• A (Free) Comic for Christmas

    A (Free) Comic for Christmas

    What's better than a Christmas comic book? A free one! The good folks at Class Comics are offering dedicated readers a free download of A Class Comics Christmas for computer and tablet. This holiday-themed collection features art from previous editions by contributors such as Patrick Fillion, Jacob Mott, Logan, Leon DeLeon and Golden Key. The 26-page special issue also includes sexy pinup art of some of your favorite Class Comics hunks (see the handsome "devil" below). Publishers/creators Fillion and Robert Fraser say that the season makes them "giddy" and they're thrilled to present this "little gem," whether you've been "nice or naughty." And if you use coupon code HOHOHO before December 26, you can save 20 percent on any homoerotic order from the site. For more info, visit ClassComics.com.


  • Dirty Sexy Comics Campaign

    Dirty Sexy Comics Campaign

    Gay men love comics, and have been reading and drawing them since before the Stonewall era. That's why they're celebrated at events like the Bent-Con convention, and why gay porn stars sometimes dress up like superheroes. Now, director and longtime comics fan Robert Chandler wants to produce a documentary that explores the evolution of the genre, the talented men who made it what it is today and how its characters have become role models for the gay community.

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  • Peter Berlin to Make Rare Appearance at SF Exhibition

    Peter Berlin to Make Rare Appearance at SF Exhibition

    He's been called the Greta Garbo of gay porn. And while Peter Berlin spent a lot of his time on film alone, he also collaborated with art world heavyweights such as Tom of Finland, Andy Warhol and Robert Mapplethorpe. Although he retired from public life many years ago, the iconic screen stud is now the subject of a new solo exhibition at Magnet (4122 18th Street) in San Francisco. The show, titled "Photographer/Porn Star/Gay Icon," runs from October 1-31 and focuses on the artist's "selfies" from another era.

    For those who might not be familiar, Peter Berlin was a model, photographer, painter, designer and some say the first gay porn star. He was renowned in the 1970s for his provocative photos of himself, often dressed in skintight pants that emphasized his huge package. He directed only two films, Nights in Black Leather (1973) and That Boy (1974), but they created an international stir that still echoes through the gay art world. Born in Poland in 1942, Berlin grew up in Germany and started cruising the parks of Berlin, Paris and Rome, where he created the character that would make him famous. Once he moved to San Francisco in the early 1970s, Berlin started working the gay scene and became famous as a street personality, exhibitionist and performer.

    Adding to his legend, Berlin was the subject of the excellent 2005 documentary That Man: Peter Berlin. Directed by Jim Tushinski, the film played the festival circuit and showcased the man and the myth behind his trademark Prince Valiant haircut and bulging crotch. An aging Berlin and numerous friends and fans share stories and talk about the persona that Berlin carefully crafted over the years, and how it influenced a generation of gay artists. Some say that he was also the first porn star to fetishize his own image via his erotic self-portraiture, which perfectly ties in to the selfie-obsessed culture we live in today.

    SF area readers, take note: There will be an opening-night party on Friday, October 3, from 8 to 10 pm at Magnet. There will also be a rare live interview with Berlin himself on Saturday, October 18, from 7 to 9 pm. For more information, click here.

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  • Artist Tom Of Finland Set For Film Bio


    Look who's going Hollywood! The Tom of Finland Foundation has announced that the renowned gay artist has been set for a film biography. Tom of Finland (whose real name was Touko Laaksonen) created influential and gorgeous artwork for most of his 71 years. He also had a major impact on gay global culture with his arty images of hypermasculine men, which have been shown in museums and galleries around the world. They were also featured in this book. Now Finnish production company Helsinki-filmi has bought the rights to his life for a feature film. (Before he died in 1991, Tom actually participated in two documentaries about himself, Boots, Biceps and Bulges: The Life & Works of Tom of Finland in 1988 and Daddy and the Muscle Academy in 1991.)

    "Every project we've seen from this esteemed company has consistently impressed us with its creativity," says Durk Dehner, president and cofounder of the Tom of Finland Foundation. "The production team has a full grasp of the layers of the subject matter they take on. Now, with [the] Helsinki-filmi collaboration, Tom's messages of equality and freedom will be shared with even wider audiences."

    Casting for the project will start early next year (we're thinking George Clooney in a mustache) and shooting will commence in December 2014 in Finland, Germany and the United States. Aleksi Bardy is set to produce, and Dome Karukoski is attached as director. For more information about Tom of Finland, visit TomofFinlandFoundation.org.

  • New Tom of Finland Book Debuts At L.A. Art Fair

    New Tom of Finland Book Debuts At L.A. Art Fair

    He's long gone, but not forgotten. And artist Tom of Finland (aka Touko Laaksonen) continues to amaze with his classic work. We recently wrote about this exhibit of his original paintings at the World Erotic Art Museum in Miami Beach. Now, there's a new book that traces Tom's early life in Finland through his career in advertising to when he started producing the epic work that still influences the gay world.

