• Big Cock or Not, Rhett Will Charm You With His Southern Accent

    Big Cock or Not, Rhett Will Charm You With His Southern Accent

    I was going to say that Corbin Fisher has been featuring a lot of big dicks lately, but when I looked at Rhett's stats, he's only sporting seven inches. That's still a couple of inches bigger than the average-sized penis, but I wouldn't call it "big." Not by porn standards. I remember seeing a couple of chicks talking in a YouTube video a while back about their current boyfriends' cock and one said, "OMG! It's huge." It was seven inches. Poor girl, wait until she gets a date with a guy like Boomer Banks.

    Rhett is making his debut over at Corbin Fisher and he loves everything to do with the ocean - swimming, surfing, wakeboarding, and obviously tanning - and he's even had sex with a girl on the beach. It didn't bother him that they had a voyeur watching them, so I guess it's no surprise that he's stripping naked and pulling his cock in his first jack-off video.

    He likes fucking girls doggy style, but we'll have to wait and see if he's fucking any of the Corbin Fisher guys doggy style too. But he says he likes lots of foreplay, so I'm sure we'll at least see someone sucking his big-nobbed dick. Rhett shoots a nice load too, a couple of big squirts down on the floor between his legs, followed by some thick gushes. And in case you're wondering, Rhett also has a southern accent -- with a name like that, how could he not?

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  • Corbin Fisher's Colt and Connor: Trending This Week

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    Colt takes on Connor in Corbin Fisher's Kansas City production, and this scene really hotted up on GayDemon's gallery, topping our trending chart for this week. Nice one guys!

    It's a passionate, energetic fuck between the two well muscled college men. Colt's tight hole is given some tongue action and fingered a bit before he takes his pounding. I love how Connor sucks Colt's toes as he's boning his ass hard.

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  • Alec Is a Gusher Not a Shooter

    Alec Is a Gusher Not a Shooter

    Some guys have far too much time on their hands. Alec is 23 years old and he just hit Corbin Fisher for the first time a couple of weeks ago. The lad has a strong, chiseled body with a washboard stomach. Not only does Alec have loads on time to work on his body, but he competes in professional bodybuilding competitions so he shows it off quite a bit too.

    Alec has an average-sized dick, but he has really large nuts. He lies back on the living room floor, stretches his sinewy, long legs in front of him and pulls on his dick for a slow session. He's got a scar running up the center of his abs too, and I can't keep my eyes off it. (I have a scar fetish.) Alec's not much of a shooter. He's one of those guys who grunts, "I'm gonna cum," and then his cock head is completely iced with thick jizz. It has you asking, "Holy shit! Where did all that come from?"

    After his solo, Alec was back at Corbin Fisher pretty quickly for his first hardcore scene fucking a chick, then back again to fuck a guy named Quinn in an outdoor session. And Alec hit all the bases: he and Quinn swapped head, then he fucked Quinn, they did some kissing, and after a vigorous fuck, Alec spunked Quinn's hole.

    I haven't been to Corbin Fisher for a while, and I have to say that I was pleasantly surprised to see that they've mostly stopped going on about the "straight" thing. From the three newcomers I checked out, Corbin Fisher mostly just talked about the guys, their bodies, their cocks, and not about where they liked putting their cocks. It's refreshing. Maybe gay porn is finally growing up.

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  • Muscled College Jock

    Muscled College Jock

    Colt is the kind of guy who made Corbin Fisher's website famous. He's gorgeous, with a ripped, muscular body (love those sixpack abs!), a handsome face with a boyish smile and a nice-sized dick that should make most cock-suckers take notice.

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  • Corbin Fisher Jocks Go POV

    Corbin Fisher Jocks Go POV

    Tom and Aiden are no newcummers to Corbin Fisher. They've both been introduced to sex with other guys, and they had a great time, so they're always happy to be asked back. This time, Corbin gives both the guys video cameras so they can film while they get it on. Guess both Aiden and Tom have a little exhibitionist in them, because it seemed to make both of them even hornier watching on the viewfinder as they suck and fuck each other in this hot, cum-dripping bareback session!

  • Picture This: Corbin Fisher Photo Site


    Ever wanted to drink your coffee out of a mug featuring your favorite gay porn star? Can't find it at the local mall!? Well, Corbin Fisher feels your pain. That's why the Las Vegas-based gay porn studio has started a new nonmember site that features photographs of its gorgeous models. After browsing the numerous galleries, you can pick the best shots and order them in a bunch of different formats: as framed prints and cards, on T-shirts and even mugs. The studio says that during a shoot, it's not uncommon for its staff photographer to "snap some pretty cool pics of the local sights and scenery." So they've included those behind-the-scenes images as well, and new photos will be added on a regular basis. So take home Trenton, Josh, Brayden or whichever hot jock heats up your morning Joe! For more information, visit Corbin Fisher Photography.


  • Is This Bottom Too Noisy?

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    Do you like noisy bottoms? In this video from Corbin Fisher, blond stud Trenton is drilling his dark-haired buddy, Marc, in the bathroom. Lying back on the bathroom vanity with his legs in the air, Marc is getting his hole pumped and he's making a lot of noise. A little too much for my taste, I was hoping Trenton would grab a towel and shove it in Marc's mouth.

    So what do you think? Have a look at the video and sound off in the comments. Is Marc too noisy? Is Trenton's dick really that big or is Marc hamming it up? Or do you like energetic and noisy bottoms?

  • Smith Creampies Harper

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    Smith could fuck my ass all day. This handsome stud started filming over at Corbin Fisher a few months ago and he's already filmed 8 videos. This is his latest. I haven't been over to Corbin Fisher for a while and after watching this one, I definitely have some catching up to do. He's a sexy, built fucker, very good looking, and packing a meaty 7.5-inch dick, which he stuffs up Harper's ass and screws this bottom until he's very done.

  • College Fuck Session

    College Fuck Session

    Here are a couple Corbin Fisher models who are just too good looking - and too horny! And while things may get started with a little cock sucking, this session is all about fucking, as Trenton rides Dixon's rigid tool till Dixon flips him over and slides his cock in and out of Trenton's hungry hole.

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  • Scott Scores With Tanner

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    Scott did quite a lot of filming with Corbin Fisher back in 2011-12, but he hasn't been seen on the site for quite a while. He recently headed back to do some more filming, and I'm loving this fuck scene with newish furry guy Tanner. The thing that got me the most revved up about this one is that Tanner is such an expressive bottom. "Oh yeah, don't stop fucking me" or "I love your cock fucking my hole" replace the standard ohs and ahs we hear in so many gay porn video. Tanner loves getting his ass boned and he lets us know that Scott's doing a good job. Honestly, I was so focused on how much Tanner was enjoying this fuck that I almost forgot Scott was in the room.