• Bennett Anthony Pounds Paul Cannon at MEN.com

    Bennett Anthony Pounds Paul Cannon at MEN.com

    Paul Cannon's teammate Tom has been kicked out of school for being a slut, and he's left a note explaining why he's left in this Big Dicks At School MEN.com scene. Bennett Anthony comes in to see if Paul had heard the news. Bennett asks Paul if he's ever fucked his hot previous roommate, but too shy to admit, Bennett has to fuck the answer out of Paul. I think its obvious by Paul's eagerness to get his ass filled that he definitely had!

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  • Spunk Worthy Goes Bareback With Hugh Fucking Tory

    Spunk Worthy Goes Bareback With Hugh Fucking Tory

    This is Spunk Worthy's first bareback scene. I was surprised, I thought there had already been a couple, but I was wrong. Redhead Hugh fucks Tory in this scene. Tory said he wanted to try the real thing after trying dildos up his hole. Hugh's not too sure about taking this next step, but Tory's excitement puts him at enough ease. Tory sucks his cock and gets him nice and hard, before sitting on Hugh's cock on the couch. They change positions so Tory's getting fucked from behind. It's so hot watching these straight guys plowing!

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  • Abraham Al Malek & Malek Tobias in End of the Weekend

    Abraham Al Malek & Malek Tobias in End of the Weekend

    Middle Eastern hunk Abraham Al Malek appears in his 5th scene at MEN.com in Gods of Men title 'End of the Weekend'. His scene partner is gorgeous redhead Malek Tobias, a total bottom. Tobias is a short guy at just 5ft 6ins tall, so he's easily manhandled by power top Abraham with an 8.5 inch uncut cock. Abraham sits back in his chair to get his big dick sucked before he rims Tobias' sweet arsehole and then pounds him until he's in pure ecstasy. It's a powerful scene!

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  • Crotch Watch: Doyle at Like 'Em Straight

    Crotch Watch: Doyle at Like 'Em Straight

    Skinny ginger-haired Doyle is just 22 years old. He's making himself (un)comfortable in the Like 'em Straight chair ready for Brendon to play with his cock. Doyle has a really big dick. You can see it's quite a mouthful for Brendon as he wraps his lips around it to give Doyle a teasing blowjob. His hands grope his girth and work Doyle up to release.

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  • Top #Selfies of the Week: Suckable Studs

    Top #Selfies of the Week: Suckable Studs

    There are a lot of criteria when it comes to deciding if a guy is suckable or not. Look past the tight body and handsome, devilish face and you'll get to the actual, complete list of suck criteria. This was a long, hard list to come up with and has been tested by a scientist with a Master's degree in Suckology, and a B.S. Rimming with a minor in Philosophy.

    And of those, he hasn't used the Philosophy minor for anything except in creating an "I SUCK THEREFORE I AM" t-shirt.

    So what is the scientifically-tested list of suck criteria?

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  • Redhead Twink Elijah Craves Assplay

    Redhead Twink Elijah Craves Assplay

    Elijah Young is a fem boy with floppy red hair, which unfortunately he keeps hidden beneath a hat in this Boy Crush scene. Elijah can get laid whenever, but sometimes he craves a bit of alone time. Alone time with his toys. He seductively sucks on a dildo whilst fingering his tight, smooth hole. With a selection to play with, he slides each of his anal toys up his butt and strokes his big cock until he splashes his boy juices in a sticky finale.

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  • Rocco Steele Stretches Greedy Ginger Ass

    Rocco Steele Stretches Greedy Ginger Ass

    Rocco Steele's massive 10 inch cock is not the biggest thing that this ginger kid is taking up his arse in this Bulldog Pit scene. Meet Dylan Ryder, a pale redhead British lad with a voracious appetite for all things huge. Dylan begins by slurping on Rocco's meat and taking a hard throat fucking. Rocco is only too pleased to help this greedy bottom stretch his arse further than it's been before and chooses a monstrous Crackstuffers toy to do it with.

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  • Masked Tim Kruger & Jaguar Spitroast Ginger Bottom

    Masked Tim Kruger & Jaguar Spitroast Ginger Bottom

    Jaguar will only shoot porn if he's allowed to be masked to hide his identity, so when Tim Kruger cast him with himself and Jaguar, Leander came clean about his fantasy to be fucked by two masked men. So here we have it. Ginger bottom Leander gets his ass fucked in turn by these two monster cocks at Tim Tales.

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  • "Really? There's Still More? How Much More?"

    "Really? There's Still More? How Much More?"

    We don't see enough gingers in Pornland. So when Tim Tales started off January 1 with a horny redhead, I have to wonder if 2015 is going to be a bumper crop of ginger men. Who knows. But what I do know is that Leander is one of the most enthusiastic bottoms I've watched in a while. And I doubt this will be the last we see of him over there.

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  • Seth Fornea Wins Gods of Olympus Competition

    Seth Fornea Wins Gods of Olympus Competition

    Ginger stud Seth Fornea is adding the title of "God" to his already impressive résumé. In recent months, the COLT Studios' superstar has been busy with his Nasty Pig ad campaign and his inclusion in the Red Hot 100 and COLT Hairy Chested Men photo books. Now, Fornea has been named a winner in the Gods of Olympus contest. Sponsored by the organizers of the third-annual WE Party and New Year Festival in Madrid, the international "Think You Look Like a Greek God?" competition chose 10 finalists and then gave fans the chance to vote online. Seth took top honors, along with Italy's Fabio Di Domizio and Spain's Fran Suárez. This tasty trio will be flown to Madrid and shake their moneymakers at seven parties that comprise the festival from December 26 to January 1, 2015. "I am so thankful to everyone for the votes and the opportunity," Fornea tells GayDemon. From the looks of these pics, they're the ones who should be thankful! For more information, click here.

    Seth Fornea