• Fucking Andy O'Neill

    Andy O'Niel

    Andy O'Neill sure likes to suck cock--and lots of different ones! Just check out the look of rapture on his face as he inhales a few penises above. The twink superstar also loves bottoming, and you can see all this and more in the new compilation Fucking Andy O'Neill from Eurocreme. In five scenes, the smooth British lad shows his extreme talent for taking big dicks--and that includes the 11-inch stunner that is attached to Matt Hughes. Neil Stevens and Johannes Winter show up to cover Andy's cute, young face with jizz. And Will Jamieson and Brett Carter give O'Neill a mountainside double penetration to remember. Well, Andy will anyway. For more information, visit Eurocreme.

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  • Taking Matt Hughes' 11-Inch Cock

    Taking Matt Hughes' 11-Inch Cock

    I once heard Matt Hughes say in an interview that he rarely gets good head. And with an 11-inch monster cock it's easy to understand why -- even the most skilled cocksucker would have problems swallowing this gigantic piece of meat.

    Tommy doesn't have a problem taking Matt's huge dick in this video from Bulldog Pit. Sitting on the couch Hughes wraps his fist around the base of his dick and Tommy starts sucking. He has no trouble getting his mouth halfway down Matt's long shaft. Tommy takes over, getting on his knees, and showing off what a great cocksucker he is gulping on Matt while the blond sits back and enjoys the head. I can't say that he swallows it balls deep, but he does get most of it down his throat.

    The bigger challenge is for Matt to get his dick hard enough to stuff inside this bottom's hungry hole. Matt opens Tommy's ass with his finger, then start pushing his floppy sausage inside. After a few minutes of pumping, Matt's massive cock stiffens up and he drills this bottom balls deep and hard. Whether using his mouth or his ass, Tommy shows that he's definitely a bottom worth watching.

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  • Matt Strokes his Massive Uncut Cock

    View full video at UK Scally Lads

    Matt Hughes is jerking his 11-inch cock in this solo video from UK Scally Lads. I've seen Matt Hughes' monster meat before, but every time I get another look at it, it's just unbelievable to me how big it is. Matt can barely manage to wrap his fist around it, and in fact he has to use two hands to jerk himself off; I don't know how any cocksucker manages to get their mouth around it.

  • 11 Inch Cock Splits Slender Twink

    11 inch cock penetrating a skinny boy's ass

    Matt Hughes brings his 11 inch cock out for some fun with skinny twink Jak Williams at Bulldog Pit. Everybody is familiar with the legend that is Matt Hughes' massive dick, so watching it split Jak Williams after he's worked it hard is just awesome!

  • They Want to be Pornstars

    Matt Hughes and Kai suck and fuck

    What do you do when you want to be a pornstar? Well, some guys send emails to their favorite porn sites, and they ended up paired with a pornstar or porn regular for a shoot. Matt Hughes didn't have to send an email asking if he could do a shoot to Fresh SX - they were happy to have him. Matt is very well known for his massive 10 inch cock, and Kai was lucky enough to get paired with him to suck and get fucked by Matt's huge meat monster on camera!

  • Washroom Blowjob

    Washroom Blowjob

    Have you ever sucked cock in a public washroom? It can be quite exciting. You know you're not supposed to do it, you know someone could walk in at any moment; yet you can't resist getting down on your knees and sucking off a fellow washroom patron. Matt Hughes oftens gets more than a second stare when he whips out his 11-inch cock at a public urinal. And who could resist taking a long look at a dick that big? It's quite impressive, even soft when it hangs heavily out of his trousers' fly. Kyle Lucas loves trolling the public restrooms looking to suck some dick. And when he came into this UK Naked Men washroom, he had no idea what was waiting for him. When he saw Matt Hughes standing in the stall, Lucas was taken with how cute this guy was. When Matt fished his 11-inch monster out of his pants, Lucas fell to his knees right there. He didn't care who might walk in, he had to see if he could stuff that huge dick all the way down his throat. Did he do it? Head over to UK Naked Men and find out.

  • Matt Hughes Jerks His Huge Dick

    View full video at UK Scally Lads

    If you've heard of Matt Hughes then chances are you've already heard of his biggest claim to porn fame - his massive uncut 11 1/2 inch cock! Watch him in this shoot for UK Scally Lads as he strokes that uncut monster dick for all of us lovers of huge British manmeat!

  • Matt Hughes' Monster Cock

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    Matt Hughes has burning up the bandwidth on UK Naked Men lately. He's back again this week showing off that 11.5-inch, uncut cock of his. Look at how it hangs heavily between his legs. It's an awesome sight! But is it a case of our eyes being bigger than our bellies, as it were? There's not many guys out there who can handle nearly a foot of cock. In fact, Matt confirms himself that most guys are only able to make it halfway down his incredible shaft, and many more just run in the other direction when Matt pops a boner. In this gallery, Matt plays with his foreskin; pulling, stretching, and holding it open for the camera. I love it when a guy really gets off on their foreskin and shows us cut guys how much fun we're missing. A couple of weeks ago I blogged about Matt Hughes getting that huge dick of his serviced in a prison threeway. So if you missed that, you'll definitely want to check it out. Matt lies back and gets that monster service while his cock sucking cell mate gets porked by the warden. What a hot scene!

  • Prison Sex with the Warden

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    An innocent French tourist finds himself imprisoned in a foreign country. His jailer is the corrupt prison warden Giovanni who has little interest justice. The warden throws Ludovic into a jail cell with Matt Hughes who is charged with having a too-big cock and is already lying on the top bunk. Matt explains that life will go a lot easier if Ludovic does what the guard wants. As the guard barks at Ludovic, Matt acts as translator: "He wants you to bend over and show him your ass." When the jailer barks again, Matt says, "He wants you to suck my cock." Poor Ludovic just looks at the 11.5 inches of meat hanging between Matt's legs. "Geez, this is going to be a chore," he thinks. While Ludovic is busy getting Matt's huge cock down his throat, the jailer comes into the cell and starts playing with the cock sucker's ass. And before this jail house initiation is over, Ludovic will be skewered from both ends - impaled on Matt's huge, uncut cock while the warden pounds away at his hole. And by the end of Ludovic isn't in such of hurry to use his "get of our jail free" card. Watch the whole seedy scene at UK Naked Men.

  • Matt Hughes' Huge Cock

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    I never get tired of looking at Matt Hughes' big cock. It such a huge stump of a thing; even soft it's so impressive hanging heavily between his legs. It's got to be a good 8 inches soft, and it's completely covered in foreskin. I'd be happy swallowing that chunk of meat, happy enough if it never grew another inch. But a couple of tweaks of his nipples, and Matt's huge dick begins stiffening up. Then slowly, his cock head begins to emerge from beneath it's collar. He picks it up in both hands -- and it takes two hands to hold it -- and he slides his foreskin back across his sensitive crown. What an impressive sight! But while a huge cock is nice to look at, it's even more exciting to see it in action. And Matt Hughes gets plenty of opportunities to use it on UK Naked Men. He's featured in a solo jack off video where he uses a Fleshlight on his huge cock. And then he's fucking ass in two other videos; a third video has him servicing two guys at the same time; and the last video has Matt and three other guys in a frenzied foursome sex session. I can't wait to get back over there and watch Matt making those 11.5 inches disappear up some poor bastard's ass!