• Perry & Jayden Bareback at Sean Cody

    Perry & Jayden Bareback at Sean Cody

    Perry and Jayden's bareback fuck scene at Sean Cody is infectious. You can see how fun much the guys are having as they smile and enjoy playing with each other. The playful attitude really signals the beginning of summer, and the action is fuelled by the guys' chemistry. Perry massages his fuck buddy Jayden naked on the bed. As he gets to his butt, he decides it needs some attention from his tongue and he rims Jayden's hole. He slides his big all-American cock deep inside Jayden and gives him a great ride.

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  • Randy Fucks Rusty at Sean Cody

    Randy Fucks Rusty at Sean Cody

    This is Randy's fifteenth scene over at Sean Cody. He both bottoms and tops, but I love watching him fucking guys. Who wouldn't prefer seeing his big uncut cock stretching out a bottom's hole? Blond muscle stud Rusty is pretty new, this is only his third hardcore scene, but he's been fucked in all of them. And just a bit of trivia: Randy's first anal scene was fucking Colt Rivers back when the porn stud was just Ryan. Did you know that Colt Rivers filmed 13 scene for Sean Cody? And 10 of them were bareback?

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  • Sean Cody's First Double Penetration in Ages

    Sean Cody's First Double Penetration in Ages

    I guess you could say this is a sort of Oreo scene: blond Pete sandwiched between two sexy brunettes, Tanner and Forest. But this Sean Cody threeway isn't only about Pete getting his ass fucked, all three guys bottom. But it's Pete who gives the ultimate sacrifice and takes both Tanner's and Forrest's dick up his ass at the same time. We don't see a lot of double penetration at Sean Cody, and not a lot of threeways lately either, so you don't want to miss this one.

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  • Curtis Gives a Blowjob Tutorial

    Curtis Gives a Blowjob Tutorial

    When this video opens, Sean Cody talks to Curtis about sucking big cocks and wonders if the ginger blow boy has any tips, you know, since he's so good at it. Curtis tells us that you just have to push past the point where you think you're going to gag and he demonstrate once the guys get down to business. And look at how far Randy can push his big dick. That's talent. Also during the interview portion, Sean Cody mentions to Randy that if he fucks Curtis hard enough that the bottom will cum hands free. Talk about issuing a challenge.

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  • Duncan Rides Landon at Sean Cody

    Duncan Rides Landon at Sean Cody

    "I think this is the biggest one you've ever had," says the Sean Cody producer. "Oh really?" Duncan says. "Yes, and it's got a pretty good curve to it," adds the producer. He then tells Landon that Duncan is probably one of the best bottoms they have right now. "He can probably ride a dick the best." With introductions like that, what else does a couple of guys need? So Duncan gets down on his knees and shows Landon how good his tongue feels, then later, Landon lies back to experience some of that good riding he's heard about.

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  • Sean Cody's Curtis and Tanner Flip Flop

    Sean Cody's Curtis and Tanner Flip Flop

    I had forgotten how much fun it was watching Curtis getting fucked. The ginger stud filmed a couple of dozen videos for Sean Cody, then he disappeared for a couple of years. But recently he returned to film a comeback video with newcomer Forrest, and this week Curtis is flip flopping with Tanner. Neither one of these guys lets the other off very easy, they both pound hole pretty hard. You'll love seeing Curtis curling his toes when he's getting ready to spunk, and Tanner drills him right over the edge.

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  • Brandon's 20th Video at Sean Cody

    Brandon's 20th Video at Sean Cody

    Isn't Sean Cody's Brandon just the sexiest guy you'd ever hope to have pounding your ass? I guess a lot of the Sean Cody members agree because this is his twentieth video. Perry is a dark-haired cutie who just started filming with the site and he finds out what all the ruckus is about when Brandon drills his ass all over that couch -- Brandon is a fuck machine. But before Perry gets his ass fucking, he gives his new buddy a playful foot massage, licks his hairy butt hole, and of course, gets Brandon's dick hard with his mouth.

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  • breaking

    Is This Sean Cody's Last Bareback Video?

    Is This Sean Cody's Last Bareback Video?

    Mindgeek has just struck a deal to acquire Sean Cody. The parent company of MEN.com has purchased Sean Cody for an undisclosed amount. The story broke hours ago on gay porn blog The Sword with few details. But GayDemon has just confirmed with a MEN.com representative who wished to remain anonymous that the Mindgeek purchase of Sean Cody is fact.

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  • Curtis Returns to Sean Cody

    Curtis Returns to Sean Cody

    Ginger stud Curtis was always a Sean Cody favourite with his boundless sexual energy, his versatility, and his deliciously big-nobbed dick. Then, without any fanfare, ginger stud Curtis just stopped filming late in 2012. But last week, on Christmas day, Curtis returned to the site getting his ass fucked by newcomer Forrest. What an awesome present.

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  • Pat Shows Off His Very Thick Cock

    Pat Shows Off His Very Thick Cock

    Pat is doing his first ever nude photo shoot this week over with Sean Cody. He's a terrific looking young man, who looks much younger than his actual 25 years. He's very personable, fit, defined and his hair is immaculate - it looks perfect whether it is dry or wet - even the cameraman was amazed how great it looked - even while he was in the middle of taking a shower!

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