• Big Balls Peep Show

    big balls

    A big balls peep show is totally what I want. Put your quarter in the slot. Curtain goes up. And. It's. Balls.

    They do so much. Push out the dick to make a true bulge. Hang down a tight jean leg oh so obviously. Stretch and flex and bounce and tease and look so good. Balls should not be ignored.

    Ever seen a guy showering at the gym and see his balls even in rear view. His legs spread just right and that beautiful pair hanging. Or ever suck a guy's balls while he presses his cock against your face? Yeah, that's a thing.

    Plus big balls can mean a dick spews big. Not all that ejaculate comes from the balls of course. I took pornographic male anatomy in college. Cowper's gland, y'all! Thank you for the knowledge West Hollywood Community College. Or was it that West Hollywood Community College men's room? My diploma's somewhere though it got kinda messy. Balls can do that.

    And what would a post about balls be without this gem from John Waters' Pecker that brought us an oh-so-special term you may recognize (and hopefully experience)?

  • Why Do We Always Forget A Guy's Balls?

    Why Do We Always Forget A Guy's Balls?

    Balls aren't the most attractive things: they're a couple of eggs hanging in a piece of skin that often resembles the twaddle around a turkey's neck. And maybe that's why we always seem to forget about them. It's all about the cock -- how big it is or how hard it gets -- but we generally overlook a man's nuts. Kind of funny considering that they hold the money shot.

    Ryder just finished up his audition video for Dirty Boy Video and the boy has a gigantic pair of balls. They're so big that that barely have any shape to them, almost as if his sac is stuffed with an orange. And even Ryder does pay them much attention, he prefers to massage his fingers around his furry hole while he's jacking off.

    And even his sexual fantasies have more to do with cocks than balls. "I want a big uncut Spanish guy to pee on me. Now!" he says in his interview. But when he finally says, "I'm going to cum," it's those big low-hanging nuts that steal the show, spewing out a huge cum blast all over his torso. And as you can see, there's a reason Ryder's nuts are so big.

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  • Military Cock and Ass

    Boyd shows off his military cock and ass

    The guys at Active Duty recently rediscovered this great solo jerk off with gorgeous Boyd stroking his military cock long before he ever experienced gay sex. Since then he's sucked and stroked with other military guys, fucked some hot manhole and even bottomed! Look at him here, all innocent and unspoiled, showing off his low hanging balls and that virgin ass!

  • Boy with Low Hangers

    View full video at Squirtz

    I really like this straight guy. He's cute and pretty laid back, and he seems pretty open minded. In this video from Squirtz, he says that he considers himself straight because it takes him a lot longer to cum with a guy. But he has had sex with guys, just oral and jerking off. Still, he figures that he could top a guy and fuck him in the ass. I'd like to see those low hangers of his slapping against a guy's butt. He gives us a sample in a hot mattress fucking sequence!

  • Ball Pulling Jerk Off

    ball pulling jerk off

    One of the things I love about watching guys jerk off is all the quirky things they need to do to get themselves off. Paul is a 21-year-old stud who loves pulling on his balls while he jerks his cock.

    Paul has a gym-perfect body with strong, plump pecs and ripped abs decorated with a treasure trail. But he wasn't always this fit; when he was younger he was quite the chubster. I'm happy to say that his dedication to the gym has really paid off. He's looking quite stunning.

    About the ball pulling, Paul says it gets his dick harder. And he's got a nice pair of bull balls, too. And he loves having them sucked. Paul gets into a really intense jerk-off session on the Sean Cody couch. I loved watching his strong body tense up as he stroked his big dick and pulled on his balls. He worked up quite a sweat, but eventually it paid off with a big cum load splashing across that hairy six pack!

  • Low-Hanging Balls

    low hanging balls

    There's lots of slap happy fun this week when Speedy and Luscious gets together. Look at those low-hanging balls - fuck! I've seen some low hangers in my time, but these two horny guys gotta to be holding some kind of record.

    It's been almost three years since Speedy Gonzalez first appeared on Circle Jerk Boys. Speedy is now 23 and he has brought along a hot buddy, Luscious G. This Costa Rican is also 23 and lives in Miami. Luscious sits on the couch and Speedy is immediately in his face, asking if he wants some "Speedy Cock." And it's not long before Luscious goes down on it. Speedy's dick gets hard fast, but his low-hanging balls flop down on the couch and just hang there. Luscious starts jacking his cock and his low-hangers are looking heavy and full.

    After some intense cocksucking, Luscious mounts the couch doggy style. The rear view of Luscious's hairy ass crack and his low-hanging balls swinging between his legs is too hot. Speedy starts inching his stiff, uncut cock into Luscious's tight fuck hole. Speedy fucks Luscious in a number of positions, but fucking his buddy missionary style really gets him off - literally. Speedy pulls out his thick, uncut cock and sprays a creamy load all over Luscious's belly. Having both cum, the guys sit back on the sofa. Their bellies are covered in cum, and while their low hangers are still looking pretty heavy, they're not swinging as much as they were at the beginning of this video.

  • Big, Low-Hanging Balls

    Visit Corbin Fisher

    "My name is Tanner. I'm 21. I'm here to jerk off for you today." That's how Tanner opens his first Corbin Fisher video. And what a cute guy; he's adorable! Corbin Fisher has been trying to get Tanner and his cock over to the studio for over a year now. And when they finally made the arrangements, Tanner had to back out. But once they reconnected and scheduled a new date, Tanner couldn't get over how he'd be jacking off for thousands of guys -- the notion really turned him on! When Tanner first gets naked, he's all potatoes and no meat. He's packing a pair of the biggest low-hanging balls I've seen in a while, and he doesn't shave his pubes, so Tanner's soft cock gets lost amongst all the distractions. But within seconds of stripping naked, his dick is pointing towards the sky, and it's not lost any more. When Tanner is close to firing off a load, he spreads a dark-blue, Corbin Fisher towel on the sofa in front of him, and then, he covers it with his spunk! It's a hot sight!

  • Great Cock and Low Hanging Balls


    Justin's got a low voice, a lean body and a great tan. Unlike some of the guys Buzz West does photo shoots with, Justin loves men and he loves gay sex. He says he's pretty versatile, and likes to top as well as he likes to bottom. And apparently he also loves to jack off (well, who doesn't?) because he had a great time stripping and showing off for the camera, and he certainly has something worth showing off. Check out that big juicy cock and those low hanging balls!

  • Love Those Abs!

    Jacob's thick cock at Buzz West

    Jacob isn't the usual kind of guy you find in front of Buzz West's camera. Buzz tells us that Jacob has THE nicest abs he's ever seen, and that Jacob doesn't actually work out much - his body is naturally athletic. He's also got a great ass - firm, but with enough meat to really grab hold of. He's also got a great personality, serious but also very friendly. And once Jacob gets going, he's got a thick, hard cock and low-hanging balls. This amateur first-timer really knew how to work his dick, forgetting all about the camera as he got closer and closer to shooting his load!