• Washington And His Big Black Cock

    Washington And His Big Black Cock

    Island Studs like their black cock as much as we do. There's plenty of black guys over there. This is Washington, a 24 year old Afro-American. He's a 6'3" basketball player from Florida and he's hung to fuck. Island Studs caught him in Hawaii as a tourist. I'm sure they were glad he stayed to shoot this scene.

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  • Hung Israeli Beef Poses and Flexes His Muscular Body

    Hung Israeli Beef Poses and Flexes His Muscular Body

    Eyal is a big, beefy piece of manhood - straight, muscular, hung - and he's back in Hawaii with Island Studs for this new naked workout and jerk off video.

    Eyal starts off wearing blue jeans and a sexy white singlet. He's one seriously fit and well-built hunk of masculinity, and his smooth muscular chest and strong tattooed arms look great as he lifts his singlet up over his washboard abs to let the camera get a look-see - and he knows how hot he is too - that cheeky smile tells all!

    Eyal is Israeli, straight, in the military, loves working out and isn't the slightest bit shy when showing off his body. He drops his jeans and lets his rock-hard monster cut cock out of his underwear for some air, then moves indoors for a quick shower - and pee! It's wonderful to see such a stud doing what comes naturally, and what's more natural than pissing in the shower? Then he moves back outside for some more flexing, showing off those amazingly big biceps, his broad back, and even bending over and showing off his beefy butt and smooth hairless arsehole too!

    But the moment we've all been waiting for is about to happen - Eyal moves into the bedroom and lays down on the bed, all relaxed and comfortable - he takes his massive hard-on in one hand, gently toys with his tight hairless nut-sack with the other, and slowly jerks his meat until it erupts with a huge load of sticky white cum that dribbles all over his hairless belly and tight abs - this is one stud not to be missed!

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  • Cute Italian-American Surfer

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    This surfer didn't know he was going to do a jack-off video when he accompanied a friend to the Island Studs ranch. But when he found out what went on there he said, "Let's do it." He's totally laid back and cool with being naked in front of the cameras. And he doesn't seem to have a problem getting hard for the cameras either.

  • Hairy Ex-Marine

    Hairy Ex-Marine

    Island Studs brings back Alex, a horny ex-marine with a great bod (LOVE that sixpack!), a hairy chest, unshaved pubes and a round, meaty ass anyone would love to fuck. Oh, and a cock that stands at attention and stays hard! Alec has a great time showing off his tattooed, naked physique.

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  • Hung Furry Greek Marine

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    Alec is a hunky Marine who has filmed for Island Studs before. He's good looking with a strong, furry body and a fairly healthy-sized dick. He's back on the site for another one of their famous outdoor nude scenes. Island Studs gets Alex climbing a tree naked, flexing and posing in the sun, and swimming naked in the pool before he gets down to stroking his meaty cock.

  • Hung Surfer Jerking Off For The Boys

    Hung Surfer Jerking Off

    Waikiki surfer jock Dino might be straight and all about the ladies, but he knows that there are plenty of horny guys out there who want his 9" cock too and he has no problem showing it off in this solo pissing and jerking session from Island Studs. The guy is so handsome, and his body is awesome, too. But watching him stroking the cum from his massive straight cock as he tugs and gropes his cum-laden balls is the ultimate highlight! Yeah, you know he's one or two beers away from letting a dude try to swallow that thing, and I'll bet there are plenty of you who would like to try. Get in line behind me!

  • Ex-Navy Boy Gets Naked

    Amateur ex-Navy man gets naked and cums

    Kyle from Island Studs is an unusual - and definitely hot - amateur hottie from Hawaii. He grew up in Oahu, is a Buddhist and after getting out of the Navy came back to the islands to work as a bouncer. Kyle's got a very nice body, muscular and a little beefy, and I can't decide whether I like his smile or his mustache better, but he's got a friendly look and no problem getting naked for the camera. Kyle also didn't mind showing off his lightly hairy ass and his rock-hard piece of manmeat! And I love this last pic from the end of his jackoff session, thick cum oozing from his throbbing cock.

  • Naked Lifeguard

    Naked lifeguard

    Darren from Island Studs is a jock with a great body - athletic and well-muscled - and a cute boyish face. He's 22 and lives in Hawaii, working as a lifeguard, but that's not where he gets his sexy physique. He's into circuit training, but not just any circuit training - Darren works out climbing walls and running and climbing in jungle environments. Wow! And since he's justifiably proud of that hot bod, he had no problem showing it off for the camera. I'm not sure which I like best - his big hard cock or that firm ass with its lightly hairy crack!

  • College Guy Goes Islander


    Mason is a 21 year old college cutie who's very popular with the female population where he goes to school, and it's easy to see why. Ya gotta love his ash blond hair, lean athletic body and his happy go lucky attitude with life. Mason works installing car stereos in Honolulu, which probably explains why he's in Hawaii and broke. Enter Island Studs with a handful of cash, tempting him to do a shoot, and he says yes. Mason wasn't at all shy getting naked on camera, and had a lot of fun messing around sans clothes showing off his cock and his natural blond pubic hair. And when it's finally evening Mason sits down and grabs his dick, which gets hard instantly as he jerks it... and he's still smiling :)

  • Dedicated Freeballer

    Hairy amateur guy shows his cock

    Craig did a shoot for Island Studs a little while ago, and when he called recently 'cause he wanted to do another shoot, the photographer couldn't wait to get started. It appears the camera man is hot for Craig's real-man hairy body and sparkling eyes. This time, Craig brought up why he wasn't wearing underwear - he's big on freeballing. He likes the feeling of his balls being unrestrained under his suits and jeans. When Craig pulls down his pants to show that he has no shorts on under them, he's ready to go, as you can see when he bends over to show off his ass. By the time he's ready to jerk off on camera, his mushroom headed cock is completely rigid and he can't wait to get off!