• It's Time for Another Cody Cummings Comeback!

    It's Time for Another Cody Cummings Comeback!

    Just when you thought he couldn't make another comeback, controversial porn star Cody Cummings returns in a new duo. It was just last year that the notorious gay-for-pay stud retired (again) from on-screen homo sex. Then it was just last spring that he did his last solo. But now, as the year draws to a close, Cody is getting sucked by cute newcomer Tyler Morgan in a new scene for Next Door World titled "Private Lusts." The action takes place in a bedroom, where Cody feeds Tyler his mostly hard cock and eventually his load. Of course, there's no reciprocation (or anal) because this is a Cody Cummings scene, after all. "Private Lusts" goes live later this week. You never know. Cody might be retired again by then! For more information, visit Next Door World.

    Update: To celebrate his comeback Next Door World are offering a special discount. Save 50% here.

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  • Is Cody Cummings Back or NOT Back?

    View full video at Cody Cummings

    Well here it is, Next Door Entertainment has been doing their standard tease over this "new" Cody Cummings video. In their press package they have a graphic that says, "Guess Who's Back ?" as if the question mark gives them plausible deniability. Did you think we meant Cody was coming back? Really? You thought that? How did that question mark get in there? Whatever. Wanna know if he's back? Check out his official Cody Cummings Twitter feed @kvlar2020 where he says, "No. I'm not back." I don't care either way. I always thought Cummings was handsome, I love his big dick, and this video really showcasing the dude's low-hanging balls.

  • Cody Cummings Returns In New Solo

    Cody Cummings Returns In New Solo

    And they said it would never happen! When Cody Cummings retired from the industry last year, it was under a cloud of controversy. The beleaguered Next Door Studios exclusive took some heat for his gay-for-pay work. Did he simulate anal sex? Or was it the real deal? There were also rumors about the straight stud's personal life. Does he have a teenage daughter who forced him to quit the big biz? Or was he fired by the online studio? Oh well, who cares!? All we know is that earlier today Next Door posted a teaser for a new Cummings scene titled "Private Office." From the looks of the brief (21 second) clip, Cody is back to his old masturbatory ways. Hey, at least it's a start. Maybe actual penetration is on the way for Cumming's latest comeback! The solo scene debuts on May 23. For more info, visit Cody Cummings and Next Door World.

  • Does Cody Cummings Finally Get Fucked?

    cody cummings and joey hard

    Next Door Entertainment has now terminated most of the contracts of their solo guys -- Samuel O'Toole, Rod Daily, Marcus Mojo, Austin Wilde, Trystan Bull -- and that leaves Cody Cummings as the last man standing. Many of us have a love / hate relationship with the gay-for-pay porn star. He's handsome and he has a great cock, but he continually teases us with his refusal to cross over the edge and get his cute ass fucked.

    But Cody Cummings has a huge following of gay men and straight women, and the fact that his solo site has survived the Next Door culling of 2012 means that he's got stamina with his fans. But fans are continuing to demand to see Cody Cummings take it up the butt.

    In his latest scene with Joey Hard called Code Red, it looks like Cody Cummings has finally done the deed and gotten his ass fucked. But I'm not so sure. The Web is all abuzz with the news that Cody Cumming is no longer an anal virgin, but I've actually watched the scene and not just looked at the preview pics. I think it was simulated anal sex.

    First, the pictures in this post's collage are simulated sex shots send out for promotional purposes, they're not taken from the actual video. In the movie, Joey Hard gets his ass pounded, then Cody takes a break and gets Joey to suck his cock. After a few minutes, Joey stands up, walks behind Cody, and the straight hunk bends over and we see Joey aiming his hard, condomless cock at Cody's ass. The rest of the scene is mostly filmed with Cody's face in the frame. We see Joey pumping and pushing in the background, but there's not one single shot of Joey's dick inside Cody's ass.

    Cody is making all the right noises, he even bites his arm for a time, so it seems like he's taking his first cock up his ass, but until I see a hard cock sliding in and out of his butt hole, I'm going to have to say that Cody Cummings did not get fucked.

    If Cumming really was bottoming for the first time, I'm sure Next Door Entertainment would have sent out a press release because seriously, this would be some of the biggest news to hit the gay porn world since Zeb Atlas started fucking guys. Also, Next Door Entertainment doesn't film bareback sex and I doubt they'd allow it. This writer is still waiting for the real Cody Cummings gets fucked scene, but you can check Code Red out for yourself and see what you think.

  • You Bet Your Ass

    cody cummings threeway

    Cody Cummings has buddies Johnny Torque and Randy Dixon come over to his place to hang out for the afternoon. Johnny and Randy are playing air hockey while Cody catches up on some tweets. Johnny is feeling a little randy (pardon the pun) so he suggests that they heighten the stakes: the winner gets a blowjob.

