• Piss, Fuck and Fist in Sling

    Piss, Fuck and Fist in Sling

    On his knees, shaved-headed Christopher Wells worships big-dicked Mack Manus in Titan Rough's Daddy Fist. The tall and tan daddy face fucks the hungry sucker with his uncut tool, his balls banging Christopher's hairy chin. Christopher strokes his own bullet as he sucks, Mack gripping his own balls and making the sub feast on them. Mack let's loose a gush of piss on Christopher's hairy chest before face fucking him some more, the two sharing a kiss before Mack sucks him back. Mack takes the sub's balls in his mouth, spitting on Christopher's boner before deep-throating it. Mack buries his goateed chin deep in Christopher's hole, finger fucking him before shoving his rock hard cock in. Christopher gets on his back, his hole soon filled with Mack's lubed-up fist that twists slowly. Mack pisses on the bottom's hole, then fists the wide-eyed sub some more - going slowly in and out until Christopher can't take it anymore, the two shooting their loads.

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  • COLT Icon Anthony Page

    COLT Icon Anthony Page

    We continue to love and admire the manly men of COLT's fabulous Icon series, evidenced in these posts about classic studs Steve Kelso, Pete Kuzak, Jake Tanner and John Pruitt! This time, the beautiful Anthony Page is joining the exclusive club. The studio tells us that "any fan of the infamous COLT Hairy Chested Men brand" will be familiar with Page. And who wouldn't want to be familiar with the gorgeous fur covering Page's perfectly muscled torso? He's also got a nice curve on his dick and a sweet furry butt. Just ignore his hairdo! To see more of iconic Anthony, visit COLT Studio Group.

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  • Julian Marshburn Covers Character Magazine

    Julian Mashburn

    We've always got time for another hairy muscleman--even if it's not in a porn movie but on the pages of an arty French magazine. Julian Marshburn is a hunky personal trainer and massage therapist. He's also a former Mr. San Francisco Leather Daddy winner who acted in the 2009 film The Rise and Fall of Jeremy Starr. Now the onetime Bare Chest Calendar model is gracing the cover of Character and starring in a stunning photo shoot from photographer Some French Guy (that's his name!) that captures his manly nature. So he's never done gay porn, but he does remind us of a slightly beefier version of Heath Jordan (who has). If you spot Julian the next time you're cruising the Castro, tell him we said woof! For more information on the winter issue (out now), visit Character Magazine.

  • Topped by a Redhead

    Topped by a Redhead

    Dark-haired, horny-as-hell Jordan is no stranger to getting boned for Sean Cody. This time he's indoctrinating redheaded newcummer (and hot all-American jock) Adam. Adam is straight, but he's willing to bone a little male ass, and he wastes no time topping Jordan, fucking that tight, hot hole from every angle!

  • Happy Birthday, Ettore Tosi

    Ettore Tosi

    One of our all-time favorite hairy gay porn stars is having a birthday. We won't say how old he is (God only knows!), but Ettore Tosi is still looking fine for any age. The photos you see here are from an unreleased set shot during his heyday, when Ettore's furry body and piercing blue eyes were gracing the box covers of numerous hit movies, including the classic Hotel Italia and The Road to Naples.

    Ettore started out as a production assistant for Lucas Kazan Productions in the late 1990s. Then he moved in front of the camera to perform and serve as the main spokesmodel for the studio. This hot-blooded Scorpio is believed to be the first Italian gay porn star. Eventually, Ettore started working behind the scenes, where he still serves as a producer and a director. To see more of Ettore Tosi's body of work, visit Lucas Kazan.

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  • Furry Butts - Hump Day Hotties

    Furry Butts - Hump Day Hotties

    I discovered David Camacho a few months back, and I've been eagerly awaiting more of this sexy, hairy man; this week Butch Dixon delivered another look at this hottie. He's incredibly handsome and I love his dark beard. At first I thought he was Arabic, but some digging revealed that he's from South America, Colombia I think, but I can't remember for sure. Camacho is furry all over -- chest, belly, and legs, and when he turns his rear toward the camera you'll find more hair on his back across his shoulders, another patch on the small of his back, and some very furry buttcheeks. And he fucks like a machine. While this Butch Dixon scene is a solo, I'm sure they're going to be bringing us a hot fuck scene with this power top. I can't wait!

