• Will Braun's First Time Bottoming

    Will Braun's First Time Bottoming

    Will Braun chose Christian Wilde as the man who would top him for the first time. In the pre-sex interview in this MEN.com scene Will says that he didn't want to bottom for someone just like him. He admits that he's been admiring Wilde from afar. Wilde is taller and heavily inked, two things that turn Braun on, and he liked the idea of being submissive to a dominant, masculine guy.

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  • Interview with Christian Wilde

    Interview with Christian Wilde

    To celebrate Christian Wilde Film Festival this month at Naked Sword, we caught up with the amazingly kinky, adventurous and loveable star and delve into his likes, experiences and ambitions.

    Hey Christian, thanks for joining us to do this interview. It's a great privilege to be able to talk to you and ask you some questions. June is Christian Wilde Film Festival at Naked Sword, how does it feel to have a month dedicated to your career?

    Im honored. I love Naked Sword and they've always been so good to me. Its a really sweet thing to do.

    You're full of swagger and that comes across so beautifully in your videos. Is this your natural way? Are you naturally a dominant kinda guy with a sexy attitude?

    I'm not sure to be honest haha. I just try to be myself and act the way I feel is true to me. If that comes out as swagger and sexy, I'm pretty stoked on that. And I am naturally a dominant guy but I think I'm way more shy in day to day life.

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  • Is Christian Wilde Secretly a Superhero!?

    Is Christian Wilde Secretly a Superhero!?

    In a series of recent tweets Christian Wilde may have outed himself...as a superhero! The gay porn superstar just tweeted several pictures of himself dressed up as popular movie characters and action figures. And while he may almost be hairy enough to pull off Wolverine, the 25-year-old stud also posed as Thor, The Flash and Captain America. Who knows? Maybe it's a stunt to draw attention to his new YouTube channel where Wilde shares videos about his private life, including his morning routine (coffee and jacking), motorcycle purchases and plans for future tattoos. Or maybe it's for his personal website, where he has started producing gonzo-style exclusive content that fans can purchase by the scene. The short clips include Christian jacking in his truck and sucking and fucking fellow hairy porn star Adam Ramzi. On the studio side, Wilde recently banged newcomer Trelino for Naked Sword's edgy Addict series and was the subject of a "Best Of" page for Kink Men. And while he sure looks good naked, Christian doesn't look half bad playing dress-up. And at least he's ready when Halloween rolls around! For more information, visit ChristianWildeXXX.com.

  • Christian Wilde Gets Kinky

    Christian Wilde Gets Kinky

    Who knew Christian Wilde was so kinky!? The award-winning porn star has appeared in numerous films for numerous major studios, including Hot House, Naked Sword and Next Door Male. But now, Kink Men is reaching deep into its dark archives for some of Wilde's, er, wildest work. On the new Best of Christian Wilde Page, you can see the tattooed stud in his top-rated Kink scenes. Among the offerings: "Mr. Wilde's New Sex Object" with Liam Harkmoore; "Afternoon Cocktail on the Upper Floor" with Tommy Defendi and Van Darkholme; and "The Slaughterhouse Part One: The Head Butcher" with Nick Moretti.

    According to our calculations, Wilde has made more than 90 videos since 2009. That's a lot of sucking, fucking, bondage, wrestling, flogging, spanking, boot licking, edging, shrimping, plus ball gags, candle wax, nipple clamps, clothespins, cages and leather chaps! The majority of his kink content can be seen on the Bound Gods, Bound in Public, Naked Kombat, Men On Edge, Butt Machine Boys and 30 Minutes of Torment sites. But it's also lurking on Bound GangBangs, Divine Bitches and Foot Worship. So get out your flashlights and start digging, fools! For more information, visit Kink Men.

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  • Interview Exclusive: Adam Ramzi


    Gay porn stars may come and go, but handsome Adam Ramzi sure looks like a keeper to us! The 31-year-old newcomer recently made some noise for his impressive debut with Joe Parker in Raging Stallion's Hole 2. Ramzi hails from Los Angeles and still lives in Hollywood. The hairy Armenian stud tells GayDemon that even though he's now making films, it's all just part of his ongoing education. You see, Adam is a student, and he thinks of his porn career as a sort of erotic homework. "I'm currently in grad school for LGBT psychology," Ramzi says, "and sex is a huge part of what I want to study. When I was approached by the studio to do my first scene, I really thought long and hard about it. Sex is something we shouldn't be so scared of, so it's been a wonderful little experiment."

    His "studies" now include six films, such as Timberwolves with the always amazing Tommy Defendi and the upcoming Open Road. But it's hard for Ramzi to pick a favorite from his still small body of work. "Each scene is its own little adventure, at the heart of which is a connection you make with your scene partner for the sake of the scene," he says. "I've loved filming each of my scenes, each for different reasons. If I had to pick a favorite, I'd say my scene with Christian Wilde for Hard Friction's Tight, mostly because it was the smoothest and most lighthearted. He's a class act, and we fit together physically as well as personality-wise."

    As for his future in the industry, Adam says that he's enjoying himself (who wouldn't!?). He adds that he has already done more movies than he ever expected, but he's "very happy with the results so far!"

    For more information on Adam Ramzi, visit Raging Stallion.

