• Jake Bass Announces He's Leaving Cocky Boys

    Jake Bass Announces He's Leaving Cocky Boys

    Yesterday, Cocky Boys exclusive model, Jake Bass announced on Twitter that he's leaving the studio.

    So far there's been no explanation for the decision to leave the studio, where he has been exclusive since debuting there in 2011. The 23 year old star has worked with many other Cocky Boys models such as Max Ryder, Ben Rose, Tommy Defendi and Dillon Rossi.

  • Tayte Hanson Launches New Personal Website

    Tayte Hanson Launches New Personal Website

    He first made it on our radar for winning this contest. But Tayte Hanson has stayed there with his impressive work in scenes like this one with Dillon Rossi. Now, the Cocky Boys exclusive is making things personal with his own website. TayteHanson.com offers a unique and intimate take on the shaggy-haired stud from New Mexico through pictures, videos and interviews. Each section of the site reveals another side of Tayte, including his sex scenes, upcoming cam shows, fan-created artwork, his PSA for safer sex, his Andrew Christian underwear ad and even merchandise (look for the Tayte 2015 calendar). He's also working on an erotic novel and plays the piano! This is truly a one-stop destination for everything about this creative and talented newcomer. And his first compilation movie from Cocky Boys, Tasty Tayte, is out now. For more information, visit TayteHanson.com.

  • So You Wanna Be A Cocky Boy? Part 2

    So You Wanna Be A Cocky Boy? Part 2

    I must say I really found this video from Cocky Boys to be most interesting, quite heart-warming in fact. We have two gorgeous young gay men, Ricky Roman and Felix Warner, living on opposite sides of the country, who meet online in their early teens; they are unable to catch up face to face until years later, yet their puppy love/infatuation with each other endured the years and was extraordinarily passionate when finally realised it in person. Then fast-forward several more years and we find out that Felix wanted to try out for the recent "So You Wanna Be A Cocky Boy" contest (incidentally, won by Tayte Hanson) but couldn't make the auditions, but he's a determined young man and was able to gather support from his online social media followers and successfully petition Cocky Boys to allow him to realise his dream - to become a Cocky Boy and film a scene together with his true-love, Ricky!

    When you see Felix and Roman with each other it is easy to see why these two handsome, fit and ripped young men were so totally suited to become Cocky Boys and, with them already being best friends and lovers, you can be sure they already know just what the other likes and will be sure to perform well together. And that's exactly what happens here. Although both guys are versatile, Felix had never topped Roman in any of their previous personal encounters, so in this film we get to see something they have never done before, a flip fuck ... with each other! Watch as they get down to business and Felix finally gets to pound Ricky for the first time in 10 years and boy, was it worth the wait! This is truly a once-in-a-lifetime kind of sex!

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  • Chris Harder and Levi Michaels Share an Outdoor Flip-Fuck

    Chris Harder and Levi Michaels Share an Outdoor Flip-Fuck

    Chris Harder and Levi Michaels are two of Cocky Boys hottest young stars, both are good-looking, uninhibited and, most importantly, sexually versatile and before they filmed this scene they told the film crew they wanted to explore a less well-travelled gay porn path ... quite literally ... in the form of an outdoor flip-fuck!

    They set off together on an outdoor hike, with a small camera crew in row, and as soon as they found the perfect secluded outdoor location they embraced, kissed each other and then got totally naked. After some cock sucking, Chris decided to play with Levi's hole, and he quickly found Levi's weak spot with his finger, but he wasn't going to let Levi off lightly, he fingered and rimmed that tight hole until he had Levi literally begging to be fucked! Levi was moaning in the ecstasy of the moment and was constantly softly murmuring ... "I can't ... Please ... I just can't take any more ... I need your dick in me ... Now!!" And that's when Chris finally put on some protection and shoved his massive hard cock up Levi's hole and began to drill it harder than anyone's ever fucked it before! Then, when he noticed Levi had almost reached the point of no return and was about to shoot his load, he turned the tables, pulled his cock out and bent over and offered up his own arsehole to Levi! Levi was quick to return the favour and entered Chris's hole and started fucking it ... this is an amazingly hot flip-flop fuck which only ends with both guys shooting massive cum loads!