    sean cody dane and pavel.jpg

    Pavel is one of my favorite guys over at Sean Cody. And I guess he's a fan fave, too, because he's appeared in 19 videos so far. He does a lot of fucking, but he's also gotten his furry butt fucked seven times, as well. Pavel might be a bit too hairy for some tastes, but I love this stud's big beefy furry ass, and watching a stiff hard-on sliding into his hungry butt hole gets me pretty revved up. And if you like face scruff, hairy bodies, and very furry armpits, you're going to love this horny stud.

    chaos men xavier

    Xavier is an example of how sometimes the further down a guy's body you go, the furrier he gets. Xavier is a good-looking guy with a muscular body, and he's making his porn debut over at Chaos Men this week. He's sporting some face scruff and wears a lot of tattoos. His torso is smooth, but when you flip this stud over, you'll find a furry butt. Not too much hair, just a light dusting, enough to give your hands something to feel. And when he spreads his butt cheeks, he reveals a very hairy ass crack. And this stud shoots like a fountain, straight up in the air!

  • Josh Long Shows Off Hairy Ass

    View full video at Badpuppy

    This video of Josh Long proves that surfers love a hairy guy. There's always a huge debate over smooth vs hairy guys, but this Badpuppy video at Queer Pixels has been burning up the bandwidth with surfers watching Josh Long playing in a locker room in his jockstrap. If you like hairy butts, you're going to love Josh's furry ass.

  • Furry Ass and a Fat Cock

    furry muscle stud rudy bodlak

    I love a man with a hairy ass, but sometimes a guy can be too furry back there. Muscle stud Rudy Bodlak has the perfect bum as far as I'm concerned. It's round and meaty and covered with a nice dusting of fur, not too much, but just enough to give your hands sometimes to feel.

    This muscle guy has already gotten his furry derriere fucked over at Man Avenue, but this week he's solo and pleasuring his fat cock. And you can tell this stud really loves having something up his ass because while he's jacking his thick dick, he's also fingering his horny rosebud.

    Rudy also gives a peek at his pink hole by spreading his ass cheeks wide. And when he's ready to spunk, he blows a hot creamy load of cum all over his chest and abs.

  • New Book Celebrates The Love Of Fur

    New Book Celebrates The Love Of Fur

    If you ask us, the furrier the man, the better. And Bruno Gmünder obviously agrees. The German publisher is aiming a new illustrated coffee-table book directly at the hair-appreciating audience! Fur: The Love of Hair exposes the world of hirsute hunks with dozens of iconic and original contemporary images. Those who dig hairy chests, legs and butts will find endless hours of joy perusing these pages, which are chock-full of manly men in all their hairy glory. Some works are from top artists, others from independent and lesser-known names who nonetheless produce outstanding art. Contributors hail from all over the world, including Japan, Australia, France, Peru, Italy, Germany and the United States. Along with the images, there's also commentary, information, insight and personal essays (in both English and German) from authors Ron J. Suresha and Scott McGillivray. Fur: The Love of Hair is a visual treat--captivating, innovative and provocative. Some might even say hair-raising!? For more information, click here.

  • Hairy Davis Debuts for Maverick Men

    Well hung guy with lots of pubic hair

    Those wild and crazy Maverick Men have their fair share of fans. Sometimes one of them wanders off to Boston and hooks up with the manly couple--on-camera, of course! This time, versatile bachelor Davis was welcomed as a weekend guest. As the snow fell softly outside, the adorable newbie went down hard! According to the MM, Davis is "an amazing, chill guy with a serious appetite for hot sex." One look at this clip and we could tell that! The blue-eyed beauty, who is into sweat and man scent, is hairy in all the right places and massively hung. (Look up!) He also takes cock like an eager bottom, according to the horny duo. Cole and Hunter ate Davis's furry hole, which got him moaning and ready for more (a good pounding from both!). Cole says he judges a scene's hotness by how many times he jacks while editing it. "This one was a three-stroke video," he says, "a true home run of hotness!" So invite Davis back for another visit, you guys! For more information on "Horse Hung Hairy Hole!", visit MaverickMen.com.

    Hairy Davis Debuts for Maverick Men