• Michael Lucas Barebacks Fabio Lopez

    Michael Lucas Barebacks Fabio Lopez

    Fabio Lopez's sweet face hasn't been seen for several months at Lucas Entertainment, and it appears Lucas Ent. owner Michael Lucas himself had really missed having his ass on set, such that he's cast himself in the scene. Fabio is working hard for his return to the studio, swallowing Michael's cock before getting his ass hole pounded bare. Fabio can be a needy bottom, it's claimed, so getting to fuck the big boss himself must be really satisfying for his ego.

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  • Amazing Bareback Double Penetration

    Amazing Bareback Double Penetration

    You just have to hand it to Lucas Entertainment - these guys know how to please! This scene is absolutely amazing - hot - bareback - raunchy - romantic - sexy - all rolled into one, one butthole that is! Cause Josh Milk gets to take both Michael Lucas's AND Alejandro Alvarez's cocks - both at the same time - and bareback too!

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  • Dato Foland's First Bareback Scene

    Dato Foland's First Bareback Scene

    It's a daily double today for Dato Foland -- bottoming bareback in his first-ever scene and joining Lucas Entertainment as a new exclusive. This is also Foland's first scene with the studio, which I found rather surprising, and he's sporting longer hair. I liked Dato's close-cropped look, but I think this new hairy style is très sexy.

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  • Bareback Porn: How Did We Go from Shocking to Just Another Fuck in 10 Years?

    Treasure Island Media's 20 Load Weekend

    I remember the first time I became aware that barebacking was a thing. In 2004, I heard about a DVD called "Dawson's 20-Load Weekend" where a guy went on a weekend raw cock crusade. When it was over, 20 men had left their sperm in Dawson's ass. I was shocked.

    But back then, bareback sex was underground, a dirty niche that bristled big studios producing condom porn. A decade later, bareback sex in videos is everywhere. Grand daddies like Hot House, Titan Men, Raging Stallion Studios, and Channel 1 Releasing refuse to go raw. And while they continue filming inside their latex bubbles, barebacking has become the new normal.

    So what happened? Three things: medicine, meth, and money.

    HIV antiretroviral cocktail

    An entire generation of gay men have only read about the terrifying first wave when AIDS didn't even have a name and men were dying in droves. Many gay man today think about HIV as something we choke back with a handful of pills. No big deal.

    Even some negative men are taking pre-exposure prophylaxis (PrEP, or Truvada as the brand name pill is called) so they don't become infected. But Truvada has one nasty side effect: Gay men can become quite blase about HIV. Take Truvada, assume the position, and have your own 20-load weekend. Again, it's no big deal.

    If you're positive and on the cocktail, your doctor has likely told you that your viral load is "undetectable." To many, that sounds an awful lot like "isn't there." Cured. The virus is still there, but current monitoring tests are unable to detect the virus below a certain threshold, think of it as trying to find one red ball in the IKEA ball pit filled with yellow balls.

    So when there was no treatment for HIV, we were scared and used condoms. Now, we have some pretty good treatments, we're relaxed and more of us are barebacking.

    On the sinister side, meth and other recreational drugs make it hard to think straight about anything, let alone safer sex. With ecstasy dancing through my brain and a bump of K up my snoot, the last think on my mind was a condom. I almost lost a friend to meth, or Tina as it's quaintly called. He got help before Tina raped him of everything, but she did leave him with souvenir. HIV.

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  • Has The Sword Fired Zachary Sire?


    On Saturday, August 17 on Twitter Benjamin announced his assumption to the throne as editor of The Sword, one of the Web's busiest, and at times nastiest, gay porn gossip blogs. But with no official announcement about previous editor, Zachary Sire, the Twitterverse started rumbling that Sire had been fired.




    The Sword's Benjamin says that Zachary Sire is still working at The Sword, but his efforts will be behind the scenes working with content and apparently managing the blog, whatever that means. No matter how The Sword tries to spin this story, it seems as though they no longer want Sire's voice front and center.

