• Gay For Sochi

    Gay For Sochi

    Seriously, who gives a crap about the Olympics!? And not just because they're about that boring thingie they call sports. The Winter Games are currently unfolding in Sochi, Russia, where an atmosphere of hate and intolerance toward gay people is the norm, thanks to this homophobic leader. That's reason enough for us to boycott the endless TV coverage on NBC. And the good folks at Gayletter, along with House of Turing, seem to agree and have a created a website to "spread awareness of the horrific human rights abuses that are occurring in Russia today."

    Gays and their supporters can show their disdain for all the haters who are attempting to send gay rights back to the dark ages. At gayforsochi.com, you can upload your favorite gay-friendly photos, like the ones we picked of porn stars Shawn Wolfe and Jimmy Fanz (above) and just plain studs Ben Cohen and Nick Jonas (below), and brand them with the trademark Olympic rings (tinted a lovely shade of pink), then share the pics via Twitter, Facebook and Instagram using the #gayforsochi hashtag. This will help "create a unified voice" and send a message to the world that it's not okay to approve anti-gay legislation and to detain, arrest and jail queers. To learn more, visit Gay for Sochi.

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  • Jimmy Fanz Works Out His Kinks


    We've followed Jimmy Fanz with great interest since dubbing him a "furry cum-drenched dreamboat" in this scene for GayRoom a couple of years ago. While the handsome Florida native has gone on to achieve superstar status as a Falcon/Raging Stallion exclusive, his latest project shows a definite move to the, er, edgier side of things. Warehouse Kinks is the 30th (!) release from the Fetish Force imprint, and it in, our little Jimmy gets down and dirty with the always filthy Preston Steel. In their scene, Fanz gets tied up by Steel, who proceeds to dive right into Jimmy's hairy hole. Next, an electric wand comes out, which zaps Fanz via a neck collar between each butt munch. When Jimmy's ass is almost as red as the ropes that bind him, Preston moves in for the fuck. Eventually, he jacks Jimmy to completion then pops all over his fine fur.

    Director Tony Buff (who also appears in one scene) is once again at the helm of this "kinky exploration of sex outside the box," which features sock and foot worship, cock sucking, nipple play, bondage, breath play, rimming, spitting, throat fucking and electro. Falcon/RSS president Chris Ward calls the film a "testament to our ongoing commitment to offering our fans a wide array of fetishes in each movie we release and to providing the highest-quality fetish video in the market that includes major mainstream gay porn stars like Boomer Banks and Jimmy Fanz." Also starring Draven Torres, Shane Frost, Christopher Daniels and Chase Young. For more information, visit Fetish Force.

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  • Jimmy Fanz Debuts New Web Site


    It's about time! It's been almost two years since furry Jimmy Fanz made his gay porn debut. Now the superstar stud has finally gotten around to launching his own personal Web site. On the new JimmyFanz.com, the hairy hottie shares news, tour dates and fun facts (did you know that he used to manage a pizzeria in Miami and that his favorite snack is crackers!?). Fans can also read Jimmy's revealing blog, where he writes about things like rescuing a cute kitty and power-washing his house. There's also a "portfolio" of Jimmy's many scenes (such as this and this) and even a live webcam page. (We can only hope that the cam shows are as hot as this one was!)

    All this comes in the wake of news that Fanz has just signed as a Men.com exclusive. Formerly a Raging Stallion/Falcon exclusive, Jimmy will now shoot for the Men site and occasionally for Randy Blue. We hear that he's already filmed this first scene for Men with fellow exclusive Johnny Rapid. No release date is set yet. (Fanz has previously worked for Men in a scene with Colby Jansen.) For more information, visit Men.com. And keep up with Jimmy at JimmyFanz.com.

  • Falcon and RSS VIP Party Pics


    We previously reported that Falcon Studios and Raging Stallion were joining forces for their VIP blowout during Folsom Street weekend in San Francisco. Now we've got the photographic proof! But nobody told us that two of our favorite porn star obsessions were going to be in the same room together. If we knew that, we might have sprung for a plane ticket! Yes, that's hairy Shawn Wolfe (RSS Man of the Year) and hairier Jimmy Fanz up top, clowning for the camera. As usual, the annual event was a veritable who's who of gay porn talent, and you can see just a few of the big-name stars who attended and performed, including (from above) a bespectacled Ryan Rose (this Falcon Man of the Year sure knows how to promote his new movie, Bucks County), Boomer Banks (debuting in the new RSS release Timberwolves with Marcus Isaacs) and Trenton Ducati. From what we heard, the party featured a nice mix of veterans and newcomers, and some porn stars were more accessible to the fans at Mezzanine than others, but mostly a good, hot time was had by all. To see more party pics, click here.


