• Hairy Ex-Marine

    Hairy Ex-Marine

    Island Studs brings back Alex, a horny ex-marine with a great bod (LOVE that sixpack!), a hairy chest, unshaved pubes and a round, meaty ass anyone would love to fuck. Oh, and a cock that stands at attention and stays hard! Alec has a great time showing off his tattooed, naked physique.

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  • Hung Furry Greek Marine

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    Alec is a hunky Marine who has filmed for Island Studs before. He's good looking with a strong, furry body and a fairly healthy-sized dick. He's back on the site for another one of their famous outdoor nude scenes. Island Studs gets Alex climbing a tree naked, flexing and posing in the sun, and swimming naked in the pool before he gets down to stroking his meaty cock.

  • Hot Greek Stud

    hot greek stud

    One of the things I lament about gay porn is that I just don't see enough Greek men. I have always loved Mediterranean men; and while there are tons of Italian and Spanish guys (or even South American Latino men), there just aren't many Greek men out there stripping naked for the cameras. Kind of funny since the Greeks sort of invented homosexuality.

    Leave it to UK Naked Men to satisfy my craving for hot Greek studs. Rio is a sexy guy. He's got a beautifully lean body; and he's mostly smooth, although if you look close enough, he does have a very light dusting of fur around his pecs. And he's got a delicious treasure trail crawling up his stomach.

    Greek stud Rio is making his gay porn debut and he's getting his uncut cock hard outdoors in a secluded patio. Rio loves showing off and I can see why, he's got a gorgeous uncut cock with plenty of foreskin. He pulls and stretches his foreskin until his dick is rock hard. Rio has a hot, tight ass. He's versatile, but his favorite position is on top, riding a thick, uncut cock. I'm sure UK Naked Men will be making that fantasy a reality soon enough.

  • Hot Muscular Greek

    Hot Muscle Greek Man

    When Ilias woke up it was a beautiful sunny day, so he decided to head out for an early morning walk. At 6 a.m. there's usually no one about, but Next Door Male was there to watch him. This hot muscular Greek stud woke up with a hard-on and he's looking to do something about it. After a long, leisurely stroll, Ilias heads back to his yard and lies back on a wicker sofa. It's so comfortable and Ilias dozes in the sun. But then his hand crawls inside his shorts and he starts rubbing his cock. His morning wood never really went away, so it didn't take much coaxing to get it right back up to attention. And before long, Ilias is unzipping his shorts and pulling out his cock. It's a beautiful meaty cock, not too big, but not small either. He rubs baby oil all over himself and starts stroking his dick. His muscles are glistening in the sun and the warmth feels good on his skin. Ilias's balls tighten and he shoots a stream of cum across his six pack. Once his orgasm wanes, he gets up, grabs the garden hose, and gives himself a shower in the backyard.

  • Greek Hunk Pisses And Cums

    Greek Hunk Pisses And Cums

    One look at Nic and you can pretty much tell he's Greek. Dark eyes, thick dark hair, and even bushy eyebrows. He resides on the beautiful island of Crete with his parents when he's not attending college in America. Nic told Island Studs that he was a nude model for an art class in High School, and yet he was still pretty shy for their cameras. No worries though, as Nic soon warmed up once he got completely naked and showed off his amazing Greek physique to them and the rest of the world. In fact, Nic got so comfortable that on a whim he decided to release a hot stream of piss. Sweet! This action must have gotten Nic as horny as fuck because pretty soon he was jerking his hard dick and blowing a thick load of man jizz for the finale!

  • Hairy Hunk's Uncut Cock

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    I stopped by Butch Dixon the other day, just after they added Albert Victor in their twice-weekly photo update. And I fell in love! Albert is a handsome hunk of man, dark-haired, just the way I like them, wearing a full beard, and staring into the camera with those dark, brooding eyes. He's sucking on a cigar. And even though I recently quit smoking, I'd come face to face with the nicotine demon just to get down on my knees in front of this hairy hunk. As Albert puts down his cigar, he hoists his arms behind his head; the undersides of his arms at tattooed with Greek words. So Albert's a Greek man -- I knew there was a reason I liked him so much. He's a short and compact man with a solid, hairy body and he's curvy in all the right spots. And since Albert hails from the Mediterranean, I'm pretty sure I know what's coming next -- foreskin! Yes, Albert whips out his deliciously uncut cock and starts stroking it into a strong, banana-curved erection. What a beautiful sight! I can't wait to watch this hairy hunk sitting back and greasing up his hot uncut cock. I'm getting all hot and bothered thinking about him peeling back his foreskin and letting me see his glistening cock head.