• Gay 4 Pay Price Goes Higher And Higher

    Gay 4 Pay Price Goes Higher And Higher

    The webmaster of Czech Hunter went out searching for some new talent. Feeling a bit lazy, he decided to go to the train station. That area is always a sure shot to find new performers. It only took a few minutes before the webmaster struck gold. Here in his midst was a twinky traveler who seemed a bit lost. Using the same pick-up line of doing a school project, the webmaster invited the traveler for a bite to eat. With time to kill and hunger pains to boot, the traveler said why not.

    In the middle of the meal the webmaster started to show his dough. Must be payday the traveler said, as his eyes widened at the sight of all that cash. Then the webmaster pitched a deal to the traveler. I need a massage, so how about giving me one for $500? Intrigued, the traveler doesn't show any interest. He likes girls. OK, the webmaster says, how about $2,000? Now the traveler is interested, but where? How about a hotel the webmaster says. Here is the deal. Let nature take its course. If the massage turns into something more daring that would be great. But it is all up to the traveler. He needs to decide how far he want to go. The more he does, the more money the traveler will make. Wheels turning in his head, the traveler thinks about it for a bit. Then accepts the terms.

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  • Is Dallas Reeves Pinching Performers From Broke Straight Boys?

    Is Dallas Reeves Pinching Performers From Broke Straight Boys?

    Russian stud Vadim Black sat on his first cock in March, then a second, and his love affair with Broke Straight Boys was over. Just as his fan club numbers started to explode, rumors swirled that he was retiring from porn. Good grief, how does an 18-year-old guy retire from anything?

    Then on April 7, the announcement that Dallas Reeves signed Black to an exclusive deal. Funnily enough, Vadim Black's first Dallas Reeves scene debuts on April 17 and he's paired up with Johnny Forza, another Broke Straight Boys performer.

    In November 2013, when gay porn blogger Men of Porn asked Forza if his contract with BSB was over, Forza tweeted a simple, "Yep." Dallas Reeves himself jumped in and tweeted: "He's now contracted with me."

    So why does Dallas Reeves keep pinching performers from Broke Straight Boys? And is this Forza-Black scene a giant "fuck you" to Broke Straight Boys, or a mere coincidence that bloggers like me love to blow out of proportion?

    In an official press release Dallas Reeves says: "When Vadim approached us about working with us, I quickly agreed. With his exotic looks and versatility, he will fit right in." Versatility? Does one top, one bottom, and one flip flop scene make a performer versatile? I thought Vadim Black was straight?

    Is it just a coincidence? Or the ebb and flow of porn sites and performers jumping over to the next big thing? I don't know. I have more questions than answers? After having more dick up his ass than I can easily count, is Johnny Forza still identifying as straight? Are Johnny Forza and Donny Forza really brothers? Can we see the long-form birth certificates? And is "versatile" Vadim Black now okay with taking dick up his butt? And who is fucking whom in his debut? I guess I'll get that question answered on April 17.

    Vadim Black

  • Gay For Pay Blowjob

    Gay For Pay Blowjob

    Kae and Diesel are straight buddies who are no stranger to gay-for-pay, but they never imagined they would do a shoot together for Straight Fraternity. The playful duo take off their clothes and then Kae sucks his best friend's cock. Hard and horny, they jack off together and Diesel gets a cum facial before he assists getting his buddy off by rubbing his balls. Straight lads are so fucking horny!

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  • Leo Giamani Returns To Gay Porn

    Leo Giamani Paragon Men

    Overhyped former twinks aren't the only ones making a comeback this week! It has been confirmed by Paragon Men on Twitter that screen stud Leo Giamani is also returning to the gay porn scene. The onetime Falcon exclusive, who also worked for Randy Blue, Jake Cruise and others, has already done a photo shoot for the online studio and will appear in a new solo scene later this month. Giamani got his start in the industry in 2008 but retired about four years ago. He has remained popular among porn fans for his smoldering good looks and, of course, his gorgeous muscle body. While some were critical of Leo's skills as a performer, the "gay for pay" model won numerous awards, including GAYVN's Internet Performer of the Year. For more information on Giamani's comeback, visit Paragon Men.

