• Gents, Meet Seth!

    Gents, Meet Seth!

    Let's have a guess, how long that cock is? They haven't yet given us the pleasure of knowing, over at Sean Cody, so speculation and a whole lot of admiring is what we'll settle for on this stunning college stud, Seth. He has a delicious looking, long, cut cock that swings on a level when hard because it must weigh handsomely!

    Over on the Sean Cody website, Seth talks to the camera on the beach about a future trip to the 'jungle', wearing just his shorts with his smooth skin gently lit by the sunlight, showing all those contours. Our handsome college stud then goes indoors, takes off his shorts and plays with his big cock, flicking it about and rubbing it. This dude is porn solo heaven!

  • Blond Athletic Edward With Uncut Cock

    Blond Athletic Edward With Uncut Cock

    Edward starts his solo shoot outside by the pool with the Sean Cody cameraman. He's asked to flash his cock before he takes a dip so embarrassed, slightly chilly Edward shows a brief glimpse "because it's cold". There's some ice-breaking banter going on between the cameraman and our athletic blond stud. Edward needn't have been so shy about the shrinkage; moments later he's indoors with his rather sizeable uncut meat and a full hard-on in his palm. Edward works his dick and massages his tasty looking ass with a few fingers.

  • Topped by a Redhead

    Topped by a Redhead

    Dark-haired, horny-as-hell Jordan is no stranger to getting boned for Sean Cody. This time he's indoctrinating redheaded newcummer (and hot all-American jock) Adam. Adam is straight, but he's willing to bone a little male ass, and he wastes no time topping Jordan, fucking that tight, hot hole from every angle!

  • Sean Cody's Mountain Getaway Group Fuck

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    After a snowball fight, making a snow man, rolling around in the snow, and an outdoor soak in the hot tub, these six Sean Cody guys get down to some serious fucking. Three bottoms down on all fours on the couch with the three tops taking a turn on each guy's ass.

  • Hunk Takes It In the Ass

    Hunk Takes It In the Ass

    Where does Sean Cody keep finding these hot guys? Daniel and Walker are muscular, handsome and horny, and they waste no time getting naked together. Then these well-built studs fuck bareback in a steamy ass-pounding session!

  • Sean Cody & Bel Ami Online - Site Reviews

    There haven't been a lot of new gay porn sites popping up, so I thought we'd take a look at a couple that have been around for a while: Sean Cody and Bel Ami Online. (There were a couple of new launches right at the end of the week, so check back here next Sunday and you'll find the reviews.)

    sean cody

    Sean Cody has been bringing us sexy and ripped guys for many years; in fact, they're one of the original straight guy sites. With a new video added every other day, and the 1,600 already in the member's area, you could watch three videos a day and still not get through them all in a month, and if you did, you should probably be hitting a Sex and Love Addicts Anonymous meeting. We didn't find much wrong with Sean Cody, and if you haven't visited the site in a while, check out the GayDemon review.


    Bel Ami Online is another gay porn site that has been pumping out hot videos for over a decade, although the studio has been filming for 20 years . Featuring the hottest and most good-looking guys from Slovakia, the Czech Republic, and Hungary, they just don't get much sexier. And if you like foreskin, Bel Ami is almost exclusively and uncut cock site. The site offers 1426 videos filmed in studio and in some of the most beautiful locations and the site just celebrated its 20th anniversary with a 24-guy bareback gang bang. With three new videos every week, you'll get an eyeful.

  • Ryan Rose Reveals New BF In Interview

    Ryan Rose

    His latest movie, Bucks County, continues to burn up the sales charts, and now handsome Ryan Rose is hitting the road. The Falcon exclusive (and current Man of the Year) recently performed at Rumor nightclub in Boston as part of David Forest's "I Wanna Meet a Pornstar" tour, and to celebrate the gig, he gave an interview to our colleague Mark Adams. In the exclusive sit-down for VidioView.com, Rose talks about how he got his start in the industry (as a Sean Cody model in 2011), his manly former careers (he was a Marine and worked for a construction company) and which fellow gay porn star he thinks of as a little brother (hint: he's cute and wonderfully hairy!). The versatile superstar also reveals that newcomer Ethan Slade is his boyfriend, and that the adorable duo plan to film a scene together next month for Falcon Studios. (As far as we know, there was no mention of Ryan's former boyfriend.) Just don't call them a gay porn power couple! To read the full interview, click here.

  • Sean Cody Jocks Flip Flop

    Sean Cody Jocks Flip Flop

    Who doesn't love the well-built, gorgeous all-American jocks from Sean Cody? I know I do. Meet Joshua and Noel, two hotties who have amazing chemistry and are all over each other from the time this session starts. After the guys are revved up, they take turns barebacking each others' tight holes, and let me tell you - this is one serious fuck session!

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  • Hairy Armpits - Hump Day Hotties

    Hairy Armpits - Hump Day Hotties

    I was looking for something a little different to bring you in GayDemon's regular Hump Day Hotties feature, and I was checking out the guys over at Sean Cody and got inspired by hairy armpits. At some point in a solo session a guy's arms end up flexed behind his head so we can get a good look at his furry pits. And it drives me nuts.

    A lot of gay men prefer to be perfectly manscaped, trimming off their chest hair and some even shave their pits, their pubes, and their legs, for goodness sake. But I've always found a dark patch of armpit fur incredibly sexy, especially when you're sitting on the patio at the coffee shop and a hunk in a tank top does a stretch. And there's nothing like the smell of a man after you've both been getting worked up in a romp. I'm not talking about a stud just home from a sweaty and smelly workout at the gym -- although that can be hot, too -- no, just the smell a man builds up when his partner gets the testosterone flowing and gets him turned out. Enjoy!

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  • Handsome and Horny Muscle Bear

    Handsome and Horny Muscle Bear

    Meet Charles from Sean Cody. Charles is masculine and gorgeous, his well-muscled chat and abs covered in thick fur. This hairy jock has a great attitude, a boyish smile and a perfect cock. And he's not shy in front of the camera - he loves getting naked and showing off his stuff!

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