• Zak Powers Fucks Jake Shores

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    When this video from Hot Older Male opens, grey-haired daddy Zak Powers is sitting on Jake Shore's face and getting his nuts sucked. He's stroking his thick cock, urging it into a hard-on and Jake is playing with his nipples and rubbing his furry chest. Then this cock-sucking daddy gets down on all fours and moans his way to bottom heaven while Powers screws his ass.

  • 2 Grandpas Screwing Guy in Barbershop Threesome

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    This twenty-something-year-old guy has just gotten his hair cut in the Older 4 Me barber shop and two older men have been watching him. When he gets out of the barber chair he walks over and starts groping one of the older man's crotches, then down on his knees he starts blowing this daddy - he's got a nice thick cock, too. The other grandpa gets into it and they spit roast this horny guy, giving him both of their stiff cocks at the same time.

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    Trevor Belfast is a sexy, grey daddy. He's ruggedly handsome with a sexy silver goatee, and a very hairy body. He's lying back on his couch and pumping his girthy cock in his fist in this scene from Bear Films. When his bear cub, Knotty Cub, comes into the living room and says, "Watcha doing?" Trevor springs off the sofa and puts the moves on this beefy boy.

    Trevor and Knotty cub takes turns on their knees sucking dick. And daddy really likes swallowing his cub's meaty, uncut cock. Knotty Cub takes his turn on daddy's thick meat and when it's hard, the horny bottom bends over the sofa and daddy slips his erection between those big butt cheeks.

    Knotty Cub lies back and this grey-haired top drills his ass hard. This also gives us a chance to see Trevor from behind and he's got a very furry back and ass. When the men have had enough, they sit back on the couch and jerk their dicks together, spilling their cum loads all over each other.

  • No Viagra Needed Here

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    These two silver-haired men show us that granddaddy sex can be hot! Stewart Scot is out in the park for a relaxing afternoon. But when Michael Burkk rides past him wearing his tight cycling shorts and showing off his daddy cock, Stewart thinks he'll have to put the relaxing off to another day.

    These two grey-haired daddies head back to Stewart's place and Stewart wraps his lips around Michael's big-nobbed dick. Michael lies back and enjoys the blowjob. But then he climbs on Stewart, hoists his legs in the air, and inches his big helmet-head cock into this older man's butt hole.

    These two grandpas fuck hard, and when it's all over they fall into each others' arms. Covered in sweat and spunk and still panting from their vigorous afternoon fuck, they laugh about the good time they had and decide that a nap is in order, so they snuggle up.

  • Bruno Knight Fucks Grey-Haired Daddy

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    Muscle bear Bruno Knight and grey-haired daddy Samson Stone play a couple of workmen by the names of Hammer and Crowbar, and they work for a hard-nosed fucker who simply calls himself The Boss (Trojan Rock). In this scene from Alpha Male Fuckers, the Boss throws some boxes down on the floor and orders these two hairy men to sort them out.

    But as these things usually go in gay porn videos, these studs have other things on their mind. Bruno and Samson start exploring every inch of their hard, hairy bodies. Rubbing, touching, kissing, licking, these two horny men do it all ... nuzzling their beards, snorting their sweaty armpits, kissing, and that's just the beginning.

    Bruno sits back in a chair while Samson feasts on his meaty cock. And when the silver-haired hairy hunk bends over and offers his butt to his hairy and tattooed buddy, Bruno licks it with his wet tongue. With his ass slippery and spit-shined, Samson braces himself for Bruno's big dick. Bruno pushes it in hard and goes to town, pounding Samson's butt. When Bruno is done fucking his buddy's ass, he fills up Samson's hungry mouth with a big, creamy load of cum and Samson doesn't spill a drop. He laps up every last drip from Bruno's piss slit.

  • Older Men Fucking

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    I've posted here about silver daddy Paul Barbora a few times. He was recently featured in a very hot Daddy Threeway and another sweaty session I called Grey-Haired Daddy Fucking his Boy. Hot Older Male loves Paul Barbaro and they've brought him back for another sizzling fuck session.

