• Muscle Bear Fucks Daddy Ass

    Muscle Bear Fucks Daddy Ass

    When I first saw muscle bear Steve King I thought, "Oh man, I'd love to have this sexy man pounding away on my ass." Then I next saw him getting fucked. Damn! He's a bottom. Nothing wrong with that, but as a 100% committed bottom myself, another one doesn't do me a lot of good in the sack. Then I saw King over on Pantheon Bear fucking this daddy's ass and my fantasies revved up again.

    Steve King is one sexy fucker. He's ruggedly handsome with a hot trimmed beard, his body is covered in hair, and he's heavily tattooed. He's a man's man, a total masculine hunk, and who wouldn't want to spend a few hours rolling around a bed with him?

    Jake Shores is a grey bearded, bald daddy who loves getting his ass fucked. It's a hot southern day outside and these two men are hanging out indoors and trying to stay cool. But when their cocks come out, they fail miserably because things heat up in a very big way. After trading blowjobs these two horny men get down to some fucking and King plows this daddy's ass good and hard.

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  • Sexy, Furry and Hunky

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    I love this man from Pantheon Bear. You could not want to watch a hotter man. He's handsome with a full beard, he's well built and hairy, he's inked, and he's all alone jerking his hard cock on his bed. What a way to start the day!

  • Real Lovers Swap Cum

    edu boxer and Manu Maltes

    Edu Boxer and Manu Maltes are real-life lovers and they're playing together in this kinky scene from Pantheon Bear. Edu Boxer is a handsome muscle bear with the sexiest beard and eyes you've ever seen. His lover, Manu Maltes, is pretty hot himself with a rock-hard, hairy body. And both of these studs are sporting uncut cocks.

    When the scene opens, Edu Boxer is in a cage; his lover is outside the cage teasing Edu with kissing and tugs on his meaty uncut dick. Manu finally releases his lover and these two Italian hunks get down to swapping head. Edu is the first to blow his cum load and smears a thick load of cum all over Manu's beard. And not to be outdone, after getting some more hot head from his lover, Manu splashes his heavy load all over his Edu's beard.

  • Chubby Bear Cub

    chubby bear cub

    You'll find chubby bear cub Hunter sunning himself poolside in Ft. Lauderdale. He's one massive man, standing 6'3" and weighing in at 240 pounds. And if you like your cubs with big bellies and huge butts, Hunter's going to get you revved up.

    Furry chest, a hairy belly, and a face full of scruff, Hunter is a bear lover's dream come true. He's handsome and this 25-year-old chubby cub is doing his first jack-off video for Pantheon Bear. After frolicking in the pool, Hunter lies back on the concrete deck and jerks his hard cock. And he spills a deliciously creamy load all over his big hairy belly.

    I'm hoping we'll see Hunter in some bear-on-bear action, but for now watching him in this outdoor jack-off video is enough for me.

  • Bear Sex Party

    bear sex party

    Big bellies aren't for everyone, but I love them. And there's nothing hotter than a bar full of bear men bumping their big hairy bellies, sucking dick, and fucking ass. This bear sex party is the latest release from Pantheon Bear and it features eight sexy furry bears in all shapes and sizes filmed in this orgy.

    The thing that I love about playing with bears is they're in it for the sex and they generally aren't size queens, and I'm talking about both body size and dicks. This gang of men gets off on sweaty sex; they love the smell of one another, and they love playing with men of all shapes and sizes. There are a couple of muscle bears, a couple of regular-sized guys, and a few hairy bears with big bellies. If you've never been in the middle of a bear sex party, you ought to give it a try and this video will give you a good idea of what you're in for.

    Blond muscle cub Leif Gobo bends over and gets his ass plugged by one big-bellied man while he nurses on another muscle daddy's big, thick cock. And when these bear men start unloading their balls, there are eight creamy loads of cum flying everywhere.

