• This Ginger Stud Wants to "Keep It Straight"

    This Ginger Stud Wants to "Keep It Straight"

    When Jason suggested that Seth O'Malley could earn some extra cash doing more than a jack-off video, this tall, ginger stud wasn't interested. He told Spunkworthy Jason that he wanted to "kept it straight." So he pounded his fat dick, shot his load, and his JO video appeared on the site at the beginning of August. Fast forward a couple of weeks down the road and Seth is changing his tune -- his car conked out and now that pile cash is sounding good. Are you sure it's just the money, Seth?

    O'Malley sits on the massage table with a towel around his waist. He's never done anything with a guy before, so he's a little nervous. But once Jason explained Seth only had to lie there and enjoy what was happening to his cock, Seth relaxed and pulled off his towel. We get a quick look at the orange bush blazing between his thick thighs, then he rolls on his belly. Seth has a big ass and thick thighs. Jason's extra lucky today.

    Jason works Seth's firm butt and pulls his meaty thighs apart so we can see his furry ass crack and nuts. Jason can see that Seth is starting to pop wood, so he has the ginger roll over. Seth has a thick one. It's not long, but fat with an over-sized head. The best kinds of cocks in my books. Seth said that he had saved up a two-day load and Jason paced him diverting his hands away from Seth's cock when he was getting too close to the edge. But finally Jason lets Seth unload. "Here it cums," he says and he spunks all over his ginger treasure trail and pubes.

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  • Straight Guy Blowjob Session

    Straight Guy Blowjob Session

    Who doesn't love a redhead, especially when he's got a cock as nice as Perry's? Perry may be straight, but there's nothing he likes as well as a good blowjob, which explains why he contacted Spunk Worthy to do another shoot. His dick gets a serious servicing this time, as Perry gets sucked while he's standing, sitting down and lying on the bed with his legs in the air!

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  • Seth Fornea Makes Full Frontal Debut

    Seth Fornea Makes Full Frontal Debut

    We've been crushing on ginger dreamboat Seth Fornea since last summer. The freckled fitness model, who was discovered while dancing at a bar in New Orleans, has done his fair share of teasing with some extremely sexy and provocative wet underwear photos. But he has never done the full monty...until now! Earlier today, COLT Studio Group released the first set of pics that show Seth in all his glory, along with his first (orgasm-free) solo for the Legendary Bodies series. In the scene, this chemist for the USDA fondles himself in front of a hot tub, before diving in for the "big" reveal. Then Fornea has a few moments of "intimate and erotic reflection" by the fireside. Now there's no question that this hairy stud is a true redhead! Look for more of Seth in 2015, when he'll be the subject of his own COLT Man calendar. For more information, visit COLT Studio Group.

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  • Redhead Fucking a Cummy Hole

    Redhead Fucking a Cummy Hole

    Alex Kaine has been begging TIM Fuck use him as a cum dump. I guess he got his wish. Ginger top Rob Yaeger has been drilling Alex for several minutes when he pulls out to inpsect his bottom's hole, Alex pushes out a glob of cum -- and Yaeger hasn't blown his load yet. Looks like someone has already warmed up this cum whore's ass. But I'm getting ahead of myself here.

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  • Spencer Todd's Ginger Hole Gets Workout No. 2

    Spencer Todd's Ginger Hole Gets Workout No. 2

    These twenty year old straight dudes suck and fuck for cash and you get to watch. Please nobody give these guys any other job but porn! This is poor Spencer Todd's second time taking cock and it doesn't get any easier for him. That hole will just never loosen up so he has to moan and jack and count the minutes until cum flies. No pain, no gain!

    Vinnie Steele does the so totally hetero honors of plugging his buddy's ass. Vinnie's lucky he didn't have to take Spencer's thick piece in his ass this time. I guess it's in his contract. Just like his demand for a white leather couch and blue M&Ms in his dressing room. I mean undressing room.

    This flick's also a bare foot lover's dream. Vinnie's got a hot pair of twelves and Spencer's size nines flex while he gets pounded. You know he's going to be sore after. But is Spencer secretly starting to crave being fucked? That full feeling and making your buddy happy can be so addicting. Watch these two Broke Straight Boys and decide for yourself.