    Last week Sire found himself in hot water when a post he wrote about gay porn star and ex-ballet dancer Jett Black drew the ire of mega gay porn producer Michael Lucas. And Lucas demanded Sire delete the post or he was telling AEBN to remove all of his Lucas Entertainment DVDs from their video-on-demand system. AEBN is the parent company who owns Naked Sword and gay porn blog The Sword. After 30 minutes of back and forth in the Jett Black post's comments between Sire and Lucas, the post disappeared.

    But did Michael Lucas go to AEBN anyway? Did Lucas have Zachary Sire fired?


    Throughout August 17, The Sword's new editor continued doing damage control and his final tweet said, "He's just stopping blogging so he can work behind the scenes on managing affiliates and original content production." But an earlier tweet said that Sire was "working behind-the-scenes now managing the site and working with content."

    So which is it? Is he the managing editor of The Sword? Is he working with content? Managing affiliates? Or producing original content for Naked Sword? The Sword itself was silent on August 17 and 18, and posts on August 19 failed to mention Zachary Sire's retirement as editor of the blog.

    Michael Lucas isn't the only person working in gay porn who's pissed with The Sword's Zachary Sire. There's a long list of gay porn stars, studios, and gay porn sites who would happily grease Sire's speedy slide down the banister to obscurity.

    Marc Dylan is the latest gay porn star in Zachary Sire's cross hairs, did he finally have enough of Sire's acid tongue and call AEBN himself? I'm sure this story isn't done unfolding. What will become of The Sword without Sire's witty and biting posts remains to be seen.

  • Michael Lucas Takes on The Sword and Wins


    The Sword's Zach and his acid tongue met his match this week when he posted a piece about gay porn star and ex-ballet dancer Jett Black. On August 14, 2013, The Sword re-posted a message Black has posted on his Tumblr, then went on to take a couple of jabs at Jett Black and said that since being fired from CockyBoys last month, Black was hiding out in Europe.

    Gay porn director Michael Lucas of Lucas Entertainment took exception with Zach's post and wrote in the comments: "Unless your post about our employee is not removed with 30 minutes, Lucas Entertainment will remove all [its] content from AEBN's website." AEBN is a video-on-demand site where surfers can watch DVDs from hundreds of different porn producers, including 190 DVDs from Lucas Entertainment, and AEBN owns Naked Sword and their blog The Sword.

    Lucas went on to say, "I standup for people who work for me. And as you are very well aware, Jett Black is in charge of [the] affiliate program, marketing and social media." Then a few minutes later Lucas added, "And stop lying to your readers. You are well aware that Jett Black is not in Europe and is working at the Lucas Entertainment offices in New York City."


    Jett Black joined the Royal Winnipeg Ballet School (RWB) in September 2012 under his real name Jeppe Hansen. And the 22-year-old Dane danced on stages around the world. Early in 2013 he started appearing on CockyBoys as Jett Black and by July his dancing career was put on hold when the RWB fired him.

    By the end of July, Black's stint with CockyBoys also came to abrupt end when the studio terminated him for violating the terms of their exclusive agreement.

    Back on The Sword and Michael Lucas and Zach continued to battle it out back and forth until Lucas finally said, "... you have 2 minutes left. My email to AEBN is ready to go."

    Then suddenly, the Jett Black post disappeared from The Sword.

    While Michael Lucas may have won this battle, Zach isn't about to let him win the war and on August 16, 2013 posted "Should The Sword stop bullying gay porn stars?" And the article includes a poll, which as of early August 16 had 75% of respondents in a poll saying, "No, The Sword is appropriately bullying those who deserve it."

  • Seth Treston Debuts For Lucas Entertainment

    Seth Treston Lucas Ent

    The boss man might be losing his mind--giving BSC interviews to the Huffington Post and writing insane op-ed pieces for Out magazine (Google it!)--but at least his studio is still signing hot talent. Newcomer Seth Treston is the latest model to ink an exclusive deal with New York-based Lucas Entertainment. Originally from Olympia, Washington, Treston lives in Seattle with his boyfriend, Billy Santoro, who is also an aspiring screen stud. According to the company, "Seth started a side career as a porn star because he loves having sex with lots of different guys, so why not get paid for it? He once had sex in a public park and his dream fuck is Rafael Alencar!" (Speaking of BSC...but that's another post!)