    Tom of Finland: Life and Work of a Gay Hero is an anthology from author F. Valentine Hooven III and German publisher Bruno Gmünder that features numerous drawings and rare photographs. The book will be launched this weekend at the Los Angeles Erotic Art Fair Weekend, which will be held at the historic Plummer Park's Fiesta Hall (7377 Santa Monica Boulevard) in West Hollywood. The Tom of Finland Foundation (ToFF) presents the event each year, and this 17th edition from September 29-30 will feature about 50 booths displaying various erotic works, including paintings, drawings, sculpture, photography, mixed media and digital work. The fair also features live models posing for artists and photographers.

    "This is the coming together of artists from around the world to share with each other and to present their latest creations of art to the public", president and cofounder of ToFF Durk Dehner says. ''It is one of the most positive, life-affirming experiences in which one can partake, from both the artist's and public's point of view." For more info on the art fair, click here. And for more on the book, go to brunogmuender.com.

  • Erotic Art - Brett Mycles!

    Fine art rendition of Brett Mycles by artist Rob Bartel

    This is artist Rob Bartel's tribute to Brett Mycles, who was one of the hottest and most beautiful muscle men to appear on the scene ever, and was one of my personal favorites. Brett was not only a successful fitness model but he was also a featured model for International Male. He also appeared in gay porn mags and videos and worked as a personal trainer. Rob has captured him perfectly, showing not only Brett's good looks but his tremendous sexual impact. You can read more about this piece and Rob's other art at The Art of Rob Bartell or buy a copy of his fine art prints here on Ebay.

  • Tom of Finland Foundation


    The Tom Of Finland Foundation is an organization with a mission - to educate the public about the cultural merits of erotic art. Of course, the site features the works of many different artists including Tom of Finland himself, and with each artist comes a different style, medium and - to some degree - subject matter. Whether you admire rough and ready gay leather studs getting a bit kinky and bent, or just appreciate the beauty and symmetry of the "perfect" male, it's all here. The site is set up in a simple format which allows you to preview several galleries from the top main menu. Along with galleries for art lovers, the site lists art-quality works for sale, lists shows and museums where the art is displayed and also fellow artists will find some resources for getting their work seen and even purchased. The Tom of Finland Foundation is the perfect place to go for top quality artwork from professional talent who share their unique and erotic visions of the male body.

  • Artist Empire


    Wow! There sure are some talented people on this planet. Yet another astounding artist colony awaits us with open arms, legs, and whatever else you can think of. He He. Many artists' works are portrayed here, thus giving us a most enjoyable look at many different types of talent. In the main header, you can choose between "Painters", "Photographs", "3D Art", and "Comics". Each section opens up a slide show of feature art. There's a rather annoying mouse over link to the immediate left of each image where you can choose an artist, and their pieces will show up in the frame. It's hard to actually see which artist you are choosing because the menu flaps all over the place. But if you're not concerned about this, the gorgeous men and erotic creations should suffice. The work is wonderful of course. Some artists have their own blogs which you can get to by clicking some thumbnail images of their work at the bottom of each page. While a nice looking site by all means, navigation is a bit wonky, and at times even annoying. However, if you're just going over for a quick look, what you see should certainly impress you.

  • The Art of Rob Bartell


    Well I'll be damned! As most of us are aware, graphic artistry has really taken a massive step forward when it comes to reality type of portrayals. Just look at some of the most recent blockbusters with animated characters in them. It's quite astounding. I'm not sure whether or not Rob Bartell - the blogmaster and artist here is painting, drawing, or using digital graphics to create his incredibly muscular and gorgeous men here, but the fact is they are so realistic looking, I actually had to look closer to see that they were animations. He obviously loves musclemen. Especially really studly looking ones with pronounced lips and perfect hair. LOL. On his blog here we can get some great previews of his work along with links to purchase his magazines and limited prints. If you can appreciate very good art where the subjects are pretty well what most of us dream about when it comes to men, then Rob Bartell may just have something for you. But hey, even if you're just a browser and want to look at the samples, what this man does will simply blow your mind. Fantastic artist he is!

  • BearoticArt


    Oh boy, here we go. You know I always run across a great site when I get a raging hardon as soon as I get past the warning page. LOL. For your information, the warning page is done in flash format, but for those with a fast connection, it loads pretty quickly and creates quite the interesting character to click on and enter the main area of the site. Neil Bruce is your artist and webmaster here. What the man does with leather and certified bear profiles in a graphic art context is incredible. Bald heads, chubby to large bodies, astoundingly furry muscular physiques, and leather chaps are a mainstay at Bearoticart. There are two galleries available to us, featuring 32 illustrations in both. Whether you like men who are large everywhere and hairy, or heavily muscled, they're all here. Cigar chomping, leather booted blokes who look just about as manly and real as possible are portrayed in one of the most unique artforms I've ever seen. I really can't explain why my own mind finds this type of illustration such a turnon, but I really try not to analyze it very much. It is what it is, and Bruce's work is nothing short of sensational. Also available are "Links" to more very talented folks trying their hands in a similar theme. Bearoticart is a simply laid out, yet wonderfully designed site showing off the most lustful of bear art. Highly recommended!