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  • Fucking Outdoors On A Summers Day In New York

    Fucking Outdoors On A Summers Day In New York

    My fellow blogger Joe Spunk wrote an insightful post recently that proposes outdoor sex might look hotter than it is in reality ... but I have to say that Cocky Boys seem to have worked out any and all the production kinks involved in shooting outdoor scenes, because this update with Levi Karter and Connor Maguire fucking outdoors on a beautiful summer's day in New York is just as hot as another outdoor shoot from them that I wrote about recently.

    So here we are, being treated with two super-hot guys making some pleasant memories together in the great outdoors. Connor likes his men to be a bit on the smaller/slighter side ... he's a big guy, so that makes it easier for him to manoeuver them into the right positions I guess! And Levi fits the bill on that count ... and he's a bottom-boy too ... a power-bottom! Things start out gentle at first, some kissing to set the mood and cock-sucking to get dicks hard and ready for action. Then Connor turns Levi round and rims Levi's butthole, warming it up for the main event ... he knows what is about to happen, and wants to be sure his partner is ready for it! Then, before you can count to three, Levi is sitting astride Connor's hips and bouncing up and down on Connor's massive hard-on! All this anal stimulation gets too much for Levi and he's soon shooting his wet load all over Connor's washboard abs. This of course turns Connor on even more and he man-handles his young lover into a more aggressive position and fucks the living day-lights out of his hole until he's ready to cum, pulls out, and pumps his own load all over Levi's belly!

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  • Next On The List - Tayte Hanson Fucks Dillon Rossi

    Next On The List - Tayte Hanson Fucks Dillon Rossi

    Tayte Hanson and Dillon Rossi met at a club recently where Tayte was auditioning to be the next Cocky Boys exclusive model. Even before the enthusiastic audience crowned him the winner, he was already flirting with several of the other models and mentally making plans on how and when he was going to fuck their brains out. He's already fucked Levi Karter and next on his list is the lucky Dillon Rossi!

    Both Tayte and Dillon are fans of outdoor sex, so they jumped at the chance of filming in a romantic forested location on a warm spring day with just a hammock to support them. Things naturally progressed from cuddling and soft kisses, to rimming and cock sucking. But soon both lads were rock hard and eager to get down to some hardcore fucking. Dillon readily admits he loves getting fucked and played with at the same time, so as Tayte impaled Dillon's hole with his rock-hard prick, he grabbed Dillon's cock with his right hand and stroked it to the rhythm of his fucking and you can be sure all this stimulation meant it didn't take long before Dillon shot his load! The sight of all that warm cum on Dillon's belly clearly got Tayte very excited and his own load of man-juice quickly followed. It is safe to say Dillon is one happy bottom boy, so Tayte is now thinking ... who's next on the list?

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  • Jake Bass Crowned Favorite Gay Porn Star By TLAgay

    Jake Bass Crowned Favorite Gay Porn Star By TLAgay

    We've never been big on sports, but the mention of a "Tournament of Hoses" sure got our attention. This turned out to be a contest sponsored by TLAgay.com in which the gay adult retail site pitted two groups of gay porn stars (16 current versus 16 classic) against one another in hopes of finding gay porn's favorite star. TLA customers and gay porn fans voted online in several "brackets" (that's a sports term used in...basketball!?) to narrow the field. After a tight race that went on for a month, a winner has been announced: Jake Bass! The tattooed Cocky Boys exclusive beat Bel Ami superstar Lukas Ridgeston. "His fans are ferociously loyal," says Erik Schut, TLAgay managing director. "They powered him to this win in the final round of voting."

    In a statement, pouty porn star Bass said of his victory: "Well, what else can I do but thank my immense Twitter base and incredibly devoted fans for voting. I actually didn't see myself winning, what with all the big boys I was up against--hah! But I'm so happy for the recognition, and I'm finally seeing that it's not about how many followers you have--it's how devoted and loyal they are."