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  • Christian Wilde Fucks JP Dubois

    jp dubois and christian wilde

    Gangster boss Paddy O'Brian has already had a crack at JP Dubois and fucked his ass silly over on World of Men. Paddy is playing a gangster boss and with this second scene the story continues to unfold. JP has been running money for the boss, but O'Brian has discovered that his cocky employee has helped himself to some of the money. O'Brian needs to make sure this never happens again.

    JP Dubois is summoned to O'Brian's office where he finds bodyguards Blue Blake and Christian Wilde alongside the boss. Paddy orders JP to strip, then he strips himself and jumps up on the chest of drawers to order out the lad's sentencing. He has to service Christian Wilde's big dick.

    I don't know about you, but this doesn't sound like very good incentive to ensure an employee isn't going to continue stealing your money. Not especially when JP is bent over a table and fucked silly. All the while, Paddy is barking out the orders in his Cockney accent. It's pretty hot. And when Paddy gives the order for everyone to cum, it's a three-load spray fest!

  • Interview with Christian Wilde and Drew Cutler

    View full video at Nakedsword

    Interview with Christian Wilde (who NakedSword just signed as a exclusive model!) and Drew Cutler, who you can see together with Dominic Pacifico in Private Party Episode 2: Make Mine A Double.

  • A Hot Birthday Present

    christian wilde blowjob

    Time sure does fly. Recently SpunkWorthy celebrated its third anniversary. It's hard to believe that this mostly jerk-off site has been pumping out hot weekly videos for three years now. So site owner Jason decided to do something special. Most of his site's weekly updates are straight guys jerking their cocks, but occasionally SpunkWorthy gives us hand jobs, blowjobs, or side-by-side duo jack offs. To celebrate his anniversary, Jason gave himself a hot birthday present - Christian Wilde.

    Christian Wilde has been doing gay porn for a number of years now, and I remember when he first started. He's gotten a lot hotter since his younger, leaner, geekier days. When Jason arrived at Christian's hotel room to pick him up for the shoot, Christian joked, "This is the scene where I get to fuck you, right?" Jason laughed: "Mmmm... maybe next year." Too bad, because I think Jason is pretty hot himself and I sure wouldn't mind seeing one of his studs fucking his ass. "How about a blowjob?" Jason asked.

    When they started filming, Christian unzipped his jeans and his cock was already rock hard. Wilde sits back on the couch and lets Jason get to work on his stiff cock. But Jason doesn't want it to end there, so he gives Christian's tasty ass some attention, too. Christian grabs his legs and pulls them up, giving Jason easy and complete access to his tight, furry hole. And where does Christian shoot his load? All over Jason's face. Now that's a hot birthday present!

  • SpunkWorthy Gets Wilde For Third B-day!

     Gay porn star Christian Wilde gets his cock sucked

    It's already been three years of, well, spunk-worthy frat guys, surf studs and military dudes from the popular SpunkWorthy.com. The randy Web site decided to take a break from its amateur straight-guy-next-door models to celebrate its birthday. That's why you see porn star Christian Wilde (above), who has starred in films for Hot House, Dominic Ford and Jet Set Men, among others, getting serviced by site founder Jason. "I thought it'd be fun to do something a little different," the horny Webmaster says. "In my opinion, Christian is one of the hottest porn stars around." So the fun (and scene) starts in Wilde's San Diego hotel room, where he's lounging in bed. Jason gets a brief sampling of the goods before heading to the ranch for a full-fledged oral session. "Christian has one hot cock that I couldn't wait to get in my mouth," he says. "Not to mention his tasty ass!" The lucky sucker also gets to enjoy a serving of creamy facial frosting. Happy happy, you guys!

    SpunkWorthy Gets Wilde For Third B-day!

  • Wyler's Back and Santana Tops Him


    Well, he said it's not a comeback, but bad boy Mason Wyler sure looks serious about making porn again in his new scene with beefy Jesse Santana, now live at FalconStudios.com. The hot duo is from the upcoming Blind Lust for the studio's Jocks line (it's No. 147 in the series!). While Wyler has been a controversial figure in the past (especially when his HIV-positive status became a hot-button topic last year), he's been relatively quiet of late, and many wondered whether he would ever suck and fuck again (on-screen, that is. His WylerNation blog and numerous amorous Tweets confirm that he's still a horn dog). But Falcon and director Andrew Rosen managed to lure him from his home state of Texas to film with Santana, and the results are scorching.

    Sure, it looks like Mason has been hitting the couch harder than the gym, but he can still navigate a cock like nobody's business. And let's face it, Jesse's rock-hard pecs and bulging biceps more than make up for it. Once the studs trade oral (and for the record, Santana knows how to work the foreskin!), Wyler proves that his renowned bottoming skills are still intact. He moans and sighs as Santana pounds him with ease in various positions. But the highlight is Santana's gut-busting cum shot...directly into Wyler's hungry mouth. The guy's still got it! Blind Lust also features Cliff Jensen, Cameron Foster, Christian Wilde, Brody Wilde, Paul Wagner and Andrew Jakk. And if you pre-order by October 10, you'll receive a bonus copy of the 1997 classic Maximum Cruise, starring Brian Cruise, Rod Barry and Kristian Brooks.