• Russian Chiropractic Underwear Lessons

    Here's a demonstration of what objectification looks like. Sure it's just a chiropractor teaching a student proper methods, but fuck. It's true that misalignment of the nipples and balls does cause an overall physical, even mental, imbalance that must be corrected by being in your underwear in YouTube instructional videos.

    This comes under heading "Found Porn" because it's about what you bring to the table. If you look through the world with your dirty dirty eyes, it's amazing what you'll see. In this case, a hot as hell guy doing his best not to spring a boner in the chiro's office. But you know he almost can't help himself. Why, the model is probably jacking off to these videos right now. Okay, probably not, but he is at the gym or an underwear store. Or laying back getting examined. I'm a dreamer.

    P.S. This is not an endorsement of Russian government policies regarding gay stuff.

  • The Doctor Has a Huge Black Dick!

    The Doctor Has a Huge Black Dick!

    Micah Andrews loves black cock, so he jumps on the opportunity to do this interracial scene for Mix It Up Boy. It's a doctor's office fantasy where Dr. Logan Heart comes in, sheds his coat and slides his huge rod down Micah's throat. Micah's having a great time sucking that thing, but when Doctor Heart slams his big black dick deep into Micah's ass, it looks like it's a little more than Micah can handle comfortably. Still, he bends over t take every inch!

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  • Dean Flynn Is Making A Comeback!

    Dean Flynn Is Making A Comeback!

    And he's playing a doctor on TV! Yes, that is onetime Titan Men exclusive superstar Dean Flynn. Only now, looking a bit more, er, mature following a two-year break from the industry, he's starring in a new movie for Hot House Entertainment. Malpractice is the vehicle that is bringing handsome Dean back to salivating porn fans, and he's still as hot and hung as ever. Christian Owen is directing him in his comeback scene with humpy Trenton Ducati. We've heard that Flynn took the time off to return to school. We do know that he's been living quietly in Chicago but is now ready to make a sexy splash once again. And this time, he's wearing a white coat (though not for long...see above!) and is making housecalls. Hello, doctor! For more information on Dean Flynn and Malpractice, visit HotHouse.com.

  • Doctor's Office Sex

    gay doctor's office sex

    Drew Brody has a problem - his 10-inch cock is perpetually hard. So he takes himself off to the doctor's office to see if anything can be done about it. (I know, I know, I don't write this stuff, I just report it.)

    Dr. Justin ushers Drew into his office and asks what he can do for Drew today. When Drew explains his problem, the doctor asks him to disrobe. Drew strips out of his clothes and sits back on the examining-room table, and indeed, he's got a 10-inch stiffy. Dr. Justin examines it, but touching it with both hands only makes Drew's monster cock harder.

    He knows he shouldn't, but the doctor leans down and starts licking and kissing Drew's huge dick. "Maybe I can make it go away," he says with a smile. Then he starts swallowing inch after inch of this thing. Drew doesn't seem to mind. And after getting some decent head from the doctor, Drew takes matters in hand. He bends the doctor over his own examination table, pulls the doctor's trousers down, and starts inching his formidable meat into the doctor's ass. Once he gets Dr. Justin's ass limbered up, he lies back on the table and the doctor mounts him, impaling himself balls deep on Drew's enormous cock.

    Head over to UK Naked Men and check out the free preview video of this doctor's office sexual encounter. And make sure you check out Drew's other videos, because this isn't the first time this well-hung black stud has fucked ass over there.

  • Doctor's Office Sex

    doctors office sex

    Doctor Neil Stevens has been abusing many hot men in his office at Men at Play over the past year. That examination room table of his has seen a lot of action. Today, he's got his final appointment with Lucky Daniels. And Dr. Stevens is flanked by a new training doctor, Billy Berlin. But this time around, Billy, with the help of Lucky, turns the tables on Dr. Stevens and gives him a taste of his own medicine.

    Dr. Stevens starts getting up to his old tricks. While Dr. Berlin is examining Lucky, Dr. Stevens is leaning against the wall and pulls out his huge cock and starts jerking it. Then he fingers Lucky's ass and orders Berlin to bend over the table, too. Now the doctor is finger fucking two butt holes. Dr. Stevens slaps Berlin's ass and says, "Your turn." He wants Berlin the finger Lucky's butt hole. But Dr. Berlin says, "What do you think Mr. Daniels, should we try the anal probe on Dr. Stevens?" Berlin and Lucky grab Stevens and bend him over the examination room table. Berlin takes care of the rear while Lucky grabs the doctor's arms and pins him to the table.

