• Bald Men Fucking on a Motorcycle

    Bald Men Fucking on a Motorcycle

    Do you ever watch those reality car shows where they overhaul some old junker? This new Hot Older Male video is sort of like that, at least until the dicks come out. Charlie Harding is bellowing at Scotty Rage (his lover in real life) and Victor West that he wants this motorcycle finished by 5 p.m., then he storms off. Scotty grumbles, then rubs his screwdriver over Victor's bulge suggesting they do something else. "What do you have?" a very cocky Victor asks. I don't know about you, but Scotty Rage could be packing a vagina and I'd still play with him. Well, maybe not, but ... Come inside and see what they get up to on that motorcycle.

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  • Brad Kalvo Humping Fuzzy Josh Thomas

    Brad Kalvo Humping Fuzzy Josh Thomas

    The last time I saw fuzzy bottom Josh Thomas, he was in a public toilet taking care of three nice cocks. This week on Hot Older Male he's got hairy hunk Brad Kalvo all to himself. Kalvo is quite impressed with Josh's deep throating skills and thanks him with a good, long fuck on the couch. Brad Kalvo humping your ass, it doesn't get much better than that.

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  • Man, I Hope Victor West Is Fixin' to Make a Lot of Porn

    Man, I Hope Victor West Is Fixin' to Make a Lot of Porn

    If you work in a men's underwear store, you've probably had this fantasy about one of your customers. Hairy hunk Brad Kalvo is checking out the underwear and bathing suits while the store clerk is checking him out. Kalvo knows he's being watched. He's a head turner, he's used to it. And he works it with shy glances, nods, and smirks. Oh my. I'd be locking that store door and throwing up the "Gone for Lunch" sign.

    But it's not all about Brad. Victor West is a sexy hunk of man and I can see why Brad wants to get something happening here. This bearded and furry daddy popped up in a Hot Older Male picture gallery in 2012 and then headed back to Oklahoma. I watched and waited, but no video ever came. Until now. But when I first saw West in the promo pics for this scene I thought, "Who is that? I know him." And when I heading inside HOM and saw his 2012 gallery -- OH HIM! FINALLY!

    Was he worth the wait? Most assuredly. Not only is Victor a handsome man, but he sure can suck dick. He gets down on his knees and swallows Kalvo's dick. He doesn't need any help or instruction, no back-of-the-head nudges to go faster or deeper, Victor knows how to take care of a man's cock. Brad just stands there in awe of what's happening to his dick. And watching that black beard bobbing on Kalvo's meat, well, my glass-top desk quickly became very messy and I haven't even gotten to the fucking yet. So with my last assignment of the week done, I'm off to watch these two hairy hunks fuck.

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  • Furry Puerto Rican & Silver Daddy Flip Flop

    Furry Puerto Rican & Silver Daddy Flip Flop

    Rikk York is a sexy newcomer to gay porn. He's a furry Puerto Rican, he loves sucking cock (thoroughly enjoyable to watch), and he's versatile, although I prefer watching him bottom because he's got such a beautiful, fuckable ass. He's been making the rounds and he's just showed up at Hot Older Male with silver daddy Jake Marshall.

    I couldn't be more thrilled with this pairing. Marshall is a sexy man and he's a slow, passionate, and enthusiastic lover. If you crawl into bed with this hunk (and you're not making a porno) you know it's going to be one of those 6-hour marathons where you don't care if you ever cum because the sex is so hot.

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  • TitPig Is Back!

    TitPig Is Back!

    This week Steve Hurley "TitPig" broke a 5-year drought of filming with a new scene at Hot Older Male -- I couldn't be any more excited. Retirements and comebacks have become a big joke in the gay porn business; these days when a performer announces they're leaving the business, I usually say, "See you in six months." And I'm not often wrong. But everyone once in a while a true porn legend makes a comeback that makes a guy's dick stand and take notice.

    TitPig's pipe-smoking, daddy-boy scene with Christian Mitchell is already on my "Best of 2014" list. When I started running gay porn sites back in 2003, TitPig was making his climb to the top where he stayed for a few years. He was well known for smoking cigars and pipes while he screwed some horny bottom. And it doesn't take much imagination to figure out how he got the nickname "TitPig."

    But not only am I thrilled to see TitPig back filming, but I'm equally stoked that he's fucking Christian Mitchell, who happens to be a buddy of mine. Mitchell and I have been whispering about this scene on Twitter for weeks. And it's just as hot as I imagined.

