• Abraham Shows Hard Dick at Sean Cody

    Abraham Shows Hard Dick at Sean Cody

    This is Abraham, a tall, athletic young guy with a beautiful muscular body, tasteful tattoos, beefy ass, and a big thick cock. Abraham is modelling for Sean Cody to proudly show off his body and bask in the appreciation we're bound to have for this handsome fella. Abraham's dick stands up nicely when he's hard, and glistens with baby oil.

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  • Sean Cody's Ollie & Pete Bareback

    Sean Cody's Ollie & Pete Bareback

    Sean Cody's stunning jocks, Ollie and Pete, are about to have amazing sex. With a wet hole from rimming, Pete gets Ollie's bare dick thrust in his hole on the edge of the bed. The guys change positions and, whilst grabbing Pete's hair, Ollie pounds him from behind until he's ready to dump his load!

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  • Brendan Bottoms For Pete Bareback

    Brendan Bottoms For Pete Bareback

    Blond stud Pete has a treat in Sean Cody's new release with Brendan bottoming. Brendan gives his top a good sucking before getting his ass rimmed, making him nice and wet for Pete's cock. Bent over the couch, Brendan spreads his cheeks encouraging Pete to put his dick inside him. Pete slowly pushes his raw cock up Brendan's hole and pounds away! Then Brendan is flipped over, lying back on the couch with his ass hanging over the edge and Pete fucks him hard in the missionary position.

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  • "Oh Man, That Hole's So Small."

    "Oh Man, That Hole's So Small."

    I love watching a big cock sliding into a small butt. Not only does it look like we're about to see an impossible feat, but it's an optical illusion where that small bum adds inches and girth to an already super-sized penis. In this Sean Cody video, Lane is bent over the arm of the sofa and Randy is steering his cock towards the pucker between Lane's tiny cheeks. "Oh man, that hole's so small," Randy says, then smearing some more spit on it he adds, "It's so fucking tight." He pushes in anyway.

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  • Weekly Price Check: Sean Cody

    Sean Cody

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  • Trevor & Tanner Bareback at Sean Cody

    Trevor & Tanner Bareback at Sean Cody

    Sean Cody's Tanner has been topping a fair bit in his movies but in this new scene that went live on Saturday, Tanner fans can enjoy see the masculine jock take a bare cock in his ass once again. The little scruff of hair at the top of his chest has also made a comeback, much to my delight. Trevor makes a great top and, after making out with Tanner, he lets him nosh on his big jock cock before his stuffs it in Tanner's hairy ass and gives him a good fucking.

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  • Perry & Jayden Bareback at Sean Cody

    Perry & Jayden Bareback at Sean Cody

    Perry and Jayden's bareback fuck scene at Sean Cody is infectious. You can see how fun much the guys are having as they smile and enjoy playing with each other. The playful attitude really signals the beginning of summer, and the action is fuelled by the guys' chemistry. Perry massages his fuck buddy Jayden naked on the bed. As he gets to his butt, he decides it needs some attention from his tongue and he rims Jayden's hole. He slides his big all-American cock deep inside Jayden and gives him a great ride.

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  • Randy Fucks Rusty at Sean Cody

    Randy Fucks Rusty at Sean Cody

    This is Randy's fifteenth scene over at Sean Cody. He both bottoms and tops, but I love watching him fucking guys. Who wouldn't prefer seeing his big uncut cock stretching out a bottom's hole? Blond muscle stud Rusty is pretty new, this is only his third hardcore scene, but he's been fucked in all of them. And just a bit of trivia: Randy's first anal scene was fucking Colt Rivers back when the porn stud was just Ryan. Did you know that Colt Rivers filmed 13 scene for Sean Cody? And 10 of them were bareback?

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  • Sean Cody's First Double Penetration in Ages

    Sean Cody's First Double Penetration in Ages

    I guess you could say this is a sort of Oreo scene: blond Pete sandwiched between two sexy brunettes, Tanner and Forest. But this Sean Cody threeway isn't only about Pete getting his ass fucked, all three guys bottom. But it's Pete who gives the ultimate sacrifice and takes both Tanner's and Forrest's dick up his ass at the same time. We don't see a lot of double penetration at Sean Cody, and not a lot of threeways lately either, so you don't want to miss this one.

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  • Curtis Gives a Blowjob Tutorial

    Curtis Gives a Blowjob Tutorial

    When this video opens, Sean Cody talks to Curtis about sucking big cocks and wonders if the ginger blow boy has any tips, you know, since he's so good at it. Curtis tells us that you just have to push past the point where you think you're going to gag and he demonstrate once the guys get down to business. And look at how far Randy can push his big dick. That's talent. Also during the interview portion, Sean Cody mentions to Randy that if he fucks Curtis hard enough that the bottom will cum hands free. Talk about issuing a challenge.

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