  • Falcon and RSS Party On In SF


    It's time to party like a porn star, and in this case, party with some porn stars. Falcon and Raging Stallion Studios are throwing their Annual VIP bash in San Francisco. Men of the Year Ryan Rose (Falcon) and Shawn Wolfe (RSS) will be hosting porn fans and media mavens, plus the studios' talented staff at Mezzanine (444 Jessie Street) this Saturday, September 28, from 8 pm to midnight. (Both studs are pictured above in their scene together from Buck Naked.) The party is free, and the first 500 guests get a gift at the door. Porn star and DJ Ricky Sinz will provide the soundtrack, and the list of models slated to attend is longer than your...you know what! Big-name porn stars scheduled to appear include Boomer Banks, Jimmy Fanz, Race Cooper, Tony Buff, Landon Conrad, Trenton Ducati, Jimmy Durano, Alessio Romero, and tons of others. Fans can download a complimentary VIP ticket by clicking here.

  • Jimmy Fanz & Josh Long

    Jimmy Fanz & Josh Long

    Jimmy Fanz and Josh Long are the latest pairing to come out of Raging Stallion's new DVD Behind the Big Top. I often get a chuckle out of Raging Stallion because they concoct some of the most ambitious, acrobatic sex you'll ever see in gay porn. Guys fucking on ladders, guys hanging off kitchen cupboards while taking a pounding, and all of manner of unpredictable and implausible positions. I can't remember the last time I hung upside down on a rope ladder to get into a steamy 69 cock sucking session, but in the case with Jimmy Fanz and Josh Long, it makes sense because they're playing circus acrobats.

    Jimmy and Josh are wearing their tight-fighting singlets and practicing a routine in the props tent. Josh says that he has an idea and climbs the ladder, wraps his legs around a rung, and hangs upside down; his cock is perfectly positioned to slide into Jimmy's mouth, so they get into one of the most creative 69 positions I've seen in gay porn.

    Then Jimmy hangs off the ladder and Josh fucks his ass. They really are pulling everything out of their sexual positions bag of tricks. They play around with more rope and suspend Jimmy's legs in the air while Josh holds the ropes and pounds hole. It's a hot and fun scene to watch, but it definitely falls under the category of "do not try this at home unless you're a trained acrobat."

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  • Furry Jimmy Fanz To Solo For Randy Blue

    Randy Blue's Jimmy Fanz

    So he might be an exclusive for Raging Stallion and Falcon Studios, but Jimmy Fanz is clearly on a long leash. Why else would this adorable porn puppy be appearing in a new solo for Randy Blue? Furry Fanz has done live cam shows for the online studio before, and now he becomes the 12th new model to be introduced to commemorate Randy Blue's big 10th anniversary year. Of course, Jimmy has done so much more than solo work in the past year in major films such as this and this. But seeing him get back to sexy basics is still fun to watch. The 21-year-old cutie begins his jacking session on a rooftop in downtown Los Angeles. Then he makes his way indoors for some butt fingering and cum tasting. Hey, as long as the fur and jizz flies, we are so there! Btw, we're hearing that Jimmy also shot a duo with Travis James for the site. For more information, visit RandyBlue.com.

    Hairy naked stud Jimmy Fanz

  • Best DVD Box Cover Of The Year!?

    Cock Shot Cover

    Remember when box covers sold gay porn movies? Back in the good ole days of video, sometimes it didn't even matter what scenes were included. If consumers spotted a sexy and appealing box cover, they would buy, buy, buy. There was a time when we even used to give awards for this sort of thing. Sigh. Well, the more things change, the more they stay the same. Because as soon as we got a gander at this stunning cover for Raging Stallion's Cock Shot, we thought, give that box an award!

    Cock Shot is the latest release from RSS's Monster Bang imprint, and it marks the second of a trilogy directed by porn star Adam Killian. The first part, Cock Craze, starred exclusive Jake Genesis and was released in December, and the final part, Cock Tease, will come out in March. Part 2 once again features Genesis (though his recent work for Jet Set Men, Lucas Entertainment and Randy Blue have us wondering about the details of his contract!) and fellow exclusive Jimmy Fanz. Yes, that's hairy-wonder Fanz you see above on that gorg cover (and below bottoming out for scene partner Shawn Wolfe). Looks like Jimmy has only gotten hotter since GayDemon's exclusive interview with him last month.

    The studio tells us that Cock Shot is a "deep, probing exploration of an all-male world, whose big-dicked citizens stalk in search of unrelenting bottoms. These hugely endowed studs and ravenous bottoms cruise the barren world looking for their match, the men who will provide them with all the sexual gratification they desire."