  • Hunting for Straight Dick

    Hunting for Straight Dick

    This time, the Czech Hunter's best friend is the one on the hunt for dick. Luckily money talks, and Martin finds a stuck-up straight boy willing to go gay-for-pay and take a cock up his virgin ass.

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  • Broke Straight Boys Get Real With New TV Show

    Straight dudes with no money certainly have their virtues. They're often young, hung and full of...oh, whatever! In fact, there's even a Web site dedicated to their many charms. Broke Straight Boys has announced a new project with a titillating video teaser (above). The clip previews an erotic TV series that features a bunch of gay-for-pay guys living in a fancy house and competing for a $25,000 grand prize, among other swag. Big Brother, this ain't! But if the casting folks do their job right, it could be fun. Take a gander at the posh digs (below), which have a view of the Rocky Mountains, that the eight lucky (and straight) contestants will be moving in to. There will also allegedly be "celebrity judges, drama, girlfriends, sex and surprise guests." But is the sex with the girlfriends!? You'll have to tune in to find out! The show is slated to air later this year. For more information or to apply, click here.

    Broke Straight Boys

  • Does Cody Cummings Finally Get Fucked?

    cody cummings and joey hard

    Next Door Entertainment has now terminated most of the contracts of their solo guys -- Samuel O'Toole, Rod Daily, Marcus Mojo, Austin Wilde, Trystan Bull -- and that leaves Cody Cummings as the last man standing. Many of us have a love / hate relationship with the gay-for-pay porn star. He's handsome and he has a great cock, but he continually teases us with his refusal to cross over the edge and get his cute ass fucked.

    But Cody Cummings has a huge following of gay men and straight women, and the fact that his solo site has survived the Next Door culling of 2012 means that he's got stamina with his fans. But fans are continuing to demand to see Cody Cummings take it up the butt.

    In his latest scene with Joey Hard called Code Red, it looks like Cody Cummings has finally done the deed and gotten his ass fucked. But I'm not so sure. The Web is all abuzz with the news that Cody Cumming is no longer an anal virgin, but I've actually watched the scene and not just looked at the preview pics. I think it was simulated anal sex.

    First, the pictures in this post's collage are simulated sex shots send out for promotional purposes, they're not taken from the actual video. In the movie, Joey Hard gets his ass pounded, then Cody takes a break and gets Joey to suck his cock. After a few minutes, Joey stands up, walks behind Cody, and the straight hunk bends over and we see Joey aiming his hard, condomless cock at Cody's ass. The rest of the scene is mostly filmed with Cody's face in the frame. We see Joey pumping and pushing in the background, but there's not one single shot of Joey's dick inside Cody's ass.

    Cody is making all the right noises, he even bites his arm for a time, so it seems like he's taking his first cock up his ass, but until I see a hard cock sliding in and out of his butt hole, I'm going to have to say that Cody Cummings did not get fucked.

    If Cumming really was bottoming for the first time, I'm sure Next Door Entertainment would have sent out a press release because seriously, this would be some of the biggest news to hit the gay porn world since Zeb Atlas started fucking guys. Also, Next Door Entertainment doesn't film bareback sex and I doubt they'd allow it. This writer is still waiting for the real Cody Cummings gets fucked scene, but you can check Code Red out for yourself and see what you think.

  • Straight British Lad Fucks Luke D

    Straight lad fucks 9 inch bottom boy Luke

    Luke D from Hard Brit Lads gets his arse fucked in 3 incredible positions by blond straight lad, Daniel Johnson, who is quite comfortable doing gay4pay work!

  • Str8 Guy Lets Gay Jock Service Him

    Nervous straight guy lets a jock suck his cock

    Sidney wasn't prepared to suck cock himself, but for some cash from the photographer at Chaos Men, Sidney lets Ransom, a hot gay jock, suck on his straight wood while he nervously lies back watching.

  • Aggressive New Bait Boy

    Bait boy seduces a straight GQ model

    The latest update from Bait Buddies featuring a hardcore gay sex scene with the straight GQ model Micah fucking Kyle's ass after he has aggressively seduced him!