    "I chose Lucas Entertainment for several reasons," Treston says. "First: Lucas's porn is what I've been consistently getting off to since I discovered porn. Second: The production value and team is fantastic and professional in every sense. Third: The cream of the crop is at Lucas, and any chance to star with them is an opportunity I wouldn't miss."

    Seth's debut scene is with Valentin Petrov in Closing the Deal, the latest installment in the popular Gentlemen series. And who knows? We might see him doing a scene with his bf soon. Hopefully they don't have anything crazy planned! For more information, visit LucasEntertainment.com.

    Seth Treston Lucas Ent 2

  • Michael Lucas No Love For Harry Louis


    Not everybody in porn has to get along and once you burn a bridge in porn, well... let's just say that it won't be that easy to get your cock or get a cock up your ass for cash from any studio if you have a nasty reputation.

    Legendary porner Michael Lucas recently uploaded part of a conversation that he had with ex Brazilian porner Harry Louis and things were not so peachy from the start. Harry has been adding people on FaceBook like crazy, (I even got a friendship request, LUCKY ME!!) and Harry decided to add Michael as a friend but unfortunately for Harry, Mr.Lucas just didn't have time for that!

    Michael starts off by saying that he missed the old Harry that "used to cook for me in London" and wrote "you used to be sweet in the beginning of our collaboration." Well, Harry didn't like the sound of that and answered "truth is not what you're talking."
    Lucas then let it rip and said "I do not need you or your rudeness" and then went on to say "You were a nasty model during the last year of us working with you and now you're a nasty arrogant brat!"--- OH NO, SHE BETTA DON'T!!


    I guess you do not want to get on Michael's bad side cos he will deffo give it to ya and give it to ya good. This brings 2 questions to mind, 1) did Harry respond to that and 2) did he even understand the message?
    We shall see if more DRAMA unfolds! Go HERE for the conversation! MEEEOW!!!

  • Michael Lucas Fucks a Real Hunk

    Michael Lucas Fucks a Real Hunk

    Hunky Leo Domenico is so hot that world-famous porn producer and star Michael Lucas decides to join him in these scene rather than just direct. After some serious cock-sucking, Michael gets Leo's ass ready by teasing that pink, puckered hole with his tongue, then shoving his dick inside that butt and fucking him from just about every angle, and Michael makes sure that every stroke and spurt of cum is caught on camera for his site, Lucas Entertainment.

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  • Andy Dick (Finally!) Makes Gay Porn Debut

    Andy Dick in gay porn video from Lucas Entertainment

    Don't worry, it's a non-sexual role... as far as we know! Word came today via Lucas Entertainment's award-winning (and handsome) creative director Marc MacNamara that the New York-based company has snared the sexually ambiguous (and bi-curious?!) comedian Andy Dick for a part in its Kings of New York. The sex comedy series also features Lady Bunny (who memorably cameoed in Lucas' Brothers' Reunion in 2009), drag stars Bianca Del Rio and Epiphany, designer Richie Rich, radio personality Derek Hartley, Broadway performer Martin Samuel, Acid Betty (no idea!) and some tired queen from the mercifully canceled A-List New York.

    Oh, there are porn stars, too! Vito Gallo, Jessy Ares (singing his song "Striptease"), Landon Conrad, D.O., Mitchell Rock, Trenton Ducati, Rod Daily and Adam Killian play trendy Manhattanites clawing their way to the top of the Big Apple heap. "This series has hilarious moments that are side-by-side with the incredibly hot chemistry of the cast," says MacNamara, who also wrote and directed. "It's a new type of series that gives an all-around entertaining experience."

    So how did Lucas nab the former NewsRadio star? MacNamara exclusively tells GayDemon that the casting grew out of a male-male relationship. "Andy is a friend of mine," Marc reveals. "I sent him the script, and he loved it. When I told him I was thinking that Lady Bunny would play his wife, he was fully on board. He's a big fan of hers." MacNamara adds that the often hard (to work with) Dick was "brilliant."

    The first episode of Kings of New York premieres February 22 at LucasEntertainment.com. To view the SFW preview trailer, click here.

    Lucas Entertainment's Kings of New York