• Bruno Bernal Delivers Hot First Fuck Scene

    Bruno Bernal Delivers Hot First Fuck Scene

    You may have heard rumblings about up-and-comer Bruno Bernal. The tattooed Brazilian hunk is currently making noise for two new scenes and is filming several others. In a solo for UK Naked Men, Bruno jacks while watching a video of Jordan Fox and Jimy Fix as they fuck. But now, in a new scene for Bulldog Pit, we get to see Bernal do the fucking himself. In an edgy domination scenario, the 27-year-old Lebanese-Israeli stud has full-on sex with hairy Pedro Lucas. This scene has a leathery feel to it, as a harness-clad Bruno pounds Pedro's head before sliding his cock into the sub bottom. In the end, a mixture of sweat and jizz coats a satiated Lucas. And newcomer Bernal is onto other big things, including upcoming scenes with both Paul Walker and Mickey Taylor and for studios such as Lads Next Door. For more info, visit Bulldog Pit.

    And for those who are wondering, London-based Bruno told our friends at Queer Me Now blog in a comment that "even if I go around more with men than women, I still have physical attraction for girls too." He also writes that "the only reason why I started porn is my passion for sex, doesn't matter which gender." So does that mean in the future we should look for him on the straight side of the industry? We sure hope not!

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  • Pleasure Is About Vulnerability

    Penetration. Choking. Exposure.

    The bottom jock is practically floating here. Held up by a couple of fingers and the helium in his pumped nipples. The top pays attention, taking what he wants, maintaining his cool, but ultimately in awe of the bottom's vulnerability.

    Homosexuals are a minority group. We hold on tight to whatever control we can get in society, whatever rights, whatever place we can demand or achieve. And part of power is being able to let go. And all of pleasure is about vulnerability. Either letting oneself be touched in a way which nearly overwhelms the senses or being vulnerable enough to demand a man do what you say, what your hands demand he do. Or touching ourselves until we feel pleasure. And not stopping when it feels too good.

    I know this is just a picture, just a moment, but it reminds me to let go, to give up control, to float wherever passion takes me. In letting go of everything, we lose nothing and gain everything.

    Jockstrap choke

  • Bottom Boy Fucked By Verbal Top

    Mexican bottom gets fucked raw by hairy dude

    Sexy Mexican bottom boy Carmine from Chaos Men likes to get fucked by aggressive verbal types. Foster is just that, a hairy and dominant top who fucks Carmine's ass raw after having his cock worshiped!

  • Rough, Hard Sex Session

    Rough and dominating top fucks guy

    Playfully, Max Morgan and Timo Swift from Dirty Tony fool around in the shower. Back in the bedroom, Timo turns dominant and forces Max's face down into the bed to begin fucking him hard and rough, spitting on his boy hole for lube.

  • Cum On Glass Table

    Jock gets dominated and cum on glass table

    Ty Tucker from Circle Jerk Boys pulls down Chris Tyler's shorts to reveal his massive balls, and gets to work servicing his cock whilst Chris gets verbal. Ty gets plowed by Chris's big dick and they both stand above a glass table and jerk off until their cum loads drip down onto the surface.

  • Twink Fucked By Muscle Daddy

    Cute twink gets fucked by muscle daddy

    Cute and skinny twink Tristan Dean from Hard Brit Lads gets his cute and smooth hole fucked by muscle daddy Neil Stevens in a mouth-watering daddy/boy domination scene.

  • Dom Top Feet & Pits Worshiped

    Sucking toes, licking armpits and taking cock

    Man Handled's Rex Roddick selfishly takes control of Nicky Norway, having him lick his feet and pits before using both his holes to service his cock!

  • Muscle Bottom Services Hunk

    Rimming top guy and taking cock

    Dominant top Troy from Man Handled gets his submissive muscle counterpart to rim his arse in different positions whilst he enjoys the tongue action, before pounding him face down on the mattress.

  • Huge Straight Fucking Machine


    Seth and Devin are pretty much polar opposites. Seth is a tall lean bottom guy and Devin is a dominant strong fucking machine. Dirty Tony has them in his lounge on that infamous casting couch, fucking away!

  • Muscular Firefighter Fucks A Guy

    Firefighter with muscles fucks a smooth slim guy

    Justin is a twinky lifeguard and Devin is a hunky firefighter with hot muscles. These All American Heroes are here for some bubble butt pounding, and it's so hot to see a big guy dominate a little guy. Justin services Devin's cock with his smooth butthole in the air. Devin can't resist it for any long and rails his cock deep in the twink.