• French Boys Ass Fucking Outdoors

    French Boys Ass Fucking Outdoors

    Jimmy Breton and Kamel are in the countryside, walking through a field when Kamel suddenly drops his pants, in a horny mood. Who would say no? Jimmy at French Dudes certainly didn't. His thick, hard dick is begging to be sucked. With a wet cock, Kamel signals Jimmy to get in the doggy position so he can fuck his ass from behind. Kamel is quickly in position and takes a good shafting under the tree. When Kamel is close, he stands up and his buddy swiftly joins him by his side, jerking off next to one another until they explode their nuts and let it drip down onto the grass.

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    Gang Bang In Quebec

    Gang Bang In Quebec

    French Twinks' trip to Quebec with home boys Camille Kenzo and Xavier Sibley proves to be one hell of a journey in this new scene. French Twinks is on tour, getting it's most prized stars boned by Canadian lads, Zac Hunter, Sasha West and Skyler Dallon. The scene quickly escalates into an explosive gang bang, with Skyler's ass getting shared and lots of greedy bottoming!

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  • Pretty French Boy Fucked By A Farmer

    Pretty French Boy Fucked By A Farmer

    Pretty city boy Lilou has left his family on an outing in the countryside to take a pee in this French Lads scene. Kent Quantre comes out of his farm building to find the sexy lad with his dick out, and his shorts immediately bulge. Lilou is quickly to his knees sucking Kent's cock. With a huge, rock hard dick, Kent pushes his dick inside to fuck him pinned against the wall. Lilou then gets on his back over a well and continues to take the farmer's dick in his willing hole.

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  • Tibo Whites Dominates Niko Rekins Outdoors

    Tibo Whites Dominates Niko Rekins Outdoors

    Tibo Whites is cruising outdoors when he spots Niko Rekins looking for a top at French Dudes. He approaches Niko, who drops to his knees. Tibo pulls out his cock and starts dominating Niko with his huge, uncut, throbbing dick. After some blowing and sneaker worship, Tibo spits on the boy and face fucks him. Niko gets bent over on all fours, sniffing a sneaker as Tibo investigates his smooth ass. He fingers the boy and shoves his dick up his ass to begin a rough pounding.

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  • French Twink Buddy Rims & Fucks Older Stud

    French Twink Buddy Rims & Fucks Older Stud

    Gabriell can't get out of his tracksuit quick enough when he starts making out with his scruffy twink buddy, Chad at French Lads. Chad has some French arrogance that turns his older buddy into a complete sleazy, slutty bottom. Gabriell sucks Chad's uncut cock and then bends over to let Chad eat him out, getting his pussy nice and wet. Chad whacks his XXL cock into Gabriell, making him yelp as he gives him a brutal fucking.

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  • Alec Leduc Tops Samuel Stone

    Alec Leduc Tops Samuel Stone

    French-Candian stars Alec Leduc and Samuel Stone pair up in Men of Montreal's latest update. Alec tops his scene buddy Samuel after they've swapped blowjobs in 69 fun that sees both uncut men raging hard. With an eager hole, Samuel backs onto Alec's swollen meat and takes it doggy-style. They flip over, using a chair to support Samuel as Alex fucks his ass.

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  • French Dudes: Caught In The Act

    French Dudes: Caught In The Act

    Chad Edwin is in the adult DVD store looking for a porno to watch tonight. Kamel is running the store and wants Chad to make his own video with him and starts by face fucking him handcuffed to a ladder. Kamel tears off Chad's clothes and they fuck rough and hard in the back of the shop and then Chad gets Kamel's load spilled out all over his chest. Check out the trailer at French Dudes!

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  • Horny French Lad on Glory Hole Duty

    Horny French Lad on Glory Hole Duty

    Glory holes are a lot of fun if you're looking for some no-fuss blowjob action. Sometimes I just want to get on my knees and suck a mess of dick; I don't want your hands on my head, I don't want you pushing down my throat -- just stand there and let me suck your cock. Julien Wellman is watching and waiting for a nice cock to slide through his glory hole in this French Dudes video.

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  • When a Third Doesn't Show these Two Men Ad Lib and Fuck Anyway

    When a Third Doesn't Show these Two Men Ad Lib and Fuck Anyway

    I'm glad to see that Geoffrey Paine is still getting plenty of porn work. A few years back his porn career was peaking when the love bug bit and he moved to France to be with his lover Joe Gunn, who is also in the porn. Paine and Gunn have filmed quite a few scenes together, including some threeways over at Tim Tales, which is where I have most watched Tony Axel.

    Axel's a skilled bottom and I've seen him take some pretty big cocks up his ass without a whole lot of complaining. When this new Alpha Males scene opens, Axel is talking dirty to the camera and telling us how much he loves getting boned. And he tells the cameraman that he's been wanting to fuck this couple for a long time. So I was looking forward to watching Joe and Geoffrey fucking Tony together. But when Tony answers the knock at the door, Paine is alone.

    I'm not really disappointed because I have a bone for Geoffrey Paine and I loved watching Tony servicing the American's big cock. (Joe Gunn is a sexy hung fucker, too, but if I had to make a choice, it'd be Paine in my bed.) Axel makes Paine squirm and groan sucking and deep throating his thick meat. But eventually it's Paine's turn to show Tony what a good top he is. He stuffs this bottom's ass and gives him a good, long fuck ... doggy style, missionary, plunge fucking, you name it, these guys do it.

    Afterwards and with Tony's belly covered in spunk, they cuddle and talk about the third guy not showing. There was no "to be continued" at the end of this one, but Alpha Males has been releasing multi-part scenes lately, so I'm wondering if Joe Gunn is going to be joining them for round two. I'll keep you posted.

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  • Would You Ask First Or Just Drop To Your Knees?

    Would You Ask First Or Just Drop To Your Knees?

    What would you do if you arrived home and found your roommate pulling on his cock? Would you head quietly to your room and let him finish off? Or would you drop to your knees and help him out? Or would you ask first?

    Rekin Boy and Billy Baval have been roommates for a while and Rekin Boy has sucked off his buddy more than once. So in this French Dudes video, when Rekin Boy finds Billy playing with his cock, he walks over and drops to his knees. Billy has a beautiful dick with a curved shaft and bright pink cock head covered in foreskin.

    After licking Billy's balls and sucking his shaft, Rekin Boy pulls down his track pants and kneels on the sofa. Billy has never stuffed his roommate's ass before, so he's happy to. He doesn't even wait for Rekin Boy to shed his sneakers, he just lines up his bone and pushes it in his buddy's tight hole.

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