• French Dudes: Caught In The Act

    French Dudes: Caught In The Act

    Chad Edwin is in the adult DVD store looking for a porno to watch tonight. Kamel is running the store and wants Chad to make his own video with him and starts by face fucking him handcuffed to a ladder. Kamel tears off Chad's clothes and they fuck rough and hard in the back of the shop and then Chad gets Kamel's load spilled out all over his chest. Check out the trailer at French Dudes!

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  • Horny French Lad on Glory Hole Duty

    Horny French Lad on Glory Hole Duty

    Glory holes are a lot of fun if you're looking for some no-fuss blowjob action. Sometimes I just want to get on my knees and suck a mess of dick; I don't want your hands on my head, I don't want you pushing down my throat -- just stand there and let me suck your cock. Julien Wellman is watching and waiting for a nice cock to slide through his glory hole in this French Dudes video.

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  • When a Third Doesn't Show these Two Men Ad Lib and Fuck Anyway

    When a Third Doesn't Show these Two Men Ad Lib and Fuck Anyway

    I'm glad to see that Geoffrey Paine is still getting plenty of porn work. A few years back his porn career was peaking when the love bug bit and he moved to France to be with his lover Joe Gunn, who is also in the porn. Paine and Gunn have filmed quite a few scenes together, including some threeways over at Tim Tales, which is where I have most watched Tony Axel.

    Axel's a skilled bottom and I've seen him take some pretty big cocks up his ass without a whole lot of complaining. When this new Alpha Males scene opens, Axel is talking dirty to the camera and telling us how much he loves getting boned. And he tells the cameraman that he's been wanting to fuck this couple for a long time. So I was looking forward to watching Joe and Geoffrey fucking Tony together. But when Tony answers the knock at the door, Paine is alone.

    I'm not really disappointed because I have a bone for Geoffrey Paine and I loved watching Tony servicing the American's big cock. (Joe Gunn is a sexy hung fucker, too, but if I had to make a choice, it'd be Paine in my bed.) Axel makes Paine squirm and groan sucking and deep throating his thick meat. But eventually it's Paine's turn to show Tony what a good top he is. He stuffs this bottom's ass and gives him a good, long fuck ... doggy style, missionary, plunge fucking, you name it, these guys do it.

    Afterwards and with Tony's belly covered in spunk, they cuddle and talk about the third guy not showing. There was no "to be continued" at the end of this one, but Alpha Males has been releasing multi-part scenes lately, so I'm wondering if Joe Gunn is going to be joining them for round two. I'll keep you posted.

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  • Would You Ask First Or Just Drop To Your Knees?

    Would You Ask First Or Just Drop To Your Knees?

    What would you do if you arrived home and found your roommate pulling on his cock? Would you head quietly to your room and let him finish off? Or would you drop to your knees and help him out? Or would you ask first?

    Rekin Boy and Billy Baval have been roommates for a while and Rekin Boy has sucked off his buddy more than once. So in this French Dudes video, when Rekin Boy finds Billy playing with his cock, he walks over and drops to his knees. Billy has a beautiful dick with a curved shaft and bright pink cock head covered in foreskin.

    After licking Billy's balls and sucking his shaft, Rekin Boy pulls down his track pants and kneels on the sofa. Billy has never stuffed his roommate's ass before, so he's happy to. He doesn't even wait for Rekin Boy to shed his sneakers, he just lines up his bone and pushes it in his buddy's tight hole.

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  • Outdoor Fucking, French Style

    Outdoor Fucking, French Style

    Clem and Picwick are two French Dudes who wake up from a night of wild partying and realize they're horny as hell... and both available. They decide to go for it, and the guys quickly lose their clothes. After some of that uncut French cock and and fingering some ass, the guys get down to some seriou fucking by the pool as Clem slams Picwick's ass hard!

