• Bad Cops or Just Naughty Cops?

    Bad Cops or Just Naughty Cops?

    Officers Nick Prescott and Adam Herst have been under investigation by internal affairs. Prescott's file says that he has an "extraordinary amount of sex on duty" and Herst is "morally bankrupt." When Titan Men's "Bad Cop" opens, the two cops are investigating a 2 a.m. alarm call at a private residence. They search the house with flashlights, and finding nothing, Herst takes a piss in the toilet. Prescott calls to him from the living room and Herst heads off to check on his buddy.

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  • Holy Shit! It's the Fuzz!

    Holy Shit! It's the Fuzz!

    Security officer Jimmy Bullet is patrolling the forest because, I guess, someone's been robbing the Forest People, or harassing Bambi or something. Bullet stumbles across Sebastian Keys and Van Darkholme tying some guy tied to a tree like they do from time to time at Men on Edge. Bullet calls in for back-up: "I have a 72369 in progress." I'm pretty sure he's rambling off random numbers because when I google 72369, all I find are weather reports and foreclosed houses for sale in Oneida, Arkansas, zip code 72369.

    Like any good security officer, Bullet doesn't wait for back-up -- I'm pretty sure it'll take them a while to tromp through the forest anyway -- and he rushes in with: "Hey! Stop that perversion! This is the law." Sebastian spots Bullet with his gun aiming right at them. "Holy shit! It's the fuzz! Let's get out of here." He and Darkholme take off leaving their prisoner tied to the tree. (Make sure you watch Van Darkholme, he's not the best runner and almost knocks himself out on another tree.)

    Sebastian and Van hear Officer Bullet bellowing and return to find him hanging from their net trap. Why do people in these predicaments always scream orders at their captors? The boys rip open Bullet's trousers, and while one works his dick, the other gags him with his cock. "Shut the fuck up!" Sebastian grunts. After Bullet settles down, he gets a little break, but seeing Darkholme coming at him with a dildo on a stick, he starts yelling again. Sebastian shuts him up again. This one's going on for a while and I'm betting Bullet's back-up is going to be mighty surprised to find him tied to a tree naked and sporting a cummy cock.

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  • "Time to put your ass to work," says Jessy

    "Time to put your ass to work," says Jessy

    Sexy Officer Hunter Marx races to the rescue in Jessy Ares' studio in Titan Men's latest release by legendary director Joe Gage, Chain Reaction - but it's a false alarm. Left with no model, Jessy needs a fine ass to pose for his pictures. Hesitant, Hunter relents, his hairy hole soon exposed. "Nice piece of ass," says Jessy as he munches on it, his hard cock released. "Turn around. I want that cock in my mouth," he commands, devouring Hunter's big shaft. The two stare into each other's eyes, Hunter spitting down on his rod as a spit strand clings from his dick to Jessy's mouth before falling to the floor: ìYeah, spit on that cock motherfucker!î Jessy feeds the cop his uncut meat. "Time to put your ass to work," says Jessy, fucking Hunter from behind before turning him over. Hunter strokes his own dick as he gets plowed, rubbing Jessy's chest and exhaling a heavy breath. The two then share a double-headed dildo - their asses meeting and legs overlapped - before they stroke out their loads.

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  • Borstal Boys Fucking With Guard

    Borstal Boys Fucking With Guard

    Steve is guarding the Borstal boys as they are working on their project. He's got a thing for Bulldog Pit's hot lads and he starts to think how he can abuse his power over them, and get them to fulfil his sexual fantasies. It isn't long before our hairy, muscular guard has the boys sucking each other and himself. Pretty boy Rio Francisco is selected to bottom for Will Jamieson, whilst Steve pounds skinhead lad, Ricky Jackson, but Rio's ass is too hot to resist and Steve takes a shine, giving his hole favorable treatment!

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  • Yes, Officer!

    Yes, Officer!

    The final scene of Titan Men's Caught in the Act, by legendary director Joe Gage takes us into the interrigation room with Jessy Ares as the good and bad cop. "Turn off the surveillance camera," demands Jessy Ares. He has military man Jesse Jackman helpless in a chair as he tries to get to the bottom of a breaking scandal involving secret service misconduct. "Stand up," orders the officer, taking out the muscle manís cock and stroking it. "I don't understand where this is going, sir," says the nervous Jesse. "Evidence, colonel!" answers the interrogator, trying to recreate the events that landed Jesse in trouble. "You're beginning to get hard - is that what happened then?" asks Jessy, a "Yes, sir" his answer. Soon Jesse is on his knees, sucking deep and forced to "Choke on my cock!", spit dripping. essy bends his subject over the chair and fucks him, his balls banging as his abs clench: "Open that hole up for me!" Then he turns the bottom over - resting his hand on Jesseís monster pecs as he plows away, till they both blow their loads.

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  • Fisting Cops - Hump Day Hotties

    Fisting Cops - Hump Day Hotties

    Officer Dolan Wolf has been doling out his nasty brand of justice in Club Inferno Dungeon's new DVD called Long Arm of the Law. Three weeks ago he had Brandon Moore caged in his jail cell. Every morning this perverted police officer comes by to check on his prisoner and shoves his hard dick through the bars -- forget a morning coffee, a blowjob is how this copper starts his day. After forcing his prisoner to gag on his cock, Officer Wolf shoves his fist up Moore's ass.