    Says director Killian, "After reading the scene descriptions for my second go round with the Monster Bang series, I am just as excited to see it as I was to film it! I knew we captured some of the hottest big-dick action, and this one felt as if it was waiting pre-lubed, because everything just slipped right into place once I stuck my director head in. The cast and crew were obviously ready for more and were a pleasure to work with, and they shined once we got the action going."

    Cock Shot also stars James Ryder, Trenton Ducati, Jessy Ares, Rod Daily and Ty Roderick. For more information, visit RagingStallion.com.

    Shawn Wolfe Jimmy Fanz

  • Interview Exclusive: Jimmy Fanz In The Woods

    Hairy gay porn star Jimmy Fanz

    Every year around this time, Raging Stallion delivers its splashy holiday blockbuster to the world. Whatever big-budget release it is, it usually ends up winning accolades and a slew of awards. This year is no different (although, there aren't really any legit awards left to win, are there?). The Woods, from director Tony Dimarco, has received a lot of attention from fans and from within the industry, especially for its cryptic marketing campaign, which focuses on the mysterious and possibly alien-infested trees referred to in the title.

    Besides the usual hot gay sex, the film boasts an A-list cast, some of whom are exclusives for the San Francisco-based studio. Rising star Jimmy Fanz is one of the box cover models of the two-part smash, and he recently phoned up GayDemon to share his hairy tale. For his scene, Fanz got to go fishing (and more!) with superstar Zeb Atlas (below), and he still remembers the day of the shoot. "It was chilly!" says the 21-year-old from his home in Florida. "Of course I was nervous to work with a porn legend. Zeb is a huge guy, and he made me look small. But that type of big muscular guy is just my type."

    Headlining a major release is just the latest accomplishment for Miami native Fanz, who says he has long been interested in the industry. "I always wanted to do porn," he says. "But I had no idea how to do it. Then some friends from high school started doing it. They told me I should give it a try too."

    More questioning reveals that the "friends" were female, and that Fanz debated whether to go into the straight side of the business. "Sure, you could say I'm bi," he adds. "I'm gay, I'm straight. Some days I wake up and I want to get fucked. Other days I wake up and I want to fuck. It just depends how I feel in that moment."

    Fanz says that he decided to go the gay route because "I wanted the fans, the limelight. Gay porn stars get a lot more attention, and who doesn't like that?"

    Part of the spotlight has focused on Fanz for his alluring (though still rare in the industry) furry chest. "I love my body hair," he says with pride. "I've been hairy since I was 13. One online studio wanted me to shave it off, but I refused. I don't see it as a big deal."

    But it all worked out for Fanz, who is Jewish and French. He ended up signing an exclusive deal with RSS and has no regrets. "They are a blast to work with," he says. "The studio does great quality movies, and they treat me well." And they have even matched him with the perfect co-star: Donny Wright. "I think that is my favorite scene so far. Plus, I enjoy bottoming more. I think I give more energy as a bottom." Well, casting two hairy guys together, how can you lose!?

    In light of his tender age, Fanz doesn't have a clear vision of his future. "I like what I'm doing, but who knows?" he says. "Maybe I'll sell real estate or do something else. I would like to work with Jake Genesis, though."

    Follow him on Twitter @JimmyFanz. And for more on The Woods, which also stars Paddy O'Brian, Landon Conrad, D.O., Jesse Santana, Tom Wolfe and Trenton Ducati, visit RagingStallion.com.

    Jimmy Fanz fucked by Zeb Atlas in The_ Woods

  • Jeff Stryker Live In Florida Pics!

    Jeff Stryker's HUGE hard cock

    Jeff Stryker proved that he's still large and in charge last week at the BoardWalk Bar in Fort Lauderdale. As you can see from these revealing pics, the porn superstar let his plush terry robe fall open to expose his still famous member. And once it was out, why bother covering up!? According to our sources at the Florida bar, Stryker had "great interaction" with the packed houses over four nights. In the main club, he read a passage from his A Sophisticated Evening With... play, which was written for him by funnyman Bruce Vilanch. Jeff also signed autographs and sold his action figure and some of his numerous gay porn titles (Channel 1 just reissued his 1987 smash In Hot Pursuit). However, it was in the VIP area that things got interesting. Anyone who has seen Stryker live knows that the 50-year-old stud gets rock-hard with ease and doesn't shy away from swinging his oversize cock like the tree trunk it resembles. And that's exactly what the fans got. Some of porn's current top models--including Jimmy Fanz and Matthew Rush (who is once again hosting this show)--also turned up to swing with Stryker in his comeback gig. Welcome back, big guy!

    Jeff Stryker with Matthew Rush and Jimmy Fanz