    Cody's interested now, and wishes he was involved in this game of air hockey because he never turns down an opportunity to get some hot oral action. When Johnny sinks the winning puck, he hauls out his meat and leans back on the table while Randy gets down on his knees and starts slurping on Johnny's big, downward-curved cock.

    Cody sits on the couch and watches, but this is his place and he doesn't need to win a game to horn in on the action. So he joins these two; Randy has no problem taking on two big cocks and Jimmy doesn't mind sharing this cocksucker. Then, while Randy is sucking on Cody's meat, Johnny decides to stick his hard-on into Randy's tight ass. Randy's in heaven now with a hot spit roasting session with two hung men.

  • Cody Cummings in Shadow Kiss

    shadow kiss cody cummings

    I think we're moving ever closer to seeing Cody Cummings getting his ass fucked. This straight, gay-for-pay hunk is exploring more and more, pushing his limits every few scenes. And this is maybe the most erotic scenes of his career. He's paired up with cute and ripped Anthony Romero, and these two spend a great deal of time embracing, nuzzling, and exploring each others' bodies.

    Cody Cummings is hanging out in an alley way, he's feeling horny, and he's looking for some release. Anthony Romero is no stranger to these alleys, but he never imagined finding a hot man like Cody waiting around for some dick action. The cruise is on and these two horny men size each other up, moving ever closer to each other. Finally they come together and kiss.

    Of course a good cocksucker would never let a meaty cock like Cody's wander away without sliding it down his throat. And Cody is only too happy to fill Anthony up. And one of these days, but not today, I'm sure where going to see some lucky stud filling up Cody's ass. It's coming, I know it is, it's just a matter of time - and money.

  • Next Door Male on Gay Porn Star Hunt

    Hung stud Samuel O'Toole

    You think Samuel O'Toole is a dime a dozen? Well, the guys at Next Door Entertainment are sure hoping so! Even though we know that hung stud Sammy is one in a million (just look at that cock!) and an exclusive model, along with Cody Cummings, Marcus Mojo, Trystan Bull, Rod Daily and others, the online studio is hoping to discover the next major male porn superstar. Its North American search, known as the official "Next Door Recruiting Tour," starts next month and continues through October.

    "We will hit several states and provinces--big and small cities!" says president of Next Door Entertainment Stephan Sirard. "Our hope is to find fresh new faces for the fans and members of Next Door Entertainment." The official itinerary for the tour will be announced soon, but wannabe screen stars can apply now. For more information, visit AdultModelsUSA.com and FCFAgency.com.


  • Blowing Cody Cummings

    blowing cody cummings

    Undercover detectives Cody Cummings and Johnny Torque are on a surveillance assignment. They're holed up in a bedroom watching a house across the street. There's nothing to do but wait and see if this deal is going to go down.

    Cummings lies back and takes a snooze on the bed. Johnny grabs a porn magazine he brought with him and starts flipping through the pages. With Cody sleeping, Johnny decides he's going to chance it and bust one out. So he pulls out his big cock and starts stroking it.

    Midway through this jerk-off session, Cody wakes up. He doesn't feel like jacking off (these two have jacked off together before), but it sure has been a long time since he's had a good blowjob. Johnny's good and horny now, so he goes down on Cummings large cock and gets it nice and hard. And when Cody is ready to spunk, he offers his face and his muscle buddy splooges all over it. Now that's the kind of partner you want to have in police work!

  • Fleshjack's Sexy New Deals


    Guess who's getting jacked? Those are porn superstars Cody Cummings, Samuel O'Toole and Austin Wilde you see (from left), and they're the latest models to be molded by Fleshjack for its popular line of sex toys. They also happen to be exclusive models for Next Door Studios. The custom-molded toys include exact replicas of each star's mouth, cock and ass. "In addition to our customers, the members at Next Door Studios were able to select three boys from several models that Next Door Studios has on their network of sites," Fleshjack marketing manager Daniel Pacheco says. "It's amazing to see that both Fleshjack customers and Next Door members voted for the same models to become new Fleshjack Boys! It was a pleasurable experience to work with all three models; they're all talented and will bring a totally different feel to our lineup of boys." To order, visit Fleshjack.com. And to see this trio of sexy studs in action, go to NextDoorStudios.com.

    In other Fleshjack news, the Austin, Texas-based company has also formed a new partnership with Manhunt (which is marking its 10th anniversary!), creating a Fleshjack case that is exclusively branded with the hookup site's logo. "Based on our own research, 89 percent of our members have and use a masturbation sleeve for fun," Manhunt director of advertising Hector Camacho says. "In working with Fleshjack, we are able to facilitate a combined and lasting brand connection that our members respect, embrace and can enjoy!" To celebrate the pairing, both Fleshjack and Manhunt are in the midst of hosting a series of parties in 20 U.S. cities. The tour is being presented by DickDork.com and is sponsored by TitanMen.com. For more information, visit manhuntroadtrip.com/manhuntx. The new Manhunt-branded Fleshjack case is available at fleshjack.com/manhunt.