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  • Two Latino Guys Fucking by the River

    Two Latino Guys Fucking by the River

    Last night my partner was telling me about an episode of Sex Sent Me to the ER where a couple were having sex in the woods and the guy rolled over onto a hornet's nest and the woman had been lying on a bed of poison ivy. Ouch! And ouch! Then this morning when I open my assignment queue, I see Miami Boyz Alan and Martin fucking on a log by a river. Ruh roh.

    Alan and Martin have been two of the most popular guys at Miami Boyz and they've been sucking and fucking their way through several scenes, just not together. Alan is a cute, 19-year-old guy who has bottomed for a few of the guys over there. Martin is a long-dicked, straight guy who only agreed to start doing guy-on-guy sex if he only topped, and he did that.

    So if we believe the back story, this new scene is Martin's first time sucking a cock and getting fucked in the ass. Frankly, none of that matters to me, it's a hot scene with two guys sucking, fucking, and getting off in a secluded spot on a river. That's infinitely more sexy to me than whether this is really Martin's first time. Although seeing how big his cock gets makes me horny to see that thing sliding into a bottom's ass, so I'm off to watch Martin fucking Felix in the woods.

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  • Straight Latino Guy Truly Does Give This Bottom "Just the Tip"

    Straight Latino Guy Truly Does Give This Bottom "Just the Tip"

    I bitch a lot about gay porn sites whipping out the straight guy or first gay sex card, it annoys me when I don't think it's true. I don't know why it bothers me because I don't believe the guys in porn are plumbers, police men, or pizza delivery guys. But in the case of 18-year-old Edgar in this Miami Boyz video, I really do believe he's straight. And for me, I'm all the more revved up.

    The camera rolls and capture Edgar, who is sitting on his motorcycle, and talking to Alan. They're speaking Spanish and there are no subtitles. But it's not hard to tell that Alan is being flirty and wants inside Edgar's pants to see his alleged huge cock. Alan touches Edgar a few times and the straight boy flicks his hand away and rebuffs him.

    Finally this straight dude relents and pulls out his dick. It's soft and not very impressive. But like any 18-year-old guy, you just have to wait 15 seconds and Edgar's dick springs to life. Holy shit! His cock is long and thick and sticks straight up in the air (I'm surprised he didn't pass out with the amount of blood required to fill that monster) and he's got huge, egg-sized nuts hanging in a saggy ball sac.

    The guys fool around and Edgar slaps Alan's ass and breaks into hysterics. It's really his macho straight-guy bravado and nervousness coming through. But it adds to the realism. Alan wants to feel this huge bone in his ass (who wouldn't?), so finally Edgar lines up his cock head and Alan gently rocks back and forth until the pink cap enters him. Unfortunately that's all this straight guy would do -- just his cock head and then he pulled out. But he does make up for it by unloading all over Alan's face. And don't worry, I'm sure we'll see this straight guy back fucking some guy butt for real. He just needs to work up to it.

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  • Dirty Latin Boys In The Garden

    Dirty Latin Boys In The Garden

    19 year old Alan is in the garden fooling around with his hot bisexual Miami Boyz scene partner, Omar, who is just 18 years old. Omar uses his camera to capture their horny outdoor session, which has turned to cock-sucking in no time at all.

    The naked tanned boys waste no time at all in moving things on, with Alan mounting Omar's uncut latin cock, getting his hole slid into without any condoms. Omar gets a hot cum facial from Alan as he's still fucking his ass!

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  • BIG Dicked Blatino Twink

    BIG Dicked Blatino Twink

    Meet the first model of 2014 from Miami Boyz. His nickname is Shaft, and it's easy to see why. Shaft has a smooth slender body - you could easily call this dark-skinned Latin guy a twink - but his huge, meaty uncut cock is big enough to have its own zip code!

  • Latin Guy's Fantastic 6-Pump Cumshot

    View full video at Miami Boyz

    Sorry about the woman moaning on the DVD playing in the background, but this Latino guy's cumshot is too fantastic not to highlight. I'm not exaggerating or bullshitting you here: six giant pumps of spunk fly out of this guy's dick straight up in the air and splash down all over him -- one blast even lands on his face! Miami Boyz sure does know how to pick them.

  • Straight Tatted Latin Guy

    18 year old latino stud

    Straight Latin guy Flaco from Miami Boyz is just 18, but is a true Latino male. He has the attitude, big dick and tattoos to prove it. He gets his pants off to show his soft cut cock, which he plays with until sporting a full erection.

  • Uncut Amateur Latino

    Horny amateur Latino

    Enrique is a sexy 20 year old Latin boy that the guys from Miami Boyz recruited recently right off the street. He was intrigued at the idea of getting paid to jack off on video, and they couldn't wait to get him in front of the camera. Enrique has an incredible body that is only natural since he's really into working out and all sorts of sports. Once things get going, he pulls down his jeans, and reaches into his boxers to show off his fat, uncut cock. This may be Enrique's first time naked on video, but he's not at all shy as he works that dick till he can't hold back, and spews a load of cum!

  • 19 Year Old Uncut Straight Latino

    Uncut straight latin guy stroking

    Beto from Miami Boyz is a Brazilian straight guy with a 7 inch uncut cock. His body is toned and he has an awesome set of abs on display as he sits back and jerks himself off.

  • Uncut Latino Stud With 9 Inches

    Straight and hung latino with uncut dick

    Cristian is a straight latin muscle boy from Miami Boyz with an incredible 9 inch dick with extra long foreskin. He isn't shy and really enjoys getting his gear off for the cameras and showing every inch of his sizzling hot body.