• MEN.com: Paddy O'Brian & Dakota Vice

    MEN.com: Paddy O'Brian & Dakota Vice

    In a new MEN.com movie, Hard Knox (Part 3), Paddy O'Brian is out of prison. Dakota Vice never bothered to visit him inside despite the guys going back a long way. Once he's out Dakota's former crooked boss Paddy hunts him down to get what's owed to him. Dakota takes Paddy's cock in his mouth and ass, getting a hard fuck in his hairy hole.

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  • MEN.com: Paddy O'Brian & Flex in the Ring

    MEN.com: Paddy O'Brian & Flex in the Ring

    This brand new scene from MEN.com, "Body Locking Part 1" includes MEN exclusive top Paddy O'Brian and the gorgeous Flex. They're in the ring but boxing is not on the agenda. Flex stands in his tracksuit trousers looking so hot. He gives Paddy O'Brian a post-workout shoulder massage that seduces him into action. Power top Paddy rims bottom hunk Flex and pounds his ass right there in the ring.

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  • Howl: Halloween Orgy

    Howl: Halloween Orgy

    Paddy O'Brian has already been tag teamed in part 2 of MEN.com's halloween series. Now, O'Brian is getting gang banged by Colby Keller, Dato Foland, Gabriel Clark, Jessy Ares, and Logan Moore in Howl, part 4 of the series.

    This last episode concludes the series of supernatural themed porn to celebrate halloween. MEN.com claim this to be "the hottest cast ever assembled for a gay porn series", and we can't disagree so far. For the video trailer, head over to MEN.com now.

    Happy Halloween from all at GayDemon!

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  • Trending This Week: Paddy's Gang Bang

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    So we saw this hot gang bang scene on the blog last weekend, but for those who still haven't had the pleasure, here's the video!

    Paddy O'Brian's gang bang is trending the highest this week on GayDemon's gallery, unsurprisingly! It seems we love him as a bottom.

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  • Paddy O'Brian Tops Goran In Suite 33 Part 4

    Paddy O'Brian Tops Goran In Suite 33 Part 4

    Gods of Men catch Paddy O'Brian and Goran at their absolute sexiest best! The two muscle hunks are ripped, their sixpack abs and powerful thighs highlighted as they experience each others' cocks, mouths and bodies in this incredibly sensuous fuck session.

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  • Marco Rubi To Model New Fashion Line


    Another gay porn star is going legit. Up-and-comer Marco Rubi has been announced as the new face (and body...woof!) of SchwarzRosaGold. This German company focuses on "text, images and brands," and among its varied interests is a fashion collection. According to a tweet from Marco himself, the cute newbie will be modeling the "most comfortable gym clothes ever." And we're sure he's going to look fine doing it. The handsome screen stud can also be seen in a new duo with Paddy O'Brian for Men.com. Titled "Men in Crack," the scene finds O'Brian breaking a secret code devised by Rubi that leads the hung Brit to eat (and pound!) Marco's sweet ass. For more information, visit Men.com.

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  • Danny Broughton Debuts For Men At Play


    He's done lots of work for the English Lads site over the past couple of years (where he famously bottomed for Paddy O'Brian). And he was even Mr. Gay UK way back in 2007. But if you ask us, Danny Broughton has never looked better than in his Men At Play debut. Look at that face! That body! Those tats! The British online studio has nabbed the 27-year-old stud for a new scene titled "On Site." And it has wisely paired him with veteran star Landon Conrad. In the scenario, handsome Danny is finishing up his first day of work on a construction site. Boss man Landon watches him change out of his work clothes, and then keeps Danny off site to suck his lovely uncut cock. Then he eats his perfectly hairy ass before plunging his own gorgeous piece deep inside. As this is a Men At Play scene, Conrad stays dressed in his snazzy business suit! In return, Danny gets a nice facial for his hard work. Werk! For more information, visit Men At Play.

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  • Paddy O'Brian Gets Fucked Again

    Paddy O'Brian Gets Fucked Again

    A couple of months ago Paddy O'Brian rocked the gay porn world with the somewhat shocking news that he was going to bottom for the first time. I say "somewhat shocking" because there comes a time in every gay porn star's career as a top that he'll eventually have to bottom. Either his career is waning and it needs a boost, or some porn site offers him so much money that he can't say "no." Paddy O'Brian's career certainly doesn't show any signs of plateauing, he's still one of the hardest working men in gay porn and has a new MEN.com scene every couple of weeks, and he has a huge following.

    So after Topher DiMaggio gave Paddy his first on-screen fuck, O'Brian was back to topping in his scenes. But today, a couple months later, he's back on the bottom at Men of UK and French-Canadian Gabriel Clark has the honours of being the second guy to fuck Paddy's ass.

    It's a passionate scene with dark lighting and candles, lots of kissing and caressing, it really feels like a pair of lovers are having their first sexual experience after dating for a couple of months. It's tender, slow, and erotic. Paddy and Gabriel aren't in a rush. Paddy fucks Gabriel's ass first with a dildo, then his cock; then Gabriel eats out Paddy's ass and fucks it. A few minutes later Gabriel is riding Paddy's dick, then he spoon fucks the British top until they both cum in a side-by-side jack. If you're a Paddy fan, you'll definitely be watching this one; if you haven't been a fan, you'll want to check this one out, it's a whole different side of Paddy.

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  • Paddy O'Brian Has 24 Hours to Fuck

    Paddy O'Brian Has 24 Hours to Fuck

    I love science fiction and I love porn. And MEN.com is mixing the two in this video starring Paddy O'Brian and Riley Coxx. In the late 21st century, time has replaced money as a unit of currency. When a man hits 25 years of age, his body stops aging and he's got one more year to live -- unless he can replenish his cock. Walking down the street looking for someone to fuck, Paddy finds a business card on the ground that says, "Need time?" So he calls the number and Riley Coxx tells him where to be.

    I hate to be a nit picker, but there are so many holes in this story that I'm surprised Paddy O'Brian didn't just pick one of them and fuck it. First, the concept of your life ending at 25 isn't a new one, they did the same sort of thing in the movie Logan's Run, so that's fine, no problems there.

    But if all a guy has to do to avoid death is "replenish his cock," wouldn't men be pulling down their pants and boning each other in the street? Would you have to hunt for someone who was selling time? And does Riley Coxx lose some of his time by getting fucked? Wouldn't his own time be replenished by the ass pounding? Or do you have to top to get time?

    Oh well, who cares? It's gay porn, which can be silly at times, and I love watching Paddy O'Brian screwing a mile a minute, and in this case he's got every reason to pound hard and fast, his life depends on it.

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  • Topher Tops Paddy In Much Anticipated Scene

    Paddy O'Brien Bottoms

    We teased it earlier this month. Now, the moment of truth is here. Wanna see porn superstar Paddy O'Brian take his first (onscreen) dick? Then Men.com is the place for you. This scene has been hyped (and overhyped) for weeks. Certain disreputable blogs claimed to know the identity of the lucky top. (Wrong, as usual.) In the end, Topher DiMaggio is the man who gives it to Paddy in numerous positions. The scenario finds the British hunk at the mercy of two incompetent (female!?) directors who make a booking mistake that leads good sport O'Brian to agree to get fucked. But he seems to enjoy it--and he doesn't seem half bad at it! To view Paddy's bottoming debut in "Top to Bottom 2," go to Men.com.

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