• Jared Leto Gets Naked

    Jared Leto

    How would you celebrate your Golden Globe win? No, not at Disneyland. If you're Dallas Buyers Club star Jared Leto, you do a naked photo shoot with famed photographer (and good friend) Terry Richardson. These hot and very revealing pics just surfaced on the fashion photographer's site, and all we can say is, "Thank you!"

    It's great to see the multitalented Leto finally getting his due. After making a splash (and winning our hearts) as Jordan Catalano in My So-Called Life on TV in 1994, Leto started the band Thirty Seconds to Mars with his brother in '98 and toured the world. (Anyone remember the episode of Life in which he sang the Ramones' "I Wanna Be Sedated"? We knew he had chops then. YouTube it!) Now the 42-year-old stud is an award-winning actor and best-selling singer-songwriter, and he hasn't aged a day! After his sweet victory at the Golden Globes, we wouldn't be surprised to see Leto with an Oscar soon. To view more of Jared (and his sexy tats) through Richardson's lens, visit TerrysDiary.com.

  • Long-Haired Rocker Sucks Dick

    View full video at AlternaDudes

    This long-haired rocker from Alterna Dudes really loves sucking dick. And his blond, smooth buddy has a nice long one that needs servicing. I loved watching this stud lying back on the sofa while this rocker goes to town on his meat. Even some pretty hot shots from behind this rocker with his low hangers swinging between his legs.

  • Straight Athletic Stud Shows Hole

    Straight and athletic stud with sexy long hair

    Micky from Squirtz is a straight athletic stud that has a lot of luck with the ladies. He takes his working out and diet very strictly and it really pays off, as you can see!

  • Long Haired Latin Thug

    Big Latino with huge cock

    Nick Cash is a Latin man with lots of long dark hair, striking features and there's a dangerous vibe to him, a tough attitude that just screams "don't fuck with me". I have no problem imagining him as a bouncer at a busy nightclub or perhaps a kneebreaker for a loan shark, but I had a little trouble imagining him naked. Luckily I don't have to, since he once the session gets started he pulls off his pants and undies for the Big Cock Society camera, showing off his hairy thighs, big dick and shaved balls. And when Nick's mighty shaft is hard, it's one huge piece of manmeat!

  • Pierced and Covered in Tats

    Big cocked Emo twink

    Jake Strong is about the cutest emo boi I've ever seen, and he really does play in a band. The girls and guys who come see him play love his long black hair, big eyes, skinny body and tons of tattoos and facial piercings. I do, too, but there's more - I can't get over his large weighty cock! Jake's straight, so he agreed to do this shoot for Alterna Dudes with the understanding that he would be the only person touching his dick. They agreed, so this amateur twink started posing. He didn't mind standing over the camera, spreading his hairy ass or showing off that yummy bod. And once he got comfortable, Jake grabbed that massive meat pole and did some serious stroking!

  • Emo Guy Goes Topless

    Alt dude with his top off

    The latest update from Alterna Dudes featuring a solo scene with sexy Tristan going shirtless on the roof.

  • Skinny Guy with a Great Big Dick

    well hung skinny guy

    Eligh Rainer is a scruffy sex amateur boy Bentley Race had the pleasure of chatting up for awhile but they hadn't had an opportunity to hook up until Ben found out that Eligh was in Melbourne. His first meeting with Eligh turned out to be the shoot they did so it was great to capture that initial meeting ambience. Once Eligh is stripped, he is revealed to be a very slender (okay, skinny) guy with fair skin and a great big uncut cock that he has no problem getting rock hard for this shoot. And look at those full balls - don't you wish you could help him drain them!

  • Trippie Hippie

    Naked Hippy Shows His Cock

    Trip is the perfect name for this hippie boy from Missouri who recently decided to hitchhike around Hawaii. He has long dreadlocks and laid-back personality, and he also loves being naked outdoors, so he had fun doing this shoot for Island Studs to help finance his trip to the islands. Somehow it was no surprise that Trip doesn't shave his pubic hair, and his firm muscular ass and strong legs are from plenty of hiking. When the photographer finally got Trip indoors, he put on a porn DVD and Trip got his hippie cock hard so he could stroke it for the camera.

  • Naked Samurai


    Satoshi is from Kume Island in Japan. He has a very firm slender body from spending his days as a sensai in the art of the Japanese Samurai. With his grace, his unique look and long hair, he catches the eye - well, and that long sharp sword he's holding is sort of noticeable, too. When the guys from Japan Boyz approached Satoshi, they saw in him a very unusual model for their website and he decided to give it a shot. He is toned all over, but I especially like his tight, toned and round ass!