• Trending Video: Dawson & Quinn Fuck in the Gym

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    This week's trending video is a scorcher from Corbin Fisher! Ripped and muscled studs Dawson and Quinn have been working out and are all sweaty from pumping. Quinn goes down on Dawson's thick dick who returns the favor by burying his face in Quinn's hard muscular butt. Easing Quinn into things slowly, Dawson focuses on prolonging the intense feeling of his ass on his dick.

  • Russ Plays Dirty & Rough at Corbin Fisher

    Russ Plays Dirty & Rough at Corbin Fisher

    Russ looks sweet and innocent but he's got a dirty rough side, which he unleashes on Dawson in his Corbin Fisher scene. Russ starts giving orders, making Dawson eat his ass, bend over and even declare he's Russ's bitch. There's some ass slapping and Russ pulls Dawson's arms behind his back as he fucks him rough!

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  • Corbin Fisher: Aiden and Connor

    Corbin Fisher: Aiden and Connor

    Aiden is driven crazy from the get go in this Corbin Fisher video released this week. Connor kisses him, plays with his nipples and tastes his gorgeous ass. Aiden manages to cum three times with Connor's big cock up his butt hole, and he is greedy for Connor's load too, slurping it down when he shoots.

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  • Zeb Fucks Dawson on Corbin Fisher

    Zeb Fucks Dawson on Corbin Fisher

    Muscular lean Zeb and his bodybuilder buddy Dawson head inside after a volleyball game. The guys make out on the couch, which progresses to blowjobs and 69ing. Dawson gets his bubble butt eaten out and fingered prior to receiving Zeb's long hard cock. Corbin Fisher just can't stop making this ridiculously hot porn. Watch the trailer to see these guys in action.

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  • Kenny Rides Travis at Corbin Fisher

    Kenny Rides Travis at Corbin Fisher

    Kenny sure does get fucked a lot over at Corbin Fisher. And ripped hunk Travis is the latest to plunge into the lad's ass. After Kenny gives Travis a long, wet blowjob, he gets his own dick sucked; but Travis is really interested in Kenny's ass and dives in with his tongue. There's lot of kissing while they fuck, and I loved watching Kenny ride Travis' bone until he was ready to blow his load.

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  • Jacob Rides Noel on the Stairs

    Jacob Rides Noel on the Stairs

    Noel and Jacob can't wait until they get upstairs to the bedroom. Blond Jacob kisses Noel right there on the stairs, then he kneels and takes Noel's cock in his mouth. They rip off their clothes and throw them down the stairs. There's no point in stopping and heading to the bedroom -- they don't want to. Besides, these two Corbin Fisher studs discover that a staircase makes for some interesting and convenient sexual positions.

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  • More Than a Mouthful Is a Waste, Right?

    More Than a Mouthful Is a Waste, Right?

    If we believed everything we see in gay porn, we'd have to admit that most men are hung, and a good percentage are extraordinarily large. Meanwhile, the rest of us, whether we're hung or not, are pushing and shoving our way to the front of a throng of cocksuckers dying to fall to our knees, or bend over, or both. But that's not reality. Still, while sharing our weekend conquests around the gay water cooler, we often try to out do one another in the game called "How Big Was Your Trick's Cock?"

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  • Top on Bottom, Bottom on Top

    Top on Bottom, Bottom on Top

    If a top lies back and lets the bottom do all the work, is he still a top? Does a top just have to show up with his hard-on and that's it? In all fairness, this Corbin Fisher video is called "Quinn Rides James," and it's also James' first hardcore scene. I don't know whether James has fucked guys before, but he seems pretty comfortable kissing and sucking them.

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  • Camden Is Definitely a Grower

    Camden Is Definitely a Grower

    Camden is a good-looking guy. Whether it's giggling school girls at the mall or dirty old men in the gym locker room, Camden turns heads. He caught my eye this weekend when I was checking out the new arrivals at Corbin Fisher. I'm neither an old man or a school girl, but I can be dirty. CAmden is one of those guys who pretty much has it all: a nice body, handsome looks, nice hairy, and a decent-sized dick.

    Well, he almost has it all. When Pete at Corbin Fisher asks Camden if he's an exhibitionist, his eyes gloss over. "You know, do you like to show off?" Camden answers, but talks about being competitive. Oh well, like I said, he's good looking. And if there's any doubt about Camden being straight, he says that he likes Hanes underwear. I guess there's nothing wrong with Hanes underwear, but don't gay men grow out of them when they stop letting their mothers do their shopping?

    Camden is definitely a grower. Sitting on the couch naked, he's sporting a small soft cock. The camera pans up to his face, then back down. Hello! Where did that come from? The boy's packing a nice dick. It's not huge, Corbin Fisher says it's seven inches, and it's a little on the thick side. And Camden is an all-at-once cummer. He's stroking and you can tell he's getting close by his soft pants. He stops jerking and holds his cock, and some watery precum oozes quickly out of his dick, then a gush flies out and splats between his pecs, one final squirt across his belly, and he's done. Camden said in his interview that he loves getting his dick sucked, so I expect we'll be seeing some more of this beauty.

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  • Threeways Only Work When There's Awesome Chemistry

    Threeways Only Work When There's Awesome Chemistry

    Threesomes almost always look hot in porn, don't they? Everyone and everything is perfectly positioned and orchestrated. It's pretty easy when you've got a director planning it all out and telling you exactly what to do when. I'm not down on threeways, not at all, I've had some great ones. And when the chemistry is there, it's fun discovering all the difference ways to make each other feel good. But even with a director calling the shots, the three guys in a porn video have to have a spark for each other -- it's pretty easy to see when it's not there.

    In this Corbin Fisher video, Brayden is man in the middle and he's getting tag teamed by blond-haired Jacob and beefy Kellan. And from the get go, it's pretty easy to see these three are revving pretty hard. Brayden is on his knees when the cocks come out and he swallows Kellan's first, Jacob's big dick is lying across the top of Brayden's head, waiting. When Brayden turns and swallows Jacob's bone, the blond looks at Kellan and says, "Oh yeah, make him suck it." Dirty boy!

    Once the fucking gets started, Brayden is lying on his back, Jacob is holding his legs in the air and fucking him. Meanwhile Kellan kneels over Brayden's face so he can get his dick serviced. Jacob sees and opportunity and leans forward and puts his lips on the top of Kellan's dick and pushes it down onto Brayden's lips. It's so fucking hot watching Kellan fucking their lips. Like I said, when three guys are in sync like this trio, you end up with a very hot session.

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