• A Very Hot Santa!

    Handsome amateur Santa with a hard cock

    Scotty is one of the most handsome guys I've seen at BukBuddies. This 20 year old jock has a great attitude, piercing bedroom eyes, a great body and a mushroom head cock - altogether he's quite the package. Not only that - he's the sexiest Santa I've ever seen! Scotty starts out by decorating the tree, and after that he gets naked and decorates his hard cock with tinsel. Love his unshaved balls and ass, and I love his smile as he gives us an closeup of his rigid pole with its swollen mushroom head. I sure wouldn't mind finding Scotty under my tree!

  • Handsome Amateur Oliver

    handsome amateur first timer takes off his pants

    With his dark, tousled hair and beautiful green bedroom eyes, Oliver from BukBuddies is both handsome and sensuous, and his two day growth of beard adds a hint of roughness to his look. At 22, he's in his sexual prime - just the way we like 'em. His warm smile and outgoing personality make Oliver a perfect model even though he's a first timer. He's a bit shy about getting naked, but he does finally take off his pants so we can enjoy the view!

  • Hot Feet And Cock

    Hot Feet And Cock

    If you're the kind of person who can appreciate a hot pair of latino feet and a hard cock, then 21 year old Raphael from Buk Buddies should be to your liking. Slowly he strips off his nice white socks and bares his sexy toes and heels. Like a true hunk, Raphael only wears boxer shorts and looks damn good in them too. By this time though Raphael is super horny and he can't resist taking his underwear off for all of us to see his really hard dick. In fact, the masculine latin boy is so horny he doesn't even take his sweat shirt off while jerking off. His twinkling eyes draw us into his lust and make us wish we were there to witness his masturbation. Or perhaps he may even let us join in. Wouldn't that be nice?!

  • Bekim Gets Wet

    Amateur hunk in the shower

    Bekim is one of the more popular guys at BukBuddies, and it's easy to see why. This is actually the first shoot he ever did back when he was 22, and they never put it on the site till now. I like the top pic - an introspective and sexy pose as he sits shirtless. Once Bekim is naked, he heads to the shower where he lets the hot water and soap run down his body, down his cock and thighs. And finally he concentrates on soaping up his cock, the warm water and stroking showing just how hard Bekim can get!

  • Band Buddies Strip and Jerk


    If you've heard that musicians are usually broke, it's true. And that's why bandmates and long-term buddies Dylan and Judd agreed to do this porn shoot for BukBuddies. They're both barely old enough to drink, and they have dreams of stardom. But in the meantime, they're open to make some extra money and do something adventurous. The shoot starts just after a rehearsal, and both Judd and Dylan are feeling very playful. But even though straight guys seem to routinely end up naked in front of their friends, at a certain both point the boys grab girlie mags, grab their cocks and get stroking!

  • Hot and Hairy Amateur Guy


    Max is a straight and cute amateur bear cub from Bukbuddies. He's attractive - very - with dark eyes and a dark beard, and he's got body hair all over, from his chest to his legs. Max seems more mature than you might expect considering he's only 19, and even though he's into women, he didn't mind getting naked in front of another guy and teasing the camera man a bit by showing off his hard cock and asking "Do you want some of this big dick? The answer, of course, is yes. I know I can't get enough of Max's meat as he wraps his hands around it and pumps it!

  • Amateur Makes Himself Cum

    Blonde Amateur Makes Himself Cum

    Buk Buddies brought back one of their hottest amateurs - Josh. He's looking better than ever. The new scene is entitled "Sweet Shot". It refers to the really thick stream of cum which Josh lets loose when he ejaculates. This dude is very limber and agile, to say the least. From laying upside down on the couch while stroking his cock, to spreading his legs far and wide, he sure knows how to turn on us and the cameraman. I love his funky blonde hairdo, too, and that sweet, tight body. Mmmm. He could cum on me any time!

  • Outdoor Jerkoff

    Hunk Jerks Off In His Jock Outdoors

    Randy is certainly one of the most handsome men Buk Buddies has ever shown off. He's got a wonderfully chiseled masculine look to him, and of course looks sensational in a jockstrap. He actually is a construction worker by trade, so no doubt he right in his element for this shoot. Although he had a little less clothes on than normal. Just the right amount of hair and a strategically placed tattoo make him a man worth staring at and wanking to. Wouldn't you agree?

  • Hung Hunk In Diapers

    Hung Hunk In Diapers

    Buk Buddies got themselves a very kinky and hunk indeed this time around. Bekim shows just how much fun he can have in a pair of diapers and a baby bottle full of champagne for this Christmas shoot. With his thick muscular frame and several tattoos, he's quite the contrasting character in his diapers - which he eventually takes off, drapes around his neck, and then adorns himself in some tinsel as well. What pursues is a great jerkoff scenario where get to watch his big prick get all purple and engorged.

  • Amateur Jacks Off In Sporting Gear

    Sexy Guy Beats Off In Sporting Gear

    KC of Buk Buddies sure had a ton of fun in his basketball jersey and sporting gear in his very first shoot. This extroverted 26 year old sure has wonderful sexiest legs and a nice big cock he adored showing off. A jock at heart, he also portrays a studly trait that should have you whipping our own dick and matching his intense jerking off rythum. Other than his fetish for getting off in a basketball outfit, KC is also a smoker, and thus did some scenes engaging in one of his other pastimes. A total hottie who loves to get kinky!