    In this video at Hot Older Male, TitPig and Christian Mitchell reunite for one of their daddy-boy scenes which stopped when Mitchell moved away. But he's back for a weekend and they're making the most of it. From the moment Mitchell walks in the yard, TitPig is running his dirty mouth -- this daddy could convince you that scrubbing the floor with your toothbrush is the hottest thing you've ever done.

    I'm not going to ruin this scene with a blow by blow account of what happens, but I can't let those nipples pass by without a comment. Man, TitPig's nibs are bigger than ever, massive really. I'm so jealous of Christian and still ask him regularly to tell me how hot it was sucking and chewing those things.

    After lots of dirty-talking head, Christian lies back in a leather sling and gets his hole stretched with daddy's fat dick. I've seen Mitchell shoot plenty of cum wads in his videos, but this straight-in-the-air jizz stream is impressive. This is one comeback you don't want to miss. And if you didn't see him the first time around, TitPig has five other videos over at Hot Older Male to keep you churned up, but you'll want to start with his latest one.

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  • Zak Powers Fucks Jake Shores

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    When this video from Hot Older Male opens, grey-haired daddy Zak Powers is sitting on Jake Shore's face and getting his nuts sucked. He's stroking his thick cock, urging it into a hard-on and Jake is playing with his nipples and rubbing his furry chest. Then this cock-sucking daddy gets down on all fours and moans his way to bottom heaven while Powers screws his ass.

  • Luciano and Theo Devair

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    Luciano is a big-bellied daddy and he's one of the most popular men over at Hot Older Male. He's screwed a number of younger guys over there and this week he's got a new hottie in his bed. Theo Devair has a sexy round ass and he loves taking daddy dick.

  • Daddy Likes Playing with Ice

    Daddy Likes Playing with Ice

    Luciano is a 60-year-old daddy who likes playing with younger guys. He's fucked three guys on Hot Older Male before and he's back in a new scene with 27-year-old Billy Jackson. And this daddy is one of the most popular they've ever featured on the site, members love this older man. This fourth scene is his hottest video yet, but it's "cool" too.

    Businessman Luciano returns to his hotel room. It's a hot day and he's exhausted. He turns on the air conditioner, orders a bucket of ice from the front desk, and lies back on the bed in his shirt, tie, and dress slacks and relaxes. When Billy arrives with the ice, Luciano tells him to put it on the nightstand. And with an approving look from this daddy, Billy helps himself to a fistful of dick through Luciano's trousers.

    And Luciano shows why he's such a hot daddy with the younger guys. With Billy naked on the bed, Luciano uses one ice cube after another on the boy's butt hole, his cock, and nipples. Daddy drives Billy crazy when he shoves an ice cube up the boy's ass. Then the older man warms up Billy's hole with his big cock and fucks him all over that bed. Billy cums lying on his back with Luciano drilling his ass. He rises his hips and legs high in the air and cums in his own mouth! And this silver daddy lies back stroking his dick while Billy kisses him to a creamy finish. Luciano coats his big round belly with a thick load of semen.

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  • Bald and Hairy

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    A bald man will almost always catch my attention. If he's hairy and wears a beard like Tim Phillips in this Hot Older Male video, then I'm even more interested. And if he's got a thick, meaty cock ... well, let's just say I don't wait for an invitation. And watching this sexy daddy working his dick gets my cock-sucking mojo all worked up.

  • Thickly Hung Cub

    evan mansfield

    I first laid my eyes on Evan Mansfield a few months back. He's a hung cub with a super thick cock. He's adorable cute with soulful-brown eyes, a beard, and hot kissable lips. This cub likes using his fat dick on older men and he's been featured in a number of videos over at Hot Older Male.

    In this gallery Evan Mansfield is flying solo, giving us a good look at this fat dick. And boy, is this a delicious-looking piece of meat - a cocksucker's dream come true. And watching a cock-hungry daddy bear slobbering all over this fat meat stick should get you hot and horny.

    If you're into watching older men playing with younger guys, you'll love watching this hung, furry cub in action at Hot Older Male. He's featured in six videos. He fucks some hot daddy butt in two duo scenes, but make sure you treat yourself to Evan's four scenes from the Big Dick Daddy Club group sex scene where he's sucking and fucking with a gang of other hot hairy men. It's a sweaty and horny bear sex party that you won't want to miss.