens is head-to-head with Logan Stone in Naked Kombat's Top Cock. Jed is confident that his experience and tactic will overwhelmingly exploit his opponent's weaknesses, but Logan is equally sure his strength will dominate, and failure isn't an option for him. The fast-paced match ensues and the naked grips and brutal holds take each other to their very limits. The loser is forced to eat the sweaty arse of his rival and take a vicious spanking. The winner's dick is gagged on and handcuffs his opponent to the bench for some more smothering face-sitting. He's then thrown to the floor to receive a heavy pile-driving, and forces the loser to self-suck his own dick.

    Downloadable wrestling videos available now at Naked Sword

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  • Austin Wilde Fucks Self-Sucking Dominic Santos

    Austin Wilde Fucks Self-Sucking Dominic Santos

    So you think you're a good bottom, don't do? Can you do this? Even with all the yoga classes in the world, I couldn't lick my own cock while getting boned. Maybe it's a myth that practicing yoga gets one limber enough to perform auto fellatio, I don't know -- this bear doesn't do yoga. And I'm built nothing like Dominic Santos here. I don't have ripped abs and an eight-inch-cock. Austin Wilde from Guys in Sweatpants has a washboard and a big dick, but I've never seen him licking his own dick. Maybe one has nothing to do with the other, but he sure gets turned on seeing Dominic do it.

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  • Trending Video: Austin Wilde & Dominic Santos

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    In a special collaboration between Randy Blue and Guys in Sweatpants, Austin Wilde hooks up with Dominic Santos for a fuck session, and the video has hotted right up in GayDemon's trending galleries. Dominic shows off his self sucking skills as he's being fucked in the arse by muscular porn star Austin Wilde.

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  • Ethan White Can Suck His 9-Inch Cock

    Ethan White Can Suck His 9-Inch Cock

    Ethan White has a big, beautiful uncut cock -- it's a damned shame that he has to suck himself. He should have cocksuckers lined up down the street waiting to wrap their lips around his delicious dick -- and maybe he does -- but for now, in this Hard Brit Lads video, he throws his legs over his head and licks and gold fishes his glistening cock head. Come inside and see more.

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  • Chaturbate with GayDemon: Masturbation Central

    Chaturbate with GayDemon: Masturbation Central

    Breaking news: guys masturbate all the fucking time on Chaturbate! You may have thought Chaturbate referred to something besides masturbation. Since there are so many words that end in "urbate" like, for example, masturbate. Oh wait, there just have to be others, because if not, your confusion makes no sense. Oh, I've got it. Here they are:

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  • Hung Blond Hunk Josh Ryan Barebacks Frankie Jay

    Hung Blond Hunk Josh Ryan Barebacks Frankie Jay

    Josh Ryan, the hung blond hunk from Bareback Blonds, was out and about shooting porn in Palm Springs recently and met up with local hottie Frankie Jay.

    At first, it was Josh who thought he was gonna get fucked by the mega-porn star with the big golden dick ... but as soon as Frankie got at look at Josh's monster cock, the poor guy suddenly felt small, in more ways than one ... so the tables turned and the top hunk soon became a bottom cum whore! After some mutual oral action, Frankie sat his tight butthole down on Josh's huge hard cock and they fucked bareback until Frankie got off on the new experience. Afterwards Josh finished himself off with an awesome self-sucking BJ finale!

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  • Self Sucking BFs - In the Spotlight

    Self Sucking BFs - In the Spotlight

    Go on, admit it, - you've tried to suck your own cock at least once. Every guy probably has. GayDemon has just reviewed Self Sucking BFs and these guys have figured out through trial and error, and a little ingenuity and experimentation, that they can give themselves head.

    The first time a guy discovers that his cock spits warm, sticky juice is a wonderful moment, and for decades after that first cum shot, he'll spend countless hours trying to figure out new and wonderful ways to make his dick feel good. At one time or another, most guys have thrown their legs over their heads and tried to suck their own cocks. But it ain't easy.

    A lot of the guys on Self Sucking BFs can't do it, but many can lick their dicks and wrap their lips around their own cock heads. Regardless, these studs get into some hot jack-off sessions and splash their own cum loads into their mouths and onto their faces. Self Sucking BFs is a new site that's worth looking at and your membership gives you access to lots of other bonus sites and videos.

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  • Self Sucking Sammy

    View full video at Squirtz

    My boss here at Gay Demon doesn't really like me posting videos with a lot of interview talk, but Sammy from Squirtz is so damned cute and he's got a juicy, big, uncut cock, so I'm going to post this anyway and if I get shit, oh well. While Sammy talks throughout his whole video, Squirtz has edited it so that we keep flashing over to this Quebecois guy jerking his big piece of meat. So don't worry, while Sammy's talking you'll get to see lots of his beautifully fat foreskinned dick. And towards the end of this video, we even get to see Sammy lean over and lick his own cock. Man, it's been a long time since I was that flexible! You go, Sammy!

  • Whoppers Two

    Gay pornstar Thom Barron's huge hard cock

    If there's one thing gay porn fans want, it's big ones! Whoppers, if you will--and we ain't talking Burger King! Hot House Video has come to the rescue with its new release, Whoppers Two. The San Francisco-based studio says that this latest compilation from director Steven Scarborough is the ultimate tribute to its, er, "biggest" superstars. The press release promises that each cast member boasts at least nine inches of manmeat (ruler, please!). And with porn legends Thom Barron (also the owner of the veiny box-cover whopper above...yum!), Aiden Shaw, Rafael Alencar, Blu Kennedy, Trevor Knight, Fredrick Ford, Rick Gonzales and Jason Crew on board, we believe it. In fact, Hot House says that if you put all this oversize dick end-to-end, there would be more than 10 feet of rock-hard rod! (They measured!?) Highlights include self-suck and self-fuck action, a hot leather threeway, poolside banging, executive play and more. To get your whopper, visit HotHouse.com.

  • Self-Sucking Aussie Guy

    Uncut Australian stud gets shows his big cock and smooth hole

    Lucky Bentley Race got to photograph 22 year old Robbie, who has a big uncut tool and he can suck himself! He is smooth all over and has a great hole to fuck, which he demonstrates by playing with a large rubber dildo!