    While Berlin starts fingering the doctor's butt hole, Lucky helps the doctor relax with some deep kissing. Then Berlin says, "Are you ready for your anal probe, Doctor?" And he rams his hard cock up Steven's butt. Berlin fucks the doctor's ass and eventually Stevens ends up on his back lying across the exam table. Berlin pumps his ass until he's ready to shoot, then the redhead doctor spews a big load all over Steven's cock and balls. Lucky's not far behind and he starts pumping his jizz across the doctor's ripped abs. They leave Dr. Stevens lying on his own table completely covered in spunk. Now that's the way to do an anal exam! Head over to Men at Play and check out the free preview video.

  • Jock Gets a Thorough Exam

    View full video at Jock Physical

    This jock is getting his regular medical checkup in this medical fetish video from Jock Physical, but the new doctor is a lot more thorough than the old one. This time, the patient gets a very intimate exam as the doc checks him for hernias, pulls back his foreskin and gives him a deep prostate examination.

  • Sex in the Doctor's Office

    doctor sex

    I love some of the set-ups at Men at Play; they do come up with some good scenarios to get their men into the sex. Last time I wrote about Men at Play in Screwing Filthy Rich, a spoiled rich man forced the family's butler to have sex with him. This week we find two doctors fucking in the office.

    Dr. Maxwell asks Dr. Stevens if he can pass off some of his patients; Dr. Maxwell has to run out to make a couple of house calls. Dr. Stevens agrees and heads to his file cabinet to get the patient records. In the process, he catches his tie in the drawer and now he's stuck. He calls for Dr. Maxwell, who comes to the rescue. Dr Stevens suggests Dr. Maxwell get the key from the secretary, but Dr. Maxwell pauses on the way out. He gets a grins devilishly, closes the door, and returns to the file cabinet. "I'm sorry," he says, "But I just can't let an opportunity like this pass by." Then Dr. Maxwell reaches inside Dr. Stevens's trousers and pull out his cock. At first Dr. Stevens protests, but when Dr. Maxwell wraps his lips around Dr. Stevens's stiffening cock all protestations come to an end.

    After getting his dick sucked, Dr. Stevens is released from his predicament with a pair of scissors. He then bends Dr. Maxwell over the desk and gives him the hard ass fucking that he so desperately wants. And what a nice, big cock Dr. Stevens has. It's pretty hot watching it sliding in and out of Dr. Maxwell's beefy, black ass.

  • Trust Me - I'm a Doctor

    View full video at Hot House

    Christian Wilde from Hot House goes to Dr. Magnum for an erection problem, and the doctor is more than ready to help! He calls in erection specialist Rod Daily, who gives Christian some oral therapy, and they follow up by giving Christian an incredible hard fuck. Looks like his dick is working much better now!

  • The Doctor Is In!

    doctor fucks his patient

    I don't know about you, but my doctor is hot. And I've thought on more than one occassion that it'd be a lot of fun to get boned by him. Damien Crosse is living out my fantasy on Men at Play. He's bend over the examination room table and his doctor, Neil Stevens, is doing a little anal exam. But this rectal exam goes a little beyond a couple of fingers, okay it goes a LOT beyond a couple of fingers. Dr. Stevens warms Crosse up with his fingers, and then, he brings out a dildo and slides it in deep. Damien isn't expecting this, so it's a little rough at first. But he just grips the edges of the padded exam table and enjoys the fuck. The doctor is hitting all the right spots, and it isn't long before Damien jerks off a load of spunk all over the exam table. But it's not ending here. The doctor doesn't care that Damien has spent his wad, so he flips Damien over, hoists his legs in the air, and slides a real cock into Damien's ass. He drills Damien hard and shoots his load, and all this without even taking off his clothes. The doctor just totally unzips his fly and fucks his patient with his stiff cock. What a pig!

  • Doctor dildo fuck his patient

    doctor fucks his patient

    Men at Play's favourite Damien Crosse visits his Doctor and ends up getting much more then he bargained for. Doctor Stevens (who I blogged about recently) works a huge dildo into Damien's tight hairy ass but get so horny himself that uses his own cock and starts to fuck him hard against the exmaination bed. Damien's low moans and rock hard cock indicate his approval! His moans intensify and he explosed a huge load of cum followed by the gorgeous Doctor Stevens cuming all over his ass!