• Prostate Fingering Gives Chris An Intense Orgasm

    Prostate Fingering Gives Chris An Intense Orgasm

    Chris and Dixon are two hot young straight guys sitting side-by-side on the Straight Fraternity couch and seemingly willing to do whatever it takes to earn some fast cash. Some mutual cock stroking leads to some oral action and ends in an intense prostate fingering induced orgasm for one guy and two cum loads for the other!

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  • Interview: Vadim Black

    Vadim Black interview

    Vadim Black was an instant sensation when he debuted at Broke Straight Boys in January. Now, the gay-for-pay pornstar has 17 videos and counting with the studio, including his first ever bareback scene with a guy. We talk to him about gay porn, the challenges, and his life.

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  • Newbie Taylor Gets Hazed and More by Zander

    Newbie Taylor Gets Hazed and More by Zander

    Cutie-pie newbie Taylor is sitting on the Straight Fraternity couch next to the much more experienced Zander, and while both guys are straight, they are curious and willing to go "gay for pay" for the right amount. But it's Taylor's inexperience and nativity that makes this video so attractive, and everyone, except Taylor, knows exactly what's about to happen to the poor guy!

    The cameraman starts things rolling by getting both guys to strip naked, and naturally Zander is already rock-hard, so he's the one delegated to get Taylor hard. His does this by getting down on his knees and sucking Taylor's still soft cock into his mouth - cut to a few minutes later and Taylor is now rock-hard and Zander is enthusiastically sucking his cock and balls and a spare hand is back behind toying with his hole too! But the sucking soon ends so that the butt-paddle can come out, and the guys take turns paddling each other's butt cheeks till they are hot and red, and poor Taylor gets the worst of this deal, as Zander really smacks the newbies cheeks much harder than he ever got in return! Next it's Taylor's turn to suck cock, but it doesn't last long as Zander really wants to get at Taylor's tight little puckered hole. He pushes Taylor face down onto the couch and, burying his face between Taylor's butt cheeks, he eats the newbie's arsehole while Taylor moans and groans, and it's obvious the poor kid is not entirely sure whether he likes it or not! Soon Taylor's hole is moist and relaxed and Zander manoeuvrers his cock so that it slides right in - bareback - and he fucks Taylor nice and hard until he's ready to cum. Then he pulls out and sprays his pent up load all over Taylor's butt before plunging it back in. Then he continues to pound Taylor from the rear while the lad strokes his own cock at the front until he too spews forth his own cum load all over the couch! Now that was one seriously hot bareback fuck no-one, especially Taylor, was expecting!

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  • Aiden Miller Fucks His First Guy

    Aiden Miller Fucks His First Guy

    Aiden Miller was introduced to us a week or so ago over at Gay Hoopla. He's a well-hung straight guy with a great personality and is the first Gay Hoopla model to ever turn up to do a solo jerk off shoot and end up fucking another guy - all on the same weekend! Until now tho, we didn't know who it was that he fucked - but now we do - it was the sexy, charming and handsome blue-eyed hottie Jason Keys!

    After Aiden had finished his jack off scene, the word around the studio spread rapidly - Dmitry Dickov had competition. Aiden has a monster dick and when Jason heard the news he was quick to react. He introduced himself to Aiden, and after some playful banter and verbal bull-shitting, soon had Aiden convinced that he was the guy to "help" break him into the industry. Jason followed up by leaning in for a kiss, which Aiden was NOT expecting, but seemed to enjoy nevertheless. After a bit of fooling around, the guys were soon naked and slurping down on each other's hard cocks. Then Jason suggested Aiden might like to try sticking his monster into his "man-gina" and, even tho Jason had never had a dick that big inside his tiny hole, he knew he wanted it, even if it meant walking home bow-legged, and as Aiden was very enthusiastic about the idea, the guys were soon fucking like rabbits!

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  • Gorgeous Twink Gets His Virgin Arse Popped

    Gorgeous Twink Gets His Virgin Arse Popped

    The Czech Hunter cameraman has the gift of the gab, plus plenty of cash, and he was able to get this gorgeous young twink to not only suck him off, but he also agreed to allow his virgin arsehole to be popped - bareback!

    It was a dreary wet day in Prague and our cameraman was out and about as usual looking for young guys to fuck, but the streets were empty, and he was about to give up when he came across a little pub with a few tables and umbrellas on the sidewalk. Under one of these was this gorgeous young man, sitting alone, drinking a beer, and happy to chat on cam! The cameraman desperately wanted this guy, and was willing to offer almost any amount of cash just to get the chance to pop his virgin hole! In the end he was only able to get the young guy to agree to jerk him off, but that was enough to start with, so they went to a nearby toilet for some privacy. Once he had the cameraman's big uncut cock in his hand, and another huge wad of cash on offer, the young guy was easily talked into doing more than a quick jerk off. He stripped naked, sucked our cameraman's cock for a bit, then bent over, allowed his virgin hole to be inspected and fingered, and then the moment our cameraman was so eager for finally happened - he got to fuck that tight virgin hole with his big fat hard cock! The kid seemed to like it too, but soon the whole horny experience got our cameraman ready to shoot his load, so he pulled out and squirted his warm sticky cum all over the lad's handsome face!