    Those fans are sure to be salivating for Bass's latest Cocky Boys release, a steamy flip-flop fuck with Connor Maguire. In the scene, there's some trading of blowjobs before the guys, who are obviously hot for each other, get right to the fucking. Jake is on his back as Connor rams into him while holding on to Jake's underwear. Then Connor (in a rare bottoming turn) sits on Jake's cock before bending over to take it doggy-style. Next, Jake rides Connor so hard that he pops all the way to Connor's handsome face. Soon after, Connor pumps out his own big jizz all over his beefy chest. Looks like they're both winners here! For more information, visit Cocky Boys.

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  • Bravo Delta Gets Kinky With Deviant Otter

    Bravo Delta Gets Kinky With Deviant Otter

    There's not much that Deviant Otter can do to surprise us. This gonzo gay porn star, aka Devin Totter, who launched his site a couple of months ago, is already making a name for himself by producing edgy content that pushes the boundaries of pleasure (was he really doing party drug molly in a recent double-penetration clip!?) and pain (those sounding scenes...ouch!). But what's surprising about his latest release, "Poppers, Piss and Perverts," is his co-star.

    Onetime Cocky Boys exclusive Bravo Delta agreed to film with Deviant Otter after Totter approached him on social media. Now, pint-size Delta has never been known for his exciting on-screen performances. From his early days as a shady XTube soloist to his self-conscious work with Cocky Boys, this nerdy furball has always been fairly awkward and bland (perhaps because he declines to identify as gay, instead giving some vague percentage of his homo/hetero makeup). Well, that all changes with this scene. Maybe it's Devin teaching him how to use poppers that unleashes the wild man. But the shocking thing here is that the gap-toothed geek, who is a brainy engineer in real life, actually seems to be enjoying himself. Whether he has his head buried deep in Totter's ass, eating as if it's his last meal, or is pissing in his mouth as Totter gargles with it while smoking a (crack!?) cigarette. There's also a fisting sequence and hard-core fucking with Bravo on top (Totter screaming, "It really hurts!" adds a certain realism to the scenario).

    In the press notes, Devin writes, "Bravo definitely has more kink in him then I had expected. I'm used to seeing him in a more 'vanilla' light online, so I was shocked when he said he would be into some rough assplay and piss. Needless to say, after a few adult beverages I took full advantage of the opportunity to explore his more deviant side." Hmmm, so maybe it was the booze that makes them both look so wasted!?

    For more information, visit Deviant Otter.

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  • Justin Bones Levi's Ass

    Justin Bones Levi's Ass

    Justin Matthews from Cocky Boys has a lightly hairy chest and an athletic body, and today he takes on Levi Karter. The two have amazing chemistry, and soon they're getting on like old friends - or fuck buddies. When Justin pulls out his impressively hard cock, Levi can't resist, and he sucks it with enthusiasm, doing his best to take every inch. Then Justin bends him over and takes control, pumping Levi's ass from every angle before they finally shoot their loads.

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  • Cocky Boys Launches Sex Toy Line

    Cocky Boys Launches Sex Toy Line

    Ever wanted Jake Bass inside you? Well, here's your chance! Icon Brands has announced a new deal with Cocky Boys to develop a line of sex toys centered around the online studio and its exclusive stars, including Bass. "Icon gets us and really understands our brand, which is one of the reasons I'm so excited to be working with them," says Cocky Boy's owner and director Jake Jaxson. "Icon understands the importance of our aesthetic, and they are experts in packaging and branding, so I'm confident that our look and feel will be extended to the toy line in a top-shelf fashion." The Cocky Boys adult novelties will feature dildos of its most popular gay porn stars, plus many of the best-selling accessories that Icon is already known for. (Icon has previously worked with the Falcon Studios brand.) The products are scheduled to be released later this month, so expect Jake, Max Carter and Chris Harder at your door any minute! For more information, visit Cocky Boys.