• Military Training Bareback Fuck

    Military Training Bareback Fuck

    Out in the woods for military training, Flaco Sandoval and Blanco Vega pause for a bit of action at Bareback Twink. Blanco grabs Flaco's hand and places it on his bulge. It takes little coaxing to get Flaco in the mood and Blanco is quickly face-fucking his fellow recruit. Blanco buries his face in Flaco's smooth ass and rims him deep, then fucks the hairy legged guy from behind in the great outdoors.

    Downloadable videos available at Bareback Twink

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  • Cy Discovers that He Can Cum from a Blowjob

    Cy Discovers that He Can Cum from a Blowjob

    I'm a legs and ass man, so I go nuts for a hot pair of furry legs or butt. And 21-year-old Cy has both. He has filmed quite a number of times with Spunkworthy, starting off with the standard jack-off video, then a massage turned into a blowjob, and his third scene was full-on getting fucked by another guy, which Spunkworthy has started doing from time to time.

    A few weeks back Cy did a "qwickie" for the site and that's when a guy drops by just to jack off. A lot of these guys have room mates or girlfriends, so sometimes they just want a place to go and unload their nuts. And since site owner Jason pays them for doing a video, its' a win-win for everyone.

    Jason has already sucked Cy's dick before, but after Cy did his last "qwickie," Jason was hungering for another round. Plus, members love Cy's his furry butt and thighs too and they've been asking to see him again. Cy wasn't sure about doing a blowjob video because he says it's hard from him to cum from oral. But Cy wasn't counting on Jason sticking a finger up his ass and finding his magic button. Did Cy have trouble cumming from a blowjob? Nope. He even unloaded on Jason's tongue.

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  • Now We Get To See Nathan's Feet

    Now We Get To See Nathan's Feet

    Almost a week ago we saw hot young chap, Nathan Green playing with his cock and showing his tight hole to the camera on You Love Jack. Now we're looking at his sexy, smooth feet on Foot Woody. Nathan starts with his dirty white socks on, placing his feet on the table. He peels them off to reveal his sweet smooth toes and perfect size 10 boy feet. Nathan's erect cock stands straight up as he flexes his toes and shows off his soles to the high definition camera.

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  • Nathan Green Plays With Cock

    Nathan Green Plays With Cock

    I absolutely love ass. Tight little assholes are my favourite, they're just begging for some TLC, desperate to get. opened up. Nathan Green's hole is one such fine example at You Love Jack. But allow me to back up a little. Before we get a glimpse of Nathan's ass, he exposes his adequately sized 6.5 inch uncut dick.

    Nathan's pretty proud of his cock, and he deserves to be. Whilst it isn't the biggest cock on You Love Jack (by far), it is a nice shape. He holds it up for the camera, whilst sat wearing his t-shirt and white ankle socks, so all we can see is his boner, hairy legs and the occasional sultry look down the camera lens. After polishing the head of his cock with precum, Nathan pulls one out.

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  • Count The Days Of 2014 With Ben Cohen

    Ben Cohen

    Now that the new year is here, you'll need a way to keep track of the time between hookups, right?! So why not do it with former rugby hunk Ben Cohen? We've been drooling over this guy for years, and who cares if he's straight and married with two kids? What counts is that he started a charity to fight homophobia and bully LGBT bullies, and that he's still smoking hot and wonderfully hairy at age 35! In the past year, Ben kept busy as a contestant on a British version of Dancing With the Stars. All the better to firm up his already firm buns! He also spent time shooting his annual calendar, which benefits his StandUp Foundation. To see a behind-the-scenes video of the calendar shoot (and Ben getting spritzed with a water bottle), click here. For more info on the calendar, visit WorldRugbyShop.com. And to learn more about the Ben Cohen StandUp Foundation, click here.

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  • Happy Birthday, Ettore Tosi

    Ettore Tosi

    One of our all-time favorite hairy gay porn stars is having a birthday. We won't say how old he is (God only knows!), but Ettore Tosi is still looking fine for any age. The photos you see here are from an unreleased set shot during his heyday, when Ettore's furry body and piercing blue eyes were gracing the box covers of numerous hit movies, including the classic Hotel Italia and The Road to Naples.

    Ettore started out as a production assistant for Lucas Kazan Productions in the late 1990s. Then he moved in front of the camera to perform and serve as the main spokesmodel for the studio. This hot-blooded Scorpio is believed to be the first Italian gay porn star. Eventually, Ettore started working behind the scenes, where he still serves as a producer and a director. To see more of Ettore Tosi's body of work, visit Lucas Kazan.

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  • Leo Domenico Fucks Chase Reynolds

    Leo Domenico Fucks Chase Reynolds

    Leo Domenico has been showing up in a lot of gay porn scenes lately, and this week he's on UK Naked Men. He's a handsome Greek guy and sports a nice, big cock. And he's fucking Chase Reynolds, who is never content just to take it lying down.

    The two guys are getting nasty in a library and after swapping some head, Leo lies back on a big wooden table and Chase mounts him and rides his hard-on. Then Chase lies back and hoists his legs in the air so Domenico can dick him hard. And you'll want to see Leo's fountainous cum shot - the boy shoots a big load! And Chase is completed soaked in spunk

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  • New Book Celebrates The Love Of Fur

    New Book Celebrates The Love Of Fur

    If you ask us, the furrier the man, the better. And Bruno Gmünder obviously agrees. The German publisher is aiming a new illustrated coffee-table book directly at the hair-appreciating audience! Fur: The Love of Hair exposes the world of hirsute hunks with dozens of iconic and original contemporary images. Those who dig hairy chests, legs and butts will find endless hours of joy perusing these pages, which are chock-full of manly men in all their hairy glory. Some works are from top artists, others from independent and lesser-known names who nonetheless produce outstanding art. Contributors hail from all over the world, including Japan, Australia, France, Peru, Italy, Germany and the United States. Along with the images, there's also commentary, information, insight and personal essays (in both English and German) from authors Ron J. Suresha and Scott McGillivray. Fur: The Love of Hair is a visual treat--captivating, innovative and provocative. Some might even say hair-raising!? For more information, click here.

  • Military Amateur Strokes Cock

    Amateur with hairy legs stroking his big cock

    Military stud and amateur porn model Myles from Spunk Worthy sits back on the couch after flexing his toned body and strokes his cock to a sticky ending all over his trimmed abs.

  • Latin Jock With Hairy Legs

    Hairy legged latino jock with stubble and uncut dick

    Latin Jocks presents Lippy, a hot Latino stud with hairy legs, stubble and a big uncut dick that curves slightly to one side. His abs are tattooed with his star sign and he seductively looks at the camera with his big brown eyes while he shows off his hard cock.