    This time around, Paul is paired up with another older man named Nick Forte. Nick has a solidly muscled and hairy body and he loves getting his ass fucked. As the scene opens Nick and Paul are necking and groping one another's crotches. Nick unzips Paul's jeans and falls on his knees, nursing on this daddy's thick cock. The guys swap blowjobs back and forth, but Paul really wants to feel his stiff dick sliding into this nice piece of hairy man ass. This sexy older man fucks his bald buddy all over that bed and when this daddy is ready to cum, Nick chews on his nipples while Paul douses the sheets with a big load of spunk. You'll want to head over to Hot Older Male and check out the preview video.

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    Allen Silver is a sexy, grey-haired daddy and he's one of my favorites over at Hot Older Male. Silver is 49 years old and stands 6-feel tall. He's grey-haired with close-cropped hair and his body is solidly built. This daddy is covered in fur, front and back, and he has a sexy patch of grey hair in the middle of his chest.

    In this suck and fuck session from Hot Older Male, Silver is paired up with Will Swagger, who is younger at 42 years of age and a lot shorter, standing only 5'8". Swagger's a good-looking daddy himself and he's mostly smooth with only a faint patch of fur in the middle of his chest.

    These two daddies start off making out and then swapping blowjobs. Swagger gets down on all fours on the couch and Allen Silver rims his ass, getting it moist and slippery for his big, hard cock. Then he inches his dick into Swagger's tight butt hole and starts fucking him steadily and firmly. Silver sits back on the couch and Swagger mounts him and backs onto his dick. Swaggers turns around and fucks Silver's cock some more and shoots his load all over this daddy's grey-haired chest. With his chest splattered with cum, Silver jerks his own cock and sends his cum load sailing across Swagger's smooth chest and belly.

    If you're an Allen Silver fan, there's plenty more of him at Hot Older Male. You'll want to head over there and check out some of the horny free previews.

  • Plowing Wet Hole

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    Sexy silver daddy takes on one horny bottom in this bareback fuck video from Hairy & Raw. Then a second joins them and this horny daddy is over the moon with two fuck holes to service. This man is smoking and he knows how to fuck ass.

  • Silver Daddy Fucks Ass

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    Last week I blogged about Silver-Haired Daddy Allen Silver. He's a real hot older man - ruggedly handsome, very hairy, amply hung with a furry ass. He's been a regular contributor of hot suck and fuck scenes over at Hot Older Male for a few years now, and there's nothing stopping this sexy daddy.

    Allen Silver is back and Hot Older Male paired him up with Will Swagger, who's a bit of a daddy himself. Will is 42 years old and he's mostly smooth, but does have a small patch of fur in the middle of his chest. He's also got very furry armpits. He a handsome, square-jawed man with sexy blue eyes and a full beard, and he's hungry for cock.

    Pornographers make me laugh sometimes. This scene opens up with the camera panning through San Francisco. It eventually settles on a busy street and focuses in on a sign that says, "No Cruising Zone." The camera pans down the pole holding the sign, and there's Will Swagger, leaning against it. He's definitely cruising. Allen Silver walks by, the two hook up, and walk off hand-in-hand to Silver's apartment for an afternoon fuck session.

    And what a hot afternoon it was. These two men have chemistry that you can practically smell through the screen. They suck and fuck like dogs. At one point Will is lying back on a table and Allen is drilling his ass, then Allen picks Will up and holds him while standing - his stiff cock never left Will's ass in the maneuver - and then this silver daddy continues to bounce Will up and down on his cock. Fuck! That's a daddy! I wish I could find a man big enough to do that to me - but he'd have to be an 8-foot gargantuan, I'm a big guy! Oh well, those who can't do, watch. :)

    Will ends up sitting on Allen's cock and riding it until he splatters his load all over Allen's hairy belly. Then Allen fucks Will some more until he's ready to spunk. He pulls out and with Will's load still clinging to his furry belly, Allen sprays his watery jizz load all over Will's chest and belly. What a hot fucking scene! Spring is coming guys, get out there cruising, maybe you'll find a hot silver daddy like Will did.

  • Stroking Older Man

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    Ready for another man over 50? Well, this silver-haired and horny daddy from Daddy Strokes shows that you can be older and still love getting off. He strips off to a jock strap, then lubes up his cock and jerks it. And once the angle changes, we can see he's wearing a metal cockring. After this daddy gets horned up, he shoves a dildo in his ass while stroking his dick - hot!