• A (Free) Comic for Christmas

    A (Free) Comic for Christmas

    What's better than a Christmas comic book? A free one! The good folks at Class Comics are offering dedicated readers a free download of A Class Comics Christmas for computer and tablet. This holiday-themed collection features art from previous editions by contributors such as Patrick Fillion, Jacob Mott, Logan, Leon DeLeon and Golden Key. The 26-page special issue also includes sexy pinup art of some of your favorite Class Comics hunks (see the handsome "devil" below). Publishers/creators Fillion and Robert Fraser say that the season makes them "giddy" and they're thrilled to present this "little gem," whether you've been "nice or naughty." And if you use coupon code HOHOHO before December 26, you can save 20 percent on any homoerotic order from the site. For more info, visit ClassComics.com.


  • Dirty Sexy Comics Campaign

    Dirty Sexy Comics Campaign

    Gay men love comics, and have been reading and drawing them since before the Stonewall era. That's why they're celebrated at events like the Bent-Con convention, and why gay porn stars sometimes dress up like superheroes. Now, director and longtime comics fan Robert Chandler wants to produce a documentary that explores the evolution of the genre, the talented men who made it what it is today and how its characters have become role models for the gay community.

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  • Fred Flintstone Is a Top

    fred flintstone top

    And Dino likes to watch. Bedrock is a den of depravity. With cars powered by bare feet (meaning Stone Age Detroit is run by foot fetishists) and underwear not having been invented yet, the world of Fred Flintstone is seriously fucked up. So when this modern day fag (his word not mine) chose to time jump here, he got his ass tore up as he screamed "yabba dabba yabba dabba yabba dabba." He never made it to "do." Twinks don't last long in Bedrock.

  • Crisco: Favorite Lube of Virtual Jocks

    So if in common parlance first base is making out/chest grope, second base is a handjob, third is sucking, and a home run is fucking, what's this activity called? I asked both jocks in this illustration and here's what each had to say. Yes, porn talks to me sometimes. And!?!?!?

    Jock 1: "As shortstop on a baseball team without a name, as shown by my logo-free cap, I think what I'm about to do should be called a grand slam, especially because I plan to walk this dude around the bases with my bat deep up his hole while a crowd of horny guys cheer. By the way, the Crisco makes it all possible plus conditions my bat like coach taught me is important."

    Jock 2: "Stick it in me."

    Go team!

    Locker room baseball bat fuck

  • Halloween Comic Treats


    We've written about gay comics before, so we all know that they can be hot and homoerotic and sexier than Veronica and Betty doing girl-on-girl! Now Class Comics is getting into the spirit of this spooky season with two all-new volumes dedicated to Halloween. Meaty #3: The Class Comics Halloween Special contains more that 100 full-color illustrations and mini comic strips from over 80 talented artists. And there was so much great material--including classic characters such as official Halloween ambassador Jacko The Halloweener, who is always horny and ready to jump every buff hero he can get his hands on--that the books are divided into two sections: The Trick Edition and The Treat Edition. What an inspired idea! Class Comics partners and publishers Patrick Fillion and Robert Fraser must really enjoy Halloween, because they've given fans a truly delectable treat with these two themed issues. To download the books in PDF form, visit ClassComics.com.


  • Dale Lazarov Gets Serious About Gay Erotic Comics

    Dale Lazarov Gets Serious About Gay Erotic Comics

    Who says you need real live guys to create hot gay porn?! Writer/editor Dale Lazarov does just fine with his gay erotic comics. Look at these illustrations. Isn't that boxing scenario right out of a Jimmy Fanz movie!? Lazarov is the man who writes the words behind titles such as Good Sports, Nightlife, Manly and Sticky. He collaborates with numerous artists, including Alessio Slominsky, Bastian Jonsson, Amy Colburn and Steve MacIsaac. Dale believes that comics are "uniquely suited to represent both the objective and subjective experience of homoreroticism--and affirm it." The Chicago-based writer says that he was inspired by Tom of Finland and other artists who create "porn that smiles". In his own work, he attempts to invest gay erotic imagery in comics with "an aspirational context". He wants to present "distinctive characters who have relational context that is integral to the story". In other words, he wants to show hot guys who are also lovable!

    To read Dale's "Comics Made Me Gay" essay, click here. For more information, visit DaleLazarov.com.

    Gay sex comics

  • Bent-Con Gives Gays Comic Relief


    Gay guys love superheroes. And why wouldn't they? These larger-than-life creations usually come complete with bulging muscles, skintight spandex and...capes! So it makes sense for gay followers to have their very own convention that celebrates LGBT and LGBT-friendly comic books and honors science fiction, fantasy and horror writers, artists and creators. Kinda like Comic-Con for queers! Bent-Con is the place where producers of these colorful publications for gay audiences can meet, greet and geek out! On December 3 and 4, at the Westin Bonaventure Hotel in Los Angeles, fans and fellow fantasy addicts can enjoy a weekend filled with exhibitors, guests, panels, screenings and parties. Highlights include a get-together of the Battlestar Galactica Fan Club; a showing of classic erotic art from the Tom of Finland Foundation; and an appearance from Class Comics, which has a new book from German publisher Bruno Gmünder. Artist-creator Patrick Fillion and co-publisher-writer Robert Fraser will be on hand to sign Heroes With Hardons: The Big Book of Class Comics, an anthology hardcover in which the superheroes are "not only masculine, strong and fearless, they also have superpowers between their muscular legs." Sounds hot, even for cartoon characters! For more information on the book, visit BrunoGmunder.com. And for more on the weekend of events, go to bent-con.org.

    Bent-con Class Comics

  • Cowboy Bound and Tickled

    Achilles Heel Art gay tickling fetish

    When it comes to tickling and gay toons, Achilles and the other artists of Achilles Heel Art pretty much have a corner on the market. But they also plenty of creativity and a sense of humor, so the cartoons not only appeal to foot lovers and tickle fans, but also to the rest of us. I especially love their old magazine cover formats. And I particularly like this one, with the horse licking the feet of the bound cowboy till he's helpless with laughter!

  • Hostile Takeover

    Achilles Heel Art Gay Tickling

    Here's a fun and sexy gay tickling fetish toon from Achilles Heel Art. As you can see, this business man is being tickled mercilessly; his sheer business socks are no protection for the sensitive soles of his defenseless feet. Will he sign the paper to stop this tickle torture?

  • A Fetish Toon is Born!

    Gay tickle fetish cartoon

    We recently got to ask Achilles of Achilles Heel Art how he comes up with his sexy gay tickle fetish art. He said he starts with a basic idea and sketches it out. In this toon, he wanted the guy to be tickled by a machine, and also wanted a pulp magazine vibe. As you can see, Achilles started out with a prisoner of war theme, but decided that was too heavy, so he tried a a scientist with a playful look, then filled in the details. Next he cleaned things up a bit, added contrast and colored it in. After the shadows were added, which really brings the guys to life, Achilles added the masthead, text and 'aged' the cover a bit, and voila! The finished product - a sexy guy handcuffed and tickled for science!