• Top Affair Part 3

    Top Affair Part 3

    Isn't that a great picture? With a giant cock lying across each butt cheek, there's no question about what's going to happen here, is there? In fairly short order, those two big dicks are going to be plunging that bottom's smooth pucker. The only questions are these: Who is the bottom? Who are the tops? And is the thick cut cock or the long uncut dick going in first? Come inside and find out.

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  • "Horse Power" with JD Ryder & Billy Warren

    "Horse Power" with JD Ryder & Billy Warren

    JD Ryder arrives at work to find that he's alone in the garage. So, before getting to work on a pickup truck's motor, he hops in the front seat and pulls his dick out of his coveralls. JD is enjoying his stroke session until he notices Billy Warren standing off to the side with a big grin on his face. How long has Billy been watching? "Do you like what you see?" JD asks. Billy nods, then JD asks if Billy wants to suck his cock. Who wouldn't? JD has a long dick that would get any cocksucker revving hard. This is Extra Big Dicks after all and JD Ryder fits right in.

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  • The Gardener Has an Erection Problem

    The Gardener Has an Erection Problem

    Tommy Defendi's new bushy beard is quite polarizing. Guys either think he looks like hell or they're quite attracted to his new hipster or Amish look, whatever you want to call it. I fall into the latter group. I've been distressed for months with all the bare pubes and sculpted eyebrows that have been taking over not only the gay porn scene, but gay men in general -- I hate that a lot of men have stopped looking like men. So I'm quite happy to see Tommy bucking the trend and bushing out his beard.

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  • Mario Costa Fucks a Massive 9-Pump Load Out of Mike Chambers

    Mario Costa Fucks a Massive 9-Pump Load Out of Mike Chambers

    I wish porn gyms were real gyms. You know, the kinds of places where you can bend over in the showers and take a ginormous Cuban cock up your ass. Try as I might, this has never happened to me. How about you? Do you have a dirty gym story? Mike Chambers sure does. He's the cute, dark-hair bottom getting his tiny bum stuffed by Mario Costa in Extra Big Dicks "Wet Fun." But Mario's 9.5-inch cock isn't the main event here, Mike's massive cum gusher all over Mario's chest and belly is the scene stealer.

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  • Extra Big Dicks: Halloween Isn't Over Until...

    Extra Big Dicks: Halloween Isn't Over Until...

    Where I'm from Halloween isn't over until the pumpkins are tossed on the bonfire for Guy Fawkes Night. Wherever you are, not seeing Trent Ferris in his demonic costume fucking Sam Truitt at the party on Extra Big Dicks would be a huge failure on our part. So here it is.

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  • Sean Xavier Fans Should Know He's Now Sean XL

    Sean Xavier Fans Should Know He's Now Sean XL

    Sean Xavier jumps ship at Lucas Entertainment and joins Extra Big Dicks under the new name Sean XL.

    With Lucas Entertainment turning into a mostly bareback studio, it begs the question: did Sean Xavier leave because he won't do bareback porn? Perhaps it's that, maybe it's something else.

    Regardless, Californian, 9" hung, black hunk Sean XL shoots this interracial scene with Andrew Justice called Gay Vacation at Extra Big Dicks, a fitting site for our well-endowed stud.

    Update: It turns out Justice is actually Sean Xavier's boyfriend!

  • Big Dik Factory, Extra Big Dicks & Sex and Sun Boys Site Reviews


    Toby Ross is a gay porn director who made videos throughout the 70s and 80s, and he's still filming today. Big Dik Factory is where you'll find all of his films in one place. "I found this site refreshing and unique; almost nothing here reminds me of most porn sites," says the GayDemon reviewer. If you're tired of watching the same old approach to suck and fuck sessions, you'll want to check out this unique gay porn site, read the full review of Big Dik Factory.


    Extra Big Dicks has been around for a long time and has brought us some of the biggest cocks in the business like Mario Costa's 11-inch monster and Angel Rock's fat, uncut, Cuban cock. They have recently undergone a change in ownership. Their tour has been updated with a fresh new design and they continue to roll out hot new scenes, but what hasn't changed is that they still have over 385 videos of well-hung guys getting off, making it one of the largest big dick sites out there, if not the biggest. You can see what we think of the new and improved Extra Big Dicks in out site review.


