• Cocky Boys Hit The Road For Book Tour

    Cocky Boys Book Tour

    Yes, porn stars read books. And sometimes they appear in them too! The cute Cocky Boys crew is the subject of a new book from German publisher Bruno Gmünder titled A Thing of Beauty. (That was also the name of this film from last year.) Now superstars Max Ryder, Levi Karter and Jake Bass (above from left), along with Cocky Boys creative team and happy "throuple" Jake Jaxson, RJ Sebastian and Benny Morecock, are launching an international tour to promote the arty photography tome. Over the next six weeks, there will be book signings and "fan appreciation" events in New York City, Chicago, London, Paris and Berlin. The exclusive stars will also be plugging the DVD release of their film RoadStrip, and fans will get a free copy of the movie poster when they buy the book. That's what we call smart cross-promotion! For more information, visit Cocky Boys.

  • Village Voice Reveals NYC Gay Porn Feud


    We all know the tale of Jett Black. He's the twink ballet dancer who had a brief foray into gay porn, debuting for Cocky Boys last March. But then Black was let go by his ballet school and defected from Cocky Boys to Lucas Entertainment (with or without some of Cocky Boy's company secrets, depending on who you believe). Now, the Village Voice is telling the story behind the story in a new piece. The weekly newspaper reveals the details of a deeper riff within the company and an ongoing rivalry with Lucas Entertainment. NYC porn producers are few and far between (with most of the industry operating out of Los Angeles and San Francisco), so the fact that these two major studios are competing is not surprising. But to have a young model (Black is only 23) come on the scene and cause such a commotion is.

    In the excellent story, "The Island of Misfit Boys," writer Tessa Stuart interviews both Black and Cocky Boy's founder Jake Jaxson. While their accounts of exactly what happened to make their working relationship sour differ, they both agree that a lot of drama ensued. Exclusive Jake Bass is also quoted about last year's Grabby Awards (at which Cocky Boys won in numerous categories), saying "shit went down" that night. "Basically, everyone was done. We were ready to stop working for Cocky Boys."

    Oh well, at least Jaxson is making the best of a bad situation by creating a new multiple-episode mini- series inspired by the incident with Black. Answered Prayers debuts this week at the Cocky Boys site. To read the full piece, click here.

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  • Tattooed Jocks Fuck Session

    Tattooed Jocks Fuck Session

    Asher Hawk and Jake Bass from Cocky Boys are very sexy, totally horny and a little bit alternative. They are both in their early twenties, tattooed and they've got great bodies. Jake is the aggressive one - he gets the action going, and after some cock sucking, he takes control, sliding his cock in Asher's ass and giving him a deep fuck that looks like it hurts AND feels sooo good!

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  • RoadStrip - The Final Episode

    RoadStrip - The Final Episode

    Cocky Boys is a king of the gay sex series, and their latest called RoadStrip with Max Ryder and Jake Bass is coming to an end with the fourth and final episode called "In Your Dreams" with Kevin Warhol.

    Following on the heels of the award-winning smash hit Project GoGo Boy, Max and Jake are exhausted, they sucked a lot of dick in Project GoGo Boy, so they decided to take a much-needed rest. Max and Jake packed up the RV and headed on a road trip to rest and bond as buddies, and they promised that there wouldn't be any sexual goings on during this trip -- just a couple of guys seeing America in their RV.

    If you've seen the first three parts of RoadStrip, you'll know how the "no sex" thing worked out. And this final scene sees Max Ryder and Jake Bass in a horny threeway with Kevin Warhol. The blond stud finds himself in an energetic and passionate kissing threesome with Max and Jake vying for Kevin's kisses. Then they move to couch where Max and Jake sit back while Kevin bobs on one stiff cock, then the other. They keep this cocksucker's mouth very very busy. But Kevin gets them back when he fucks both their asses, then puts Max and Jake down on their knees to compete for his cum load. A very horny ending to a funny and hot road-trip series.

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  • Levi Karter Is New Cocky Boys Exclusive

    Levi Karter Is New Cocky Boys Exclusive

    There's a new kid on the Cocky Boy's block, and he's a teenager! Adorable Levi Karter is a 19-year-old gymnast and go-go dancer from the Midwest. The tattooed twink can currently be seen in a solo scene on the site. Says Cocky Boys owner-director Jake Jaxson, "I signed Levi, ironically, almost two years ago to the day that I first signed Mason Star. I remember how bubbly and sexy [Mason] was and how he made the room fun to be in. That is exactly how Levi is." (For those with short memories, Star did a few scenes before retiring from the industry to marry a certain reality star.) "In fact there are several similarities between Mason and Levi," Jaxson adds. "Besides the fact that they have very similar looks, they both go-go danced, they are both gymnasts, both are super flexible with an ass for days, and they were both newcomers to the business when we met. I know that Levi will be as big of star as Mason was and will go even further if he wants to."

    Besides the solo, Levi will appear with Cocky Boys superstar exclusives Max Ryder and Jake Bass in the upcoming Road Strip, a spin-off of the Project GoGoBoy series. For more info, visit CockyBoys.com.