  • Topped by a Redhead

    Topped by a Redhead

    Dark-haired, horny-as-hell Jordan is no stranger to getting boned for Sean Cody. This time he's indoctrinating redheaded newcummer (and hot all-American jock) Adam. Adam is straight, but he's willing to bone a little male ass, and he wastes no time topping Jordan, fucking that tight, hot hole from every angle!

  • Tim Kruger's Sexy Christmas Tale


    There's nothing sexier than fucking under the Christmas tree. Well, actually there is, but work with us here. The Tim Tales site has a new holiday scene, and just because there's a precious Xmas tree in the background doesn't mean you can't get off to this hot duo all year round. The scenario finds bearded redhead (and site owner) Tim Kruger inviting sexy Spaniard Donato Reyes down from Madrid for an afternoon of seasonal fun. Donato is no fool, and he jumps on the next train. And who wouldn't for the chance to suck on Tim's meaty cock and then get fucked by him in multiple positions!? We're pretty sure we heard some angels singing on high when Reyes receives a yummy facial! For more information, visit Tim Tales.

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  • Redhead Guys Consummate their Bromance

    Redhead Guys Consummate their Bromance

    There aren't a lot of redhead guys in gay porn, so having two of them together in one scene is a huge thrill. In this new video from MEN.com called Bromance, hunky ginger Jake Wilder has tried a number of times to get his straight buddy (Connor Maguire) to come over to the gay side, just once. Jake has pounded out more than a couple of loads thinking about his straight best friend fucking his ass.

    The video opens with Jake Wilder begging Connor Maguire to try it once. Connor rebuffs him saying, "Come on, dude, we're friends." But Jake doesn't let up and keeps pawing at Maguire's chest. Then Connor finally asks, "Okay, you wanna do this?" and the boys get into it. I've always enjoyed watching Maguire, he's a good-looking guy with a strong body and a big dick, but Jake Wilder is new to me. I know he's done other scenes, I just never noticed him before. And wow! What a hot stud. He's got several pounds of muscle on Maguire sporting a beefy body.

    Connor bends Jake over a table and grabs two fists full of ass, spreads them, and dives in with his tongue. Wilder has a great ass, it's a top's dream come true. And after swapping blowjobs and some really horny rimming, Connor gives his buddy exactly what he wants - a deep and hard ass dicking. This second episode of Bromance is a good solid scene with hot and sweaty fucking and the guys have good chemistry. Redhead guys aside, I'm a fan of Jake Wilder now and I'm on the hunt for more of this sexy stud's videos, but I don't have to go far because he's in seven scenes over at MEN.com where he both tops and bottoms, so I've got some catching up to do.

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  • Lance Hart Fucks Steven Ponce

    View full video at Men over 30

    Wouldn't it be fun if the scenarios in gay porn videos actually happened in real life? In this video from Men Over 30, Lance Hart is a bank manager and Steven Ponce is trying to get a car load. Ponce's credit sucks, so if he wants the loan he has to get down on his knees and suck. I just opened up accounts with a new bank about a year ago and I certainly wasn't offered these kinds of options. Anyway, Puerto Rican redhead Steven Ponce is pretty hot in this one, he gets his beefy ass fucked. And man, can this guy shoot a massive cum load -- 12 pumps of spunk fly out of his dick.

  • Sleepy, Sexy, Smarty Bear

    Time for your topless physics lesson, courtesy of this ginger muscle bear. What a lovely man. As far as Klein bottles go, though, he neglects to point out that the object cannot actually be constructed in three dimensions, but is simply an approximation. Still, watching him trace the scarf edge and the bottle surface with his paw is a lovely exercise in maintaining simultaneous sexual and intellectual interest. So when you're on a date and a guy is boring you either sexually or intellectually, now you'll be able to tell the difference.

    Because don't we all ultimately want both? Plus the spiritual connection? Okay, totally not. Some guys just want sex with the sound turned down and mind turned down and everything turned down. And they find their matches. But some of us want a guy with a smart cock and a hung brain. So all you muscle guys out there, share your science knowledge and political insight and everything brainiac about you. Smart doesn't erase sexy. It enhances it. Though from my point of view, and I'm kinda smart I hope, if a guy is dumb, that does erase his sexy to me. But don't tell him that!