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  • Get Your Fix Of Vadim Black Here

    Get Your Fix Of Vadim Black Here

    Ayden Troy and Vadim Black only met each other a few minutes before they filmed this scene for Broke Straight Boys ... but that doesn't stop them from getting down and dirty and having some really hot gay sex ... not bad, for two straight boys!

    Things start off with the lads helping each other to get naked, even exchanging a few kisses along the way! Then Ayden drops down to his knees and takes Vadim's gorgeous uncut cock into his mouth and starts sucking ... it's not long before it's rock hard, at which point they swap around and Vadim gets Ayden hard orally. Of course, this is all just the precursor to the main event ... Ayden fucking Vadim's deliciously tight, straight lad's arsehole! Ayden enters slow but steady, allowing Vadim gets used to his size ... but it's not long before Vadim is in bottom heaven and starts to beg Ayden to fuck faster and harder! Then Ayden flips Vadim over onto his back and slows the tempo down a bit and thrusts into him with longer, slower strokes until they can't take it anymore and both guys squirt out their warm semen loads all over Vadim's belly!

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  • Czech Hunter Finds Another Gay 4 Pay Boy

    Czech Hunter Finds Another Gay 4 Pay Boy

    I'm addicted to the adventures of Czech Hunter. I can't help but lust over the boys he picks up and their sexy, slutty arses, and knowing they're actually straight causes me to overheat. Today's find is a 25 year old. Czech Hunter has a knack for talking the pants off these hot boys; it probably helps a great deal that his pockets are full of krona and he's not afraid to dish it out. Having just recently moved to Prague, the hot boy is more than happy to earn some cash by getting nude, sucking a pretty impressive dick and then taking it bareback up his hole.

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  • Vadim Black Bottoms for Sergio Valen

    Vadim Black Bottoms for Sergio Valen

    Sergio Valen and Vadim Black are two straight guys. But you wouldn't know it from seeing them on-screen in various gay porn films. While Sergio is a veteran of gay porn, Vadim is a newcomer. So who better than Sergio to show Vadim the ropes? Not wasting a minute Sergio goes down on Vadim, just to get him warmed up. Enjoying this great blowjob, Vadim returns the favor. Blowing Sergio the same style.

    But now it is time to bottom for Sergio. Vadim should have prepared better, as his hole was unprepared for Sergio's huge curved cock. He screams in pain as Sergio enters his ass. Sergio tried to be gentle, thrusting his cock slowly but deeply. Vadim takes the pain in stride as Sergio begins to fuck him doggy-style. Picking up the pace, pumping faster and faster. All the while Vadim grimaces in pain, but enjoying the fuck. He loves the fuck so much that he cums all over himself. Which prompts Sergio to cum all over Vadim's ass. So will Vadim do more bottoming? You will have to keep checking Gay Demon to see when Vadim will bottom next!

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  • Tyler White Fucking Damien Kyle Bareback

    Tyler White Fucking Damien Kyle Bareback

    Tyler almost didn't take part in this Broke Straight Boys scene. Getting fucked was just not on the cards, so he agreed to do the fucking instead. Damien, however, did agree to take it in the ass! After the straight boys have finished showing us a gay kiss they swap oral favours - Damien winning the prize for showing Tyler how it's done, then bending over and taking Tyler's dick bareback. Tyler pumps and pounds away on that straight boy's ass, pulls out, and shoots an impressive load onto Damien's tight abs.

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  • Gay 4 Pay Price Goes Higher And Higher

    Gay 4 Pay Price Goes Higher And Higher

    The webmaster of Czech Hunter went out searching for some new talent. Feeling a bit lazy, he decided to go to the train station. That area is always a sure shot to find new performers. It only took a few minutes before the webmaster struck gold. Here in his midst was a twinky traveler who seemed a bit lost. Using the same pick-up line of doing a school project, the webmaster invited the traveler for a bite to eat. With time to kill and hunger pains to boot, the traveler said why not.

    In the middle of the meal the webmaster started to show his dough. Must be payday the traveler said, as his eyes widened at the sight of all that cash. Then the webmaster pitched a deal to the traveler. I need a massage, so how about giving me one for $500? Intrigued, the traveler doesn't show any interest. He likes girls. OK, the webmaster says, how about $2,000? Now the traveler is interested, but where? How about a hotel the webmaster says. Here is the deal. Let nature take its course. If the massage turns into something more daring that would be great. But it is all up to the traveler. He needs to decide how far he want to go. The more he does, the more money the traveler will make. Wheels turning in his head, the traveler thinks about it for a bit. Then accepts the terms.

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