• Asian Stroking and Ass Play

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    Ryu Tanaka is an amateur guy-next-door from a small town in Japan, and he was definitely turned on at the idea of doing a porn shoot for Japan Boyz. First he took off his shirt and did some posing, showing off his hairy armpits and his nice smile. Once he was naked, turns out Ryu has thick bushy pubes, a joy for those who prefer some hair "down there". Ryu wasn't at all shy when it came to displaying his round ass and fingering it for the camera. He even let the camera man reach over to stroke that hard Asian cock before Ryu was just too horny for more foreplay - he grabs his dick and strokes it fast, getting closer and closer to shooting his load!

  • Japan Twink Jerkoff

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    Ken is a horny Asian twink from Japan Boyz, and he wasn't at all shy when he arrived at the motel to do this shoot. Before the shoot, he was practicing martial arts moves, so he was pretty warmed up once the camera was rolling. He couldn't wait to get naked and show of his smooth body, and I'm sure the photographer didn't try and stop him. Once his clothes were off, Ken pulled out a great big dildo and slid it into his tight hairless crack, then deep into his ass. This got him so hot he grabbed his hard Asian cock and jerked it till he shot a load of hot cum!

  • Japanese Twink Shows Off

    Horny Asian twink

    Doksu from Japan Boyz is a cute, smooth Asian twink who is a little bit shy in front of the camera. Even so, he wastes no time pulling off his pants to show some skin. And what nice skin it is! Still wearing his briefs, Doksu rests his hand over his covered cock, drawing our eyes and building the anticipation. He has a great ass, and when the photographer asks him, he turns around and shows off and fingers his tight hole and balls. By then his dick is hard, and he wraps his fingers around that piece of Asian manmeat and strokes it, giving us a great - and mouthwatering - closeup!

  • Japanese Cock Exerciser

    Japanese Cock Exerciser

    Naoto is a cute Asian twink as you can see. Japan Boyz gave him a rather interesting toy to play with - a small barebell that he managed to put on his dick! I can honestly say that I've never seen a guy lift weights with his cock before. Whether it weighs much or not is anyone's guess. It sure looks cool though as it bops up and down on his schlong. Following the workout fun, Naoto gives us some great poses and exposes his very tasty looking ass. Mmm. Then it's on to some beating off. He's got a pretty big ram rod for a Japanese boy, I must say. Something must have hit him in the right spots though, as he soon blew a sticky mess into his pubes and across his lean belly. What a hottie!

  • Well-Hung Japanese Rapper

    Well Hung Japanese Rapper

    Japan Boyz' new hottie Nobuaki loves to rap out. Looking at his attire with the sideways baseball cap and baggie jeans, it's not hard to believe. Looking all cool in his shades and baggy t-shirt, the cocky Japanese twink slowly undresses. He even teases the hell out of us by just showing off a little bit of his tight asian ass cheeks. I love the orange color of his briefs too! Although a bit nervous at first, eventually Nobuaki gets his cock very hard, proving that he really is packing a formidable piece of man meat under those baggy shorts of his. It's super thick and has quite the hard-on inspiring curve to it. I now have a hardcore craving for a big Japanese dick in my mouth! How about you?!

  • Asian College Boy in Underwear

    Amateur asian guy in underwear

    He wanted to be known only as Coyote. By day, this 20 year old amateur Japanese guy goes to college, and is working hard to get his degree. But at night, while the other students from his school are working on their homework, this asian jock is hard at work at his job as a Coyote dancer at a bar. That's where the crew from Japan Boyz found him, and they convinced him to do some modeling for them. As you can see, his black briefs accentuate his great body and show off his hard cock. And after he strokes it, the head peeks out from the waistband of his underwear in a very tempting display!

  • Asian Twink Fucks A Fleshlight

    Asian Twink Fucks A Fleshlight

    If Japanese boys are your thing, then Japan Boyz asian twink hottie Syo should certainly be to your liking. They handed him a Fleshlight after he got into the shower for some self satisfaction to see what kind of kinky fun he could get up to. As they thought, Syo performed brilliantly and had no trouble keeping his delicious Japanese cock good and hard for the toy fuck. Syo does love to fill up asses, and he claimed that the Fleshlight felt pretty close to the real thing. Thus he pounded the hell out of it, his dark pubic hairs the only thing visible while completely buried to the hilt inside the hole. Also worth mentioning is Syo's fine, tight buttocks. The kind of ass I'm sure most of us wouldn't mind grabbing a hold of for our pleasure. The Fleshlight must have done a great job on Syo's man meat - evident by the thick, healthy load of asian boy jizz he blew for the finale.

  • Japanese Dudes Suck And Fuck

    Japanese Dudes Suck And Fuck

    Shigeru is one of Japan Boyz' best cocksuckers. They gave him the chance to prove it as he took on Takeshi's uncut Japanese cock. What a thrill it was to see him doing what he loves to do best by getting down on his hands and knees. It probably felt great for him, too, as he got blown while working on that luscious uncut piece of asian dick meat. No idea who the third man in is here, but does it really matter? All that matters is that everyone got off and the cameras got it all for us to see!

  • Naked Samurai


    Satoshi is from Kume Island in Japan. He has a very firm slender body from spending his days as a sensai in the art of the Japanese Samurai. With his grace, his unique look and long hair, he catches the eye - well, and that long sharp sword he's holding is sort of noticeable, too. When the guys from Japan Boyz approached Satoshi, they saw in him a very unusual model for their website and he decided to give it a shot. He is toned all over, but I especially like his tight, toned and round ass!