    Sex and Sun Boys is a combo erotic art / gay porn site featuring the work of French photographer and filmmaker Louis de Mirabert. And he features a variety of French men including muscular black guys and some sexy Arab men. The point of Sex and Sun Boys is to highlight the beauty of the male body, but it also features guys jacking off and a handful of duos. Regardless, the photography is beautiful and exciting. The odd thing about this site is that the name doesn't match the content. There's not as much sex as we normally see on porn sites, and "sun" would indicate the guys are outdoors, but they're mostly filmed indoors. Still, you'll find a lot of hot guys beautifully photographed and you can check out the whole review of sex and Sun Boys.

  • Circle Jerk Boys Gets A Makeover

    Glazed Muffin Circle Jerk Boys

    First it was Men Over 30 getting a redesign and a relaunch. Now, the always adorable Circle Jerk Boys are getting a new lease on life. Both sites are part of the Next Door/Buddy Profits family, following their purchase from Pride Studios earlier this year. And these guys never looked so good! "Glazed Muffin" is the first scene from the relaunch, and it's a yummy good time. Newbies Derick, Geo, Joshua Evans, Adam Parks and Jason Lee (above from left) sit on a couch and play that old college game of ookie cookie, but this time it's with a tasty chocolate muffin. Each of the models takes a turn "glazing" the muffin with his own special sauce before the lucky "winner" gets to eat the enriched treat! Also new, tattooed cutie Lee is back on the same couch for a duo with Jayce Asher (below) titled "Pushing the Limits." And this scene involves actual sucking and fucking. Despite a face-lift, some things in gay porn never change! For more information, visit CircleJerkBoys.com.

    Btw, Next Door is still expected to take over production for this site, along with the Men Over 30, Boyz Party and Extra Big Dicks sites, which looks to be up next for a refresh. Can the dicks get any bigger!?

    Jason Lee Jayce Asher Circle Jerk Boys

  • Battle of the Big Cuban Cocks

    Battle of the Big Cuban Cocks

    Mario Costa is a sexy Cuban guy blessed with an 11-inch monster cock and he's fucked a lot of ass over at Extra Big Dicks. When I saw this new scene with Angel Rock, I hoped that we'd be seeing this Cuban hunk getting his ass split open by this tremendously massive fuck pole. But that one will remain in the fantasy spank bank for now.

    Angel Rock and Mario Costa are playing boyfriends in this video and Mario is on his way to the beach and Angel offers him a ride. As Mario packs his beach bag he realizes that he grabbed the lube instead of the sun block. The guys laugh about it, then decide that a quick fuck will make a hot day at the beach even hotter.

    The guys take turns swallowing each other's huge dicks. While Angel's cock is a couple of inches shorter than Mario's it's still a very big piece of meat and a challenge to deep throat. Mario has been asking his lover for a while to try fucking him in some different positions, so with Mario lying on his stomach, Angel crawls on top backwards and stuffs his big hard-on inside Mario and gives his hole and whole new kind of fuck. And this is just the beginning of some new and horny fucking positions for this pair.

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  • Redesign and Relaunch For Men Over 30


    Sometimes as guys get older they need an update or a makeover. Web sites are no different. That's why change is in the air over at MenOver30.com, which is getting a slight face-lift. The popular site, which was previously owned by Pride Studios, has been purchased by Next Door/Buddy Profits (along with Pride's other three sites, Extra Big Dicks, Circle Jerk Boys and Boyz Party). So a redesign and relaunch are in order. And with them comes a new scene featuring Jeremy Stevens and Joe Parker! In "Kneading the Buns," the two hotties start with mutual sucking, then go for athletic fucking with Stevens on top. There's great chemistry here, not to mention copious cum shots and a cute behind-the-scenes interview.

    In case Men Over 30 members are wondering, you'll still have access to all four sites when joining. And all the sites will continue to release new content in the coming weeks, though the Next Door team will now be adding some of its industry-proven expertise. In the meantime, enjoy Jeremy and Joe! For more information, visit MenOver30.com.