  • Cigar-Smoking Hairy Daddy

    ford holland

    Ford Holland is one sexy, hairy daddy. This 51-year-old masculine man is one of the favorites over at Pantheon Bear and Hot Older Male. He's appeared in six videos for Pantheon Bear and he's fucked some lucky bastard's ass in each of them. He's also been featured in two videos over at Hot Older Male. And the good news is that when you join Pantheon Bear you also get access to Hot Older Male as a bonus, so one membership lets you see every video this cigar-smoking daddy has filmed.

    Ford Holland lives in Nashville and he's usually dressed like a redneck with his wife beater, plaid shirt, and ball cap. Redneck or not, this hairy daddy could wear anything he wanted, although I'd prefer nothing at all, as long as he was pumping my mouth full of dick. And he's got a nice one crowned with a big nob.

    In this photo gallery, hairy daddy Ford Holland is smoking a cigar and stroking his cock. And then in the last few frames, he lets a stream of piss fly out of his cock and urinates all over the laundry room floor. If you're not into piss, don't worry; Ford's videos are more about getting his big dick serviced by a hungry mouth or a juicy butt.

  • Redhead Bears Fucking

    redhead bears fucking

    Every since I saw these two redhead bears on Pantheon Bear, I've been dying to watch them fuck. Over the past few weeks, Pantheon Bear has been teasing us with a photo set featuring each ginger man. I know they were going to fuck because the site mentioned it. Tease, tease, tease ... I was going crazy because I have a thing for redheads, and of course, bald men and body hair are a no brainer here. Put them all together and my dick is hard and ready for a good pumping session.

    Big ginger bear Rusty G was the first one of these bald guys to show up on the site. He's a really hot man - cute with a devilish smile - and this 38-year-old loves showing off for an audience. Standing 6 feet and weighing a pretty solid 245 pounds, this furry redhead bear couldn't wait for us to watch him take a hard cock up his beefy ass.

    Enter Kirby; this bald and bearded redhead man is the lucky dude that gets to fuck Rusty's ass. And seeing Kirby's huge cock head, Rusty can't wait to feel that plunging into his hungry fuck hole.So finally the wait is over and these two ginger bears are rolling around on the bed. Rusty gets fucked doggy style at first and this gives us a chance to check out his huge ass, but to shoot his cum load, Rusty rides that big-nobbed dick and jerks off all over Kirby. I have to say, as frustrating as it was, this was worth the wait.

  • Hairy Bear Threeway

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    Three hairy bears are getting it on in this video from Pantheon Bear. One hot hairy man is on the bed on all fours, and he's getting his ass fucked by a rough-looking, solid, hairy bear. While this bear stuffs his buddy's ass, another big-bellied, grey-haired daddy is feeding this bottom's mouth.

  • Redhead Bear

    redhead bear

    Some mornings I'm all revved up and ready to go, other days I fiddle around and have a hard time getting things going. This morning I woke up to find this sexy redheaded fucker in my inbox and he got me all charged up. I know it's funny to call him a redhead when he's completely bald, but look at that beard - it's fiery red, can there be any doubt this man was a ginger when he had hair? And if there is, well, his name is Rusty, so there you go.

    Rusty is a recent hot, furry offering over at Pantheon Bear. He's 38, stands 6 feet tall, and weighs in at 245 pounds. Wow! That's one hunk of bear. He's wearing a lot of ink on his solid body, and both his chest and belly are covered in hair. And check out his pubes, this redhead man has a fiery, red bush, and there's a lot of it.

    Rusty is sporting a bit of mushroom head cock and he really loves getting his ass fucked. I don't have any pictures, but Pantheon Bear has uploaded a video called Cum Swapping Cousins where Rusty gets his ass porked by another ginger bear named Kirby, who is a full five inches shorter than Rusty. And Kirby has a super fat cock. Fuck me! This is turning out to be one hot day, I'm glad I got out of bed. Now I'm off to check out these two redheaded men and watch them fuck.

  • Bear Bartender Fucks Ass

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    In this video from Pantheon Bear, hairy daddy Clint Taylor bends a hairy-backed bear over the bar and fucks his ass. God, these men are on fire!