  • Liam's First Gay Porn Session

    Jake Bass educates Liam

    When cute twink Liam Emerson friended Jake Bass on Facebook, he didn't realize Jake was a porn star. I guess it just didn't come up. Once he found out, Liam couldn't wait to do a shoot himself, and buddy Jake was happy to break him in on VideoBoys. After some fondling, foreplay and cock sucking, Jake gives Liam his first on-camera fuck, giving his hole a good hard pounding as Laim begs for more!

  • CockyBoys Show NYC Gay Pride


    Those CockyBoys are at it again! As if having a hot new movie coming out isn't enough (Project GoGoBoy looks like a crazy mashup of gay porn and reality TV that will either be really great or really annoying. Watch the trailer here and decide for yourself!), the twink superstars worked NYC Gay Pride and its numerous events for all they were worth.

    Besides appearances at XL Nightclub's Boi Party (where they hung with wannabe porn star Chris Crocker) and Eastern Bloc (directrix Chi Chi LaRue spun the tunes) and a photo shoot with JD Ferguson, the models pressed the flesh at the online studio's booth (with TLA Video) at the PrideFest street fair. That's where we caught up with (feuding?!) porn stars Max Ryder and Jake Bass. Max was wearing some scary blue contacts (he told GayDemon they didn't hurt, but they sure looked painful!), and Jake was wearing a moody pout (top photo). New exclusive and old-timer Pierre Fitch was also on hand (second photo), though much more clothed. Seth Knight, Stephen Forest, Kennedy Carter, Bravo Delta and other porn stars rotated in and out of the booth throughout the afternoon, and at times, they even busted a move (below), all the while signing autographs and posing with starstruck fans.

    For more about the men of CockyBoys and Project GoGoBoy, click here.


  • Pick Your Favorite Fleshjack Hottie

    Fleshjack contest

    As if the upcoming Grabby Awards aren't enough, some of our favorite porn stars (16 to exact) are vying for another prize--to be the next Fleshjack Boy model! The nominees have just been announced, and it will take your votes to crown a champ. This annual online contest usually produces multiple winners (some of whom have included the Visconti Triplets, Brent Everrett and Samuel O'Toole), so feel free to vote for several guys! The winners will get their cock, mouth and butthole molded for an exclusive signature Fleshjack line, so choose carefully. You could be sucking or pounding them soon! This year's nominees include fan favorites such as Spencer Reed, Zeb Atlas, Tony Capucci and Tommy Defendi, plus newcomers Jake Bass, Seth Knight and Nicco Sky. To cast your vote, click here.

    Pick Your Favorite Fleshjack Hottie

  • Max Ryder's Cocky New Blog

    Max Ryder Cockyboys

    We love when porn stars start their own blogs. Especially new porn stars. Then we get to go through all their trials and travails as they learn to navigate the industry--and deal with the inevitable assholes they encounter. The latest model to share his deep, deep thoughts is new Cockyboys exclusive Max Ryder. The 19-year-old Connecticut native has only done a couple of scenes, but he's already blogging away in hopes of "letting my fans not only into my world, but also behind it". This means sharing his experiences on the set (of his first duo with Tommy Defendi he writes, "I mean Tommy's dick is the size of a plump cucumber and here I am getting ready to put something inside me that was nearly half my size. [But] the whole time he took care of me and made sure he wasn't rupturing any of my internal organs.") and off. That includes his grooming habits (tanning and teeth whitening), budding relationships with other porn stars (old-timer Pierre Fitch sent him flowers!) and even what he really feels about fellow exclusive (and nemesis!?) Jake Bass ("In no way do I hate him."). The site is part professional (Ryder plugs his upcoming projects, including the recently filmed Project: Go-Go Boy in Montreal) and part personal (cute pics from his everyday exploits). It's all sweet, innocent fun and rather precious--well, as precious as a teenage twink who takes it up the butt can be! To learn more about this rising star, visit MaxRyder.com.

    Twink porn star Max Ryder

  • Kennedy Carter Directs...Himself!

    Kennedy Carter Directs...Himself!

    He directs, too!? Not only is Kennedy Carter an impossibly cute British porn star and Cockyboys exclusive, but now he's stepped behind the cameras to direct his first scene for the online studio. And just like Barbra Streisand did in Yentl, he co-stars in the scene and directs himself!

    Site co-owner Jake Jaxon says that he was a fan of Kennedy's "artistic talents as a creator and photographer," so he gave him the opportunity to "shoot anything he wants with whomever he wants". The result is "Kennedy Carter and Stephen Forest Make Love," a romantic duo featuring tattooed newcomer Forest. Complete with soft-focus videography and soothing music, the sweet scene captures a sensuality that is rare for hard-core gay porn. But, fear not; the heat builds. And following hours of edging during what we hear was an all-day shoot, the eventual sucking, ass-eating, fucking and pop shots are well worth the wait.

    Kennedy tells GayDemon that this is only the first of three scenes he will be directing, and the next one will feature fellow exclusive Jake Bass and Seth Knight. Luckily, the ginger superstar looks good in a director's hat! For more information, visit Cockyboys.com.

    Kennedy Carter and Stephen Forest Make Love