• Damien Gunn and Lukas Grande Interracial Flip Fuck

    Damien Gunn and Lukas Grande Interracial Flip Fuck

    Cocky Boys does it again - they just do flip flop fucks so well - and to top it off today, it's also a raunchy interracial flip fuck too! Super-hot twinks Damien Gunn and Lukas Grande are both relative new-cummers to the site and were both equally thrilled to be partnered with each other, as both enjoy a big cock - either in their mouths or up their butts - just as much as the other!

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  • Quick Look

    Gypsy needs cash

    Bareback threesome

    Bradley is made a bitch

    Damnien Gunn pounded by Lukas Grande

    Time to take another look at what has been going down elsewhere this week.

    On Debt Dandy a young gypsy needs cash to pay some debts, so he earns krona by taking a dick in his ass, while on Bareback That Hole Tommy Deluca, Nick Tiano and Nick Andrews have a threeway fuck.

    Bradley gets made the frathouse bitch on Fraternity X, taking all the college cocks he can handle. Damien Gunn is getting his ass pounded on Cocky Boys by Lukas Grande.

  • Cocky Boys: Justin Matthews and Max Carter Flip Fuck

    Cocky Boys: Justin Matthews and Max Carter Flip Fuck

    Max Carter is eager to blow Justin Matthews 7.5 - 8 inch cock (Cocky Boys weren't 100% sure). Max is the first to get fucked in this flip flop scene, but it doesn't last all that long. It seems Justin Matthews is the bigger bottom, because for most of the video Max Carter is fucking him.

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  • Liam Riley Makes Cocky Boys Debut

    Liam Riley Makes Cocky Boys Debut

    It was just last February that we introduced you to Liam Riley as a Helix Studios exclusive. Now, the helium-voiced twink has jumped ship and is doing his thing as a Cocky Boys star. In his debut scene for the online studio, Meeting Liam, Riley is paired with award-winning superstar Levi Karter.

    According to director Jake Jaxson, the models first met (and flirted) earlier this year at the Cybersocket Web Awards in Los Angeles. After Liam visited Levi in NYC, the two became close. It was then that 21-year-old Riley asked to join the Cocky Boys clan. Jaxson says that he was apprehensive at first about casting the former competitive cheerleader, but "as soon as I met him it was a no-brainer." In a statement, Jaxson describes Liam as "a boy-crazy hopeless romantic! He believes in love. He sees the best in any situation and always has something positive to say, when being negative would be so easy."

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  • Connor Maguire Fucks Ricky Roman Outdoors

    Connor Maguire Fucks Ricky Roman Outdoors

    At the prospect of getting fucked by Connor Maguire, Ricky Roman remarked, "this is gonna be on some other shit!". And he was right. The vocal bottom drives Connor Maguire wild and the energy is full-on at Cocky Boys.

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  • Chris Harder and Kevin Carson In A Scorching Flip Fuck

    Chris Harder and Kevin Carson In A Scorching Flip Fuck

    Chris Harder and Kevin Carson were extremely happy to be paired up together today in this new, scorchingly hot scene from Cocky Boys. The guys are both versatile and quite honestly, seem to get up to just about everything possible that one guy can do to another in bed!

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  • New Bad Boy Stone In His Cocky Boys Debut

    New Bad Boy Stone In His Cocky Boys Debut

    Cocky Boys don't often release solo shoots, but this week they think (and rightly so, in my opinion) that their new model and all-round bad-boy, a guy named Stone - no last name, no prior experience - is worthy of us checking him out all on his lonesome!

    This hottie is a pierced and tattooed lad from Oklahoma - he's charismatic, laid back and edgy - and he's got an amazing body, and a nice fat cock too! He recently travelled to New York to complete in the latest "So You Wanna Be a CockyBoy?" series (remember the last one? - it was won by the talented Tayte Hanson).

    Stone's never travelled much away from home, so the crew got him to document his travels on his way to the contest - the guy is a horn-dog, he had all manner of sexy experiences en-route, from outdoor public sex, to getting his rocks off in a movie theatre, to an impromptu group sleepover - all of which he filmed and has shared with the site members. This guy has just what it takes to be a CockyBoy!

    And today, in his first solo professional video experience Stone's bright green eyes really light up when he's being filmed in the great outdoors - and they get even bigger when he see that he's going to stuffing his fat cock into a Fleshjack. And you gotta say, this guy must have some psychic control over nature as, at the end of this scene, at the second he climaxed, the heaven's opened up and a loud clap of thunder was heard in the distance!

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  • Jake Bass Announces He's Leaving Cocky Boys

    Jake Bass Announces He's Leaving Cocky Boys

    Yesterday, Cocky Boys exclusive model, Jake Bass announced on Twitter that he's leaving the studio.

    So far there's been no explanation for the decision to leave the studio, where he has been exclusive since debuting there in 2011. The 23 year old star has worked with many other Cocky Boys models such as Max Ryder, Ben Rose, Tommy Defendi and Dillon Rossi.

  • Tayte Hanson Launches New Personal Website

    Tayte Hanson Launches New Personal Website

    He first made it on our radar for winning this contest. But Tayte Hanson has stayed there with his impressive work in scenes like this one with Dillon Rossi. Now, the Cocky Boys exclusive is making things personal with his own website. TayteHanson.com offers a unique and intimate take on the shaggy-haired stud from New Mexico through pictures, videos and interviews. Each section of the site reveals another side of Tayte, including his sex scenes, upcoming cam shows, fan-created artwork, his PSA for safer sex, his Andrew Christian underwear ad and even merchandise (look for the Tayte 2015 calendar). He's also working on an erotic novel and plays the piano! This is truly a one-stop destination for everything about this creative and talented newcomer. And his first compilation movie from Cocky Boys, Tasty Tayte, is out now. For more information, visit TayteHanson.com.

  • So You Wanna Be A Cocky Boy? Part 2

    So You Wanna Be A Cocky Boy? Part 2

    I must say I really found this video from Cocky Boys to be most interesting, quite heart-warming in fact. We have two gorgeous young gay men, Ricky Roman and Felix Warner, living on opposite sides of the country, who meet online in their early teens; they are unable to catch up face to face until years later, yet their puppy love/infatuation with each other endured the years and was extraordinarily passionate when finally realised it in person. Then fast-forward several more years and we find out that Felix wanted to try out for the recent "So You Wanna Be A Cocky Boy" contest (incidentally, won by Tayte Hanson) but couldn't make the auditions, but he's a determined young man and was able to gather support from his online social media followers and successfully petition Cocky Boys to allow him to realise his dream - to become a Cocky Boy and film a scene together with his true-love, Ricky!

    When you see Felix and Roman with each other it is easy to see why these two handsome, fit and ripped young men were so totally suited to become Cocky Boys and, with them already being best friends and lovers, you can be sure they already know just what the other likes and will be sure to perform well together. And that's exactly what happens here. Although both guys are versatile, Felix had never topped Roman in any of their previous personal encounters, so in this film we get to see something they have never done before, a flip fuck ... with each other! Watch as they get down to business and Felix finally gets to pound Ricky for the first time in 10 years and boy, was it worth the wait! This is truly a once-in-a-lifetime kind of sex!

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