  • If Scally Means "Has A Thick Uncut Cock" Then I Like Them

    If Scally Means "Has A Thick Uncut Cock" Then I Like Them

    I never did fully understand the difference between chavs and scallies, I always have to ask my British friends if a guy is one or the other. It's complicated by the fact that both dress similarly except each group prefers different clothing and shoe brands (I think) like scallies apparently wear Burberry caps. I don't even know what Burberry is. I imagine it's some over-priced piece of clothing or something or other and probably ugly just like those hideous Louis Vuitton bags.

    So I don't really care that Joe is apparently a scally lad. What I do care about is that as he's putting on his knee-high sports socks that his thick uncut cock has fallen out of his shorts and is flopping around. Scally, chav, townie, or ratboy ... who knows? All I can think about doing is falling to my knees and chowing down on his foreskin. I might even buy him one of those Burberry caps for the pleasure of doing so, although I expect I'd better check the price of them before making the commitment.

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  • My Obsession With A Sexy French Dude

    My Obsession With A Sexy French Dude

    Have you ever watched a porn scene where you just can't take your eyes off one of the guys? His scene partner just doesn't matter; he could be any random guy, he could be a girl, he could be a plant -- nothing is going to distract you. Emilien Piresse in this latest French Dudes scene is my obsession.

    He's a very cute French lad, blondish with a sexy, chin-strap beard. He's paired up with Alex Kiffeur, who is cute enough and there's nothing wrong with him, but I just can't stop watching Emilen. He's got beautifully plump lips and he's a passionate kisser.

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  • Samuel Stone Cums in a French Accent

    Samuel Stone Cums in a French Accent

    Samuel has moved to the big city (Montreal) and found himself a boyfriend who does porn, thus spawning the saying "The couple who goes gay for pay together also goes gay for no pay together. Twice a day and three times on Sundays." That's totally a saying. I'm crocheting it on a pillow right now.

    This guy's got a tight, lean body and a dick that's just the right size. Pretty damn good looking from the neck up too. And a really fine ass he's eager to show off.

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  • "Stranger By The Lake"

    Stranger By The Lake

    Few mainstream movies attempt to present hard-core gay sex (John Cameron Mitchell's 2006 film Shortbus comes to mind). We're not talking about gay porn here. We mean a theatrical release with a plot, characters and a script that depicts gay men having actual intercourse. Now, Stranger By the Lake is a French art film (complete with subtitles), which might explain why it casually shows its male leads sucking and fucking. There's even a cum shot. But this Cannes Film Festival favorite (it won the Queer Palm Award and Best Director) from Strand Releasing is also an edge-of-your-seat psychosexual thriller that will send you to the exits wondering, What the fuck just happened?!

    Set at a scenic lake in the south of France, the film centers on a cruising area frequented by gay men. Every day, our hero Franck (Pierre Deladonchamps) arrives at the lake, takes off his clothes and proceeds to swim, sunbathe and befriend his naked neighbors. After staying at the lake past sundown one day, he unwittingly witnesses a murder but decides to stay mum, mostly because the suspect (Christophe Paou) is a hot and hairy stud who resembles Burt Reynolds in his heyday. Enter a quirky police inspector (Jérôme Chappatte) to investigate the crime (think Columbo with a French accent); he questions the locals in an attempt to bring the killer out of the weeds. We won't give away any more of the story, but what starts as a languid, ethereal day with some cute boys in the sand ends up as a suspenseful Hitchcockian whodunit.

    And don't forget the nudity and sex! The actors are handsome and appealing, and they may have used body doubles for the cocksucking (two are listed in the credits), but the erotic tension they create makes for an entertaining and exciting ride. Writer-director Alain Guiraudie does an excellent job exploring the timeless themes of sex and death. He also raises pertinent questions about the sometimes fatal lure of physical beauty, and about our twisted sense of gay community in the face of a symbolic killer, such as AIDS.

    Look for Stranger By the Lake at your local art house, and also on DVD. For more information, visit StrandReleasing.com.

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  • Ass Fucked French-Style

    Ass Fucked French-Style

    The French Dudes cameraman gets into the action as Matt Kennedy services John Despe's dick, getting him hard and ready for what's cumming next. And what's next is John taking control as he gives John's ass a hard plowing!