• Straight Guys DO Fuck Harder!

    Straight Guys DO Fuck Harder!

    Leo Castro is a straight Latino who decided to try going gay-for-pay for gay porn studio Fresh SX. After the guys take turn sucking each others' dicks and do a little sixty-nining, Leo discovers (to his surprise) that Matt Ritchie's hot ass squeezes Leo's cock tighter than any pussy can. Soon Leo is pounding away at Matt's hole, giving him a seriously hard fuck.

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  • UK Twink porn star Kai Cruz

    twink porn star Kai Cruz

    European porn studio Fresh SX presents their model Kai, a horny skater boi who by his own accounts can never get enough sex! Kai is a real proper British lad, blue eyes, rugged good looks, beautiful uncut cock and low hanging balls. With a constantly hard cock and passion for hard rough sex, this lad is the perfect pornstar!

  • They Want to be Pornstars

    Matt Hughes and Kai suck and fuck

    What do you do when you want to be a pornstar? Well, some guys send emails to their favorite porn sites, and they ended up paired with a pornstar or porn regular for a shoot. Matt Hughes didn't have to send an email asking if he could do a shoot to Fresh SX - they were happy to have him. Matt is very well known for his massive 10 inch cock, and Kai was lucky enough to get paired with him to suck and get fucked by Matt's huge meat monster on camera!

  • Gorgeous Man with an Uncut Cock

    Ivo Costa strips to show his uncut cock

    Handsome Ivo Costa might just the most hottest guy they've ever had at FreshSX. These pics were from his first photo shoot for them - more an audition than a regular shoot. With his athletic body, dark hair and eyes and that beautiful uncut cock, Ivo is the kind of man who make both men and women notice him and fantasize. And those untrimmed pubes coming up over the top of his crisp white briefs - wow! After drooling after these pics for a while, I'm sure of one thing - they'll be bringing Ivo back!

  • Jon's First Gay Shoot

    Jon's first gay sex

    When cute straight guy Jon decided to take the plunge and do his first gay shoot, he decided he wanted FreshSX favorite Marco Di Lucca to be the guy for his first experience. Jon was really nervous before the shoot - so nervous that the camera crew didn't think he'd go through with it. But about 5 minutes into the shoot, Jon must have relaxed because suddenly there was heat between him and Marco, and after that this turned into one steamy session. And Jon showed that just because a guy is straight doesn't mean he doesn't know how to fuck!

  • Kai Meets Matt's BIG Cock

    Matt's big dick in action

    The first time I saw Matt Hughes and his 11 inches of rock hard cock, I was blown away - and it looks like Kai Cruz feels the same way. When FreshSX put these two horny ex-straight boys together, Kai's jaw dropped. But after a minute, he decided he liked that huge meat missile of Matt's, and really got into sucking it. After being the recipient of some serious cocksucking, Matt returned the favor by licking and teasing Kai's ass with his tongue. And then came the moment that Kai had been anticipating - and dreading - as Matt slid the entire 11 inches into Kai's tight hole. After Kai adjusted, he loved the way that massive shaft filled his ass and couldn't get enough of Matt's BIG cock!

  • Hot Hotel Encounter

    Alexey sucks Euan's cock

    Russian stud Alexey agrees to meet all-American jock Euan at a hotel for some fun - and who could blame him? Euan has red hair and a light dusting of freckles, and he and Alexey are two of the most passionate guys I've ever seen together on video. Fresh SX catches the entire encounter on camera, and it's a really steamy session! Euan and Alexey kiss deeply for a long time before they go further. Then Euan gives Alexey a tongue-both, licking him all over his body before working his way to Alexey's cock and sucking it till Alexey can't take anymore. He wants to suck Euan's manmeat and gives him a deepthroat blowjob till both guys are going crazy!

  • Fucking in the Bathroom

    Timmy Slater gets fucked by Aiden from FreshSX

    Timmy Slater is a FreshSx exclusive model with a boyish face, a smooth slender body and an insatiable appetite for cock. Aiden is the lucky guy who gets to play with Timmy in the jacuzzi in the bathroom. They kiss passionately, tongues tasting each other as they press their bodies together. Timmy moves down Aiden and goes to work on his cock, sucking and slurping it till Aiden is throbbing and hard - then he returns the favor, Once he can't hold back anymore, Aiden licks Timmy's sensitive asshole, then plunges his dick deep into Timmy's tight hole and gives him exactly what he needs!

  • An Italian Connection

    Tyson fucks Kai from FreshSX

    When Kai Cruz and Tyson Mac from Fresh SX hooked up in Italy you could feel the heat between them. They couldn't wait to get each other naked - and they didn't have to! In minutes, Tyson was sucking Kai's cock right there in the kitchen as he stroked his own meat. Tyson bent Kai over so he could push his face between those asscheeks and rim him till that butt was nice and wet - then Tyson slammed his dick deep inside Kai's hungry hole. Kai can't get enough of that rigid shaft as Tyson gives his ass a powerful pounding!