• Trending Video: Jimmy Fanz & Will Braun

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    At the start of February cute lad with glasses, Will Braun, was snapped up by MEN.com. Joe Spunk introduced us to his first scene at MEN.com at the end of the month with Jimmy Fanz, and now the trailer is up in the GayDemon gallery we can see it's stormed its way to the trending list! To see the full video visit MEN.com

  • MEN.com Newcomer Will Braun's First Scene

    MEN.com Newcomer Will Braun's First Scene

    I've been waiting for Will Braun's debut at MEN.com ever since their February 6 announcement that they had signed the bespectacled cutie. Braun's first new scene debuts today, just in time to fill the hole left by Johnny Rapid and all his legal woes. The darling of MEN.com hasn't had a new scene released since November 30, and who knows if we'll ever see him again. Frankly, Will Braun is a gazillion times hotter and judging by his first performance with Jimmy Fanz, he's going to be a hit. And I couldn't be happier.

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  • Bondage Butt Play with Jimmy Fanz and Preston Steel

    Bondage Butt Play with Jimmy Fanz and Preston Steel

    Only in Pornland can a couple of guys appear on a site called Fisting Central in a scene that has no fisting. "Warehouse Kinks" debuted on the site last week and it features Preston Steel playing with Jimmy Fanz's very furry asshole, but there's no fisting. Still, Steel is so handsome and Fanz is always a hot bottom, so I shouldn't complain. This is also a very rare occasion where Preston Steel performs without a baseball cap; in his 14 appearances on Fetish Force / Fisting Central, he's only appeared five times without his signature baseball cap.

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  • Adam Herst Fucks Jimmy Fanz on MEN.com

    Adam Herst Fucks Jimmy Fanz on MEN.com

    Adam Herst is living apart from Jimmy Fanz, but Fanz calls him over when he's feeling a bit horny in bed. Herst arrives and is eager to worship Fanz starting with his feet. Bulging in his pants, Fanz gets his cock kissed and licked through the fabric. Herst needs some attention to his own hard cock so Fanz gets his lips around and sucks him, preparing him for his ass. Then, on his side, Jimmy Fanz takes Herst's wet cock and changes positions for a pounding.

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  • spotlight

    Derek Atlas Bottoms for Jimmy Fanz

    Derek Atlas Bottoms for Jimmy Fanz

    This isn't Derek Atlas' first time bottoming, he got fucked before at Randy Blue, but it's been a long time. In MEN.com's "Upload," Atlas is pretending to do a live webcam show with Jimmy Fanz and the fans say they want to see the guys flip flop fucking. Before I get into the scene, if you want to check out this video now, MEN.com is having a Black Friday sale giving you 50% off.

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  • Icing Things Up in the Bedroom

    Icing Things Up in the Bedroom

    Someone over at MEN.com is getting their freak on. In the past couple of weeks they've released a couple of scenes showing us how to spice things up in the bedroom. In "Do As I Say" Damien Crosse blindfolded his lover, then brought in Paddy O'Brian and told his lover how to please Paddy, then watched and jacked his dick. It's very sexy stuff.

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  • Vacation Sex

    Vacation Sex

    Furball Jimmy Fanz has always been a fan favourite over at MEN.com and he's had two videos released on the site this week. His latest video called "Wet" finds Fanz and his scene boyfriend Troy Tyler having some fun on the beach and playing in the ocean before heading inside for some more fun in the shower.

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  • Trended Most In July: Colby Keller & Jimmy Fanz

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    We took a look back over July to see what the most watched video was in GayDemon's free porn gallery. Colby Keller and Jimmy Fanz came out on top. Keller fucks Fanz's hairy ass over the massage table.

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  • Will Jarec Wentworth Sell Out Jimmy Fanz in New Web Series?

    Will Jarec Wentworth Sell Out Jimmy Fanz in New Web Series?

    Love for sale...or at least sex! That seems to be the theme of award-winner Marc MacNamara's latest effort for Men.com. In Men for Sale, the talented writer-director tackles the hot-button topic of human sex trafficking. No, we're not going to bore you with some lame statistics about this serious subject. Instead, we're going to tell you about how hot Jimmy Fanz looks as his hairy hole gets plowed by new Men exclusive Jarec Wentworth. (According to our records, Jarec was previously Jarek for Sean Cody, but that's all in the past now, as is his brief stint with Randy Blue.)

    In this suspense-driven scenario, Jimmy and Jarec are tourists visiting New York City. At their hotel, the boyfriends have an intense sex session, including kissing, sucking and fucking in every position. But then Jimmy ventures out by himself in the Big (Rotten) Apple and is snatched by ring of evil sex traffickers and sold into slavery (maybe they're attracted to his funky sideburns and '70 porn 'stache!?).

    This intense scene is Part 1 of a three-part series. Upcoming segments promise beefy blond Tom Faulk as a helpful detective and dirty daddy Dirk Caber as a possible bad guy. (And keep your eyes peeled for a Hitchcockian cameo from MacNamara himself.) More sex sales are on the way. Ka-ching! For more information, visit Men.com.

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  • Interview with Jimmy Fanz

    GayDemon first spoke to Jimmy Fanz in December 2012 when Vince Lambert interviewed the rising star at just 21 years old. 18 months later we caught up with him following a shoot with MEN.com.

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