    Jordano Santoro is another one of the nasty cops in this San Francisco county lock-up and he's got inmate Brian Bonds in cell 142. When Officer Santoro comes along to check on his prisoner, he catches the bad boy jacking his dick. This muscular hunk orders the inmate to stop, and when he won't Santoro enters the cell and gives him five big reasons to stop.

    This week in the third scene, Officer Dolan Wolf has been watching his prisoner Drew Sebastian having sex with the other inmates. Wolf wants in on the action, so he enters Sebastian's cell and orders the bald prisoner to strip out of his uniform and get his legs in the air. The cop fucks his prisoner with his nightstick, then shoves his fist up Drew's ass. And in an unexpected turn of events, this dirty prison guard lets Sebastian strip off his uniform and gives him a deep cavity search.

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  • Nasty Cops - Hump Day Hottie

    Nasty Cops 1

    A lot of gay men have a thing for uniforms and fantasies of servicing a police man or being forced to suck off a highway patrol man to get out of a speeding ticket. And Bound Gods is one place where we can get off watching our horny cop fantasies coming true. Christian Wilde is a prison guard who has inmate Troy Daniels under his watch. The prisoner has been chained up in his cell and outfitted with a chastity device. It's late, and the jail is empty, so Wilde decides to have some fun with this bad-ass prisoner and make him his sex slave for the night. After choking Troy with his big dick, the guard fucks his ass. Then Wilde gives his dick a break and hangs weights from his prisoner's balls and flogs him hard. Suspending Troy from the ceiling, Wilde fucks him some more and then showers his prisoner with a healthy helping of cop cum.

    Nasty Cops 2

    Officer Connor Maguire was patrolling the streets when he caught biker Johnny Parker up to no good. It's been a slow night and Maguire doesn't feel like doing a mountain of paper work, so he takes the hairy biker to his secret spot, a place he has tucked away to take care of scumbags like this. Chained and helpless, Parker is forced to suck the cop's nightstick, then his big fat cock. Then strung up from the ceiling, the biker is force fed more cop dick before this corrupt police officer drills his hairy butt hole. After spraying his cum load all over Parker's beard and face, the copper orders his prisoner to jack off and when the biker cums on Maguire's foot, he's forced to lick it clean.

  • The Police Man's Night Stick

    The Police Man's Night Stick

    Connor Kline is fairly new to gay porn. The hung, blond stud did some filming with Helix Studios and Sean Cody, and now he's moved over to MEN.com. No doubt we're going to be seeing lots of him. Aside from having a big, juicy cock, he's got one of the hottest butts you'd ever hope to fuck, and Connor Kline loves getting drilled.

    Andrew Stark & Connor Kline are new police recruits at The Police Academy, their sergeant has told them they'll be having their first exam the following morning, so they better spend the night cramming. Sitting alone in the classroom, Andrew and Connor are trying to study, but they can't keep their eyes off each other.

    I don't know why Stark has his night stick in study hall, I guess he wants to be prepared in case thugs break in to steal his pen. But this is gay porn, so ... When Andrew starts rubbing his hand up and down the night stick, Connor gives him a nod. The police officers jump up and lock lips is a kissing frenzy. After a vigorous round of dick sucking, Connor ends up on the desk, down on all fours and presenting his ass; Stark rams his night stick inside, then plows his police buddy's hole with his big dick. And there's more hot sex coming from MEN.com's new series, The Police Academy. But this first session shows Connor Kline at his very bottom best.

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  • Bound Police Officer Robert Axel

    Bound Police Officer Robert Axel

    Sebastian Keys and Van Darkholme are having some perverted fun on a mattress with a guy they have stripped and tied up in a basement. It's going to be another nasty session at Men on Edge. But things take an interesting turn. Hearing the helpless stud's cries for help, police man Robert Axel bursts in with guns blazing. He orders these two men to let the guy go. Not the best decision Officer Axel has made today because Sebastian and Van jump the cop, wrestle him to the ground, and tie him up.

    With this cop bound and helpless, these perverts rip off Axel's clothes and tease his cock rock hard. The officer struggles to try and free himself. But his dick betrays him as they continually bring him to the brink of orgasm. He loves and hates it all at the same time.

    Now it's Axel's turn on the mattress and Sebastian and Van fill both of his holes with dildos. Finally they give Robert the release he's been begging for and he shoots his cum load all over himself. But they're not finished. They want to see what a pig Officer Axel really is and make him eat his own cum. And just show they meant no harm, they tickle him relentlessly before releasing him and running away.

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  • Nasty Cop & His Prisoner

    Nasty Cop & His Prisoner

    You don't ever want to find yourself in officer Jeremy Stevens' jail, or maybe you do. In this scene from Bound Gods, Stevens is working over burglar Dayton O'Connor. Stevens caught O'Connor masked and breaking into a home, so he arrested him and carted him off to his own private prison cell.

    Officer Stevens starts off with a strip search and Stevens wraps his fist around his prisoner's nuts and pulls on them hard. O'Connor bellows in pain, but this session is just getting started. Restrained and unable to move much, O'Connor endures an electric wand and screams as this nasty cop zaps his sensitive balls with electricity.

    After being whipped with a flogger, O'Connor is tied up with his legs in the air and Stevens fucks his ass hard and relentlessly. But O'Connor doesn't seem to mind this kind of punishment. Even gagged you can still hear the prisoner begging, "Oh yeah, please fuck my hole". Stevens blasts a shower of cum all over his prisoner, then milks a load of spunk out of his cock before taking him downtown for booking. Where do I turn myself in? I've been a bad burglar, too.

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