• 27 Year Old Construction Worker Chris

    27 Year Old Construction Worker Chris

    Construction worker Chris explains to Spunkworthy, "I'm just not very shy in general". The 27 year old tattooed hunk is actually new to doing porn, which he decided to do to boost his income. He's a hung fella too. When he peels off his boxer shorts and see it flaccid you know he's going to be big when hard. Chris puts on a good show stroking his dick.

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  • Meet The Men Of Built

    Donny Built

    The gays love their home-improvement shows - when they're not watching the Cooking Channel, that is! The Style Network has decided to cash in on our inherent need to see drilling, hammering and, er, pounding by adding a bunch of hot hunks to the renovation mix. The new reality series Built features five professional models who double as handymen. They work for Hott and Handy, a design firm with offices in New York, Los Angeles and Miami. The guys are sent out on jobs where they paint, plaster, landscape and hang wallpaper. And if they happen to take off their shirts in the process, well, what customer wouldn't pay extra for that!? Among the cast, you'll find Donny (above), a class clown who cracks jokes while being hit on by (female?) clients; Mike (below), a Calvin Klein underwear model studying law; Shane, a body-parts model who started the business in 2010; Gage, a scarf-and-tank-top-wearing creative type; and Sandy, the foreman who knows his way around a power tool. Hey, it's all in a hard day's work! Built airs Tuesdays at 8 pm on the Style Network.

    Mike Built

  • Hot Sex with the Contractor

    jed athens and justin beal

    Jed Athens is growing up and he's looking pretty fucking hot in this Titan Men scene with Justin Beal. Jed has filmed some stuff over at Falcon and he just never really did it for me, he was too skinny for my taste. I don't know whether Jed's been working out, or whether Titan Men has better make-up artists and lighting, but I'm starting to get a hard-on for this stud.

    The problem with Jed is that he's 6'3" and tall men can work out like maniacs in the gym, but it's pretty hard for them to beef up and get really thick bodies. Zeb Atlas is pretty tall and he's thick, but he's been working out for a lot of years. I guess there's a reason a lot of gay porn stars are 5'8" -- the optical illusion is enticing.

    In this Titan Men scene, Jed Athens is playing a contractor who is trying to deal with his demanding client, Justin Beal. The two studs get into some passionate kissing, then cock sucking. And when Justin's hole can't wait any longer, he bends over and Jed drills his ass. And I guess Justin's finally happy with his contractor's performance because he ends up shooting a seven-pump cum shot all over himself while Jed is fucking his ass.

  • Sweaty Beefy Construction Site Fuck

    Workers have sweaty sex on the construction site

    Here's a hot one from Jalif Studio. Construction workers take their lunch break, but their sandwiches are just not as appetizing as getting their tongues to work on each others' sweaty crotches. Kid Barraca gets his hairy ass rimmed and fucked by the thick-cocked Niko Latinos on his back across the workshop table.

  • Construction Worker Buddies

    View full video at Workin Men XXX

    This very hairy and bearded construction worker from Workin Men XXX can't wait to get it on with a buddy from the site. He gets his cock sucked good before the two do a little sixty-nine, followed by some more oral action. Looks like things are about to cum to a conclusion as the second construction worker jerks off over that hairy chest and gets ready to blow his load!

  • Big Burly Construction Workers

    View full video at Butch Dixon

    Hairy masculine construction workers Ray Stone and Carlos Cox are on the job for Butch Dixon. The day is hot, and it's time to take a break as these two muscle bears decide they're more interesting in each others' cocks than in working on the roof job. Soon Ray has his lips wrapped around Carlos' dick, and shows he's a man who knows just how to suck a cock. Then Carlos stands him up and slides his hard cock deep into Ray's muscular ass for a serious outdoor fuck!

  • Jimmy's Big Power Tool

    Jimmy's Big Power Tool

    Newcummer Jimmy Hunt is such a hunk that Randy Blue knew he had to be shot in a setting that showed his physical profile. With a long, thick power tool of a cock, just the right amount of light body hair, and a lean, muscular physique, it's not hard to see him renovating a house. It turns out he was right at home, too, being a country boy at heart. If you've ever been doing some home renos and are suddenly hit with the urge to beat off, you might be able to get into Jimmy's vibe here. I certainly can. He slowly strips his shirt and jeans off, showing us all that hard-on inspiring frame. His cock grows fast as he grips it firmly and begins to stroke it like only he knows how. His right fingers find his hungry asshole and pry it apart. The man is all butch and all power, there is no doubt of that!

  • Who's the Boss?

    Visit Butch Dixon

    Ulysse is a hot and hairy construction worker who has been hauled into the boss's office. It seems that Ulysse has been talking trash about the boss and some of the other men. And now, as his boss, Cristian, confronts him, Ulysse is starting to squirm. As first he denies it, but then he sees his boss has him cornered. The hairy man has two choices: lose his job or get down on his knees and suck for forgiveness. Cristian doesn't give him a whole lot of choice. The foreman grabs Ulysse by the back of the head and forces him to his knees. After polishing up the boss's shoes with his tongue, Ulysse is then force fed his boss's dick. But within a couple of minutes the dark-eyed, bald hunk is begging for Cristian's dick. Slobbering all over the foreman's fat, uncut cock, Ulysse is further humiliated and forced to answer his boss's questions. "Why do you want my cock?" Cristian asks. "Because you're the boss," Ulysse pleads. After a long and very wet blowjob, Ulysse is bent over the table and Cristian drills home why he's the boss. And this is how the masculine men of Butch Dixon fuck, head over there and check out the free video preview.

  • Contruction Worker Dakota

    Construction Worker Dakota

    Dakota - Varsity Men's new incredible addition - is a pretty rough and tumble type of guy. This straight 21 year old is an incredibly masculine stud, and is either in the gym, or making a living as a construction laborer. Somewhere along the way he fell in love with body art and had his gorgeous frame inked up. He's got a real thing for Fleshjacks, so the crew gave him one to see what he could do with it. From the looks of it, Dakota could act as a model for this masturbation toy any day of the week. One beautiful man indeed!

  • Blake Mason Presents Riley

    Blake Mason Presents Riley

    Blake Mason's newbie Riley is a hot, thickly built stud who is completely new to the gay porn scene. It's kind of amazing actually, as they've been breaking in a lot of newbies lately. Of course Riley was a bit shy at first, but once he started talking about his attraction to hot, cute, young blonde guys, his big uncut cock became fully erect. It remained that way for the entire shoot. He He. The lad is also blessed with a wonderful set of low hanging balls and a sensational pair of buttocks. Watching him pull on his foreskin while kicking back on the couch was a fantastic experience for me personally, as I simply adore uncircumsized dicks. Rile is 26 years old and works construction for a living. Like we couldn't tell with those sexy muscles. Yum!