• It Started in the Park ...

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    In this World of Men video this sexy bearded guy is on the hunt for sex, he passes a businessman walking through the park. Their eyes meet and he thinks they've made a connection, but the executive scurries off. Later, this horny bearded guy is walking down the street and sees this German businessman jacking his dick in the office. A quick finger wag signals this horny hunter to come in and the fun begins.

  • Dirty Fantasies at the Office

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    Whenever I watch one of these Men at Play videos I always think about their dry-cleaning bills. Johnny Hazzard's boss strips him out of his clothes then bends him over the desk. Woody Fox is still wearing his suit when he fucks Hazzard's hot butt. And Fox has a juicy big uncut dick so Hazzard doesn't seem to mind the sexual harassment in the workplace.

  • Dato Foland's First Bottom Scene

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    Dato Foland is a sexy European hunk, and until now, he's only topped guys in his videos. But this new video from MEN.com's Top to Bottom sees him playing a window cleaner in an office building. When nasty executive Leo Domenico bellows for Dato to come inside and clean his computer monitor, Dato just smiles and gets to it. And when the boss wants his big dick sucked, Dato happily gets down on his knees. And even though Dato's a top, when the boss wants to fuck his ass, the sexy hunk doesn't say "no."

  • Conan Auditions for Men At Play?

    Goof about town Conan O'Brien gives one of his assistant producers Jordan Schlansky a hard time for being late on Fridays which delightfully borders on (or equals) sexual harassment. It's basically the entire set up for a Men At Play office fetish video, minus the flashy pinstripes, shiny shoes and shiny penises.

    But you need to watch. Conan is in control and you'll like it. I know Jordan secretly did, and not just because he probably got scale for speaking on camera. Who knew assistant producers had such fine torsos?

    And if Jordan Schlansky has been inside you, tell us about it. In detail. Twice.

  • Caught Wanking in the Office

    Caught Wanking in the Office

    Matt Brooks arrives at the office early and he sets up a web cam under Mackenzie Cross' desk. In this office sex scene from UK Naked Men, Mackenzie arrives at work and it's not long before he's doing what he always does -- watching a porn video on his computer and wanking his cock under the desk.

    While watching on his web cam, Matt makes small talk with Mackenzie from across the way and Mackenzie continues stroking his dick thinking that he's safely hidden behind a wall of filing cabinets. "I'm quite busy at the moment," he says trying to shut up Matt. Then suddenly Mackenzie turns around and finds Matt leaning on the cabinets behind him, watching his co-worker beating off.

    Brooks comes around and helps himself to Mackenzie's stiff dick. And once he gets his co-worker completely revved up, Matt throws his buddy across his desk and fucks his ass with his big, thick uncut cock. Matt sits back in the desk chair and Mackenie rides his hard-on. Then it's back to the desk for some more ass fucking until Matt finally unloads his balls all over Mackenize's bare foot.

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  • Public Bathroom Glory Hole Sex

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    Three guys are working at their desks in this video from Cazzo Club. One of them is watching gay porn on this computer; his co-worker sees what he is doing. When the guy heads off to the bathroom to take care of his hard-on, the other man follows and watches through a glory hole. Then he joins his office buddy and they get off in a stall together. Now that's what I call a lunch break!

  • Horny Business Meeting

    executives in suits having sex

    Blond hunk Landon Conrad is watching the clock; he's stuck on a call with a client, but he knows that his regular fuck buddy, Jessie Colter, from another department is waiting for their weekly fuck session in the executive's office. Landon's had a hard week and he really needs to unload some stress.

    Landon finally gets the client off the phone and texts Jessie, "I'm stroking my cock at my desk, get your ass in here." Jessie arrives at Landon's office lickety split, locks the door, and gets on his knees. And when this cocksucker swallows the boss' meat, Landon knows he did the right thing when he hired this power bottom. Not only is he good at his job, but he gives the best head Landon has ever had.

    With his fat cock standing hard, Landon heads for the couch and sits back and tells Jessie to assume to position, and the bottom mounts his boss and sits on his cock. After riding his boss's thick dick, Jessie bends over the sofa and gets his ass pounded hard. And when his boss pulls out and says he's getting close, Jessie knows the job description: lie back on the sofa and let your boss cum all over your face. Where do I apply? This is a dream job.

  • Job Interview Fuck Session

    jake genesis and issac jones

    I just recently figured out that Issac Jones was French. Since he appears on so many U.K. gay porn sites I assumed he was British. But in this scene from Men at Play I see that Jones has a big honking "Made in France" tattoo on his torso, so it's pretty clear now; but seriously Issac Jones isn't a very French name, so you can see how I came to my conclusions.

    Issac Jones is heading off to a job interview and Jake Genesis is the man he's going to see. But what Jones doesn't know is that Jake has found a video online where Issac has been showing off his cock for everyone to see. Jake's a good-looking, hairy hunk and he's new to Men at Play, but judging from this video, he's going to be very popular.

    During the interview Jake tells Issac that his resume looks great and all his references checked out except one. He's holding his iPhone with the video of Issac jerking his cock. Once Jones sees the video he knows what he needs to do. He gets down on his knees and starts sucking Jake's big, uncut cock. And it's not long before these two hunky men are completely naked and sucking, rimming, and fucking on the couch in Jake's office. Head over to Men at Play and check out the free preview video.

  • Oral Exam For Gio

    Muscle studs from the UK fucking on a desk

    Gio Cruz from UK Naked Men can't seem to grasp the English language. Frustrated with his efforts, Hayden Kane insists he passes the oral exam by using his Spanish cock to pound away at his ass on the desk!

  • Sex in the Office Men's Room

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    Cazzo Club catches this horny middle executive as he watches some porn on his office computer, then heads off to the restroom to rub one out. He's stroking his dick when a hot co-worker shows up, and the first guy can't wait to get down on his knees and service his massive cock. After some ass fingering, this turns into a steamy public restroom fuck, both men still wearing suits as they pound away!